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Chapter 926 - Self-destruction of a 10,000 Foot Giant Demon Clan

After he spoke, the black-robed old man and the white-robed youth charged out and went toward the Lou Fu. The Lou Fu had great influence on the Alliance cultivators, but not only did they not affect these two, they helped them greatly. They rushed over and immediately used their spells to protect them.

Li Yunzi clenched his teeth and pointed at another Battle Scroll. When his divine sense entered it, one of the 15 Lou Fu collapsed into a blood person to battle the old man on the cultivation planet.

At this moment, the 10,000 foot Giant Demon Clan member rushed over. If it met any Allheaven cultivators weaker than him, he would grab them and crush them with a roar before swallowing them.

This 10,000 foot Giant Demon Clan member was at the peak of the Corporeal Yang stage, but this body was too strong and thus could absorb a lot more origin energy than normal cultivators. Although he was only at the peak of the Corporeal Yang stage, he could battle against ordinary early stage Nirvana Scryer cultivators.

With how strong his body was, he wasn't afraid of most magic treasures. Right now, the giant charged straight for Li Yunzi on the giant wood. The giant's eyes were cloudy and there was a hint of madness in them.

"He wants to self destruct!" A very beautiful voice appeared next to Wang Lin's ear. It was the woman in the palace dress who spoke as the giant approached rapidly.

Wang Lin nodded and looked at Li Yunzi's origin soul. The origin soul was currently recovering to summon another blood person. Li Yunzi couldn't be disturbed right now.

However, Wang Lin didn't believe that Li Yunzi didn't have backup, but this wasn't the moment to test Li Yunzi. As the Giant Demon Clan member got closer and closer, Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he calmly said, "Let me!"

After he spoke, he took a step and charged straight at the giant.

The woman in the palace dress smiled gracefully. Although it was a battle, she was still extremely calm. She pulled back some hair behind her ear and smiled at Wang Lin. "Fellow Cultivator Xu, be careful."

When Wang Lin stepped off the giant wood and exited the giant wood's area of influence, he heard all of the chaos coming from the surrounding battles. As the Giant Demon Clan member approached, he could hear the sonic booms created by the charge.

The Giant Demon Clan member charged forward and moved faster and faster. A destructive aura spread out from his body, and in an instant, the giant closed in. His right hand formed a fist, and as he threw the punch, he shouted, "Back off!"

The fist arrived and the wind created by the fist swept by Wang Lin. Although this wind was strong, it couldn't even make Wang Lin take half a step back. With a cold expression, he threw out a punch as well.

This scene was extremely strange. The 10,000 foot giant's fist was incomparably huge, while Wang Lin was like an insignificant ant. His fist was even more negligible.

However, when the two fists closed, a thunderous rumble echoed, and it became stronger and stronger. It was as if all the sounds before this were preparations for the collision of the two fists!

When the two fist came even closer to each other, the thunderous rumbles seemed to replace all sound. The surrounding cultivators only felt a hum echo endlessly in their ears.

Time seemed to slow down as the two fists came closer and closer. Then, in just one moment, the two fists collided and a thunderous rumble echoed!

This sound was so intense that it caused the countless surrounding cultivators to tremble. It also created an invisible shockwave that spread in all directions.

Large amounts of cultivators were interrupted from their battles and quickly retreated. They all looked in terror at the battle between Wang Lin and the giant.

The 10,000 foot giant's body trembled violently as he felt an unimaginable force coming from the other party's tiny fist. He coughed out a mouthful of blood and popping sounds echoed from his fist. A moment later, his right fist exploded in a bloody mess.

After letting a miserable scream, this 10,000 foot giant wasn't able to withstand his powerful force and was pushed back.

The collapse of his body didn't stop. Even though he was part of the Giant Demon Clan, he couldn't withstand Wang Lin's ancient god power. Not only did his right arm disintegrate, a large part of his body also disintegrated.

The madness in the Giant Demon Clan member's eyes became even stronger. He let out a roar and a destructive aura surged inside his body, and at that instant, he blew up!

The self-destruction of a peak Corporeal Yang cultivator was very strong, especially when this person had the body of a Giant Demon Clan member. This power was enough to even make Wang Lin frown.

Wang Lin's face turned slightly red and his eyes became even more cold. He forcibly coughed out some blood so people wouldn't suspect him too much, then his right hand formed a seal and he shouted, "Call the Wind!"

