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Chapter 913 - Summon the Rain

The old man's expression turned gloomy and shouted, "What Killer Xu Fei? Xu Mu, do you think I'm a three-year-old child? Don't make up a name, much less the Slaughter Domain!"

Wang Lin's expression was calm and he didn't even look at the old man. Instead, his gaze fell on Master Flamespark.

As Master Flamespark stared at Wang Lin, the coldness in his face eased, and he said, "The Cultivation Alliance does have a Slaughter Domain, and there is indeed the Soul Killer Duo. However, do you have proof that you killed him?"

The moment Master Flamespark spoke, the old man beside him immediately stopped talking.

Wang Lin was expressionless as he slapped his bag of holding and the half tree branch appeared in his hand. There was still thunder moving around the tree branch. Wang Lin directly threw it at Master Flamespark.

As the thunder roared, the half-branch flew toward Master Flamespark and was grabbed by him. He took a closer look and immediately recognized it as one of the Slaughter Domain's precious treasures. With his cultivation, he could feel the two forces within the branch. One was obviously Wang Lin's, and the other was a powerful, evil aura!

"Not bad, this is indeed the sword energy of a vice deputy level cultivator of the Slaughter Domain!" Master Flamespark's gaze toward Wang Lin was filled with admiration.

After taking a look at the branch in his hand, he threw it back to Wang Lin and smiled. "Good, Xu Mu, you can rest easy cultivating here. One month from now, the backup will arrive and you will follow the army to invade the northern region!"

Wang Lin's expression was respectful as he clasped his hands in acknowledgement. 

Master Flamespark laughed and meaningfully looked at the big-headed boy before leaving. The old man beside him quickly followed.

The two of them disappeared into the distance.

Wang Lin's expression was neutral, but he relaxed. When he came to the western region into the Allheaven sphere of influence, he already had a plan in mind. This plan was the reason why he risked taking out the Branch of the World Thunder Tree before the final battle. He had used it in order to gain trust.

Among the stars, the gratified expression on Master Flamespark's face disappeared and he revealed no expression, making it impossible to know what he was thinking. The old man beside him had a thought and immediately said, "Temple lord, from my view, this Xu Mu was obviously lying. Moreover, that big-headed boy is one of the Heaven Celestials, but he is being controlled by Xu Mu! In my opinion…"

Master Flamespark turned around and coldly looked at the old man. Seeing this gaze, the old man's body trembled and he immediately swallowed back the latter half of that sentence.

After withdrawing his gaze, Master Flamespark walked toward the void.

"This Xu Mu… is not simple! There are four powers mixed between his eyebrows. Even with my cultivation, I could only see through one of them, and it was the obviously the weakest one!" Master Flamespark pondered as he moved among the stars.

The power he could see through dispelled the original thought in Master Flamespark's mind, and he let out a sigh. He was familiar with the power. To be exact, it was the vermillion bird mark.

Only after reaching his cultivation level would one be able to see that mark between Wang Lin's eyebrows.

"This Xu Mu wasn't this strange before turning to the Alliance Star System, but after disappearing for a few days, those strange things appeared… Vermillion bird mark… That man once helped me. Forget it!" Master Flamespark shook his head as he disappeared with the old man.

The news of Xu Mu returning quickly spread in a short period of time. After all, Xu Mu was too famous in the Allheaven Star System, so almost every Allheaven cultivator knew that Xu Mu had returned.

The one that was most frustrated was Xu Ting. After he got the message, he pondered for a moment before charging out with a team of cultivators. He wanted to find a cultivation planet to vent his anger.

As for Wang Lin, it seemed to be the rainy season in the abandoned planet he was on. Endless rain covered a small portion of the planet and caused the area to be surrounded by water mist. The water was so dense that the view of the area was twisted, and not even the light from the sky could penetrate it.

The dust had all been washed away by the rain and the flowing water formed trenches on the ground. Some dust and dirt were washed away by the pouring rain.

The sound of raindrops hitting the branches and leaves echoed. The rain flowed down the edges of the leaves and condensed at the bottom.

There were many fierce beasts looking for place to avoid this rain disaster. Only the few water beasts could continue to move through the rain.

The mountain Wang Lin was in stood straight under the rain. The big-headed boy stared at the rain and silently pondered.

The restrictions on the mountain didn't deliberately stop the rain from falling. As a result, the mountain was surrounded by rain as well. The big-headed boy remembered his childhood while he watched the rain. Back then, he always looked at the rain in a daze.

