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Chapter 915 - 18 Layers of Hell

Chapter 915 - 18 Layers of Hell

With Qing Shui’s inheritance, Wang Lin understood that among Celestial Emperor Bai Fan’s spells, Call the Wind, Summon the Rain, and Magic Arsenal, Magic Arsenal was the strongest!

Even Qing Shui favored Magic Arsenal a lot. It was one of the spells that made him famous in the Celestial Realm!

Wang Lin had high expectations for this spell as well. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. After clearly comprehending the inheritance of Magic Arsenal he got from Qing Shui, he suddenly opened his eyes and the celestial origin energy core in his body began to rotate.

As it rotated, a large amount of celestial origin energy cycled through his body. His origin energy began to slowly hide itself until only that dense celestial origin energy was moving through his body.

The current Wang Lin gave off a large amount of celestial origin energy. He had the aura of a celestial, and it was as if he was an actual celestial!

The big-headed boy carefully observed this and sighed. He had always wondered why this Xu Mu had celestial origin energy when he clearly remembered that Xu Mu had never gone into the celestial pool.

However, he didn’t dare to ask about this doubt. Looking at Wang Lin filled with celestial origin energy, he bitterly smiled. He had to give up his domain for this celestial origin, but Xu Mu had both domain and celestial origin energy.

As Wang Lin’s celestial origin energy cycled, he began forming the hand seals he obtained from Qing Shui’s inheritance that were unique to Magic Arsenal!

Magic Arsenal required you to open the reincarnation cycle and extract the soul fragments of the ones you killed. Then you must form your own mysterious space to fuse these soul fragments in. Only then can Magic Arsenal form.

The power of this spell varies from person to person. For example, when Bai Fan used Magic Arsenal, it would cover the sky, and very few people could block it. Then there was Qing Shui, whose Magic Arsenal was filled with slaughter that would make people yield before fighting.

As his hand formed seals, the celestial origin energy in his body suddenly rushed into the seals through his arms. It was as the world was changing colors while strands of celestial origin energy intersected before him and began to slowly rotate.

At the start, the rotation wasn’t fast, but as the celestial origin core inside Wang Lin rotated faster, the vortex eventually looked like a tornado.

As the vortex roared, it began to expand. In the blink of an eye, a vortex dozens of feet tall appeared before Wang Lin. It rotated so fast that it looked like it wasn’t rotating at all. However, in reality, the rotation of the vortex had reached its peak.

If it was before Wang Lin obtained the celestial origin energy from the 17th layer of the Immortal Graveyard, his celestial core would’ve ran out and collapsed before the vortex could even form.

Even after absorbing all that celestial origin energy and his celestial core had become the size of a baby’s first, Wang Lin could feel his celestial origin energy rapidly depleting. He knew he couldn’t maintain the vortex for more than three days!

Wang Lin knew that this vortex was a self-created reincarnation cycle formed by the celestial origin energy. In reality, it was a spell that focused on your memories. To be immersed in your own memories and pull out the soul fragments of all the people you killed!

Although they were only memories, they were extremely real when this spell was used. The soul fragments that were extracted even retained some of their cultivation. As a result, they could be used in Magic Arsenal!

The longer he drew this out, the more celestial origin energy he would lose. If he wasn’t successful after three days, then this celestial origin energy would run out and the vortex would collapse.

The instant the vortex opened, Wang Lin’s ancient thunder dragon origin soul flew out from between his eyebrows and went into the vortex. The vortex continued to shrink until it was imprinted between Wang Lin’s eyebrows.

The surroundings were completely silent.

Wang Lin’s ancient thunder dragon origin soul moved through a tunnel of time. He gradually changed until he was in human form.

In an instant, the tunnel ended, and when he charged out, the sun blinded his eyes. Wang Lin looked down and saw the Heng Yue Sect on planet Suzaku!

He saw two youths. One was was covered in sweat, using the attraction spell. On the side, the person being controlled by the attraction spell was a young man holding a dagger. The dagger was pointed at another youth.

The youth raised the axe and mercilessly slashed down on the young man’s head.

A miserable scream echoed. Wang Lin clearly saw a soul fragment fly out and enter Wang Lin’s origin soul.

“This person wasn’t killed by me. Why…” As Wang Lin pondered, he felt a powerful force pulling his origin soul. In the blink of an eye, his vision blurred and he was now on a road. Before him was a black-robed teen fighting against a middle-aged man.

Shortly after, the middle-aged man died. Beside the middle-aged man was a gloomy youth who said, “He is the disciple of old man Ji Mo. We must quickly leave!”

The soul fragment of the middle-aged man that died flew out and entered Wang Lin’s origin soul.

The scene changed once more. This time it was a cave in the forest. He devoured Teng Li’s foundation, then Teng Li’s soul fragment flew out and entered Wang Lin.

