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Chapter 895 - Wrath

Ta Shan's expression was cold as he casually waved his hand. He created a strong wind that blew the sword energies away and their flying swords collapsed. The two of them only felt an unimaginable impact.

They both coughed out blood and were blown away.

As for the martial artists charging over, it was as if their bodies had hit a wall. They all coughed out blood and were pushed back.

No one was spared!

Ta Shan didn't kill anyone. With a wave of his hand, he only injured the two cultivators and these people.

When the youth saw this scene, he was immediately startled. However, his expression became even more ferocious and he shouted. "I'm a member of the Wang family. You dare to hurt my men? You are all dead!"

Wang Lin raised his right hand and slapped the youth. He didn't use any cultivation and merely slapped as a mortal. After all, the youth was not a cultivator; if he used any power, he would shatter all the bones in the youth's body.

Even so, the youth was thrown into the air. His face became swollen and all his teeth shattered. What he slapped wasn't just the youth but also the black snake.

The black snake was extremely strange. The moment Wang Lin's slap landed, it disappeared, but then it immediately reformed. I left the youth's body and attempted to devour Wang Lin.

Only Ta Shan and the big-headed boy could see it. Everyone behind Wang Lin only felt a gust of cold wind.

"I want to see who dares to use my Wang clan to raise resentful spirits!" Wang Lin's eyes were cold and he was furious. With his cultivation, he could tell at a glance that the youth's soul had already been devoured and replaced by the resentful spirit. As the snake charged over, Wang Lin raised his right hand and pointed.

Before this finger, the snake's eyes were filled with fear and wanted to escape. However, it was too late, and with a bang, the snake exploded. It turned into black mist that was grabbed by Wang Lin. He crushed it and it turned into a black rune.

After the black snake was gone, the youth's body trembled and coughed out a large mouthful of blood. His face was no longer ferocious and was filled with confusion. His soul had already been devoured, so his eyes became dim and lost their luster.

The surroundings were completely silent, but this silence only lasted for an instant and was immediately replaced by screams. The crowd panicked and escaped as fast as possible. It didn't take long before there wasn't anyone left.

Wang Lin's eyes became cold. When his divine sense spread out, he didn't notice anything wrong. However, when he took a closer look, he was immediately able to understand that someone was using the Wang family members' lives to nourish resentful spirits!

Wang Lin had heard about this kind of spell before. It was like refining a sword. A person was used as a spirit that absorbed resentment. If enough resentment was absorbed, its power was nothing to laugh at.

Combining with the monstrous resentment over the capital, Wang Lin could imagine someone was controlling all of this. The more resentment there was, the more powerful the resentful spirit could become.

Angered, Wang Lin's eyes became even colder. When he threw the black rune forward, it began flying forward by itself.

Wang Lin had his hand behind him as he walked behind the rune. Ta Shan and the big-headed boy followed closely after him. 

A prince being killed in the capital was naturally a big thing. Not long after, rays of sword energy rushed over from all over the capital.

There were cultivators from various sects on planet Suzaku riding those sword energies. Their eyes were like lightning and they didn't even bother speaking to Wang Lin before they attacked with their magical treasures.

Wang Lin's expression was cold as he waved his sleeves. All the magical treasures were blown away. The cultivators on the flying swords were terrified as they were blown away involuntarily by the wind. In the blink of an eye, they were sent 5,000 kilometers away.

"This… What spell is this!?!"

"That person looked very familiar…"

The expressions of those cultivators that were sent 5,000 kilometers away all changed greatly. They all panicked and none of them dared to move forward. They all quickly rode their flying swords toward their own sects.

Wang Lin's eyes were cold. He was extremely angry! As he walked toward the imperial palace, countless soldiers charged at him. Wang Lin didn't want to hurt them, so when he waved his sleeves and they were sent tens of thousands of kilometers away.

He came closer and closer to the imperial palace. At this moment, in the main hall, there was a middle-aged man wearing a dragon robe, and his expression was gloomy. Beside him was a very noble and beautiful woman who was wearing a colorful dress. However, there was black fog in her eyes and a trace of panic flashed across her eyes.

