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Chapter 908 - Leaving

"Very good!" The old cultivator's voice echoed inside the chamber.

Ripples appeared and the old cultivator walked out. He carefully looked at Wang Lin, especially between Wang Lin's eyebrows, and calmly asked, "You saw it?"

Wang Lin got up, clasped his hands, and said, "I saw some scenes."

The old cultivator faintly smiled while he raised his right hand and reached toward the flame. The flame flashed and then was caught in the old cultivator's hand.

"This thing was formed by the essence source origin of an peak golden leaf Fu Clan member. Comprehending this source origin would benefit your cultivation greatly. This is also a test that one must face to become an inner disciple of the Vermillion Bird Branch of the Four Divine Sect. If you can gain comprehension, you can become an inner disciple!"

With that, the old cultivator seemed to gain a trace of that flames's power and his face turned slightly red. After a long time, he returned to normal and waved his sleeves. Wang Lin disappeared on the spot.

"Do what you ought to do. With this old man here, no one can touch planet Suzaku!"

After sending Wang Lin away, the old cultivator's eyes revealed a strange light and he muttered, "Fu Clan, this old man will definitely open the last layer!"

Wang Lin's body appeared on the top of a mountain on planet Suzaku, and his face was pale. He looked toward the direction of the Forsaken Immortal Clan and began to ponder.

"That old cultivator's cultivation level is very high. I fear he is an old monster on level with Master Flamespark, or even stronger. What kind of purpose does this person have for staying at planet Suzaku for a long period of time?


"First of all, I can confirm that opening the last two layers of the Forsaken Immortal Clan are one of his goals. I just don't know if he is aware of the Land of the Ancient God…" Wang Lin's eyes lit up and then he quickly left.

"That person's identity is strange, but he is someone from the Vermillion Bird Branch of the Four Divine Sect. However, his words had some deeper meaning to them… Forget it, there are too few clues to speculate. It is time to leave."

Wang Lin made up his mind. He spread out his divine sense and found Ta Shan and company. After sending out a message, Wang Lin looked at the earth below him. He knew that he had dealt with the matters at planet Suzaku and that he couldn't stay here for long. After all, Tuo Sen was still here.

While he pondered, he let out a sigh. Then his body flickered and he quickly charged into the sky.

At the same time, Ta Shan, the big-headed boy, and Lei Ji quickly flew out from different parts of planet Suzaku.

Zhou Wutai stood on a peak as he looked up at the horizon. His expression was a somber, and after a long time, he left.

Similarly, at the border of the Sea of Devils and the country of Hou Fen, Li Qiqing looked up at the sky. After a long time, he muttered, "Little Sister… Following him is your choice. Your brother blesses you…"

In the Cloud Sky Sect, Tie Yan awakened as if he had noticed something and looked up. He knew that after Wang Lin leaves this time, it would likely be a very long time before he returns.

Wang Lin's figure appeared in the space outside planet Suzaku, and a moment later, Ta Shan and company appeared. Ta Shan took a step and merged with Wang Lin's shadow. As for the big-headed boy, he had recovered a bit and respectfully stood there.

Lei Ji's eyes turned, and without waiting for Wang Lin's order, popping sounds came from his body. In an instant, he grew into a giant thousands of feet tall and a powerful pressure shrouded the area.

The reason many powerful cultivators liked to use the Giant Demon Clan members as mounts was because of their powerful bodies and pressure. They were comparable to almost all demonic beasts!

In addition, the Giant Demon Clan's bloodline ability made the powerful cultivators extremely fond of them!

Lei Ji's body trembled and he knelt down. A thunderous voice came from his mouth.

"Master, Lei Ji is completely willing to become your mount!"

Looking at the giant body, Wang Lin entered a trance for a moment. Riding the Giant Demon Clan as a mount was indeed very eye-catching.

No matter who saw this, they would be shaken!

Wang Lin revealed a smile. With one step, he landed on Lei Ji's back, and the big-headed boy quickly followed. He was not tall, and although his head was big and ferocious, when he stood behind Wang Lin, it was obvious he was a servant.

Lei Ji's body was huge and his back was thousands of feet wide. His skin was blue and the surface of his back was flat. After Wang Lin sat down, Lei Ji let out a roar and rushed forward.

His speed was very fast; although it couldn't compare to the Thunder Beast, it wasn't much slower!