He still remembered when he was expelled by the family; it was a rainy night. He was in a daze when he was pushed out from the family home and into the mud. Back then, he still had that foolish smile, only it was somewhat sad.

He fell into the muddy water and his clothes were soaked by the rain. Looking at the rain and flashing thunder, the big-headed boy's heart felt painful.

He knew he was ugly, and in order to not make others feel disgusted, he would always put on a smile. Even when his mother hit him, he would always still squeeze out a smile. Even when all his sibling bullied him, he was still smiling.

Even so, the ending was still the same. On that rainy night, his smile gradually disappeared and he walked away in the rain in a daze.

His body was very small; it seemed as if he could fall over any time under this rumbling thunder.

The big-headed boy touched his chest and looked at Ta Shan and Lei Ji before looking at Wang Lin. For some unknown reason, he felt a hint of warmth in his heart.

In his mind, he could never forget what happened a few days ago, when he was about to self-destruct in despair and a pair of hands pulled him away from that life and death crisis. A figure occupied his vision back then.

Lei Ji also looked at the rain and comprehended his bloodline ability. In this relatively quiet environment, he couldn't help but recall his past.

He was forced to leave Planet Giant Demon and was filled with hatred. Accompanied by his people, they escaped Planet Giant Demon and wandered the stars.

The him back then was in a daze. His heart thirsted for blood, but he was powerless.

He could only leave his home. If he had been a step late, he might've never had a change to leave Planet Giant Demon.

During his confusion, he brought his clan members to planet Suzaku. During that time, the Suzaku was named Ye Wuyou. Under Ye Wuyou's guidance, many cultivators gathered and began a war with the native inhabitants of the planet. They were the Forsaken Immortal Clan that was proficient in using runes.

A planet that was originally filled with spiritual energy became half-wasted by this war. There was a person next to Ye Wuyou that Lei Ji disliked a lot. He seemed to remember this man was called Situ Nan.

This person was very arrogant and his actions were almost demonic. He much prefered Ye Wuyou. They treated the arrival of the Giant Demon Clan with great hospitality. Ye Wuyou even set off a large piece of land for them to form their own country.

This piece of land was not close to the Forsaken Immortal Clan. It was far away from the Forsaken Immortal Clan, so it was very safe.

He couldn't find any way to repay this kindness beside picking up his battle axe and slaughtering the Forsaken Immortal Clan himself. He obtained the heads of the Forsaken Immortal Clan to repay Yu Wuyou!

Looking at his past life, Lei Ji felt regrettable. He wasn't as dumb as he looked on the surface; in fact, he was extremely cunning. He had experienced too much in his tens of thousands of years of living. It was just that he had been imprisoned by the Corpse Sect for too long and his mind was muddled.

It was because he was very cunning that Lei Ji agreed to become Wang Lin's mount without hesitation. After observing Wang Lin, he felt that if he followed Wang Lin, he might be able to return to Planet Giant Demon to get his revenge!

In particular, during the battle earlier, when Wang Lin let out that roar, had shaken his mind. At that moment, all of his schemes fell apart and a will left by his ancestors from the depths of his soul made him succumb to the roar.

It was also at that moment that the idea of following Wang Lin became firm in his mind.

"I won't get any attention by being a mere mount. Everything will rely on my Giant Demon Clan's bloodline ability!" While thinking about this, Lei Ji closed his eyes and continued to comprehend his bloodline ability.

As Wang Lin sat there, rain poured from the sky and fell on his body. Cold energy slowly entered Wang Lin's body from the rain. He slowly cultivated and his divine sense spread. The mountain was the center and his divine sense covered the surrounding area.

At this moment, his divine sense split into countless pieces and tried to merge with the rain. However, the moment he merged with the rain, the raindrops would dissipate into the earth. At that moment, his divine sense could be released.

This repeated again and again. It was as if the rain had no resistance toward Wang Lin's divine sense. But it was also because of this that the origin energy of the world inside the rain would dissipate the moment it hit the ground. This was something Wang Lin couldn't stop.

As Wang Lin continued to merge with the rain and gradually became immersed in it, he suddenly seemed to hear a comprehension he came to a long time ago.

"This rain was born from the sky and dies with the earth. This process is life. The reason I look at the rain and not the sky or earth was because I'm looking at the rain's life… This is life and death!"

Wang Lin's body suddenly trembled. He suddenly opened his eyes as he stared at the rain and muttered, "I have already gained enlightenment in life and death. All that is left is the source of rain.."

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