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Chapter 909 - I'll Give You a Miracle

He exercised his control over thunder!

Under the thunderous rumbles, the world suddenly changed and countless lightning bolts appeared from the void and gathered toward Wang Lin. This scene was earth-shattering, and as the sound of thunder spread, it caused more thunder to appear.

It was like divine retribution!

The red-robed man named Yu Fei took one look and began to laugh. However, this laughter was filled with endless chill.

"Good, now you have some aura of a Thunder Celestial of the Allheaven Star System. It wasn't a waste of time for me to come personally take your head. If you die, you can smile while you're in the underworld. Everyone that was killed by me was famous!"

"Arrogant!" Wang Lin's expression was cold. He pointed with his finger and made the thunder in the area become several times stronger. Thunder from tens of thousands of kilometers away began to gather. If one were to look from above, they would see that the area within tens of thousands of kilometers had turned into a thunder lake.

And the thunder lake shrank amidst the endless rumbles. The center of all of this was the red-robed man!

The speed of contraction was too fast, and as it contracted, it attracted even more thunder. The might of the thunder was like the end of the world!

The rapid contraction caused large amounts of spatial cracks to appear. Whenever the thunder passed by, large amounts of cold wind would escape from those cracks. This scene was very shocking!

As the thunder roared, the contraction became even faster. It was as like a huge circle that was tens of thousands of kilometers wide and was rapidly shrinking with the red-robed man as the center.

As the thunder contracted, the thunder became even more intense. As it continued to compress, it eventually became unimaginably powerful.

This power was like compressing all the thunder within tens of thousands of kilometer into one point. The power this thunder had was comparable to divine retribution!

At this moment, it contracted like crazy, and it made so much noise that it was like no other sound existed. Even Ta Shan and the big-headed boy, who were battling, immediately retreated and revealed serious expressions.

In almost an instant, as all the thunder from tens of thousands of kilometers away gathered, waves of thunder crashed into the red-robed man's 35 flying swords and five avatars!

This created a heaven-shaking bang; it was as if space itself was trembling. All the thunder within tens of thousands of kilometers compressed and finally bombarded the flyings swords!

One of the blood swords immediately trembled and collapsed. The sword shattered into countless pieces which were then pushed back by the thunder.

This didn't end here. The remaining flying swords all collapsed under the bombardment of this earth-shattering thunder!

In just an instant, the 35 flying swords all collapsed. The surrounding thunder didn't pause, it charged toward the red-robed man with monstrous momentum.

500 feet only took an instant to cross!

Just as the thunder condensed, the five avatars turned into five large swords and forced a blockade 100 feet around the Yu Fei. The thunder quickly smashed into them, causing them to tremble, and cracking sounds came from the swords.

Yu Fei's expression was still neutral. He coldly looked at Wang Lin and said, "I indeed underestimated the power of your thunder, but before me, it is not enough!" As he spoke, he slapped his bag of holding and something appeared in his hand!

This object was a branch, It looked very normal, but it gave off an ancient aura.

"One of my Slaughter Domain's treasures, the Branch of the Thunder World Tree. The domain master said that this could suppress your thunder. Let me show you how I'll break your thunder!" With that, he threw the branch forward. At the same time, the five swords blocking the thunder quickly retreated.

The moment the five blood swords retreated, there was nothing blocking the thunder, so it immediately charged toward the red-robed man. However, at this moment, Wang Lin seemed to lose control of the thunder, and it all charged toward the branch.

As the thunder rumbled, the branch absorbed all of it, and bursts of thunder could be seen around the branch. Yu Fei stood beside the branch with a sneer. The thunder seemed to be turning a blind eye to him; it didn't injure him at all, and it all rushed into the branch.

Even Wang Lin became gloomy at this.

"With your early stage Nirvana Scryer cultivation, unless there is a miracle, you are nothing before me. It is time to end everything!" Yu Fei's eyes revealed killing intent as he charged through the thunder. The five flying swords charged with him and closed in on Wang Lin.

Wang Lin retreated as he stared Yu Fei, who was closing in, and calmly said, "I'll give you a miracle!" With that, ripples appeared under his feet and he suddenly disappeared.

Yu Fei was startled and his pupils shrank. His origin energy surged out, creating a storm around him, but he still didn't find a trace of Wang Lin.

