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Chapter 940 - Four Star Royal Ancient God

As Wang Lin inhaled, the purple star trembled and charged toward him. Just as it was about to be devoured by Wang Lin, the Moongazer Serpent let out a roar. Then an extremely powerful ancient god aura exploded from the Moongazer Serpent.

At the same time, Yi Muzi and Wudo Chan revealed a strange light in their eyes, and the two of them charged at the purple star. However, they both had used a lot of origin energy in the last battle, so their cultivation levels had dropped directly to Nirvana Scryer.

The two of them quickly charged at the purple star from two different angles.

There was a hint of madness inside Wang Lin's eyes. As the two closed in, popping sounds came from his body and he grew one fold and directly swallow the star.

The moment he devoured the star, Wang Lin felt an unimaginable power explode from his body. After the power exploded in his body, he retreated like crazy.

An aura moved both inside and outside of his body, and he was filled with a powerful feeling. He felt like everything before him would be destroyed if he just threw a punch.

He let out a laugh, and his body suddenly went through a change as he retreated. Popping sounds came from his body and he suddenly became a giant hundreds of feet tall!

An extremely powerful aura suddenly filled the void. The hidden ancient god star between Wang Lin's eyebrows condensed and the previous three and half stars immediately became four stars!

These were four real stars! A 4-star ancient god from the royal bloodline with inheritance from Tu Si. This was different from an ordinary 4-star ancient god!

The popping sounds inside Wang Lin's body became even more intense and he directly grew until he was about 1,000 feet tall. A powerful aura spread out like crazy.

The pupils of both Yi Muzi and Wudo Chan shrank as they stared at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin clenched his fist and let out a laugh. The feeling of controlling the world filled him with confidence. At this moment, he suddenly turned around and his giant body moved past Yi Muzi and Wudo Chan. He charged directly toward the golden dragon who was staring at all of this dumbfoundedly!

The golden dragon had been injured many times and had used many spells. In addition, a large amount of his origin energy had been sealed, so the amount of power he could display had dropped directly to early stage Nirvana Scryer!

Looking at Wang Lin's 1,000-foot-tall body coming at him, the golden dragon quickly shrank back into a dragon-robed person. He then retreated while his hands formed a seal, causing the five talismans around his head to rapidly rotate, and he shouted, "Poison Fire!"

After he spoke, one of the talismans above his head began burning. A green flame containing powerful poison shot toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's expression was different. Right now he was no longer a cultivator but an ancient god who had obtained the inheritance of power and the inheritance of knowledge. A 4-star royal ancient god!

Although Wang Lin's avatar's power was completely sealed and he could only use the power of his ancient god body, a 4-star ancient god was powerful enough to kill this golden dragon!

The poison fire contained poison that was deadly to cultivators but was really insignificant to an ancient god. When Wang Lin closed in, his giant fist smashed down.

Boom! A sonic boom occurred and the punch created a gust of wind. The moment the green fire arrived, it was extinguished.

Large amounts of green smoke appeared and was pushed back at the dragon-robed man.

The dragon-robed middle-aged man's expression changed greatly, and his hands formed a seal and he shouted, "Tribute Water! Ruined Metal! Punishment Wood! Buried Earth!"

As he roared, the five talismans above his head all shined and moved without any wind. Then a blue sea suddenly appeared and smashed toward Wang Lin.

This sea was the Tribute Water, and it brought the power of an army, arriving with a roar. However, it wasn't able to stop Wang Lin's 4-star ancient god punch!

The instant the sea arrived, it collapsed into countless drops of water and was pushed back. This sea indeed did have the power of an army, but Wang Lin's punch was several times more powerful, so now could the sea not collapse?

The moment the Tribute Water disintegrated, there was a flash of gold as the sword formed by the dragon scales shot out toward Wang Lin.

His fist landed, and with a bang, the dragon scale sword trembled. It began cracking at the tip, as if there was a force peeling away all the dragon scales.

After the dragon scale sword, a black log followed immediately after. This huge log gave off the scent of blood and had countless souls of celestials in it. As the mournful cries echoed, countless ripples attacked Wang Lin.

After the Punishment Wood, large amounts of black soil formed a black storm that charged at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's expression was still indifferent, and his right fist landed on the Punishment Wood. The log was split in half and wasn't able to stop his fist in the slightest!

