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Chapter 928 - Five Element Golden Corpse

"Since you don't understand, then disappear with the void!" The woman in the blue dress put down her left hand. The complex gaze in her eyes gradually disappeared.

Wang Lin's pupils shrank as he felt a pressure descend upon him. Under this pressure, he found that the origin energy inside his body was actually obstructed.

The black whirlwind roared around him and the two black dragons inside charged out at the lotus flower leaf. The dragons roared and blasted out cold wind.

However, the lotus leaf didn't pause, it moved faster. The crack under Wang Lin's feet became bigger and cold wind rushed out of it. At this moment, the two black dragons collided with the leaf.

There was a loud bang as one of the black dragon trembled and collapsed into black gas that was pushed back. The other dragon blasted out cold air that did nothing to the leaf. The leaf absorbed it all and revealed a hint of green light.

As this green light spread, the pressure became even stronger! Even the black whirlwind disintegrated under this pressure.

"What kind of treasure is this?!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up, then he stretched open his arms and shouted, "Summon the Rain!"

This was the first time Wang Lin had used the second spell he learned from Celestial Emperor Bai Fan! As he said these words, the origin energy of the world seemed to be getting churned by a pair of large hands and quickly gathered.

A thin layer of water mist appeared before Wang Lin's body. His hand stretch out, and it was as if new life had been injected into the black mist. It immediately formed a vortex around Wang Lin and rotated rapidly.

Drops of rain continued to form while origin energy from the world gathered within the black gas. A sliver of celestial origin energy came out from Wang Lin's body to communicate with the world.

In the blink of an eye, tens of thousands of drops of rain formed in the black vortex around Wang Lin. Each drop contained a great amount of power!

There was a strand of celestial spiritual energy within this vortex, which made Wang Lin look like a celestial! His arms were stretched out as he floated among the stars. The black wind around him rotated like crazy as drops of rain formed and floated around him. The raindrops were like crystals; they looked very gorgeous from afar.

Just at this instant, Wang Lin waved his hand. With him as the center, the vortex trembled and spun in reverse. There was a thunderous rumble as it rose into the air!

It looked like a 1,000 feet vortex was rising up into the air to connect with the heavens! The rumbling continued as the vortex pulled Wang Lin up. One could only catch a glimpse of Wang Lin's figure.

As the vortex rose, the 10,000 drops of rain rushed out. They whistled through the air as if the earth had become the sky. The rain was born from the earth and then it went back up to the sky and then it died at the end of the sky!

There were hints of thunder intent in Wang Lin's eyes, but he suppressed it. There was no need to expose his true cultivation here. The vortex and 10,000 drops of rain directly pressed down on the lotus flower leaf.

The vortex first closed in on the lotus flower leaf, making it tremble. Then the 10,000 raindrops fell on the leaf. The sound of the raindrops hitting the leaf echoed and the leaf suddenly collapsed!

The impact caused by the collapse of the leaf was scattered by the vortex and raindrops. The pressure on Wang Lin disappeared, then his hand formed a seal and he pointed at the woman in the blue dress.

The vortex and raindrops formed by Summon the Rains swept by Wang Lin and charged at the woman in the blue dress.

Just at this moment, the Black Fiend Devil Saint, who was clearly losing against Blood God and the blood person, quickly escaped. In a flash, he charged directly at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he retreated without hesitation. Although he was attempting to kill this woman, he wasn't really trying to kill her. He just had to make it look like he, Xu Mu, was making effort during this battle.

Besides, with his previous achievement, everything else could be skipped over.

As he retreated, coldness flashed in the eyes of woman in the blue dress. Her right hand pointed at the seven leaf lotus flower, causing an illusory lotus to appear and completely block Summon the Rain.

She looked at the battlefield. The Alliance was currently in an unfavorable situation! However, she didn't panic, as she knew this wasn't the real battle. This was merely the prelude!

Raising her jade-like hand, she formed a seal, pointed at the void, and softly said, "Please help, Corpse Prison Realm!"

After she spoke, a giant, 50-kilometer-wide formation silently appeared in the void before her! This formation was hanging upside down and was rotating rapidly. Blackish purple gas was pouring out of it and a purple chain suddenly fell from inside the formation.

There was an Allheaven cultivator below it that didn't dodge fast enough and was hit by the chain. His body immediately collapsed and his origin soul was trapped by the chain.

From a distance, one could see that the cultivator's origin soul seemed to be stuck to the chain. No matter how much he struggled, he couldn't escape.

Another chain came out from the formation and dangled there. One by one, the chains fell, and after only a few moments, there were over 100 chains sweeping the area.

