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Chapter 930 - Alliance Elder Group

Wang Lin was the first to become aware of this situation, so he was fully prepared. A moment before the ancient god finger exploded, he had already retreated and activated the ancient god furnace. As a result, he wasn't affected much. He looked at the Moongazer Serpent and then at the female corpse thrown at him. 

The moment he first saw the refined corpse, he had the idea of stealing it. When the ancient god finger exploded, he purposely adjusted his direction just for this silver corpse.

Of the two silver corpses, the male corpse was too seriously damaged, so Wang Lin abandoned it. Although this female corpse was also damaged, it was obviously in much better condition than the male corpse.

"Since I'm participating in a war, no one will say anything if I take a treasure, much less when the battlefield is this chaotic." Wang Lin's eyes lit up as he took advantage of the chaos caused by the explosion of the ancient god finger to charge at the female corpse.

However, Wang Lin wasn't the only person who had decided to fish in troubled waters. There were several more who took interest in the female corpse.

There were Allheaven and Alliance cultivators among them.

Seven different people charged at the female corpse from different directions. Wang Lin wasn't the closest one, but he was the fastest.

As he charged, coldness flashed in his eyes. He only needed a few breaths to reach the female corpse, but his eyes lit up and he calmly slowed down.

The moment he slowed down, an Allheaven cultivator charged out, closed in on the female corpse, and reached out.

At the same time, an Alliance cultivators also stepped out but didn't take the female corpse. Instead, he opened his mouth and spat out a ray of sword energy directly at the Allheaven cultivator.

The two of them began a battle at close range. It sounds like a lot, but it all happened very quickly, and as the two battled, another cultivator took advantage of this to close in. He grabbed the woman's arm and was about to leave.

However, just at this moment, this cultivator suddenly turned around and panic filled his eyes. He screamed as his body shrank until it was a pool of blood.

This shocking change shocked the two cultivators that were battling. They looked at the female corpse and no longer dared to grab it. After a moment of hesitation, three people, including Wang Lin, sped up and charged ahead.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and the ancient god furnace appeared around him. In an instant, he switched places with one of the Allheaven cultivator that had charged ahead.

That Allheaven cultivator was startled when he felt a powerful force pulling him. When he regained his vision, he found he had switched places with Wang Lin. He knew Wang Lin's identity, so after letting out a wry smile, he gave up on this treasure and charged for the next one.

After using the spell, Wang Lin closed in on the female corpse. The two cultivators who were closest to the female corpse saw everyone else closing in. They clenched their teeth and grabbed the female corpse almost at the exact same moment.

However, just at this moment, the two of them screamed and their bodies rapidly withered until they became pools of blood that were absorbed by the female corpse. The blood condensed into a speck of red light between her eyebrows.

One of the Alliance cultivators closed in. He wore a python robe and his right hand reached out as he laughed. Although it looked like he was reaching for the woman, in truth, his hand contained a spell, and it looked more like he was going to attack her. Wang Lin's eyes lit up. He arrived almost at the same time as this Alliance cultivator. His two fingers formed a sword and he thrusted them out as he shouted, "Move aside!"

The Alliance cultivator chuckled. Not only did he not stop, he moved even faster and whispered, "So even Thunder Celestial Xu Mu covets this female corpse's beauty!"

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin's eyes. Just as the Alliance cultivator closed in on the female corpse, Wang Lin pointed with his right hand and softly said, "Stop!"

The Alliance cultivator trembled. It was as if he had been surrounded by countless invisible threads and became motionless.

Wang Lin didn't pause at all. In a flash, he reached for the female corpse. Wang Lin's reach was very clever. He didn't try to grab her from the start; the moment his hand got close, his origin energy along with the ancient god power and the Yin and Yang fishes were imprinted between her eyebrows.

There was a bang and her body trembled. The red light that formed after absorbing several cultivators suddenly dissipated.

Then Wang Lin didn't stop. He directly grabbed the female corpse and passed by the Alliance cultivator. When he passed by, he kicked the Alliance cultivator in the chest without any hesitation.

There was a flash of white light and the cultivator was pushed back. His face turned pale and he coughed out a large mouthful of blood, but he didn't die. Instead, he looked viciously at Wang Lin and retreated while covering his chest.

Holding the female corpse, Wang Lin looked down at it. The female corpse was surrounded by a red light that was slowly gathering toward her face. The reason Wang Lin slowed down was because he noticed something was wrong. What happen after was just as he expected, several cultivators died.

