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Chapter 905 - Celestial Punishment

Popping sounds came from the tattoo as the thunder moved around it. Every time two bolts of thunder collided, the tattoo would tremble. As it trembled, it began to shatter and layers of seals collapsed.

Wang Lin's eyes turned cold as he raised his right hand and the Wither Dao Pair suddenly appeared. After the beast bone came out, there was a flash of light and an evil aura filled the area.

The collapsing tattoo suddenly trembled as a grey light appeared and began it to turn to stone. At this moment, Ta Shan stepped out and threw a punch!

A loud bang echoed within the 16th layer and then the tattoo collapsed. As the thunder moved, there were a series of popping sounds as the tattoo turned into countless specks of black light and dissipated.

At the moment it disappeared, a transfer array appeared in the pool. The transfer array gave off a strange glow.

There was a man who looked like Huanglong in a sect on planet Suzaku. He was talking to a few low level cultivators with a smile on his face when he suddenly looked into the distance. This was also the instant the passage to the 17th layer opened.

After a long time, he withdrew his gaze and thought, "Forget it, there is nothing he can't see on the 17th layer. That little guy's cultivation has reached a point where he can know certain secrets. However, the 17th layer is his limit; he won't be able to enter the 18th layer."

In the 16th layer of the Immortal Graveyard, Ta Shan stepped into the transfer array and disappeared. Wang Lin waited a moment to confirm there was no danger before stepping in as well. The big-headed boy, Lei Ji, and Yun Quezi quickly entered the transfer array as well.

The 17th layer of the Forsaken Graveyard was completely dark without any light and was filled with a powerful death aura. At this moment, the light of a transfer formation suddenly appeared at the center.

With the help of this light, the surroundings became visible!

This was an area thousands of feet wide with chains hanging everywhere. There were corpses hanging on the chains, and what the chains gave off was celestial spiritual energy!

These corpses were all celestials!

But this celestial spiritual energy had no vitality and was filled with death, as if these corpses had been here for countless years.

In an instant, the light from the formation disappeared and several people appeared.

Ta Shan was the first person to enter this place. After he entered, his eyes lit up and he looked around. Even with his indifference, his pupils shrank as he looked around.

This place was completely dark, but it couldn't obstruct divine sense. When Wang Lin appeared, he spread out his divine sense and his expression became gloomy.

Not only him, but the big-headed boy's face turned pale after seeing everything. He had entered the celestial pool and lost his domain to truly become a celestial. So the shock he got from seeing the 17th layer was far beyond what the others felt.

What horrified him even more was that his powerful celestial origin was trembling as if there was a strange force suppressing it.

Under this suppression, the big-headed boy seemed to be able to hear mournful cries. His face turned pale and his body trembled as he coughed out a mouthful of blood.

Fortunately, Wang Lin noticed what was happening to the big-headed boy and placed his right hand on the big-headed boy's back. Wang Lin injected a large amount of origin energy, which allowed the big-headed boy to become sober.

He looked at the surroundings with deep awe.

Yun Quezi was completely different from the big-headed boy. He clearly felt the aura of his ancestors here. The tattoo on his body began to move on its own. It quickly shrank and began to degrade!

The tattoos on his body moved like flowing water. It was as if there was a invisible force squeezing the tattoos to gather toward Yun Quezi's chest.

What surprised Yun Quezi was that his original respect for the big-headed boy had now changed. It was as if there was a force suppressing that respect.

Wang Lin was also affected. After entering, Wang Lin immediately realized that the celestial origin energy given to him by Qing Shui was suppressed. It was as if it had been submerged in water and began to move a lot slower.

The surroundings were completely silent and dark. However, for Wang Lin and company, they could clearly see everything. This 17th layer wasn't very big, and there were countless chains hanging from the surrounding the walls, locking the corpses in place.

These corpses were all like mummies, and their pelvises were pierced by the chains. Some of them even had chains going through their shoulder blades.

These corpses were densely packed; there were at least a hundred!

There were traces of being whipped on all these corpses. It seemed they all had suffered unimaginable torture before they died miserably.

There were tattoos flashing on their bodies. Every time the tattoos flashed, the celestial spiritual energy coming from their bodies would become even stronger.

As for why celestial spiritual energy was leaking from their bodies, it was because their origin souls were sealed inside their bodies by a powerful spell.

Their bodies had died, so endless death aura was eroding their origin souls. Their origin souls, however, kept their consciousness but couldn't leave the bodies. They could only watch helplessly as their bodies dried up and let the death aura invade them until the were wiped out!

