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Chapter 914 - Plan to Slaughter Allheaven

Wang Lin pondered as he looked at the rain before him and the inheritance Qing Shui gave him echoed in his mind. His eyes grew brighter and brighter until they were like beacons in this rainy night.

"I don't care if this rain is dead or alive. I only need to remember that this rain comes from the sky!" Wang Lin raised his head and looked at the clouds in the sky. The rain that enveloped the earth came from those clouds.

"The sky only has clouds!"

Rain come from the clouds!

As Wang Lin pondered, his divine sense spread out but no longer merged with the rain. Instead, his divine sense charged into the sky and entered the clouds. There, he detected a large amount of origin energy of the world!

This origin energy of the world wasn't stable and constantly collided with itself. Every time it collided, a large amount of raindrops would fall to the earth.

Wang Lin's eyes shined brightly, his body flickered, and he flew off the mountain. He stepped on the rain as if he was ascending a ladder and directly entered the clouds.

The moment he entered the clouds, bursts of thunder moved within the rain and endless rumbles echoed. However, this thunder couldn't obstruct Wang Lin at all.

After entering the clouds, Wang Lin's divine sense spread out even more in the clouds. The constant comprehension caused him to smile. A moment later, he walked out from the clouds and then arrived on the other side of the planet.

Here, a large amount of water vapor was rising into the air. This water vapor was invisible, and Wang Lin could barely detect it with his divine sense. The water vapor formed thin clouds that rose into the air, but these clouds were difficult to see with the naked eye.

"I understand!" Wang Lin let out a laugh as he opened his arms and pointed at the ground. Origin energy came out from his body and the water vapor in the world became more dense. As if the vapor was being manipulated, it quickly condensed. Space distorted near Wang Lin's hands and, a moment later, dark clouds appeared!

The moment the dark clouds appeared, they quickly condensed. In the end, a group of dark clouds suddenly formed in Wang Lin's hands!

As his divine sense swept through the clouds, thunder appeared inside the clouds. His divine sense shook the clouds, causing rumbles to echo and large amounts of rain to fall.

Nirvana Scryer stage cultivators needed to pay attention to laws; that's what really made second step cultivators powerful! However, laws were ethereal and very difficult to grasp!

This was also why there weren't many second step cultivators. There were even cultivators who had grasped some laws, and this allowed their cultivation level to increase. However, in the end, the still couldn't progress and their spells weren't powerful. The main reason was that the way they grasped the laws was passive rather than active!

Wang Lin vaguely touched the edge of law. He revealed a smile as he waved his hand. The clouds gradually became transparent and eventually disappeared.

As he laughed, he returned back to the top of the mountain with one step. He stood there and looked up at the clouds in the sky. At this moment, the rain was still falling, but it turned into water vapor when it arrived three inches from Wang Lin. Soon, a layer of clouds appeared around Wang Lin.

This scene was exactly the same as when Master Flamespark arrived. However, the clouds around Wang Lin were thin. Master Flamespark's clouds looked like they could cause the world to collapse if he just gave the order.

However, if Master Flamespark's divine sense descended on the planet and saw this, he would be shocked. This was because this cloud wasn't caused by an origin energy spell, it was a sign of laws.

This was caused by the power of law. It was not a deliberate action; it involved subtly changing the space around oneself so that the raindrops would turn into clouds. This cloud itself was a spell with infinite power!

"Celestial Emperor Bai Fan was really a godlike person!" Wang Lin let out a sigh. He had inherited Summon the Rain from Qing Shui. This celestial spell came from Celestial Emperor Bai Fan. Just by comprehending this spell, he had manage to touch laws.

This was not something an ordinary celestial spell could do. There were very few celestial spells that could have this effect!

"The rain came from the clouds and this cloud also came from water. However, without wind, the cloud can't form!" This inheritance came from Qing Shui, and although it brought Wang Lin no comprehension, it gave him knowledge of the laws. Thus, Wang Lin was even more grateful toward Qing Shui.

"I didn't think Situ had controlled law back then…" The scene of Situ Nan emerging from the heaven defying bead appeared in Wang Lin's mind. It was raining when Situ shouted "Scram for me!"

At that instant, the rain turned back into clouds and quickly disappeared. All of the clouds in the sky collapsed, revealing a clear sky!

At that moment all those years ago, he only felt an unspeakable impact coming from Situ Nan's body, and it made the sky tremble. It was as if all living things had to step back and yield to him.

It was merely a vague feeling though. After all, Wang Lin's cultivation level was too low back then, so he didn't have the qualifications!

But thinking about it now, Situ Nan had clearly grasped law. Wang Lin thought about it and was able to clearly see through everything in his memories.