After he said those words, a black wind appeared in Wang Lin's right hand and turned into two black dragons. The black dragons rushed out, and as they devoured, they also spat out blasts of cold air that could extinguish life.

Call the Wind was extremely strong, and under the impact of the black dragons, the giant's body was instantly pushed very far away. The two dragons actually devoured the giant's body, which infinitely weakened the power of his self-destruction.


After a loud bang, the 10,000 foot Giant Demon Clan member exploded, causing an immeasurable impact. This caught the attention of the surrounding cultivators; even the old monsters that were fighting couldn't help but take a look.

Wang Lin's face turned slightly pale as he staggered back to the giant wood as if he was injured. In truth, killing a 10,000 foot Giant Demon Clan member was not difficult at all for Wang Lin, who had the body of an ancient god!

The woman in the palace dress on the giant wood smiled. "I admire Fellow Cultivator Xu's spells. The spell that lets you instantly increase the power of your body is especially shocking. 

Li Yunzi opened his eyes and revealed admiration, but he didn't speak. He pointed at one of the Battle Scrolls and his divine sense entered it.

A second later, another of the 14 Lou Fu quickly shrank. Without collapsing, it condense into another blood person. This blood person seemed to contain a blood spell that could reverse the heavens. It charged directly at the old man on the cultivation planet that was battling another blood person, the black-robed old man, and the youth in white.

In the distance, the woman in the blue dress frowned even harder. She pointed with her jade-like hand and the other two 10,000 foot giants charged out. One of them went directly toward the Lou Fu.

As for the other, he charged directly toward the giant wood! As this Giant Demon Clan member closed in, the old man on the cultivation planet flew up. Then his hands formed a seal and he pressed down!

The cultivation planet between the old man and the Giant Demon Clan member suddenly began to rotate and emit a ripple. The old man began chanting and his eyes lit up. Then his hand pushed down and he shouted, "Cultivation planet fluctuation!"

After he spoke, the cultivation planet flew by itself and rotated even faster. However, as it rotated, it began to shrink until it was only half its original size.

At the same time, a scarlet red ripple spread out from the cultivation planet. Under the old man's control, it spread ahead at an unimaginable speed.

This red ripple was too fast. As it spread out, some Allheaven cultivators were affected. They began to tremble, and in an instant, their entire bodies, including their bags of holding, collapsed.

This ripple shot straight toward the giant wood. Wang Lin's expression changed, and Li Yunzi opened his eyes and shouted, "Xu Mu, Zi Yan, the two of you quickly scatter. Do your own things and don't bother guarding this old man!"

Even without Li Yunzi giving the command, Wang Lin had already moved the moment Li Yunzi spoke. He charged off the giant wood and quickly left this place with one teleportation.

The woman in the palace dress was the same and quickly left.

Just as the two of them left, the scarlet red ripple arrived. Li Yunzi's origin soul wrapped around his body and formed a seal. At this moment, both his origin soul and body disappeared into the giant wood.

The scarlet ripple landed on the giant wood and swept by along the giant wood's length.

Wang Lin dodged far away from the scarlet red ripple. However, his surroundings were in complete chaos. The moment he reappeared, a sword from an Alliance cultivator swept toward him.

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin's eyes, and he didn't even dodge. The sword hit his body and bounced off. Then he turned around and pointed.

This point contained origin energy and also the power of an ancient god. It landed directly on the person who had sneak-attacked him. Aghast filled this person's eyes, and just as he was about to retreat, a large amount of blood mist exploded from his body. His origin soul fled in panic, but just then, another Allheaven cultivator caught his origin soul and crushed it.

The Allheaven cultivator was filled with killing intent as he looked at Wang Lin. He licked his lips and said in a hoarse voice, "Xu Mu, why don't the two of us compete again? Let's see who kills more!"

This Allheaven cultivator was Vice Thunder Celestial Xu Ting!

Wang Lin's expression was neutral as he calmly said, "If you really want to compare, then why not see who can kill that woman?" As he spoke, he pointed at the woman in the blue dress!

Xu Ting was startled and his expression was uncertain. He clenched his teeth and said, "Good, then let us compete with this! We'll both slaughter our way there and see who will succeed!"

The woman obviously had a very high status, or else she wouldn't be leading this battle. However, this woman's cultivation didn't seem to be that high, only mid stage of Nirvana Scryer.

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