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Chapter 911 - Slaughter Domain

Yu Fei's eyes revealed terror. He could see that this Xu Mu's cultivation was extremely strange. Although Xu Mu's cultivation level was only early stage Nirvana Scryer, his physical body was strong enough to beat the treasures he refined with his avatars!

This made his mind tremble.

What made him lose his wit was that the roar just now had shaken the four avatars to death. Even he felt an irresistible sense of fear.

At this moment, he no longer had the courage to keep fighting. His body flickered and he coughed out a large mouthful of blood. Then he entered the blood and fled far away.

As he escaped, the stone he was standing on suddenly collapsed and a large amount of killing intent lashed out. This incredible impact attempted to stop anyone from chasing Yu Fei.

Wang Lin's expression was cold as his hand formed a seal and pointed up. A gust of wind blew out like crazy and blew away the force from the stone. He then took a step and chased after Yu Fei.

Yu Fei was too fast. Blood Escape was a survival skill that one used while injuring themselves. He panicked and no longer cared; he only wanted to quickly escape.

However, when he was tens of thousands of kilometers away, a ripple appeared before him. Wang Lin walked out and punched him in the face!

This punch landed in the void and caused the surrounding space to to shatter. The world's origin energy went crazy and Yu Fei's body trembled and he coughed out blood. The blood light around him disappeared and he was forced out from his blood escape.

With a hint of madness, Yu Fei formed a seal and a ray of blood light flew out from his forehead. This red light was extremely bright, and it gave off a powerful evil aura. As Yu Fei shouted, it turned into a ray of sword energy 100 feet long and shot toward Wang Lin.

This was Yu Fei's life treasure. Now that he was forced to the limit, he used it without any hesitation. After throwing out his life treasure, his hand formed another seal and the blood before him trembled and turned into a 1,000-foot-long python. The python opened its jaws and attempted to devour Wang Lin.

After doing all this, he still felt uneasy, so he simply slapped his bag of holding and a large amount of treasures flew out. As various flashes of light came from the treasures, he spat out essence blood that landed on all the treasures, and he shouted, "Kill!"

The magic treasures before him charged out toward Wang Lin.

Yu Fei's face was a bit pale, but he retreated without hesitation.

Wang Lin's expression was indifferent. When facing the big sword formed by Yu Fei's life treasure, rich spiritual energy came out from his body. Then Wang Lin's body began to grow like crazy and became a giant hundreds of feet tall!

This large body gave off an ancient and powerful aura. He didn't dodge, he allowed the large sword to slam into him. Wang Lin didn't even pause; it was the sword that collapsed!

If Wang Lin hadn't fused, he wouldn't have dared to face the treasures of a mid stage Nirvana Scryer cultivator. However, now that he had fused with his original body, he was able to completely resist the treasures of a mid stage Nirvana Scryer cultivator. In particular, the powerful origin energy coming from his body knocked away all the incoming treasures.

As for the  python following closely after the sword, it still tried to devour Wang Lin. Wang Lin was indifferent as he grabbed the python's head and directly crushed it.

Just as Wang Lin was about to throw it away, he was surprised to find that the python had a soul. Without hesitation, the underworld river appeared and resentment filled the area.

He threw the python into the underworld river and then waved his hand. All the incoming treasures collapsed.

Since his life treasure was destroyed, the escaping Yu Fei coughed out a mouthful of blood and his face became even more pale. He clenched his teeth and his eyes became filled with resolve. While still enduring the pain, he tore off his left arm and a large amount of blood sprayed out. His face was deathly pale as he muttered some complex spell. Then his left arm suddenly collapsed and formed a vortex gate.

Yu Fei directly stepped into the vortex.

"Xu Mu, of the Soul Killer Duo, there is another beside me. Although your body is strong, under the spells of a Soul Killer, you will still die!" Yu Fei's eyes revealed a monstrous hatred as he walked into the vortex.

Seeing that Yu Fei was about to escape, Wang Lin's eyes became filled with killing intent. His personality had always been "if they don't mess with me, I won't mess with them. If they mess with me, I'll kill them!"

At this moment, Yu Fei's body had already entered the vortex. The vortex rapidly rotated and became smaller and smaller. It was about to disappear completely.

Wang Lin's eyes became cold and the hymn of a furnace appeared around him. The illusion of a furnace hundreds of feet large appeared before Wang Lin!