This kind of torture released a powerful hatred for celestials. This hatred was absolute and shocked Wang Lin greatly.

"This…" Yun Quezi stared dumbfoundedly at everything before him and couldn't say a word for a long time.

"These are celestials. When they were alive, their cultivation levels were all a bit higher than mine!" The big-headed boy felt most connected to this place, and he felt inexplicably disturbed here.

Just at this moment, there were sounds of chains colliding. One of the mummies began to move and a tattoo flashed. The tattoo penetrated into the mummy and fused with it.

At this moment, the mummy suddenly opened its eyes. There was no light in its eyes and its eye sockets were completely hollow. However, unimaginable hatred and killing intent exploded from those eyes.

"Celestial… Die!!" A roar echoed and the chain on the corpse sudden turned transparent. In almost an instant, it dissipated. Without the chain, the mummy immediately rushed out. A strange celestial spiritual energy formed a storm as it charged at the big-headed boy!

The big-headed boy's face turned pale and he subconsciously took a few steps back. His eyes revealed a vicious gaze as his hand formed a seal and his celestial origin energy activated. He was about to use a celestial spell.

However, just at this moment, something strange suddenly occurred!

The moment the big-headed boy's celestial origin energy activated, it began to scatter and dissipate. The rate of dissipation was far faster than what the big-headed boy had expected.

Before he even used his celestial spell, a large amount of his celestial origin energy dissipated. This made him almost lose his wits.

Seeing the mummy closing in, Wang Lin's eyes turned cold and he took a step forward. His finger pressed down on the void and the origin energy in his body surged. There was a bang and the mummy was knocked back dozens of feet.

Ta Shan charged out like lightning and his right hand formed a first. A tattoo appeared on his fist, and when the mummy saw the tattoo, it immediately became respectful and retreated as if it didn't dare to exchange blows with Ta Shan.

Yun Quezi stared at the scene before him. At this instant, it was as if lightning had struck him. He recalled a rumor from long time ago!

"This… This is my Forsaken Immortal Clan's torture chamber! Rumor has it that when the oldest Forsaken Immortal Clan ancestor came to planet Suzaku, he opened up a layer outside the last two and named it the torture chamber. If people not from my Forsaken Immortal Clan entered, they would immediately be killed! I didn't expect this… This to be real!"

As Yun Quezi's voice echoed, the chains began to echo once more. At this moment, all of the corpses being held by the chains suddenly opened their eyes.

Vicious gazes came from their faces, and as they let out roars, the chains that were holding them disappeared, allowing them freedom. Each one of them was like a ferocious beast, and they charged straight at Wang Lin, the big-headed boy, and Lei Ji!

Wang Lin's eyes became cold. As he let out a cold snort, his hand formed a seal and he shouted, "Call the Wind!"

After he spoke, a black wind appeared around his right hand and suddenly filled the 17th layer. A monstrous gust of black wind swept forward like crazy.

As the black wind roared, two black dragons formed and roared. They blasted out endless cold wind that spread out with Wang Lin as the center.

The corpses immediately stopped and retreated. Although they were powerful before death, they were being controlled by a mysterious power after death and thus were far weaker than before.

However, there were a lot of corpses, so they couldn't be underestimated.

As the black wind roared, tattoos began to flash on the corpses. A seal was suddenly formed, and although the seal was invisible, it immediately pressed down.

This wasn't the first time Wang Lin had seen this kind of seal. It had brought him a great deal of trouble during his war with the Yao family. He immediately realized this, and his expression changed. Wang Lin quickly took a step forward as ripples appeared under his feet and he disappeared without a trace.

The black wind roared as the two black dragons swept from both sides and caught countless corpses. It was as if these corpses were being tied up.

There were a few corpses that directly collapsed!

Wang Lin's figure appeared next to one of the corpses. His eyes were ruthless as his finger filled with thunder intent pressed down. When his finger pointed down, countless thunderbolts appeared from the void and gathered on his finger. Wang Lin's finger landed on the skull of the corpse.

The corpse's body trembled violently and his empty eyes showed a moment of clarity. There was a hint of relief as his body collapsed and disappeared.

And as soon as he disappeared, celestial origin energy left his body and entered Wang Lin's body. Wang Lin's eyes narrowed, and after observing, he found that it didn't harm him. Instead, it fused with the celestial origin energy Celestial Lord Qing Shui gave him.

This discovery made Wang Lin ecstatic.

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