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Chapter 894 - Great Wang Dynasty

Wang Lin only needed to ponder a little to understand why the cultivators of planet Suzaku respected him so much. Zhou Wutai must have played a big role in this.

In truth, it was as Wang Lin had suspected. The big-eared cultivator, Zhou Wutai, had been grateful to Wang Lin for giving him the position of Suzaku. However, after Wang Lin left, he never had a chance to repay Wang Lin.

Zhou Wutai was a grateful person; he always remembered what Wang Lin had done for him.

As a result, whether it was Wang Lin's descendants or the sect Wang Lin left behind, even the country of Zhao, they all slowly became powerful under Zhou Wutai's care.

It was very easy with Zhou Wutai's status as the new Suzaku to make the Wang family royalty. This also allowed the country of Zhao to gradually grow stronger until it became a rank 5 cultivation country.

People naturally knew this was all for Wang Lin's sake. Wang Lin's actions in the Suzaku Tomb had spread far and wide. After thinking about it, Zhou Wutai gradually made all the cultivators accept Wang Lin as planet Suzaku's guardian and ancestor.

Zhou Wutai had another reason for doing all of this. When he became Suzaku, he was only at the Soul Transformation stage, not even Ascendant. He was the weakest Suzaku and didn't have the power to rule. Thus, he could only borrow Wang Lin's fame to suppress everyone!

As Wang Lin pondered, although he wasn't able to guess everything, he was still able to get the general idea. He let out sigh. No matter what reason Zhou Wutai had, Wang Lin would need to repay him.

As he flew, Ta Shan and the big-headed boy followed behind him, and Ta Shan's expression remained cold the entire way. As for the big-headed boy, after seeing Wang Lin returning home, his feelings toward his own family became even more complex. He could see that everyone here was truly respectful toward Xu Mu from the bottom of their hearts. The big-headed boy knew that if he were to return to his family with his current cultivation, he would be respected as well. However, he knew that the respect would be fake.

A large city appeared in the distance. This city was like a coiled dragon and was filled with the aura of wealth. The walls were made of black stone and there were spell fluctuations coming from them.

Before he closed in, Wang Lin could see that there were many powerful restrictions inside the city. There were too many, and if all of them were to activate, they would even pose a certain amount of threat to Ascendant cultivators.

This was the only mortal imperial city on planet Suzaku outside the land occupied by the Forsaken Immortal Clan!

The Great Wang Dynasty!

It was founded 437 years ago and became the most important clan of mortals aside from the Forsaken Immortal Clan.

The Wang imperial family had a very long family history. More than 400 years of consolidation had allowed the dynasty to amass a large amount of soldiers, and even countless martial artists had joined them. However, what made the dynasty so powerful was the large amount of cultivators!

In addition to the Cloud Sky Sect, Zhou Wutai and various other sects acted as their backing. The Wang clan members enjoyed a very high status due to this.

Wang Lin's divine sense surrounded the entire planet. He felt the call of his bloodline and came here. This capital had the highest concentration of Wang family bloodline.

As his divine sense swept by, he didn't find Wang Zhuo. He let out a sigh and then disappeared. When he reappeared, he was inside the imperial palace. Looking at the lively crowd and the luxurious houses, Wang Lin gradually frowned.

This capital was too luxurious. There were precious blue and white stones used for the roads. As he spread out his divine sense, he found that the entire city was like this.

If this was only the case, it wouldn't have been a big deal, but the surrounding trees were all wrapped in silk. Although it looked luxurious, it was all just corruption.

After reaching his current cultivation level, Wang Lin was able to see certain things. There were sadness, anger, fear, and various other auras that could disturb a person's mind.

If one lived here for too long, their personality would change and their emotions would be unstable. It would even shorten one's lifespan.

This aura was a form of resentment. Wang Lin had once asked people to gather this on planet Qing Ling. Now that he saw this monstrous resentment above the capital, he frowned even harder.

As his divine sense spread out, he found that numerous cities had varying degrees of resentment. This resentment covered half of planet Suzaku.

This resentment was coming from the houses of every village and gathered near where mortals lived and continued to linger without dissipating.

In particular, this was most noticeable in the northwest, where the soil was red and corpses were everywhere. Large amounts of resentment was coming from there and spreading across the area. If the other cities had strong resentment, then the resentment at the capital was a monstrous demonic flame that shot into the sky.

