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Chapter 916 - Alliance’s Style

There were a lot of soul fragments inside the one-billion-soul soul flag, and they all rushed into the 18 layers of hell. The resentment in the 18 layers of hell continued to increase as the soul fragments rushed inside. Their maddening screams would cause any mortal who heard them to pass out.

Even a cultivator’s mind would be shaken before these screams. They were a result of the grievance of the souls of the countless people that Wang Lin had killed!

In there were Blood Ancestor, the celestials, the Yao family members, and many other powerful cultivators. Because they were only soul fragments, they weren’t as strong as before, but their power was not something ordinary cultivators could resist!

There were also the countless soul fragments inside the one-billion-soul soul flag. With them, the 18 layers of hell were now worthy of their title!

Inside the one-billion-soul soul flag, only the primary souls remained, and Wang Lin put it away. If it wasn’t for the fact that this flag was a gift from Du Tian, he would’ve put the flag itself inside the Celestial Sealing Stamp.

As Wang Lin stood there, a trace of coldness flash across his eyes and he shouted, “This is my 18 layers of hell reincarnation cycle!”

As his voice came out, the cries from the 18 layers of hell became even stronger. The screams quickly enveloped the entire planet.

The first ones that weren’t able to withstand it were the fierce beasts, and they quickly scattered. If it wasn’t for Wang Lin controlling the screams, all of these fierce beasts would’ve immediately collapsed.

The several cultivators that were stationed here became pale and their minds were shaken, so they quickly flew out from their rooms. They didn’t want to stay for a moment longer.

The big-headed boy gasped as he stared dumbfoundedly at the 18 Hell Celestial Sealing Stamp. Due to his cultivation level, he was able to immediately see that this treasure wasn’t ordinary.

Lei Ji’s pupils shrank. Facing the 18 layers of hell, he felt fear from the bottom of his heart.

Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and two balls of light appeared in his hand. These were 2 origin souls. One of them was the origin soul of the Corpse Sect’s Resentment Hall Vice-Hall Master, and the other was what the Vice-Hall Master gave Wang Lin to trade for his life.

After pondering for a bit, Wang Lin didn’t put them into 18 layers of hell and put them back in his bag. These two early stage Nirvana Scryer origin souls were very important for recovering cultivation. He kept them in case he needed to use them in the future.

At this moment, he stood up, stared at the sky, formed a seal with his hand, and pointed at the Celestial Sealing Stamp. It shrank and was swallowed by Wang Lin.

“Let’s go!” Wang Lin was calm as he took a step and left the planet. Lei Ji and company quickly followed after him.

At this moment, all of the western region was taken over by the Allheaven cultivators. As large amounts of Allheaven cultivators passed through the tunnel between the two systems, they took over the planets one by one. It was obvious that they already considered this place part of Allheaven!

As all of the western region was taken over, the shadow looming over all the powerful cultivators of Allheaven became even stronger. There was not a single rank 7 cultivation planet in the western region, only rank 6 cultivation planets. All of this was very strange.

However, there were no changes for a very time, and while there were still doubts in their hearts, they started a second round of attacks under the order of the Thunder Celestial Temple. Their target this time was northern region.

Groups of Allheaven cultivators quickly flew toward the northern region on rays of sword energy!

As they passed, they created sound as if space itself was going to collapse. The sword energy emitted by tens of thousands of cultivators made the world change colors.

The flying swords revealed the height of heaven and almost made the world collapse. Unknowingly, they gave off the feeling of being able to reverse time and split the heavens.

The Allheaven cultivators were filled with killing intent as they left the cultivation planets and continued to move forward.

Master Flamespark had a ball of flame under his feet and a group of cultivators around him. His expression was gloomy. During this period of time they had slaughtered into the Alliance Star System, he felt a sense of crisis. When they tried to predict what was going to happen, he could only see dense blood light that prevented him from clearly seeing anything.

They were forced to continue their attack on the northern region because they had been in the western region for too long. They couldn’t just retreat without fighting, so even though he knew the Alliance had some sort of scheme, he was forced to push forward!

