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Chapter 910 - Strongest Fusion

Wang Lin's appearance didn't change much, but he was extremely calm. There were faint lines on his body, but they were not obvious. An extremely powerful aura was coming from his body and filling the stars.

As this aura spread out, it set off a huge wave on the rank 6 cultivation planet. Countless cultivators awakened from their cultivation and felt their souls shake.

Just as everyone was startled, Wang Lin took a step and ripples appeared under his feet, and he disappeared among the stars.

Yu Fei's expression was gloomy and he clenched his fist. Earlier, when he saw the ripples under Wang Lin's feet, his pupils shrank and he was greatly shocked.

Spatial Bending!

He knew of this spell, but he had not expected this Xu Mu to already know this spell. It has to be said that very few cultivators he knew could use this spell. It was even more rare for people at the same cultivation level as him!

How could this not surprise him? Moreover, the information he received about Xu Mu never mentioned this at all.

He subconsciously spread out his origin energy, causing the surrounding area to collapse, but there was no sign of Xu Mu. Even when he completely distorted the origin energy in the area, he still couldn't find Xu Mu.

Yu Fei's expression became even colder, but he immediately understood that this Xu Mu had escaped!

He let out an angry roar as he turned around and locked onto the big-headed boy, who was fighting his avatar. All his killing intent and rage were now redirected to the big-headed boy. He quickly charged toward the big-headed boy.

"You master has fled, so let's start with you then!" Yu Fei was extremely angry in his heart, and this angry was very depressing. He was a mid stage Nirvana Scryer cultivator who let an early stage Nirvana Scryer cultivator escape, and he couldn't even pursue. He hadn't experienced this kind of thing in a long time.

The big-headed boy was fighting Yu Fen's avatar when his scalp felt numb and he almost lost his wits. He couldn't help but scold Wang Lin as he retreated and attempted to escape.

However, Yu Fei was extremely angry, and he instantly closed in. Using his overwhelming mid stage Nirvana Scryer cultivation, he pointed with his finger. The five blood swords immediately shot toward the big-headed boy.

"Die for me!" As Yu Fei shouted, the five blood swords charge forward like five early stage Nirvana Scryer cultivators. Adding the one from before, it was like six Nirvana Scryer cultivators attacking the big-headed boy.

How could the big-headed boy resist with his current cultivation?

The big-headed boy was filled with despair and a crazy idea appeared in his heart. He was about to explode his origin soul. No matter what, he had to destroy an avatar.

Just at this moment of life and death, a cold voice came from behind the big-headed boy.

"This is my miracle!" As the cold voice echoed, the big-headed boy felt his body being grabbed and tossed back by someone, allowing him to escape danger.

Wang Lin walked out from the void. His expression was cold as he faced the six blood swords, and he threw a punch. The power behind this punch was even stronger than Ta Shan's punches. The roar that came from the fist felt like it was going to shatter space!

This caused a series of sonic booms, and the space before Wang Lin fragmented. Cold air came out from the countless cracks, but they had no effect on Wang Lin.

If space was like this, then there was no need to talk about the six blood swords. Wang Lin's fist landed directly on one of the flying swords. The sword trembled and immediately collapsed with a bang. The fragments were pushed back and then they turned into an avatar that coughed out blood. His eyes were filled with terror and he retreated.

Wang Lin's expression was cold and gave off endless coldness, as if he was a piece of never-melting ice. This Yu Fei's avatars were at the early stage of Nirvana Scryer, and Yu Fei's real body was at the mid stage of Nirvana Scryer. With them together, it would be very difficult for Wang Lin to kill Yu Fei, and even if he won, the price would be very high. Thus, the best choice was for Wang Lin to fuse with his original body. He took a step and arrived next to the avatar that coughed out blood before the other five could even react. Without any hesitation, Wang Lin threw a punch!

There was a loud bang; it was as if space itself was trembling. The avatar coughed out more blood and numerous clouds of blood mist exploded from its body. After the avatar retreated 10 steps, it collapsed and was completely destroyed!

Absolute slaughter!

This was a complete and absolute slaughter!

After killing one avatar, Wang Lin turned around and walked toward the incoming five blood swords. All of this was done in an instant. Wang Lin was so fast that he left behind many afterimages. This time, his fist landed in the void. Cracking sounds could be heard while a huge crack appeared and tore through space like a dragon.

