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Chapter 917 - Allheaven's Counter-attack

Those 18 balls of blood descended and an oppressive aura covered the area. This oppression had no effect on the Allheaven cultivators, and they all glowed red in response to it.

However, for the Alliance cultivators that had charged over, their minds all trembled!

At this moment, all the Alliance cultivators felt an unimaginable pressure, as if the entire world was crushing them from all sides. Their blood flowed rapidly through their bodies. It was as if all sounds aside from their pounding heartbeats were cut off.

Even their visions blurred.

The 18 balls of blood were made of blood gathered by the two families from ancient times over tens of thousands of years. The blood was slowly refined after many sacrifices over the countless years. It was one of the two family protection treasures they had.

This object was very famous in the ancient cultivation world!

It was named the 18 Lou Fu!

Lou Fu was a cultivation mountain in ancient times. However, one night, the mountain mysteriously collapsed and all the cultivators in the mountain died the violent deaths of having all their blood drained.

Their blood gathered at Mount Lou Fu and formed a ball of blood 100 feet wide!

This was the origin of Lou Fu. After that, a lot of ancient cultivators came to study it. Although they couldn't understand the cause, they gained an understanding of the ball of blood. Thus the spell for the Lou Fu blood ball came to be.

However, this ball of blood was too vicious and the rate of formation was not high. Although it had mysterious powers, it couldn't be mass refined.

The power of the 18 Lou Fu was their pressure. One Lou Fu would give one layer of pressure, so 18 Lou Fu would create an unimaginable degree of pressure.

In addition, if a cultivator merged some of their blood into the 18 Lou Fu, then not only would they not be pressured, their cultivation level would also increase for a short period of time.

The Black Fiend Devil Saint's expression was gloomy and he was about to charge out to destroy the 18 Lou Fu. However, just at this moment, Blood God appeared from the void and blocked the Black Fiend Devil Saint with a laugh.

Master Flamespark's face was expressionless while he pointed backward. This point seemed to be able to penetrate the void. It tore through the spatial cracks covering the western region and entered the tunnel connecting to the Allheaven Star System. 

In the Allheaven Star System, there were tens of thousands of cultivators with their cultivation activated. There was one object between them!

This object was a piece of wood. However, this piece of wood was 100,000 feet long and 10,000 feet wide!

Heaven Piercing Wood! This was found by the Thunder Celestial Temple 30,000 years ago. Rumor had it that it was a celestial tree that supported the Ancient Celestial Realm. Only the Thunder Celestial Realm was able to keep theirs relatively intact. The other three realms lost theirs during the collapse of the Celestial Realms.

A powerful surge of celestial spiritual energy appeared. After the Thunder Celestial Temple found it, they hid it away. Now it was taken out as a powerful method of attack against the Alliance.

The tens of thousands of cultivators that were surrounding this giant piece of wood shouted in unison. These tens of thousands of cultivators were mercilessly pushing this giant piece of wood forward! There were even old monsters, like the Xiang family ancestor and the middle-aged man from the Gongsun family, at the back. With their help, this giant piece of wood moved toward the tunnel ahead with a thunderous rumble.

This giant piece of wood had the power to pierce anything slowly gained speed. It accelerated until it formed a storm as it went through the tunnel and appeared in the western region of the Alliance Star System.

It was so fast that the whistling sound it created could shake one's mind. The power contained within it was unimaginable. The barrier created by the spatial rifts couldn't resist the force of this impact at all. As the endless rumbles echoed, large amounts of ripples spread in every direction. At the center of the ripple, the giant piece of wood charged through and forcibly opened a passage.

A large amount of Allheaven cultivators followed around and behind the giant piece of wood, charging into the Alliance filled with killing intent!

The expressions of the Alliance cultivators that arrived through transfer arrays changed greatly. They wanted to dodge, but due to the impact of the giant piece of wood, they couldn't dodge at all. Even though they were very far, they were sucked in by the powerful storm formed by the giant piece of wood.

There were some cultivators that were hit directly by the piece of wood. Their bodies and origin souls were destroyed, leaving behind a mist of blood. However, compared to the size of the wood, this blood was insignificant.

The 18 Lou Fu was the first great treasure the Allheaven cultivators had prepared, and this giant piece of wood was the second, but this still wasn't the end!

The giant piece of wood opened the path through the barrier formed by the spatial cracks. Ripples spread across the barrier and a roar that shook the entire western region came from the tunnel to Allheaven Star System.