There was a cultivation planet in the Alliance Star System that was far away from planet Suzaku. The spiritual energy from this cultivation planet was dense, and it was a rank 6 cultivation country.

There were five rank 5 cultivation countries on this planet. In one of the rank 5 cultivation countries, one named Fallen Moon, there was a woman standing outside the alchemy room in a back mountain.

This woman was wearing a pink butterfly dress. She didn't look very old and was very beautiful. There were specks of metal chips above her right eyebrow that made her look very cute.

Her jade-like skin and cloud-like hair made her very attractive.

"Senior Brother Wang, are you here? I'm Song Ying." This woman's face was red and her voice sounded like a songbird. She was very beautiful and she looked into the room as she spoke. 

A person was sitting in the alchemy room. He had a head of red hair and his expression was very cold. He looked around 30 years old, and the cold aura he gave off made it feel as if it would feel like winter wherever he went!

When the voice of the woman came in from outside, the man frowned and coldly said, "I'm not here!" After that, he closed his eyes and focused on cultivating.

After the woman heard this cold voice, she immediately became happy. She took a few steps and walked directly into the alchemy room. She smiled and said, "Brother Wang Lin, I won't disturb you for too long. I'll just sit here for a while and then leave."

As she spoke, she arrived outside the room but didn't go inside. She sat down outside. She could feel the cold aura coming from the room. This aura entered her body and made her face turn red, but she felt very comfortable.

Her cultivation was related to cold energy and had been stagnant. There weren't many places in the sect with cold energy, and she couldn't enter those places with her status. One time, she came here to pick up pills and accidently found that the cold energy in her body had increased a lot.

This discovery made her very excited and she continued to come here. Eventually, she discovered there was an outer sect disciple named Wang Lin here!

This person was a worker at the alchemy room, but she felt it was very range. Even though he was a worker, she had never seen him do any work. She even saw the uncle-master at the alchemy room be extremely respectful toward Wang Lin.

She had a feeling that Wang Lin had a lot of secrets, that he was very mysterious. With this in mind, she had the urge to uncover all those secrets for some reason. In addition, this place helped her cultivation a lot, so she came here almost every day.

As for Wang Lin's coldness, not only was she not afraid, it made her want to uncover his secrets even more. She was almost always thinking of Wang Lin's cold figure.

Song Ying's face turned red as she cultivated, but his time her heartbeat accelerated and she couldn't immerse herself in cultivation. Touching the item in her clothes, she hesitated as she bit her lips and softly said toward the room, "Senior brother Wang, I…"

However, before she finished speaking, the door suddenly opened and Wang Lin walked out. The moment he walked out, a large amount of cold energy spread out.

This cold aura wasn't real, it was just left over spiritual energy from when an ancient god absorbed spiritual energy. It seemed insignificant to Wang Lin, but for others, this spiritual energy was very dense!

Fortunately, this was an alchemy room that already had dense spiritual energy, so it was not obvious.

The appearance of Wang Lin's original body caused Song Ying to swallow her words. Just as she summoned up the courage to continue, she saw the Senior Brother Wang that she admired so much take a step, shoot into the sky, and disappear.

Song Ying's expression was bleak as she took out an embroidered pouch. It was filled with some spirit herbs that she had personally picked and then sewn into the pouch. This item had the effect of allowing one to calm down.

With one step, Wang Lin's original body left the cultivation planet and rushed into space. Just as the original body entered space, ripples appeared and Wang Lin walked out.

The avatar and original body walked toward each other until they collided. Then there was a flash of green light and the two became one!

After hundreds of years of separation, Wang Lin's avatar and his original body fused once more!

A powerful aura came from Wang Lin's body like crazy and filled the stars!

The fusion of his original body and his avatar, the fusion of the ancient god and a qi cultivator, caused popping sounds to echo form Wang Lin's body. Countless bolts of thunder roamed around his body.

Wang Lin's left eye contained the sun and his right eye contain the moon. His hair was no longer red after fusing with his avatar's black hair, it was now purple. It moved without any wind, and the ancient god stars were hidden by the third eye. No one was able to see any sign of them.

"I'll give you a miracle!" Wang Lin's cold voice echoed and turned into endless rumbles that echoed among the stars. With a step, he disappeared.

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