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Chapter 906 - Huanglong Arrivies

Wang Lin couldn't find a method to increase the celestial origin energy in his body. Every time he used celestial origin energy, it would be consumed. After enough time had passed, it would be all used up and the celestial core would collapse.

In addition, the most important use was to learn Summon the Rain and Magic Arsenal. Summon the Rain was not as bad, but Magic Arsenal was impossible to use or study without celestial origin energy.

This was why Wang Lin hadn't studied these two celestial spells.

Right now, his eyes lit up and his body flickered. The black wind surrounded the area and he shouted, "Ta Shan, Senior Yun Quezi, guard the center. I'll deal with these out here!"

Wang Lin took a step and merged into the void. When he appeared, he was next to another mummy. His fingers on his right hand formed a sword and his eyes revealed thunder intent. The mummy turned around and spewed out death aura, and there was a tattoo flying toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin frowned slightly as he retreated and merged with the world to avoid the attack. He appeared next to another mummy and his fingers descended.

The moment the mummy turned around, Wang Lin's attack landed on it. The mummy exploded and a large amount of celestial origin energy appeared and entered Wang Lin's body.

After he killed one of them, a large amount of the mummies charged out toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's eyes revealed a strange light as he stared at the mummies. He could feel powerful celestial origin energy from them. Although these people were powerful when they were alive, their actions were sluggish after death. As a result, it wasn't difficult for Wang Lin to kill them with his early stage Nirvana Scryer cultivation!

However, at this moment, Wang Lin was considering how to gain the most benefits! Killing them for their celestial origin energy was only one of his goals; he had a even more bold idea in mind.

His heart beat rapidly as he retreated to dodge the attacks of the mummies, and he quickly went through the almost crazy idea he had.

A moment later, Wang Lin revealed a decisive look and his eyes revealed a strange light. He had obtained the inheritance of Summon the Rain and Magic Arsenal from Qing Shui. Deep in his heart, he prefered Magic Arsenal over Summon the Rain. Although he didn't have any deep understanding of Magic Arsenal from the inheritance process, he had some enlightenments.

Magic Arsenal's purpose was to imprison the soul fragments of everyone you killed to prevent them from entering the reincarnation cycle and use them for yourself. That was the essence of Magic Arsenal.

However, this kind of spell was definitely not this simple when learning it. You must be able to extract the souls of the people you killed and store them in a fake reincarnation cycle formed by your celestial origin!

Only then can you imprison them!

More importantly, you must have your own mysterious space created by the celestial spell!

This mysterious space was a spell created by Celestial Emperor Bai Fan. When Celestial Emperor Bai Fan used it, it would become a realm. He called it the mysterious soldier realm. This realm would store those soul fragments and refine them like a furnace. This became the base for power of Magic Arsenal!

However, this realm was made for Bai Fan, so it was different for others to learn it. Although it wasn't difficult for Qing Shui to learn it with his talent, he didn't. Instead, he opened another path and created his slaughter realm!

He didn't need a place to store the souls, he simply used his monstrous killing intent to restrict them, creating a slaughter realm. None of the people he killed could escape his control!

Qing Shui's arrogance made him call this his own creation, celestial spell Confinement!

After Magic Arsenal was passed to Wang Lin, he didn't consider using the mysterious realm nor Confinement. Wang Lin thought that his own version of this celestial spell should use his own life and death dao to form his own reincarnation cycle!

Right now, these mummies moved Wang Lin. These mummies weren't without souls, their souls were trapped inside their origin souls, which had fused with their bodies after being imprisoned for countless years.

If he could incorporate all of them into his own reincarnation cycle, then he would have a lot of soul fragments to use when he uses Magic Arsenal.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up. As he stepped forward, he pointed up and shouted, "Reincarnation Underworld River!"

In an instant, it was as if a mysterious force had emerged in the world and charged in. The underworld river appeared above Wang Lin, and the resentment inside it was monstrous!

This underworld river coiled around Wang Lin and moved with him. He took a step out and his arm stretched open. His eyes were filled with thunder intent as a swirl appeared between his brows. His ancient thunder dragon origin soul flew out and let out a roar!


He was exercising his control over thunder!

This roar was earth-shattering. Even though he was in the 17th layer of the Immortal Graveyard, this thunderous roar caused an unimaginable change on planet Suzaku!