This roar tore through the western region and violently shook the Alliance cultivators. Some of them even bled from their orifices due to the vibrations.

An extreme sense of violence came from the tunnel. A giant cultivation planet appeared in the tunnel between the two systems. It was surrounded by white gas and was very strange.

The moment it came out, the mist around the planet quickly withdrew until it all disappeared, then a crack appeared in the middle of the planet. The planet opened up and countless tentacles stretched out. This was the Moongazer Serpent!

The Moongazer Serpent's eyes were bloodshot and were filled with endless anger, enough for it to go crazy. Its tentacles waved like crazy as it charged out.


The Moongazer Serpent's mouth opened, and along with its roar, a powerful impact shot out. This roar turned into a storm and shot forward. In an instant, those spatial cracks were pushed back like pieces of torn paper!

However, as the roar closed in on the giant piece of wood, a barrier of yellow light appeared. It was like an egg shell that allowed the roar to pass along side it without any resistance.

The angry roar of the Moongazer Serpent was so intense that it even caused space to collapse. The space before the giant piece of wood twisted and a white-robed old man was forced out in a somewhat sorry state.

His face was extremely gloomy and his gaze seemed like it would penetrate space. When he saw the giant Moongazer Serpent come out from the tunnel, he retreated without any hesitation, but just at that moment, the giant piece of wood arrived.

The old man was one of the four saints, the Heavenly Dao Origin Saint. He let out a sigh as he shook his head and retreated even faster.

However, just as he started retreating, the Xiang family ancestor and the Gongsun family's middle-aged man charged out from the giant piece of wood toward the white-robed old man.

"Fellow Alliance cultivator, why are you in such a rush to leave?" The Xiang family ancestor laughed as he waved his sleeves. A red wind quickly appeared and surrounded the surrounding 5,000 kilometers.

This great battle began in the western and northern regions and quickly spread. The battle was fierce, and various magical treasures flashed across the battlefields!

Ripples of spells spread and affected countless areas!

During this intense slaughter, if any Alliance or Allheaven cultivator was careless, they would immediately die. The angered Moongazer Serpent seemed to be able to differentiate between Alliance and Allheaven cultivators. It would rarely affect Allheaven cultivators but often slaughtered Alliance cultivators.

Due to this, the Alliance cultivators were at an immediate disadvantage!

At this moment, Wang Lin was in the western region. Lei Ji's body, which was a lot smaller, only 30 feet tall, was opening the way. The big-headed boy was behind him. As for Ta Shan, he still had a cold expression as he observed his surrounding.

Wang Lin's gaze was calm. Along the way, he had met several Alliance cultivators. Whenever they saw Wang Lin, their expressions changed due to Wang Lin's group's cultivation levels. They turned around and ran without any hesitation.

However, there were several people that thought they were strong enough or thought they had enough people. They attacked Wang Lin's group after some hesitation. But all of them were directly killed by Wang Lin without any exception.

The smell of blood covered their path through the western region. The further he went, the more Alliance cultivators he met, but there weren't many that were willing to fight him.

Wang Lin's body didn't give off any killing intent. However, whether it was Lei Ji, the big-headed boy, or Ta Shan, all three of them were filled with killing intent. They charged forward like sharp swords leading the way.

As they made their way, Wang Lin watched their surroundings. The familiar surroundings had all collapsed and spatial cracks would whistle by. All of this showed that the western region was now completely deserted. However, these cracks before Wang Lin were moved to the side by some mysterious force.

If an old monster at the second step who was at the Nirvana Cleanser stage saw this, they would be shocked. This was the sign of starting to control law. Although Nirvana Scryer cultivators comprehended law, comprehending and controlling were very different things. Controlling law was something only Nirvana Cleanser cultivators could do. Wang Lin had not reached the Nirvana Cleanser stage, but with the help of the heaven defying bead, he had a sliver of aura similar to that of a Nirvana Cleanser cultivator, though this aura was very faint.

Just at this moment, a beautiful woman wearing purple was fleeing among the stars with a bitter smile. Her sword light was faint, as if she could fall at any time. Behind her was a group of Alliance cultivators. Among them was a middle-aged man with a sneer on his face that was rapidly chasing after her.

"It's her…" With Wang Lin's divine sense, he was able to immediately see the woman in the distance.

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