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Chapter 907 - Vermillion Bird Series

In the 17th layer of the Immortal Graveyard on planet Suzaku. The moment that Ta Shan was about to step into the 18th layer, an extremely dignified voice echoed within the 17th layer!

"The 18th layer can't be entered!"

This sound was so powerful that Ta Shan's body was pushed back dozens of feet. It was as if he had been hit by a powerful impact, and he coughed out a large mouthful of blood.

The big-headed boy was also forced back. As for Lei Ji, he felt a buzz and his mind went blank. He only knew that he was being constantly pushed back.

Yun Quezi was also the same. He had the lowest cultivation level and was thrown back until he hit a wall. He coughed out a large mouthful of blood and became dispirited.

Wang Lin's eyes turned cold. The moment the voice appeared, his origin energy activated and was forced back a few dozen feet before he could steady himself. His face was pale as he looked ahead.

A ripple echoed in the air and the old cultivator that looked like Huanglong stepped out. The moment he appeared, a crazy high temperature appeared. In an instant, all of the cracks that had appeared were sealed and the path to the 18th layer was closed!

The old cultivator had the air of a celestial and gave off a pressure without being angry. One could feel a powerful aura coming from him just by looking a him. However, that aura immediately disappeared and was contained within this old cultivator, which made him feel even more dangerous.

After he appeared, he waved his sleeve. Yun Quezi, Ta Shan, the big-headed boy, and Lei Ji only felt a powerful gust of wind. They disappeared and were directly sent outside of the Immortal Graveyard.

Wang Lin's pupils shrank and hundreds of ideas flashed through his mind. This old cultivator had sent everyone except him away, so there was some profound meaning to his actions. His eyes flashed indiscernibly before he immediately bowed and respectfully said, "Heng Yue Sect disciple Wang Lin greets Sect Master!"

The old cultivator looked at Wang Lin with a smile that was not a smile and asked, "Who is your sect master?"

Wang Lin's expression was neutral as he said, "If Senior won't admit it, then just take it that Junior is mistaken."

The old cultivator laughed and said, "You're an interesting little fellow. Why do you think I'm the sect master of the Heng Yue Sect?"

Wang Lin calmly said, "Junior went to the Demon Spirit Land and saw a painting that contained Senior's image."

The old cultivator pondered a bit and smiled. "Little fellow, you can't just call anyone 'sect master.' The dignified Thunder Celestial of the Allheaven Star System, Xu Mu. When did I have such a disciple?"

Wang Lin's mind trembled, but his expression didn't change. He said, "Junior has mistook you for someone else."

The old cultivator revealed a look of admiration as he was very satisfied with Wang Lin's reaction and response. His eyes lit up and he said, "We can talk about whether you're mistaken or not later. Do you know that you almost made a terrible mistake? That 18th layer is not somewhere you can enter, especially not with someone from the Chosen Immortal Clan. If he obtained the source origin, forget planet Suzaku, even the entire Alliance Star System would face a catastrophe!"

Wang Lin's expression was respectful. There was no trace of rebellion on his face, as if he was earnestly being scolded.

The old cultivator looked at Wang Lin. After pondering a bit, he said, "Wang Lin, I want to ask you. Do you sincerely think of me as the former Heng Yue Sect sect master and sincerely think of yourself as a Heng Yue Sect disciple?"

Wang Lin silently pondered. He had a lot of regret toward the Heng Yue Sect. After all, the Heng Yue Sect was his first sect and his first step into the cultivation world.

Wang Lin looked at the old cultivator and calmly said, "The Heng Yue Sect was Junior's first sect and planet Suzaku is my home."

"Oh?" The old cultivator's eyes lit up and he said, "So what is the deal with being the Thunder Celestial Temple's Thunder Celestial?" His voice was like thunder and seemed angry.

"Various things forced me into that situation!" Wang Lin stared at the old cultivator with clear eyes.

The old cultivator's gaze seemed to be able to penetrate Wang Lin's heart. After a long time, his expression soften and he said, "This old man doesn't care about your identity in the Allheaven Star System or how many sects you join. The one thing you need to remember is that although you are a cultivator of the Alliance Star System, you are a person from planet Suzaku! You are a disciple of the Vermillion Bird Branch of the Four Divine Sect! As long as you remember this, I'm always your sect master!"

Wang Lin's expression was calm as he nodded.

"This battle with the Allheaven Star System is the battle of the Cultivation Alliance. It has nothing to do with my Four Divine Sect!" The old cultivator seemed to have said this very casually.

Wang Lin's expression changed and he looked at the old cultivator.