"It turns out everything was like this…" Wang Lin pondered as he thought about when he first obtained the heaven defying bead 1,000 years ago. There were was a cloud on the heaven defying bead!

This cloud must absorb the water vapor in the world to make the amount of clouds increase. Thinking about it now, Wang Lin immediately understood and bitterly smiled.

In truth, something had always existed around him, but unless he reached a certain level, he wouldn't notice it. Even if he had seen it, he wouldn't have been enlightened.

At this moment, Wang Lin thoroughly understood.

"I finally understand the water law portion of the heaven defying bead after 1,000 years… This portion was the first stage the heaven defying bead revealed… Even now, I haven't fully mastered it and have merely grasp it." Wang Lin touched the spot between his eyebrows and felt regrettable.

He looked at the rain falling from the sky and lightly waved his hand as he muttered, "Scatter!"

This wave caused the clouds to fly out along with this hand. All the rain in the world suddenly trembled and a large amount of clouds appeared. It was as if there was a powerful wind that pushed all the clouds back.

Under the impact of this wind, all the clouds in the sky began to collapse. Following a thunderous roar, it was as if a giant hand had swept across the sky, and all the clouds dissipated completely!

A clear sky appeared over the planet!

The sun fell, bringing warmth. The earth gave off the fragrance of dirt. There were still large drops of water falling from the plants after the rain.

A rainbow appeared over the horizon. This was like a scene from the Celestial Realm.

In this atmosphere, even the fierce beasts that appeared didn't roar. Instead, they lowly growled at the sky.

Several birds flew out from with cheerful chirps over the horizon. It was obvious that the long rainy season made them unable to fly for a long time.

Wang Lin's eyes were calm. His right hand formed a seal and black wind suddenly appeared 10 feet in front of Wang Lin. The black wind turned into two black dragons that blasted out cold air. The cold air fused with the mist to form clouds and then water droplets condensed. The origin energy of the world nearby surged toward the clouds.

With just a command from Wang Lin, the rain would scatter over the world and Summon the Rain would appear!

He waved his right hand and the clouds disappeared. The black dragons disappeared too and everything returned to normal.

When the big-headed boy looked at this, his pupils shrank. He was silently pondering, and his respect for Wang Lin increased.

Lei Ji awakened from his comprehension and his eyes flashed. A wave was set off in his heart and he thought, "This is the power of law. I have only seen it in the spells of very powerful cultivators."

While he pondered, he became even more set on following Wang Lin.

As for Ta Shan, it was as if he was blind to all of this. He continued to cultivate with his eyes closed.

Wang Lin sat down on the ground. His eyes were calm. He had comprehended Summon the Rain, so up next was the spell he was most interested in, Magic Arsenal!

At this moment, an illusory figure quickly moved between the intersection of the western and northern regions of the Alliance Star System. This figure was so fast that it would often disappear in a flash.

There wasn't just one figure, but numerous figures moving across the stars. There were many ripples that continued to spread around them, and this caused these figures to move even faster.

After the figures entered the western region, it wasn't long until they encountered a team of Allheaven cultivators. The person leading the team was the six-fingered cultivator. He had brought the team and was headed north. The western region was under Allheaven control, and as a celestial, he naturally had to go to the north and open a path.

Along the way there, he was extremely cautious. He had his divine sense spread out, so if there were any signs of trouble, he would immediately notice.

The moment the figures saw the six-fingered cultivator and the hundred cultivators behind him, the figures all turned and headed toward them.

The six-fingered cultivator was moving when he suddenly felt a sense of danger. He felt bursts of pain coming from his sixth finger and became terrified, causing him to immediately stop. However, at this moment, he saw the countless figures coming toward them.

This glance caused his pupils to shrink. He slapped his bag of holding, took out a message rune, and crushed it. Rather than retreating, he charged out, but at this moment, half the illusionary figures surrounded the six-fingered cultivator. The rest charged at the cultivators behind him.

Waves of miserable shouts echoed and waves of spells appeared. A moment later, the six-fingered cultivator retreated in panic, but just as he rushed out, a large amount of the black shadows entered his body.

His body trembled every time an illusionary figure rushed into his body. After he charged out dozens of feet, he stopped. His eyes revealed a strange gaze, but a few moments later they returned to normal.

Looking down at his body, the six-fingered cultivator revealed a strange smile and muttered, "This body is acceptable!"

Behind him, the Allheaven cultivators walked out one by one. All of them had strange smiles.

"The Mysterious Temple's plan to annihilate Allheaven will begin soon...After this huge change occurs, our task will not only be Xu Mu; the remnant of the Allheaven cultivators must be eradicated! Out of the four Saints, the Black Fiend Devil Saint and Heavenly Dao Origin Saint came. This time, the Allheaven cultivators will find out that the gate to our Alliance Star System is not so easy to enter!"

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