The black storm formed by the black soil suddenly collapsed the moment the log was split in half.

Nothing could stop the punch from Wang Lin's 4-star royal ancient god body!

After shattering all five elements, this punch landed directly on the dragon-robed man. There was a heaven-shaking explosion as the dragon-robed man cough out blood and was knocked back.

All of this happened in a short period of time. From the view of Yi Muzi and company, Wang Lin's giant body had taken a step, thrown a punch, and the dragon-robed man was knocked backward.

Popping sounds came from inside the dragon-robed man and a large amount of blood spray out from his body. If they were outside and his cultivation wasn't sealed, it would've been very difficult for Wang Lin to injure him!

However, here, Wang Lin held all the advantages. This man in the dragon robe had most of his cultivation sealed, so he had to retreat.

Wang Lin's eyes were indifferent as he moved forward and kicked with his right foot. The face of the man in the dragon robe was ashen. Unwillingness filled his eyes as his hand formed a seal and he shouted, "Power of the Five Elements!"

After he spoke, the five talismans over his head rotated rapidly and the aura of the five elements appeared and formed an illusory crown. Then the power of the five elements shot out at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and his hands reached out. Although his body had grown, his bag of holding was still with him. While it is really small compared to his body, he could still open it.

After he reached toward it, a crown appeared in Wang Lin's hand!

The moment crown appeared, the dragon-robed man's expression changed greatly. Disbelief filled his eyes as he exclaimed, "The dragon saint's five element crown! How could you possibly have this!?"

"It even has a soul!" The dragon-robed man was flustered as he gave up on his spell and retreated. At the same time, he took out a wooden token and directly crushed it.

The wooden token turned into smoke and seemed to open a passage in this void. He was about to enter the passage.

Just as he was about to flee, the crown in Wang Lin's hand flew out. As it rotated, it gave off five-colored light. Then a rose appeared, and as it bloomed, the shadow of a woman appeared.

The woman was filled with arrogance and was an absolute beauty. After she appeared, she pointed her jade-like hand at the dragon-robed man!

With this point of her finger, the dragon-robed man let out a miserable roar and could no longer escape. It was as if he was being pulled, and he turned into a ray of light and was absorbed by the crown.

The beautiful woman turned around and carefully looked at Wang Lin. She opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something, but no sound came out, and she eventually disappeared.

This scene didn't only shock Yi Muzi and company, it even shocked Wang Lin. He quickly retrieved the crown and coldly stared at Yi Muzi and Wudo Chan!

These two people now posed no threat to Wang Lin. Their cultivation had already been seriously sealed and would continue to be sealed.

Then Wang Lin's gaze turned to the Moongazer Serpent that gave off the aura of an ancient god. Then he opened his mouth and let out a roar!

The roar from his 1,000 foot body was no weaker than the Moongazer Serpent's as it was the sound of an ancient god. When he let out the roar, it was heaven-shaking; even this void didn't seem to be able to stop the roar of an ancient god!

Endless thunderous rumbles formed and countless sonic booms spread out. There was only one meaning contained within this roar in the language of the ancient gods, and that was "challenge!"

Every child ancient god had to challenge another ancient god as a passage to adulthood. Wang Lin, who held the inheritance of knowledge of Tu Si, knew this very well!

For the ancient god clan, in order to go from three stars to four stars, one required the aura of an adult ancient god; otherwise, it would be impossible to advance. This was something that couldn't be changed! Once an ancient god obtained four stars, they would have the qualification for adulthood!

And this was the qualification to challenge!

His roar was to tell the ancient god inside the Moongazer Serpent that he wanted to challenge him!

The moment Wang Lin's roar came out, a roar came out from inside the Moongazer Serpent. The Moongazer Serpent opened its mouth and countless tentacles came out. There was a person entangled within the tentacles.

This person was the same size as a normal cultivator, but with five blurred stars rotating on his forehead. He was entangled by tentacles as he stared at Wang Lin.

"My clan member, I accept your challenge for your passage to adulthood!"

The moment the 5-star ancient god spoke, the tentacles around it all loosened one by one. He then moved forward and walked three steps!

After the first step, his body grew until he was 300 feet tall, and a powerful aura surged out. Then, after the second step, he directly became a 1,000 foot giant, and an ancient aura surrounded the area. When he took the third step, he became 3,000 feet tall and was like a god!

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