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Chapter 931 - Pseudo Nirvana Void

"I didn't think the records of the ancient Rain Celestial Realm was actually true!" Esteemed Xuan Bao smiled as he looked at the Moongazer Serpent moving forward while surrounded by Allheaven cultivators. 

His eyes lit up and his right hand waved in the air as he softly said, "Rain Celestial Guard!"

After he spoke, bursts of roars echoed among the stars. A giant crack appeared before Esteemed Xuan Bao. This crack was like a wound being opened in thin air, and it was at least 1,000 feet long.

An extremely powerful pressure surrounded the area. There was a flash of golden light as a golden-armored man walked out.

This golden man gave off a golden glow; he was as eye-catching as the sun. He wore a gorgeous golden armor and looked like a soldier of the heavens!

With one step, this golden-armored man descended from the crack! Then there were more golden flashes and three more golden-armored men stepped out. At this instant, the entire area was lit up by this golden glow.

When Wang Lin saw these four golden-armored men, his pupils mercilessly shrank. He was extremely startled.

"Celestial Guards!"

Wang Lin clearly felt that these four golden-armored men gave off the same aura as Ta Shan. These four big fellows were clearly refined using the secret method that Celestial Emperor Qing Lin created!

"Celestial guards are split between gold, silver, copper, and iron rank. These four big fellows are all gold rank!" Wang Lin looked at Esteemed Xuan Bao and quickly retreated toward the edge of the vortex.

After the four golden-armored celestial guards appeared, Esteemed Xuan Bao's expression raised his right hand while wearing a neutral expression. In a flash, the four celestial guards charged at the Moongazer Serpent.

As the Moongazer Serpent roared, its tentacles swept everything around it. At the same time, Blood God and the others that were around it immediately charged out at the four celestial guards. The Blood God formed a seal as he moved forward. Then blood light spread out and he waved his hand.

A sea of blood appeared out of nowhere and charged forward. However, when the sea of blood hit the celestial guards, it barely made them pause for a moment. The celestial guards split off in four directions and surrounded the Moongazer Serpent along with the Allheaven cultivators.

Esteemed Xuan Bao's right hand reached into the void once more and another crack appeared. Nine black butterflies suddenly flew out.

These nine butterflies were completely black, and from a distance, they looked extremely ferocious. The moment they appeared, they flapped their wings and a storm was set off.

This storm was very powerful and it swept forward. The nine butterflies flew forward in a dance.

The moment the butterflies appeared, even with Wang Lin's mental fortitude, his expression changed greatly!

"This! This is the butterfly formed by the God Slaying War Chariot!" Wang Lin gasped, but then he immediately discovered a difference. The butterfly formed by the war chariot was colorful and extremely beautiful.

However, these nine butterflies were completely black; it was obvious these butterflies' power went toward another extreme compared to Wang Lin's butterfly!

"What is this old man's identity?!" Wang Lin's scalp felt numb. Not even Qing Shui made Wang Lin this shocked. Not even the mysterious cultivator who stopped the battle between Qing Shui and the Blood God made Wang Lin feel so much disbelief.

A celestial guard and the butterfly were both treasures Wang Lin possesed. However, when he saw it in someone else's hands, it caused his shock to reach its peak.

Wang Lin took a deep breath and no longer looked. He moved very fast and charged toward a treasure that was floating among the stars that he had been eyeing for a while.

This treasure was the wood carving the Black Fiend Devil Saint had taken out. Although only half of it remained, it still gave off a powerful pressure.

Wang Lin's expression was gloomy. The current battle was not something he could participate in anymore. The best choice right now was to fish in these troubled waters. Wang Lin moved very fast as he charged toward that half-damaged wood carving.

There were many other people who had the idea of fishing for treasures during this battle, so it was not surprising that there were several cultivators fighting each other around the wood carving, not allowing anyone to get close.

Wang Lin's arrival immediately caught the attention of the cultivators. This caused these people to immediately change directions without hesitation. The Allheaven cultivators hesitated for a moment, but the Alliance cultivators immediately sent a few people after Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's expression was calm as his right hand formed a seal, then he waved his hand. A gust of wind charged forward like crazy, and following that, Wang Lin mercilessly threw a punch.

There was a loud bang and the violent ripples from the punch combined with the gust of wind to create a power unique to Wang Lin. The power of the ancient god combined with the power of spells was the start of Wang Lin's strength!