Only someone with Wang Lin's cultivation level could notice this, and only after carefully looking for it. Otherwise, if one's cultivation was lacking, it would be impossible to detect.

"Nonsense!" Wang Lin's expression was gloomy as he walked down the street. He was happy to see the prosperity of his Wang family descendants. However, this prosperity was built on resentment, and the Wang family descendants were greatly affected. If this was the case, then there was no need for this wealth!

As he walked, there were echoes of horse hooves coming from the distance. The pedestrians quickly panicked and withdrew to the sides. Wang Lin frowned as he took a few steps back and looked over with a gloomy expression.

Several large horses galloped down the street with a few youths riding them and a large amount of servants following them. All of the servants were walking, but they were as fast as horses.

The young men on the horses were all wearing fancy clothes and the person in front was very handsome. However, there was black gas surrounding his face. Even if a cultivator was at the Ascendant stage, it would be hard for them to see through it, but it was very clear to Wang Lin.

In the air, there were two rays of sword energy. There were two cultivators on the swords, and both of them were at the Foundation Establishment stage. They were opening a path for the youth.

If they were just showing off, it won't be a problem, but what made Wang Lin frown was the cable tied to the horse the youth was riding. At the end of the cable was a person. The person was a mess and it was hard to see what he looked like, but it was obviously a man. At this moment, he was being dragged and his clothes were in tatters. A large amount of blood was coming from his body and staining the ground. It looked as if someone was using cinnabar to draw a shocking trail of bloodstains.

These people quickly passed by followed by the echoes of their laughter. The martial artists quickly passed by and the two cultivators flew by without even taking a glance.

After these people left, a group of soldiers quickly came to clean the bloodstains. Then they quickly followed and cleaned up the bloodstains along the way.

It wasn't until they all left that the surrounding people began to chatter and return to normal.

"Alas, what bad luck! Who was it this time that was blind and dared to provoke the 16th Prince? I'm afraid he's going to be dragged around the capital once before he is allowed to die!"

"No, in our Great Wang Dynasty the Wang family is the heavens. Even the immortals became their servants; who would dare to provoke them?"

"Don't talk about this. A few months ago, the National Teacher was viewing the night sky and noticed a vicious sign coming from the northwest. As a result, hundreds of thousands of people in the northwest were slaughtered. I heard that even now, the northwest is covered in corpses."

"We can't talk about this. Brother Li, let's talk about something else so we don't cause calamity to befall us."

Wang Lin's expression was extremely gloomy. He clearly saw that the young man was part of the Wang family bloodline.

Wang Lin softly said, "Ta Shan, bring him here!"

Ta Shan didn't say a word before he turned around and disappeared. A moment later, he reappeared with a person in his hand. This person was the fancy-looking youth.

At this moment, his eyes were filled with horror and he repeatedly cursed. "You dare to capture me? Which sect are you from!? Do you know who I am? I'm a member of the Wang family!"

Ta Shan's expression was cold as he walked toward Wang Lin. The youth was immediately thrown onto the ground.

This scene immediately startled the dispersing crowd before all of them quickly left without any hesitation. Their eyes were filled with terror.

The fancy-looking youth had a ferocious expression as he got up and stared at Ta Shan. Although he was secretly scared, he didn't reveal any fear and shouted, "I'm a member of the Wang family, yet you dare to hurt me? No matter what sect you're from, you're dead!"

Wang Lin's expression was cold as he stared at the youth. He could see dense, black gas coming from the youth's head. The black gas formed a snake that opened its mouth and silently roared at Ta Shan.

Those whose cultivation hadn't reached the second step wouldn't be able to detect this. They would only feel a cold aura explode from the youth that would make their heart tremble.

Just at this moment, shouting came from the street in the distance. The group that left slaughtered their way back. Two rays of sword energy led the charge followed by the servants. The martial artists were filled with killing intent.

There were a few youths riding on horses among the people that arrived, and each of them ferociously shouted, "Capture that thief!"

"There is an assassin, protect the Prince!"

The two rays of sword energy charged out first toward Ta Shan. The two of them attacked without thinking. They hadn't even noticed these people, and when they did, the Prince was gone.

Terrified, they turned around to search and saw Ta Shan throwing the prince on the ground and they gasped. They were disciples of the Cloud Sky Sect sent here to protect the princes. If something happened to the Prince, they would be punished when they returned to the sect.

They charged out with their swords pointed toward Ta Shan.

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