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Chapter 929 - Wang Lin's Thing

The Moongazer Serpent used its incomparable spell in the northern region for the first time. This spell was triggered by its anger and allowed the cultivators here to feel its unimaginable strength!

If some people were underestimating the Moongazer Serpent before or didn't consider it enough of a threat, they threw all those ideas out of their minds when the seal collapsed. The only thing that remained was a shock from their souls!

At this moment, a large amount of cracks appeared on the black shell around the Moongazer Serpent. Countless fragments were sent whistling in all directions.

The countless black shell fragments spread out with powerful impact. Some of the cultivators didn't dodge fast enough and were hit by the fragments. They coughed out blood and then their bodies collapsed. Not even their origin souls were able to escape.

There were even several people that were hit by the edges of the fragments, and their bodies were immediately sliced in half. Blood mist filled the area, creating a shocking scene.

All of this caused the surroundings to become silent for a moment, as if every single gaze was focused on this place. However, in this silence, a roar from ancient times came from within the black shell.


This roar was infinitely close to the roar of an ancient god. It seemed to penetrate time itself, as if it had always been there. This roar was filled with endless force.

The ancient god finger suddenly flew out. It was impossible to describe the might and spectacle of the ancient god finger. It could only be said that the world would collapse under that finger!

No power could resist the power of this finger. Everything must perish under the power of that finger!

The refined corpse pursing Wang Lin was dumbfounded. There was a brief moment of blankness in its mind, and it weighed consequences of facing the ancient god finger head on!


The moment the ancient god finger charged out, it landed on the refined corpse. As popping sounds echoed, the chains on the refined corpse all collapsed. Large amounts of black blood were push out from the back of its body due to this endless force. Its entire body seemed to have been pulled back and its purple skin immediately began to dissipate.

In the blink of an eye, it was as if it had been skinned by someone. Following that, all of its bones and flesh crumbled and finally, the refined corpse exploded.

Although this sequence of events sounds slow, it only took a few breaths of time!

The ancient god finger didn't stop and mercilessly pressed forward. Wang Lin had already retreated a moment before. His eyes lit up, and as he looked, he felt as if there was an indomitable adult ancient god behind that finger. The adult ancient god's thick arm was pushing the finger forward in an endless wave of destruction.

The Moongazer Serpent's giant body followed after the ancient god finger and rushed out with its countless tentacles spread out. Large amounts of mist spread out from its oval body and its fierce eyes met Wang Lin's eyes. The moment their gazes met, Wang Lin felt something was wrong.

This Moongazer Serpent's eyes were extremely clear, without any trace of confusion. Wang Lin had a feeling that when he looked at the Moongazer Serpent, it was looking back at him.

The Moongazer Serpent broke free and gave the Allheaven cultivators a huge morale boost. This battle was full of twists and turns. Sometimes the Alliance held the upper hand and sometimes Allheaven had the advantage.

At this moment, the Moongazer Serpent reappeared, and the pressure it gave off shook the stars. The ancient god finger didn't dissipate and continued to sweep forward at an extremely fast pace.

All cultivators that were before it exploded and died before it even got close to them.

Wang Lin had spent his life in slaughter, but the number of deaths that occurred during this war was far more than all the people he had killed. This was the first time Wang Lin had encountered a war like this.

The battle between planet Suzaku and the Forsaken Immortal Clan was truly insignifiant compared to this!

The situation reversed. The ancient god finger whistled through space, and all the cultivators before it collapsed, not even able to slow it down. The ancient god finger swept toward Black Fiend Devil Saint.

The expression of the Alliance's Black Fiend Devil Saint changed. As the ancient god finger closed in, he clenched his teeth and spat out a black mist while his hands formed a seal. The black mist immediately turned into a giant black crane.

This black crane held a black leaf in its mouth. The moment it appeared, it dropped the leaf, and the leaf began to grow like crazy.

In almost an instant, this leaf was more than 10,000 feet tall and spread to the sides, creating a barrier.

The ancient god finger closed in and collided with the leaf. There were crackling sounds and then the leaf collapsed into strands of black gas.