However, these two forces had just started fusing and hadn't shown their true strength yet. As it swept by those Alliance cultivators, their bodies and origin souls trembled and they felt an unimaginable, mysterious force arrive. They couldn't help but retreat because they as if they would immediately die if they didn't retreat!

They had never encountered such a spell in all their years of cultivation!

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and the ancient god furnace appeared around him. In the blink of an eye, he switched places with one of them.

In the eyes of the surrounding cultivators, their visions blurred and Wang Lin also changed positions. He then charged out and arrived next to the wood carving in an instant.

However, just as he closed in, a ray of sword energy appeared from the void and charged at him. This sword energy contained a very tyrannical aura, as if everything must avoid it or be destroyed!

Wang Lin wasn't unfamiliar with this sword energy, it was something that belonged to Ling Tianhou!

"This treasure belongs to my Dao Lou Sword Sect's Chen Long!" The cold voice echoed as a ray of sword energy closed in. If Wang Lin tried to take the treasure, he would be hit by the sword energy.

Wang Lin's expression remained neutral, and he didn't hesitate at all to seize the half-destroyed wood carving. His eyes revealed a mysterious light as he opened his mouth and spat out something to block before him.

The 18 Hell Celestial Sealing Stamp instantly appeared and the sword energy smashed into it and collapsed. The 18 Hell Celestial Sealing Stamp didn't budge at all, then Wang Lin pulled it back.

"An old acquaintance who barely escaped with his soul back then dares to steal a treasure before me?!" Wang Lin left these cold words, and the expression on Chen Long's face changed. He knew it wasn't the time to kill right now, so he left.

There were too many cultivators during this battle, so it was impossible to clearly see each other's faces. Also, Wang Lin never stayed in one place for too long and was constantly moving, so Chen Long hadn't recognized Wang Lin.

However, when Chen Long looked over, Wang Lin looked a bit familiar, but he would never have matched this person with Wang Lin!

Now that he heard Wang Lin's words, it was as if a bolt of thunder had flashed across his mind. Disbelief filled his eyes as he exclaimed, "You!"

Wang Lin didn't pay any attention to Chen Long and disappeared. He wandered the battlefield and continued to take the magic treasures of people who died.

However, his divine sense was locked on to the Moongazer Serpent, waiting for a chance, a moment when the Alliance began their battle against the Moongazer Serpent so he could obtain the inheritance inside the Moongazer Serpent!

Wang Lin's gaze would occasionally turn to the woman in the blue dress. Her demeanor toward him was very strange. While Wang Lin was cautiously wandering around, he had been wondering who this woman was!

The four golden celestial guards surrounded the Moongazer Serpent. They created a golden circle that trapped the Moongazer Serpent inside.

As Blood God and company retaliated, the nine butterflies flapped their wings and formed a storm with the Moongazer Serpent as the center. A vortex that seemed to connect the heavens and earth was formed.

Blood God and company had gloomy expressions inside the vortex. They used their respective magic treasures, creating constant rumbles. The Moongazer Serpent was even more angry; being trapped twice had made it almost crazy. It opened its big mouth and let out an infuriated roar.

As it roared, the words of the ancient gods came out. The Moongazer Serpent was using a spell of the ancient gods!

Esteemed Xuan Bao's eyes lit up and he pointed forward while laughing. The speed of the nine butterflies' wings immediately increased and black lines appeared. The countless black lines intersected around the Moongazer Serpent and quickly formed a siege.

The four golden celestial guards let out roars and their bodies vibrated and instantly grew into 1,000 foot giants. Then they launched their attacks together.

Esteemed Xuan Bao's face had a smile as his right hand reached out and a crack appeared. Green gas came out of this crack. Along with the green gas, an aura that made the minds of all the cultivators within 5,000 kilometers tremble appeared.

Wang Lin's body trembled. When he closely looked over, he saw an arrow come out from the crack.

This arrow was too large; it was more than 300 feet long and seven feet wide. It was completely green and the arrow tip had six edges. At the end of the arrow, there were purple feathers. In addition, there were some dark red blood stains on the arrow.

What shook all the surrounding cultivators was that dark red blood stain!

The moment the arrow appeared, even the expressions of Blood God and company changed. Even Master Flamespark, who was fighting against Wudo Chan, trembled and immediately saw the 300 foot arrow.

"Pseudo Nirvana Void Arrow!"

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