The old cultivator no longer talked about this but looked at Wang Lin. After pondering for a bit, he said, "Wang Lin, since you have seen the 17th layer, you should have some speculations in your heart. With your current cultivation, you can enter the 18th layer to comprehend what's inside with my help. Whether you will obtain anything will depend on your own luck!"

As the old man spoke, he didn't ask whether Wang Lin was willing and waved his sleeve. Wang Lin felt a powerful force surround him. Although he was still cautious in his heart, he didn't resist and still had a respectful expression.

Taking Wang Lin, the old cultivator took a step and high temperature suddenly appeared around him. Then a circle of what looked like magma appeared under him. Black flames shot into the air and surrounded the old cultivator.

A moment later, the old cultivator's figure disappeared. Even Wang Lin disappeared without a trace.

Wang Lin only felt a wave of heat, and it even contained a trace of source origin. Wang Lin was aghast by the flame that surrounded him, but he became even more cautious.

His eyes blurred. When his vision cleared, he found that he was inside a secret chamber that was around 1,000 feet wide!

The surroundings were completely dark aside from a flickering flame at the center. This made this place somewhat gloomy. It was as if there were ghosts hiding in the darkness that circled the flame and wanted to devour it. However, they would be knocked back by the flame every time.

"This place is the 18th layer. That fire is a fragment of their ancestor's source origin. You can try to comprehend it, and whether you gain anything will depend on your luck!" The old man's voice echoed in the room. Wang Lin silently pondered for a moment and then his eyes fell on the flame.

The moment his eyes fell on the flame, his mind trembled. It was as if a mysterious force had come from the flame and rushed into Wang Lin's mind.

The flame contained a desire for life and understanding and enlightenment of power. There was also a trace of the scent of blood.

At this moment, the flame flickered violently. Wang Lin felt a thud and then a large amount of information rushed into his mind.

There was too much information, and it was extremely messy, as if it was endless. The information bombarded Wang Lin as if it wanted to make his head explode. In an instant, something happened to Wang Lin's eyes. A sun appeared in his left eye and a moon appeared in his right eye. His karma domain quickly filled his body.

The Yin and Yang fishes appeared in his mind. As they rotated, all of the distracting thoughts were removed from his mind. Finally, a scene that shook Wang Lin's mind appeared!

At this moment, the old cultivator's figure appeared next to Wang Lin. He carefully looked at Wang Lin, revealing a look of admiration, and he muttered, "Not bad. This little fellow was about to gain insight from this level of source origin. After some observation, I can let this little fellow enter the Vermillion Bird Series!"

At this moment, Wang Lin was immersed in a starry sky. What he saw were countless celestials using various kinds of magical treasures. Before them were yellow talisman tens, hundreds, thousands, and even tens of thousands of feet long!

Every yellow talisman had various strange people standing on them. They weren't dressed too differently from cultivators, but they had the Chosen Immortal Clan plants tattooed on them. The difference was the amount of leaves on the tattoos.

Each of them had a tattoo flashing between their eyebrows.

This was a war!

As both sides battled, there were flashes of tattoos. As for those with tattoos, their spells were strange and unpredictable. They were tattoo-oriented and could often seal the heavens and earth, causing the world's origin energy to tremble.

Not long after, an old man on one of the yellow talismans that was tens of thousands of feet long charged out. The old man had many leaves on his tattoo, along with a golden leaf. He opened his arms and the tattoos around him charged out. At this moment, space itself trembled and the celestials all exclaimed. They were surrounded by countless tattoos and suddenly lost their celestial origins.

Just at this critical moment, a flash of black light came from the distance. A figure appeared, but it was surrounded by a black light, making it impossible to see his appearance. The person arrived and began battling the old man. In an instant, the person surrounded by the black light grabbed hold of the area between the old man's eyebrows. He mercilessly pulled out a mass of flame filled with vitality!

The moment the flame was pulled out, it immediately collapsed into countless specks of fire. One of them charged straight at Wang Lin and instantly imprinted between Wang Lin's eyebrows.

Wang Lin's forehead burned and his body trembled. It was as if a powerful impact was forcing his body to retreat. This force was too strong, as if it could penetrate time itself. He felt a thud as he opened his eyes and awakened.

The moment he awakened, he immediately looked at the flame. The more he looked, the more similar it looked to the flame between the eyebrows of the old man covered in tattoos.

The scene from before was like a dream, but the heat coming from between his eyebrows reminded him that everything before was very real!

Wang Lin subconsciously touched between his eyebrows, but there was nothing there...

At this moment, a large stone was rapidly flying through the starry sky, charging toward the western part of the Alliance Star System. On the stone stood a person in red, and his eyes were ruthless and cold. He stared into the distant stars and muttered, "Allheaven Thunder Celestial Xu Mu… I hope you're not too weak…"

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