Lei Ji's huge body quickly travelled through space and created a storm that spread far and wide in every direction. The big-headed boy looked at all of this and revealed a strange expression.

He truly felt the difference between the Alliance Star System and Allheaven Star System. There were no giants thousands of feet tall in Allheaven, much less people using them as mounts. He felt disbelief just thinking about it, but at the same time it gave him an inexplicable feeling.

If he saw someone with such a mount, killing intent would appear in his heart and he would want to kill the other party and take said mount.

"A cultivator that dares to sit on such a cultivator is no ordinary person!" The big-headed boy let out a sigh as he silently looked at Wang Lin.

His pupils suddenly shrank. A person suddenly appeared in the distance. He was standing on top of a huge stone. The surface of the stone was covered in holes; it looked like a beehive.

This person was wearing red and looked like a ray of red light. He had his hands behind his back and he quickly flew toward Lei Ji.

That stone was too fast. As it closed in, it created a huge roar similar to a sonic boom. It set off a monstrous wave in the starry sky.

The red-robed man didn't look very old, only about 30 years old. There were seven swords flying around him, giving off a powerful killing aura!

This killing aura gave was filled with the scent of blood that spread out and formed a vortex. It seemed to form into a huge python-like beast that opened its jaws and roared at Lei Ji.

As it roared, a cold and ruthless voice came.

"Cultivation Alliance's Slaughter Domain, Kill Yu Fei, here to take your head!" The moment this voice echoed, the stone under him increased in speed. It was so fast that red flames appeared on the stone due to friction and shot straight toward Lei Ji. 

Lei Ji's expression became panicked and he was about to dodge. At this moment, the big-headed boy looked at Wang Lin, clenched his teeth, and stepped out. His hand formed a seal and celestial origin energy surged. The celestial origin energy formed a storm outside his body and soon, a celestial spell appeared.

The big-headed boy shouted and pushed his hands forward. The celestial origin energy turned into threads and rapidly approached the large stone like a fine net.

However, at this instant, the red-robed man's eyes flashed red. One of the seven blood swords immediately shot out like lightning toward the big-headed boy.

While it was on the way, a large amount of red mist came from the blood sword. With a bang, it turned into a person. This person looked exactly the same as the red-robed man.

It was obvious it was an avatar!

After the avatar appeared, his hand swiped out and seven rays of blood light shot out. His gaze was cold as he charged toward the big-headed boy, and they began to battle.

The two quickly used spells, causing explosions to echo among the stars. They weren't able to decide a winner or loser in a short period of time.

"That avatar is at the early stage of Nirvana Scryer! The original body is at the mid stage of Nirvana Scryer!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up as the stone closed in. Lei Ji let out a roar and continued to roar. The shadow behind Wang Lin flickered as Ta Shan stepped out and threw a punch.

The moment Ta Shan appeared, the red-robed man's expression didn't change at all. The second flying sword exploded into an avatar with seven rays of blood light around it and charged straight at Ta Shan.

Wang Lin's expression was calm. While still on Lei Ji's back, he suddenly raised his right hand. Countless lightning bolts suddenly filled the area and gathered. The surrounding area quickly turned into a thunder hell!

The red-robed man's eyes narrowed and the stone under him suddenly stopped 1,000 feet from Wang Lin. He revealed a cold smile and slowly said, "You are indeed worth of being Allheaven's Thunder Celestial. You are really worthy of the title 'Thunder Celestial!'"

With that, he waved his right hand and the remaining five blood swords shot out in five directions with him as the center.

Then the five blood swords exploded into clouds of blood mist and turned into five more avatars! Each of the avatars had seven blood red lights around them, and inside each blood red light was a blood red flying sword.

In an instant, the five avatars and the 35 red flying swords formed a formation around this person. Each avatar was 500 feet from the main body. The surrounding lightning bolts closed in, but strangely they all flew toward the blood swords. No thunder could enter that 500 feet area!

Thunderous rumbles continued to echo. The red-robed man sneered as he looked at Wang Lin. All the thunder was blocked by his five avatars and 35 flying swords.

"Are you only this strong?" The red-robed man shook his head and his eyes were filled with disappointment.

"If this is all your spell can do, then you can't escape from me!"

A flash of coldness appeared in Wang Lin's eyes and a vortex appeared between his eyebrows. In an instant, his ancient thunder dragon origin soul rushed out and let out a roar at the sky!


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