Black Fiend Devil Saint's face turned pale and he coughed out blood and retreated. However, his right hand reached toward the void and a wood carving appeared in his grasp.

This wood carving was extremely strange. It was a person with folded arms surrounded by plants. It was impossible to see the face, as it was covered by plants.

The moment the wood carving was taken out, Black Fiend Devil Saint threw it without hesitation.

A black light that could devour all light came from the carving. It was as if the carving had come to life, and the plants began to move. The plants charged directly off the wood carving.

As the plants charged off, five 1,000-foot-long black flowers appeared from the void. These five black flowers gave off a strange aura. One of the flowers charged toward the ancient god finger. The center of the flower opened up like a mouth and spat out an extremely cold energy.

The remaining four flowers opened their mouths and spat out large amounts of black gas.

At the same time, the eyes of the wood carving shined red, making it seem to truly come alive. It opened its arms as if it was about to embrace something. It then rushed into the black gas and directly clung onto the ancient god finger. Black lines came from its body and immediately spread across the ancient god finger.

Wang Lin saw this scene from the distance and revealed a sneer. If the ancient god finger could be broken so easily, then the Allheaven cultivators wouldn't have spent so much effort to bring the Moongazer Serpent here.

This Moongazer Serpent could be considered the most powerful weapon Allheaven had prepared for this war! Wang Lin's gaze swept by and landed on the giant wood in the distance.

"I doubt charging forward is the only thing that wood can do. After standing on it for so long, I felt like there was something else inside…" Hundreds of thoughts flashed through his mind. The battle between the two star systems had endlessly broadened his horizons.

All of this was very important to him. After all, his cultivation time was simply too short compared to these old masters, so he was less knowledgeable than them.

This great battle was like a display of spells and magic treasures. Wang Lin had absorbed all this information and also learned of the power of Nirvana Cleanser and Nirvana Shatterer cultivators.

If this war didn't exist, it would have been very difficult for Wang Lin to learn this.

At this moment, just as Black Fiend Devil Saint used a magic treasure to stop the ancient god finger, on the Alliance side, the remaining 10 refined corpses let out roars and charged. The two silver corpses moved faster than the rest.

However, even with all of them combined, it still wasn't enough to compare to the finger of the ancient god!

As the Moongazer Serpent charged over, it let out another roar. Its roar was so powerful that it shook the entire space. Those who's cultivation was lacking had to evade, or they would be seriously injured.

The roar of the Moongazer Serpent was only a roar for others, but when it landed in Wang Lin's ears, it had a completely different meaning. Wang Lin's expression changed and his hands moved without hesitation to place down countless restrictions before him. The ancient god furnace appeared around him and he quickly retreated.

The instant he retreated, the Moongazer Serpent's roar caused the ancient god finger that Black Fiend Devil Saint and the refined corpses were dealing with to explode!


It was impossible to explain the explosion of the ancient god finger. Everything within 5,000 kilometers of it seemed to have been directly torn open. Screams came from a large amount of cultivators as they were directly sucked into the crack and disappeared without a trace.

Countless cultivators panicked and retreated in terror. They only hated themselves for being too slow.

The Moongazer Serpent was the only one who wasn't damaged at all. It charged forward, and its tentacles swept out to start a massacre. As for Black Fiend Devil Saint, who was at the center of the explosion, he coughed out large amounts of blood and was thrown back. He had never been in such a sorry state in his tens of thousands of years of cultivation.

His body was seriously damaged and was on the verge of collapse.

The current him was filled with shock. During his life of cultivation, he had never encountered such a powerful beast. After coughing out blood, he escaped frantically, as if he was out of his wits.

As for the dozen refined corpses, aside from the silver corpses, the rest weren't able to resist the ancient god finger at all. They had burst into a piles of flesh and blood while being sucked into the void.

Even the two silver corpses were knocked back, and the chains on their bodies collapsed as they coughed out black blood. The beautiful female corpse actually charged directly at Wang Lin.

"This kind of treasure is something that should belong to me!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up as he looked not only at the female corpse but also at the half-broken wood carving.

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