At the same time, countless Wang family members wearing silk clothes gloomily stared ahead.

Outside the hall, there were countless teams of soldiers in the square preparing to face a great enemy. A killing aura filled the area.

The middle-aged man mercilessly threw the ink slab and shouted, "What kind of person dares to kill in my Great Wang Dynasty!? Did you find out what sect he is from?"

The surroundings were completely quiet. After a while, a white-haired cultivator hesitated before stepping out and saying, "There three people are very powerful; they are probably seniors with high cultivation levels. As for their sects, we are still looking into it."

The middle-aged man's expression became gloomy and he sneered. "It seems my Wang family has been too quiet on planet Suzaku. Even some nameless person dares to bully us! Where is the National Teacher!?"

With that, a laugh echoed the imperial palace.

"My lord doesn't need to worry. My disciples can deal with this!"

Strands of black gas gathered in the air above the square, and in an instant, three people formed. Although they were covered by black mist, it was obvious that they were two males and one female. None of them were very old.

After the three of them appeared, they didn't even look at the imperial palace. They turned into three strands of black gas and charged out.

As Wang Lin walked, his eyes became colder. The rune before him had become even more dense, and he was now outside the gate to the imperial palace. The countless soldiers inside had serious expressions as they stared at Wang Lin's group.

Just at this moment, the three strands of black gas arrived and charged at Wang Lin. Before they even arrived, a burst of pressure appeared and a ghostly wail spread across the heavens and earth.

Wang Lin was immediately able to tell that these three cultivators' cultivation levels weren't high; they were only at the Soul Transformation stage. However, their attacks were very powerful, almost at the level of Ascendant.

There was no Wang family bloodline in those three bodies, only endless resentment. They were clearly resentful spirits that had already been refined to a certain degree.

Wang Lin's eyes were filled with killing intent. As he walked out, he immediately arrived before the three of them. Both his fingers formed a sword and immediately pointed at one of them. He was too fast and his finger landed on the person's shoulder. At this moment, his early stage Nirvana Scryer origin energy surged and rushed into that person's body.

That person's body trembled and collapsed without any resistance. He turned into black gas and was going to escape, but it was too late.

With Wang Lin's cultivation, when he attacked from anger, he not only destroyed the resentful spirit's body, but also the root. As the resentful spirit escaped, it immediately exploded, leaving nothing but the resentment that slowly dissipated.

All of this happened in an instant. From the point of view of the other resentful spirits, Wang Lin had only taken a step, raised his hand, and then one of their companions was killed. When they saw this, their eyes revealed their panic.

After killing one, Wang Lin's left hand slammed into the void and an unimaginable vibration suddenly broke out and formed a storm. As the storm swept by, another resentful spirit was pulled in. Its body collapsed and immediately died.

After killing two in a row, Wang Lin suddenly turned around, and his eyes were filled with thunder. The last woman immediately trembled as thunder appeared inside her body and she exploded.

Wang Lin's eyes became even colder. He stepped into the air and moved toward the imperial palace.

As Wang Lin walked in the air, he stepped into the imperial palace and directly into the royal court. He immediately saw the imperial soldiers in the square and the Wang descendents in the main hall.

There were many cultivators on the side. Their eyes were filled with killing intent, but none of them dared to attack.

They couldn't see through Wang Lin's cultivation, but they all knew they couldn't kill the National Teacher's three disciples so easily. As a result, they were extremely afraid of this intruder.

Wang Lin stood above the square. He stared at the people below and coldly said, "Very good. you are did really good!" He could see hundreds of Wang clan members, but this wasn't all of them.

Among those people, almost all of them had black gas between their eyebrows. However, what was interesting was that the middle-aged man with the dragon robe didn't have the black gas between his eyebrows.

As for the woman beside him, the black fog had disappeared and there weren't any signs of cultivation in her. No matter how one looked, she was a mortal.

Wang Lin's voice echoed like the cold winter wind. As it flew by, it caused everyone's minds to tremble.

When the middle-aged man saw Wang Lin, he was startled and his eyes were filled with shock. However, the shock was immediately replaced by killing intent and he shouted, "By the order of the Wang family, kill this person!"

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