If the female corpse was only this strange, Wang Lin would have given it up. After all, this was a war, and self-preservation still came first. However, after the female corpse absorbed three cultivators' blood essence, there were some changes. This was what made him continue to fight for it.

As he backed up, his left hand formed a seal and he placed countless restrictions on the female corpse along with a mouthful of essence origin energy. After putting her inside his bag, he charged off into the collapsing space.

The collapse had formed a giant vortex that formed a powerful suction that wanted to devour everything. Only the Moongazer Serpent could ignore this suction as he slaughtered like crazy.

At this moment, several old monsters in the Alliance surrounded the Moongazer Serpent to prevent it from advancing. Even that Cloud Dragon Demon Saint closed in on the Moongazer Serpent.

However, Blood God and company also circled the Moongazer and battled the Alliance cultivators. The blood people that had appeared one by one also launched an overwhelming offensive against the Alliance.

Waves of rumbles echoed along with the roar of the Moongazer Serpent. The fight between Master Flamespark and Wudo Chan was shaking the world. The rumbles inside the black mist caused by their fighting was extremely intense.

The fluctuations that would occasionally come from their clashes was something even Blood God and company had to avoid.

In the distance, the woman in the blue dress had no panic on her face as she observed all of this. Beside her, the golden corpse quietly stood there with a cold expression. The five yellow talismans slowly rotated around its head. Lightning moved between the talismans, constantly keeping it sealed.

The woman in the blue dress raised her right hand and softly said, "I invite Xuan Palace's big elder, Esteemed Xuan Bao."

A laugh echoed across the stars. There wasn't much cultivation in this laugh, but all the treasures trembled for a moment as if they were about to leave their masters.

The escaping Black Fiend Devil Saint let out a sigh of relief. Not only him, even Cloud Dragon Demon Saint relaxed. He simply gave up fighting and quickly retreated.

The two of them knew very well that the so-called four saints wasn't just them. Among them, only Ji Xiantian was a real saint!

The Alliance's four saints were divided into Moon, Cloud, Xian, and Yao! Ji Xiantian was the Xian saint. Each of them had three subordinates, so no matter how you combineed it, it would form four saints!

In truth, for this battle, the Cultivation Alliance had only dispatched the Xian saint and his three subordinates!

Esteemed Xuan Bao had a very high status in the Xuan Palace. What really made people in the Alliance respect and fear him was that he was one of the Alliance Elders who could decide everything inside the Alliance!

This was his more prominent identity!

Aside from the people inside the Alliance Elder Group, no one else knew exactly how many were within this group. However, each of them was extremely powerful and could reverse the heavens!

The reason All-Seer was respected and the Cultivation Alliance had even sent someone to bare gifts during his birthday was because he was a member of this mysterious elder group! However, there were some matters that caused his status to fall, but nevertheless, he was still a member!

If it wasn't for the fact that All-Seer was lowkey, people like Ling Tianhou wouldn't be able to exist at all. As long as he wished it, he could make them all disappear in an instant. However, after a certain incident, he became even more lowkey and rarely participated in any elder meetings; he shut himself out.

It has to be said that not even Ji Xiantian or Wudo Chan, who was battling Master Flamespark, were eligible to become elders. Before Esteemed Xuan Bao, these two were nothing!

No one knew what level of cultivation was required for one to become a member of the elder group. Some even suspected that although cultivation was related, that wasn't the only thing. The elder group held the highest level of power and secrets within the Alliance!

Its members were the real rulers of the Alliance!

Esteemed Xuan Bao wore white and he was slightly thin, but these gave him the air of a celestial. His eyes were bright and seemed to be filled with endless depth. If someone looked into his eyes, they could easily be immersed and might end up unable to pull themselves out for a long time.

He had the appearance of a true elder. There was also a whisk in his hand as he appeared next to the woman in the blue dress.

The woman in the blue dress softly said, "Junior greets Uncle-Master." 

Esteemed Xuan Bao looked at the battlefield in the distance and laughed. "Little girl, your master let you preside over this battle and had everyone listen to you. He even deliberately chose this place for the battlefield. This kind of fortune is not something that happens often."

As he smiled, Esteemed Xuan Bao didn't seem to care about the battle at all. Only when he saw the Moongazer Serpent did his pupils shrink. He revealed a meaningful smile.

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