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Chapter 912 - Question One's Wrongs

Lei Ji's large body gave off a powerful pressure as he quickly moved through the western region of the Alliance. Not far away, there were rays of sword energy. It was a group of Allheaven cultivators.

The person leading was one of the Earth Celestials. When he first saw Lei Ji's huge body, he became vigilant. Even the cultivators behind him were prepared to face a formidable opponent and there were flashes of spells.

Just as this moment, the leader's eyes narrowed as he saw Wang Lin and the big-headed boy on Lei Ji's back. He gasped, immediately retreated a few steps, and respectfully said, "Greetings, Thunder Celestial."

The name "Xu Mu" was illustrious in Allheaven, and he had personally witnessed Wang Lin's heroic deeds. He admired Wang Lin a lot, and his admiration was completely sincere.

Wang Lin slightly nodded and didn't speak. Lei Ji's speed was very fast, so he quickly flew by these cultivators. It wasn't until Wang Lin was far away that that cultivator looked back with envy and said, "Someone with a mount like that is indeed worthy of being Allheaven's Thunder Celestial."

He wasn't the only one who envied Wang Lin. The other cultivators all felt admiration and envy toward Wang Lin.

As Lei Ji moved forward, they encountered even more Allheaven cultivators. It was obvious that this area was completely occupied by Allheaven. When those cultivators saw Wang Lin, they all became respectful, and when they saw Lei Ji, they were filled with shock and admiration.

After Xu Mu appeared, it became known by all Allheaven cultivators as rumors spread. During this period of time, there were a lot of rumors about Xu Mu.

A vast majority of them were that Xu Mu didn't dare to battle or had betrayed them to join the Alliance. Xu Ting was happy to hear this and secretly fueled the rumor.

The older generation of Allheaven cultivators didn't say anything to stop this. In addition, Wang Lin did disappear first, so the rumors became more and more exaggerated.

For example, things like "Xu Mu is a spy from the Alliance" became more widely believed.

Lei Ji's movements caught the attention of a lot of cultivators. A lot of cultivators looked at Wang Lin with respect, but there were also many looking at him with a playful gazes, as if they were waiting to see a good show.

A day later, Lei Ji stopped outside an abandoned planet. There wasn't much spiritual energy left in this planet; even the Allheaven cultivators that occupied it didn't care much and only left several people guarding it.

Wang Lin carefully looked at the abandoned planet. This place was indeed remote. Although it was occupied by Allheaven cultivators, it didn't obstruct Wang Lin from doing his closed door cultivation here.

After pondering for a bit, Wang Lin stepped off Lei Ji's back and walked toward the abandoned planet. The big-headed boy and Ta Shan immediately followed. As for Lei Ji, his body shrank back to a 30-foot-tall man and followed behind them.

When he got near the planet, he heard roars coming from the planet. Although it was abandoned, there were still a large amount of fierce beasts on the planet. These beasts had no intelligence and relied on instinct to survive.

There were snakes dozens of feet long and tigers with wings; those were all very common.

The moment Wang Lin landed on the planet, the several cultivators stationed here were awakened from their cultivation. They hesitated for a bit before flying over on rays of sword energy.

The place Wang Lin picked was a mountain peak. This mountain was very weird; it was like a finger pointed straight at the sky as if it was going to pierce the sky.

While standing on the strange mountain, Ta Shan immediately punched the mountain to create a cave. He did this without even waiting for Wang Lin's order.

At this moment, several rays of light flew through the sky and the cultivators stationed here closed in. The five or six people stopped 1,000 feet away and respectfully said, "Greetings, Thunder Celestial."

Wang Lin slightly nodded and slowly said, "I need to cultivate a celestial spell here. Don't disturb me."

These cultivators quickly nodded before clasping their hands and excusing themselves.

After these people left, Wang Lin's right hand formed a seal and Annihilation restrictions flew out. As his hand continued to move, Wang Lin placed restrictions everywhere, until there were traces of restrictions all over the mountain.

After placing the restrictions, Ta Shan and the big-headed boy sat down in the distance to guard Wang Lin. Lei Ji also found a place to sit. He had felt his bloodline ability undergo a mysterious change. He was silently pondering and comprehending this change.

Wang Lin closed his eyes and the surroundings went completely quiet aside from the occasional roar from the distance. After Wang Lin placed the restrictions, the fierce beasts all left. Although they had no intelligence, they felt that this place was very dangerous.

Wang Lin's mind was clear in this relatively quiet atmosphere. The two Celestial Emperor celestial spells appeared in his mind!

Summon the Rain, Magic Arsenal.

Summon the Rain. Once, when Wang Lin used Call the Wind, he accidentally condensed a drop of rain. However, when he tried later, he wasn't able to form it again.

After Qing Shui gave him the inheritance, he realized the issue. Call the Wind and Summon the Rain were deeply connected. The two could transform into each other and compound together.

As he pondered, Wang Lin opened his arms and silently comprehended Summon the Rain.

Summon the Rain involved gathering the origin energy of the world for Wang Lin to use and then using the spell to condense said origin energy into rain. Each raindrop contained dense origin energy.

It could be said that it was already part of law.

While comprehending, large amounts of dark clouds condensed in the sky above Wang Lin.

This scene was very spectacular.

Looking at the rain, Wang Lin was completely immersed. However, at this moment, the rain seemed to stop and two people came from the void.

Before the rain could fall on the these two people the rain would immediately disappear and turn into large amount of mist. Not a single drop of rain fell on these two.

"Xu Mu, do you recognize your crime?" A roar came from one of them. This person was an old man; Wang Lin had seen this person before. If Wang Lin remembered correctly, this person was  the elder in charge of punishments!

Master Flamespark stood beside his person with a gloomy expression as he stared at Wang Lin with a cold gaze. The rain turned into large amount of clouds, as if there was a flame burning, and this made it feel like he gave off unimaginable pressure. It was as if he could use these clouds to make the world collapse with just a thought.

"What crime?" Wang Lin's expression was calm as he looked at the old man.

"This old man is asking you where you were and what you were doing during the war with the Alliance! You are the Thunder Celestial of the Allheaven Star System, yet you disappeared before the war. How is that not a crime?"

Master Flamespark still hadn't spoken, but his expression became colder. Throughout the past few days, his divine sense had been spread out in the Allheaven territory, and he had been unable to find Wang Lin. As for places that were even further away, he was cautious and didn't dare to carelessly explore there.

Wang Lin's expression was still calm as he calmly said, "I went to kill the Alliance Slaughter Domain's Killer Yu Fei."

After he spoke, the old man was startled and Master Flamespark's eyes shined.

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