Just at this moment, a muffled roar came from the formation. This sound was filled with the feeling of being torn apart. When you heard it, it was as if your origin soul was being torn apart.

A person walked out from the formation. The moment the person walked out, the smell of rotting corpses filled the area. This person was 100 feet tall and completely purple. This wasn't a living creature, but a corpse!

This corpse had large amounts of chains wrapped around it. The chains that were dangling earlier were the chains that were wrapped around his corpse.

This corpse wasn't formed naturally but refined from countless remains with a spell. In the Alliance, it was referred to as refined corpse!

This object was formed naturally by the Corpse Prison Realm, with the Corpse Sect providing the corpse. Over the tens of thousands of years, there were only 18 made! Each corpse had cultivation equal to a late stage Nirvana Scryer cultivator!

The first refined corpse that appeared shook the chains on its body and let out a roar. This roar could penetrate the body and directly affect the origin soul.

As the refined corpse roared, it charged into a group of cultivators and waved its chains around. The chains became its most fierce treasures.

As it swept across the area, it created a gust of wind. A large amount of cultivators were no match and were forced to retreat.

At this moment, a second refined corpse walked out from the formation. While letting a roar, it charged into the battlefield.

As the refined corpses walked out one by one, the situation on the battlefield began to reverse. This was especially true when the last three refined corpses walked out. They didn't emit a purple glow, two of them glowed silver and one them glowed gold!

The two silver refined corpses were a male and female. Although they had sluggish expressions, their bodies were the size of a normal person's body and they were wearing silver shirts. There were still chains around them, but only two. The moment they appeared, they gave off the pressure of early stage Nirvana Cleanser cultivators.

The last refined corpse couldn't even be described as a corpse. He was middle-age and wore a dragon robe; he was like a mortal emperor!

There weren't any chains around him; he only had five yellow talismans around his head. There were bursts of lightning that formed a close connection between the talismans.

The aura of the five elements was coming from his body. The moment Wang Lin saw that man, he immediately thought of the five elements and the first time he encountered Red Butterfly!

"Five element spirit body!" Wang Lin retreated even faster. He knew that with his cultivation level, he couldn't play a big role in a big battle between two star systems. This was why he had acted with self-preservation as the goal from the beginning.

If there was merit, he would take it. If there was none, then he would focus on staying alive!

"I don't know where Senior Brother Qing Shu is, but I believe he should be nearby!" Wang Lin continued to retreat, but the woman in the blue dress had no intention of letting Wang Lin go. She pointed with her jade-like hand and an ordinary refined corpse stared at Wang Lin and chased after him.

Wang Lin's expression became gloomy. If he was facing a mid stage Nirvana Scryer with his current body and spells, he could win. However, when facing a late stage Nirvana Scryer, he would have to use all his abilities for a chance at victory, and there were a lot of variables.

However, it would be unwise to use all his abilities in this great battle. Also, if he was injured, he would immediately be in a dangerous situation.

Wang Lin's plan was to find a chance during the chaos and enter the Moongazer Serpent unnoticed. Then he would take the opportunity to steal the power inheritance of the child ancient god.

As he retreated, the refined corpse chased after him. The refined corpse swung its chains around, forcing open a path to Wang Lin.

There was a flash of coldness coming from Wang Lin's eyes as he moved closer to the Moongazer Serpent. Muffled roars came from the Moongazer Serpent. Wang Lin didn't believe that just these cultivators from the Alliance could trap the Moongazer Serpent.

Once the Moongazer Serpent became angry, everything would collapse. This mere sealing formation couldn't seal the Moongazer Serpent.

A moment later, Wang Lin approached the black shell that trapped the Moongazer Serpent. The Shengong family ancestor was leading cultivators to constantly attack the black shell.

Wang Lin's approach didn't attract the attention of any of these people. The refine corpse continued to chase after Wang Lin and got closer and closer. It threw one of the chains around it after Wang Lin, and the sound of the chain whistling through the air entered Wang Lin's ears.

Wang Lin's eyes had a cold glint. He was very calm as he quickly backed up and touched the black shell sealing the Moongazer Serpent. The moment he touched the shell, he released a sliver of his ancient god aura into it.

Just at this instant, the Moongazer Serpent inside the shell noticed the ancient god aura by instinct and became crazy. This roar from the Moongazer Serpent was heaven-shaking.

The anger of the Moongazer Serpent was like the finger of the ancient god. The more angry it was, the stronger this spell was. A thunderous rumble came from the shell and countless cracks appeared as if an unimaginable force was coming from within the shell. In an instant, the black shell collapsed!

The moment it collapsed, a rough ancient god finger poked out!

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