One of the blood swords flashed and shot toward Wang Lin. Wang Lin didn't even look at it while his right hand reached out. The blood sword trembled and wanted to struggle, but it was caught by Wang Lin. He mercilessly crushed it!

The second blood sword collapsed with a bang and was about to escape, but countless lightning bolts gathered under Wang Lin's gaze. Countless bolts of thunder smashed into the avatar and popping sounds came from its body. The avatar collapsed and died!

At this moment, the remaining four blood swords closed in and suddenly landed on Wang Lin. There were sound of metals colliding as the swords hit Wang Lin's body. A powerful rebound force came from Wang Lin, knocking the four swords back, and they trembled violently.

This scene stunned the big-headed boy. When he looked at the both familiar and unfamiliar Wang Lin, there was only terror in his eyes.

"This… The flying swords couldn't hurt his body!"

The big-headed boy wasn't the only one that was shocked; there was also Yu Fei. For the first time, his expression changed, and it was a big change! Everything that happened was too fast and caught him unprepared. In almost the blink of an eye, two of his avatars had collapsed, and this set off a monstrous wave in his heart.

He was about to charge out when Wang Lin suddenly turned around and let out a roar!


This roar was the roar of an ancient god. It had been a very long time since the voice of the ancient god had existed in this world. Now that it suddenly appeared, it was as if the true voice that could split the heavens had appeared.

Before this roar of an ancient god, even the heavens' thunder had to tremble, and the starry sky itself had to bow because he was an ancient god! Countless years ago, this world was filled with ancient gods!

The roar of the ancient god released an ancient aura into the world. All creatures must yield to the roar of the ancient god, and all power will disintegrate!

This roar was several times more violent than thunder. What is thunder before this roar!? This roar was filled with endless force, and it created a storm that swept the area.

Yu Fei had just lifted his feet when the ancient god roar hit him. A power that made his mind tremble suddenly charged at him. His mind was in shocked and he quickly retreated. It was as if he would be torn apart if he didn't retreat.

His face was pale. In his eyes, Wang Lin was like an angry ancient beast that gave off such a powerful aura that he had to retreat. The origin energy inside his body cycled rapidly without his control; it was as if it would immediately collapsed and he would die if it stopped!

At this moment, his ears buzzed and he was isolated from the world. He could only hear his own heartbeat rapidly accelerating in his ears.

In the end, his heart was beating so fast that the beats were connected. His eyes were filled with fear. This fear came from the soul, the fear toward the ancient gods!

For the first time, Yu Fei felt fear. At the start, there was only a sliver of fear, but a moment later, it filled his mind.

The big-headed boy's face turned pale. His mind trembled under the roar of the ancient god. He now had a celestial origin, so he was a celestial, but at this moment, he had the illusion that he was merely an ant.

There was also Lei Ji, and his body trembled. There was a will that roared in Lei Ji's heart. It was like a servant that had met his true master. He couldn't help but kneel and obediently listen to Wang Lin's orders.

This was the first time he had felt this kind of feeling. Although he was shocked by the awe he felt, he didn't reject it. Rather, he felt a sense of familiarity.

If these people were like this, then there was no need to mention the four flying swords near Wang Lin. The indescribable impact of the roar caused the world to change colors and space itself to collapse. Those four flying swords all exploded!

While they collapsed, countless fragments were pushed back and turned into four avatars. Each of those four avatars had Nirvana Scryer cultivation, but the moment they appeared, they were hit by the impact of the roar of the ancient god once more.

As if a powerful wind containing a destructive force had blown by, the four avatars immediately collapsed and dissipated. They were completely dead!

Wang Lin took a step. Ripples appeared under his feet and he disappeared. When he reappeared, he was next to Ta Shan, who was facing Yu Fei's last avatar. The last avatar was also so shocked that it stopped attacking and was retreating, but how could it compare to Wang Lin? The moment Wang Lin appeared, his two fingers formed a sword and pressed down. Endless thunder came from all directions and the Yin and Yang fishes appeared as well. When his fingers landed, the last avatar exploded.

Wang Lin only took several breaths of time to kill the seven avatars one after the other, but the shock he bought was unimaginable!

Wang Lin's expression was cold as he looked at the pale-faced Yu Fei not far away and coldly said, "This is the miracle I'm giving you. Are you satisfied!?"

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