Large amounts of thunderclouds suddenly appeared in the sky. They were filled with lightning, and all of them suddenly descended, heading straight for the Immortal Graveyard.

There was too much thunder. As it gathered, the deep pit in the Forsaken Immortal Clan was filled with boundless thunder. The pit was like a funnel, and all of the thunder was charging into it.

Not only on planet Suzaku, large changes even occured in the space around planet Suzaku. Many thunder dragons formed in the void and charged toward planet Suzaku.

Countless bolts of thunder within tens of thousands of kilometers around planet Suzaku charged toward planet Suzaku. If one looked from a distance, they would think that the area within tens of thousands of kilometers around planet Suzaku had become a thunder hell!

The endless thunder created endless rumbles that echoed across the stars. The thunder condensed and rushed into the deep pit in the Forsaken Immortal Clan.

It was as if the thunder was on a pilgrimage and was here to worship the ancestor of all thunder. All of this thunders charged out without any hesitation.

At this moment, every sound on planet Suzaku disappeared and was replaced by thunder. The only sound left was the rumble of the thunder!

This was like the end of the world, and it caused the expressions of all the cultivators on planet Suzaku to change greatly. The shock coming from the depths of their souls made them tremble. They were like ants trembling before the might of heavens.

As for the mortals, they all knelt on the ground.

Not only planet Suzaku was effected. At this moment, there was a group of 100 cultivators moving through space, and the leader was the six-fingered cultivator.

As he moved, his expression immediately changed greatly and he stared ahead. With his cultivation, he could vaguely feel that the thunder ahead was extremely dense, almost to a point beyond imagination.

His scalp felt numb. In his mind, he could only remember when Xu Mu used the thunder in one line to heavens and killed the big-headed boy.

"Could it be that Xu Mu is ahead? Forget it, let's change directions. It's better not to meet that person." The six-fingered cultivator wryly smiled as he changed directions and took a detour.

This power of thunder was extremely powerful, and it went into the deep pit. A thunderous rumble echoed as it went from the 1st layer until it arrived into the 17th layer Wang Lin was in!

In almost an instant, the entire 17th layer was filled with thunder. It had reached an unimaginable degree as the thunder roared. Thunder rumbles continued to echo in the 17th layer.

Almost every single mummy was surrounded by countless bolts of thunder. When the thunder landed, the impact caused the entire place to tremble.

With a bang, one of the mummies collapsed and its celestial origin energy flew out toward Wang Lin. Then the underworld river swept by and extracted the soul. It was like a soul returning to the afterlife.

This scene occurred repeatedly in the surroundings. In the end, when the thunder had reached an unimaginable density, all of it suddenly collapsed and exploded!

This explosion created an extremely powerful thunderstorm. As it swept the area, all of the mummies collapsed and a large amount of celestial origin energy rushed into Wang Lin's body. The celestial origin core inside his body grew like crazy. In just a moment, it grew several fold and was now the size of a baby's fist!

In addition, as the underworld river filled the area, the souls were pulled out into the underworld river. The resentment in the river became much stronger. There were hundreds of celestial souls who were struggling or showing relief in the underworld river. This scene was so strange that if a mortal saw it, they would be scared out of their mind!

When all the thunder collapsed, on top forming the thunderstorm, all the power was condensed into one spot. This caused an unimaginable impact that shook the entire 17th layer.

There was a heaven-shattering bang and the 17th layer collapsed! Rays of light came from below and the collapse forced open the passage to the 18th layer.

Yun Quezi's mind was completely blank as he witnessed this. He had already regarded Wang Lin very highly, but now he found that he had underestimated Wang Lin. The spell that could open the 18th layer had shaken his mind and left him terrified.

The big-headed boy's body trembled. The spell that killed him in one line to heaven made him tremble and his fear toward Wang Lin grew even stronger.

Ta Shan still showed no expression, but Lei Ji gasped. The thunder before him had shaken him. To become the mount of someone so strong, not only did he not feel unwilling, he felt a sense of honor.

The cultivation world respected the strong!

The moment the 18th layer was opened by the force of thunder on planet Suzaku, the old cultivator that looked like Huanglong was startled. He took a step and disappeared.

"The 18th layer can't be entered!"

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