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Chapter 927 - Lord Doesn't Know Me

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he sneered in his heart, but he charged forward toward the woman in the blue dress first. Xu Ting's expression was gloomy as he followed suit. The two of them charged toward the horizon.

There were many cultivators killing each other and all kinds of magic treasures were flying around. Xu Ting was bloodthirsty; any time he encountered someone with a lower cultivation level, he would immediately attack. As a result, he was a bit slower.

Wang Lin had more than 1,000 years of experience, so he had easily seen through Xu Ting's intent. He didn't point it out or use the same method as Xu Ting. Instead, his speed didn't fall as he closed in on the woman in the blue dress.

During the chaotic battle, the woman in the blue dress clearly saw Wang Lin and Xu Ting's actions. She was calm, but she didn't look at Xu Ting. She only looked at Wang Lin with a cold gaze.

Wang Lin moved even faster and faster as he traveled between the cultivators. A moment later, he was already within 1,000 feet of the woman. While letting out a laugh, his right hand formed a fist and he mercilessly threw a punch!

This punch hit the void, and a thunderous roar echoed and countless ripples spread out. It created a powerful shockwave that charged straight at the woman in the blue dress.

Wang Lin's figure didn't stop; he charged in right after the shockwave.

Not far away from Wang Lin, Xu Ting's eyes lit up and he sneered. Not only did he not move closer, he retreated to the side. There was a hint of mockery in his eyes.

"Xu Mu, you have been cultivating for so many years, yet your schemes are only this shallow. This woman obviously has a special status in the Alliance, or else she wouldn't be organizing this battle. Although her cultivation level isn't high, she must have a powerful guardian. You want to lure me into killing her? Do you think I'm a three-year-old child? I want to see how you end this!"

He stared at Wang Lin, who was closing in on the woman in the blue dress, and the sneer on his face became even stronger.

Wang Lin didn't slow down and followed the shockwave. The shockwave was earth-shattering and moved like lightning. It arrived 100 feet before the woman in the blue dress.

There was a flash of coldness in her eyes. She knew that the Giant Demon Clan member under her couldn't stop this person. However, there was no trace of panic as she calmly lifted her left hand and pressed down on the void below her.

Just at this instant, the cultivation planet the Giant Demon Clan member was carrying began to rotate at an incredible speed. Waves of scarlet red ripples quickly spread out.

The scarlet red ripples contained a destructive aura. As they spread, the cultivation planet shrank at a rate visible to the naked eye.

The shockwave created by Wang Lin's punch collided with the scarlet red ripples. There was a loud bang and the shockwave collapsed.

The scarlet red ripples quickly spread toward Wang Lin without any obstruction.

Xu Ting felt ecstasy in his heart as he watched this. This Xu Mu had really overestimated himself. If he were to die here, it would be a blessing! However, just as Xu Ting was feeling joy, Wang Lin, who was near the scarlet red ripples, suddenly turned around and looked at Xu Ting with a smile that wasn't a smile.

When his expression fell in Xu Ting's eyes, it made Xu Ting tremble.

"Not good!" Xu Ting believe he understood Wang Lin. Seeing Wang Lin make such an expression when he was at a moment of life and death made his mind tremble.

Just at this moment, a giant furnace appeared around Wang Lin. The sound of the furnace echoed as Wang Lin's right hand pointed at Xu Ting and he shouted, "Change positions!"

In an instant, a power that made Xu Ting lose his wit appeared around him. It didn't give him any time to react, and this power was not something he could resist. The power surrounded his body and he felt as if time itself had stopped. The scarlet red ripples were less than one foot away from Wang Lin when he suddenly changed positions with Xu Ting!

It was as if the world was reversed!

At the next instant, time seemed to return back to normal. In truth, time didn't stop at all. It was all an illusion that Xu Ting felt due to the spell being too fast.

When he regained his composure, all the hair on his body stood up and a life and death crisis surrounded him. His vision was covered in red, but this wasn't time for him to think. His hands formed a seal and his celestial origin energy surged out like crazy. His body shrank, and in the blink of an eye, more than one hundred barriers formed around him!

These barriers were formed by his celestial origin energy along with a celestial spell his Xu family had passed down. From afar, Xu Ting looked like a sun as he was covered by layers of golden light. The instant the barriers appeared around him, the scarlet red ripples closed in.

Bang, bang, bang, bang!!