Ancient God Furnace. When Wang Lin's avatar used it, he had to use the seal left by Greed. However, after fusing with his original body, his control over it was much stronger!

"Position shift!" In an instant, a violent echo came from inside the Ancient God Furnace. The shrinking vortex seemed to be grabbed by a pair of giant invisible hands and was pulled toward Wang Lin. Similarly, Wang Lin's body moved forward in a mysterious manner.

The moment the two crossed, Wang Lin's two fingers formed a sword that contained a Heavenly Chop, heavenly thunder, and the Yin and Yang fishes. At the same time, the ancient god's powerful body and the spell that could shatter anything was also contained inside these two fingers. Wang Lin directly pointed his two fingers mercilessly through the shrinking vortex!

In the Slaughter Domain of the Alliance Star System's two sects, four temples, and eight domains!

A elliptical vortex suddenly appeared next to one of the buildings that looked like swords stabbed into the ground. A mysterious attracting force came from the vortex and caught the attention of the cultivators in the Slaughter Domain.

Yu Fei's body stepped out from the vortex. His face was deathly pale and blood was still coming out of his left arm. After he came out, the vortex behind him rapidly shrank.

Seeing that he had returned to his familiar Slaughter Domain, he relaxed, but he was still terrified of what had happened. Now he looked at the tower and was about to speak.

However, just at this moment, a very powerful aura came out from the tower like crazy along with an angry roar.

"Yu Fei, leave that place!"

At the same time, a ray of red light came from the high tower and closed in on Yu Fei, but it was a step too late!

The moment he heard that face, Yu Fei didn't pause and continued to charge out. However, just at that instant, a powerful energy came out from the shrinking vortex before him. It tore through the vortex and two fingers suddenly came out from the vortex. These two fingers held monstrous killing intent, and they suddenly pressed down on Yu Fei's back.

"It's Xu Mu!" Yu Fei coughed out blood and his body was mercilessly throw forward due to a powerful force. Popping sounds came from his body and large amounts of blood mist came out of his pores. In almost an instant, his entire body collapsed!

Not even his origin soul was able to escape from the collapse of his body and was destroyed along with his body!

Even his bag of holding was destroyed, and everything inside it flew out. Among these items, there was a branch that quickly retreated and was caught by the two fingers that came from the vortex.

This scene caused an uproar in the Slaughter Domain. The red light that flew out from the tower immediately charged toward the two fingers. However, as soon as the two fingers pressed down, they retreated back into the vortex and the vortex disappeared.

An angry roar came out from red light, and in a flash, a dried up right arm shot out from the red light and went into the dissipating vortex. There was a crackle and the dried up right arm was able to pull out half a tree branch from the vortex.

"Xu Mu!!!" The red light flashed and revealed a person. He was extremely old and had a head of red hair. At this moment, he let out an angry roar.

Over the countless years, their Slaughter Domain had never seen one of their own killed inside their own domain while they were all helpless. This kind of shame was equal to the enemy slaughtering their way into their base!

Roars came from the other towers and cultivators filled with killing intent came out. Each of them stared at where Yu Fei died and they silently pondered.

This kind of silence created an unimaginable killing intent that was constantly being suppressed and waiting to explode.

The red-haired old man took a deep breath and revealed a grim expression. He waved his sleeves and returned back into the tower. After a long time, a cold voice came out from the tower.

"Hunt Xu Mu!"

As for Wang Lin, he withdrew his fingers and his body slowly shrank and returned back to normal in several breaths of time. If he was going to kill, then he needed to be thorough. Letting the other person go wouldn't stop people from trying to kill him, so he was going for the kill.

After pondering for a while, Wang Lin looked at the piece of branch in his hand and put it away. Getting it while killing Yu Fei was a big risk, and he had great use for this.

"This item, it will allow me peace in the western region of the Alliance!" Wang Lin's body flickered and disappeared.

When he appeared, he was on Lei Ji's back. The big-headed boy was disturbed, but when he saw Wang Lin return, he relaxed and revealed a respectful look.

Ta Shan was slightly injured in the battle against Yu Fei's avatar and was sitting there recovering. Wang Lin sat down on Lei Ji's back and calmly said, "Lei Ji, find me a hidden, uninhabited planet. I want to go into closed door cultivation!"

Lei Ji caused a loud rumble as he flew far away into the distance.

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