“Even if there is a scheme, this old man is not afraid. Moreover, the Alliance aren’t the only ones with a hidden hand. I have also carefully planned out counter measures to many of the possible schemes the Alliance could’ve come up with!” There was a flash of coldness in Master Flamespark’s eyes, and they were filled with killing intent.

Large amounts of Allheaven cultivators rode on rays of sword energy as they flew through the western region and arrived in the northern region.

As the large amount of Allheaven cultivators charged into the northern region, an ancient aura burst forth from one of the planets in the western region that was taken over by the Allheaven cultivators. This aura exploded like crazy, and in an instant, a destructive impact came from this cultivation planet.

There were hundreds of cultivators living on this planet, and they all panicked to escape. As they escaped, what they saw became the last thing they saw.

The entire cultivation planet shook extremely violently. It was as if the planet had finished its life cycle in an instant and it was filled with death aura. What was even more incredible was that this cultivation planet was shrinking!

The planet shrank like crazy as if there was a powerful force compressing it. The crazy compression made it so the planet was only 10% of its original size!

At this instant, a destructive aura came out like crazy and this planet suddenly collapsed! This collapse created a powerful and destructive wave that spread out like crazy.

Those hundreds of cultivators didn’t have time to dodge as their bodies were instantly destroyed by this destructive wave. Even their origin souls were destroyed under this destructive force.

The resulting rumble was earth-shattering, The collapse of the planet was filled with the scent of blood, and all life on it had been extinguished. This was not something an ordinary cultivator could do. Only the most ruthless and inhuman cultivator would destroy a planet like this!

Loud explodes echoed. As the destructive wave spread, a large amount of spatial rifts appeared in the space they passed by.

There were so many cracks that it only took a moment for them to all connect together!

All of the Allheaven cultivators within tens of thousands of kilometers that were affected by this shockwave immediately had their bodies and origin souls destroyed.

At this instant, this wasn’t the only planet that exploded. This happened to all of them.

All of the cultivation planets in the western region collapsed like crazy and formed a crazy shockwave that filled the western region!

This kind of big movement was something only the Cultivation Alliance would do. Since all you Allheaven cultivators came, then I’ll let you all die in the western region!

Ignoring the lives of all living things in the western region, they began a shocking plan to slaughter the Allheaven cultivators!

The crazy collapse became even more intense in the western region. As the planets collapsed, the storm formed by the collapse swept across the region. Large amounts of spatial cracks appeared due to this storm, and in the end, they all linked together.

The thunderous rumble echoed and the entire western region was like the end of the world! The large scale collapse caused a lot of spatial cracks. Large amounts of rocks containing destructive power shot out randomly.

It was a slaughter. Most of the Allheaven cultivators weren’t even able to retaliate and were killed by his storm.

As spatial crack increased in size, more and more cold wind came out and fused with the storm to form a giant vortex. This vortex was so large that it covered most of the western region. It cut off the Allheaven cultivators that had charged into the northern region from the tunnel back to the Allheaven Star System.

When the storm was about to dissipate, countless figures appeared and transfer arrays appeared one by one. Cultivators of the Cultivation Alliance stepped out of the arrays.

“Kill!” Earth-shattering roars echoed across the stars!

Master Flamespark’s eyes were red. He had thought of everything, but he didn’t think the Alliance would destroy the western region and create this kind of impact.

At the same time, rays of sword energy flew through the northern domain when the Alliance cultivators arrived. They charged at the panicking Allheaven cultivators that were trying to escape.

In the northern domain, a ripple appeared in the army of the Alliance. A black-robed old man walked out and his laughter echoed across the world as he stepped out.

“Master Flamespark, long time no see. Do you still remember old man Black Fiend Devil Sovereign?”

Maste Flamespark’s eyes became bright red and his expression didn’t reveal any reaction to the change. He calmly said, “So this was your plan? Very good! Let me show you my Allheaven cultivators’ spells!”

Master Flamespark raised his hand and pointed up. A large crack was silently ripped open. This crack was extremely large and was like a river that covered the sky.

At the same time, a powerful pressure came out from it and 18 balls of blood more than 100 feet wide descended!

“Your Alliance Star System dared to destroy the western region, so how could my Allheaven Star System not react? Since you killed some people on my side, I’ll kill some people on your side!” Master Flamespark’s voice was filled with confidence.

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