Scene by scene passed by from the country of Zhao to the Corpse Sect. Then to Jue Ming Valley, the Foreign Battlefield, Hou Fen, and then the Sea of Devils with the dragon tendon and the 100 day Ten Thousand Devil Kill Order.

Then he return to Zhao, where he slaughtered the Teng family. The battle with Xue Yue, the Rain Celestial Realm, and followed by him killing the ancestor of the country of Xue Yue and the Giant Demon Clan ancestor. After that was the battle between the Forsaken Immortal Clan and the country of Suzaky and what happened in the Suzaku Tomb. Everything replayed as if Wang Lin was reliving his life.

The Tian Yun Sect, the Demon Spirit Land, the Celestial Slaughter Art, the Allheaven Star System, the Huan Family ancestor, the Thunder Celestial Realm, killing Blood Ancestor, the inside of the Nether Beast, killing the celestial, slaughtering the Yao family members in the Western Domain, and everything until the Celestial Title competition where he obtained rank 1 in one line to heaven.

In the end, his memories stopped. Wang Lin was startled. He felt as if a powerful force grabbed him and kept dragging him up. Then he suddenly opened his eyes. He was soaked in sweat and the mountain was still before him.

The moment he awakened, the vortex between his eyebrows stopped rotating and turned back into strands of celestial origin energy that returned into his body. The celestial origin the size of a baby’s first had shrunken by nearly 60%

His life of slaughter had flashed by. When Wang Lin went through his life again, he felt regret. Even now, he was unclear if he had awakened from his dream.

“What a powerful celestial spell!” Wang Lin let out a big breath. Celestial Emperor Bai Fan’s celestial spell was formed from the fusion of many spells. The essence of these spells were extracted to form a new celestial spell. However, in order to learn the spell, Wang Lin had to experience the process.

Wang Lin pondered for a while. He had already made a decision for the second part of Magic Arsenal. After recalling it to make sure there was no problem, the underworld river appeared above Wang Lin.

The underworld river spread out and the resentful aura filled the world. However, under Wang Lin’s control, the two ends connected to form a circle. At that instant, an aura that surged into the sky appeared.

Wang Lin looked at the underworld river and spat out an object. It was the Celestial Sealing Stamp. The moment it appeared, it floated into the air.

It fused with the underworld river. The hundreds of thousands of golden runes appeared and fused with the underworld river. The underworld river began to churn as if it was boiling, and a shocking change occurred as the golden runes fused with it.

The entire underworld river swept across the world while carrying hundreds of thousands of seals and finally fused with the Celestial Sealing Stamp completely. A powerful pressure suddenly surrounded the abandoned planet Wang Lin was on. This pressure came from the Celestial Sealing Stamp.

The appearance of the Celestial Sealing Stamp had changed. It was no longer golden but pitch black. However, an extremely powerful aura was spreading out from this darkness.

It was if there were countless resentful spirits roaring and struggling inside to escape.

What was even more shocking was that several rings had appeared on the Celestial Sealing Stamp and separated it into 18 layers!

Each layer gave off a dense resentful aura and flashes of gloomy sealing light. The deeper the layer, the stronger the resentful aura!

This was his personal realm that he had created for Magic Arsenal!

Bai Han had the Mysterious Realm and Qing Shui had his Slaughter Realm. Wang Lin had his 18 Layers of Hell Reincarnation Realm!

With the Celestial Sealing Stamp as the earth, with the golden seals as the seal, with the underworld river as the reincarnation cycle, and filling it with resentful aura to complete the 18 layers of hell.

The deeper down the 18 layers, the stronger the souls insides were. There were no soul fragments from the 15th to 18th layers, but there was one in the 14th layer! This soul fragment was covered in a blood mist and a monstrous resentment. He was the Blood Ancestor, who was killed by Wang Lin!

More than 100 soul fragments of celestials killed by Wang Lin in the Immortal Graveyard were sealed in the 13th layer. They were letting out maddening roars, wanting to escape, but they were completely sealed.

There were also the soul fragments of the Yao family cultivators that Wang Lin had killed, along with the soul fragments of all the Corporeal Yang and above cultivators killed by Wang Lin!

Magic Arsenal was a very tyrannical spell. It extracted the soul fragments of everything you killed from the reincarnation cycle and used them!

Wang Lin stood up and stared at the 18 layers of hell in the sky. A vortex appeared between his eyebrows and then his origin soul charged out and spat out essence origin energy!

Endless black gas came out from the essence origin energy. This black gas was all the people killed by Wang Lin. As they touched the 18 layers of hell, they were all sealed inside.

At the same time, Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and the one-billion-soul soul flag flew out. 

He shook the flag, causing it to open, and the soul fragments charged out like crazy.

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