The scarlet ripples were like violent waves that bombarded him non-stop. In an instant, more than 30 of the 100 plus barriers around Xu Ting collapsed!

This scene made Xu Ting's scalp go numb, but he didn't idle by, he retreated. As the scarlet red ripples spread out, dozens more of the barriers around him collapsed.

"Xu Mu!!!"

Xu Ting let out a roar and his hatred had reached a peak. The scarlet red ripples were significantly faster than Xu Ting. No matter how far he retreated, the scarlet red ripples still caught up and passed by.

Bang, bang, bang!

The moment the scarlet red ripples passed through Xu Ting, all of the barriers around him collapsed. He felt his body being pulled so hard that it was going to shatter.

The moment his barriers collapsed, Xu Ting took out more than a hundred jades. Without time to feel heartache for them, he crushed them all and more than 100 different-colored barriers appeared around him.

In addition, he took out large amount of treasures to resist the ripples.

However, the moment these barriers formed, they immediately collapsed; even the magic treasures shattered as well. Although this was the case, the scarlet red ripples had grown weaker after Xu Ting's continued resistance. After all, this wasn't a concentrated attack, it was spread out, so the power was divided by a lot.

However, even so, it was not something Xu Ting could resist. After all, he had consumed a lot of celestial origin energy and used a number of magic treasures in the battle. Using this chance, he coughed out blood that contained his celestial origin. The blood diffused around him as he quickly escaped from the scarlet red ripples.

If he had used the blood escape when the ripples were strong, he might not have been able to escape. However, now that the ripples were weakened, he hand a chance.

He really wasn't willing to use the blood escape unless it was his last resort in the battlefield. Although it was only for a moment, in his mind, the danger he faced was no less than when he faced Wang Lin in one line to heaven!

The hatred he had for Wang Lin in his heart was already indescribable. He turned around and roared, "Xu Mu, you…" He wanted to use this roar to expose Wang Lin's behavior so that the Allheaven cultivators and the old monsters would be suspicious of Wang Lin.

However, just when he was about to speak, his words were cut off by Wang Lin's laughter. Wang Lin charged out toward the scarlet red ripples as Xu Ting retreated. At the same time, he laughed. "Fellow Cultivator Xu is indeed reliable. Since you helped me weaken the scarlet red ripples, I, Xu Mu, will naturally not forget. If I can kill this woman, then you will also also gain credit for the kill!"

As Wang Lin spoke, he moved extremely fast. The scarlet red ripples that made contact with Xu Ting were already weakened. Wang Lin's two fingers formed a sword, then his ancient god body plus his origin energy and the Yin and Yang fishes collided with the scarlet red ripples.


After a loud bang, Wang Lin charged inside the scarlet red ripples without any obstruction!

When Xu Ting saw all of this, monstrous anger filled his eyes. The blood light around him collapsed due to the anger and he staggered back. The anger injured his mind, causing him to cough out more blood.

This mouthful of blood made him sober. He suppressed his anger and revealed a cold gaze before retreating without hesitation.

Wang Lin let out a sigh in his heart. This Xu Ting was indeed a character. Although he was angered, he was able to regain clarity rather quickly. He was trying to kill Xu Ting by borrowing someone else's hand. If he had succeeded, it would've been a joyous occasion.

Wang Lin had never forgotten that there was still a sliver of source origin energy in Xu Ting's body. Back then, he killed Xu Ting's avatar and took half of that source origin energy.

At this moment, he ignored Xu Ting. As Wang Lin charged into the scarlet red ripples, he stared at the woman in the blue dress. As he moved forward, his right hand formed a seal and pointed at the void, making black wind appear. It surrounded the area and formed a black whirlwind!

This whirlwind was extremely powerful, and the roar of a dragon came out from inside it. Then the heads of two dragons peaked out and charged directly at the woman in the blue dress.

The woman's expression was still cold, but her gaze toward Wang Lin became complex.

"Lord doesn't know me, but I know you!"

She let out a sigh and looked at the eight leaf lotus flower. Then her left hand plucked a leaf and gently threw it forward. The leaf flew forward and emitted a fragrance. It rapidly grew until it was hundreds of feet large and gently fell toward Wang Lin.


A loud explosion came from the space 100 feet around Wang Lin. A powerful aura seemed to surround the 100 feet of space around him. It was as if everything inside this space had to collapse!

Crackling sounds appeared under Wang Lin's feet and a huge crack appeared. A powerful force came from space as if it was trying to push him into the crack!

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