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Chapter 893 - Thank You All

Wang Lin looked at all of this and then took a step. With this step, he completely disappeared, and when he re-appeared, he was inside the wall.

At this moment, the sun fell and night covered the earth. Wang Lin looked at everything before him, especially the tomb built by the later generations, and he knelt down. Unknowingly, two stream of tears fell...

“Dad, Mom, Tie Zhu is back.”

Tears fell from his face and his eyes revealed his yearning and sadness that enveloped his body. This kneeling felt like it lasted for an eternity and time slowly passed.

Ta Shan and the big-headed boy were also here. Ta Shan’s eyes were still cold, but when the big-headed boy looked at all of this, his eyes revealed a complex expression.

He originally didn’t know what this place was, but after seeing Wang Lin’s actions, he knew that this was Xu Mu’s ancestral home. The big-headed boy never experienced any affection, so right now he couldn’t help but think of his own childhood.

Wang Lin looked at the token on the tomb. After a long time, he slowly stood up and looked at the houses. It was as if he had returned to 1,000 years ago, back to his most precious memories.

As he opened the door of the yard, the door made a squeaking sound. Nothing in the courtyard was changed. The table was still there, but there were no people.

Wang Lin could vaguely hear the sounds from 1,000 years ago.

“Tie Zhu, how are your studies going?”

“Tie Zhu, you have to study well. Next year will be the country’s big test. This will determine if you have a future or not. Don’t be like dad, staying in this village your entire life. Alas.”

“Enough. You bug him about this every day. I believe our Tie Zhu will definitely pass.”

“Tie Zhu, your fourth uncle is a good person. Over the years, it is thank to his help that your father’s wood carvings could be sold for money. If you have a good future, don’t forget to repay your fourth uncle.”

An aura of sadness spread out from Wang Lin’s body. He stepped into the courtyard and the home he had left for hundreds of years.

After opening the door, although Wang Lin still looked like a youth, he gave off an ancient aura. He was like an old man who hadn’t returned home in a long time and continued to touch everything with his hands.

When Wang Lin touched the wall, the scenes of this childhood flashed through his mind. The sadness in his heart became even stronger and the yearning for his parents filled his body.

After making Ta Shan and the big-headed boy wait outside, Wang Lin sat alone inside the Ancestral Home. He felt the aura of the house and forgot about the cultivation world as he recalled his joyous childhood and growing up under the love of his parents.

The surroundings were completely quiet, and during this silence, Wang Lin’s heart underwent a baptism. The memories of his childhood gradually resurfaced as he sat there alone.

While he silently sat there, he sometimes revealed a happy smile and sometimes he revealed sadness. He was the only one who could recall his childhood memories, so he could only reminiscence about them on his own.

His happiness was lonely. His smile was clearly filled with silent sadness… Tears fell from the corners of his eyes and were left on the ground like traces of memories...

The moonlight gradually passed and the run rose, expelling the darkness. The sunlight fell on the earth and continued to extend as it covered the Wang Ancestral City.

As sunlight entered from the window, Wang Lin awakened from his reminiscence. He looked around profoundly before standing up and leaving.

Ta Shan had stood there the entire night and remained motionless. The big-headed boy’s expression was even more complex. He had spent the night remembering the pain of his childhood. For some unknown reason, he was able to find relief in those painful memories.

The thing he thought most about was his mother that always disdained him. Before, this memory was a great source of pain, but now it was a lot less painful.

Wang Lin’s group didn’t hide themselves. When dawn arrived, they immediately attracted the attention of the soldiers outside the wall. Bursts of exclamations came from outside the walls as the soldiers gathered. Killing intent locked onto them as if the soldiers were facing a great enemy.

At the same time, more than 10 cultivators with various cultivation levels, from Foundation Establishment to Soul Formation, rushed over. Their divine senses quickly locked onto them.

An furious roar came from outside the wall. “Brazen fiends, you dare to break into the Wang Ancestral Home? Do you know that this is a crime where even your entire family will be punished!?”

There was a flash of sword energy in the sky as the cultivators arrived, and they all looked angry. Wang Lin could tell that this wasn’t fake anger, but real anger!

“For the three of you to enter the Wang Ancestral Home without being detected means you must be cultivators. No matter what sect you’re from, didn’t your elders warn you all? Aside from the Wang family members, no one else is allowed to take even half a step inside.” The one who spoke was an old man at the Soul Formation stage.

Ta Shan revealed no expression and he didn’t even look at them. The big-headed boy rolled his eyes but didn’t speak.

Looking at his parents’ grave, Wang Lin withdrew his gaze. He looked up at the dozen or so cultivators and slowly asked, “Who built this grave?”

Wang Lin’s voice was flat, but when it landed in the ears of the cultivators, it was as if the might of heavens had entered their ears. A feeling of being unable to resist suddenly appeared in their hearts.

This feeling came suddenly, which caused the cultivators’ expressions to change greatly. The Soul Formation cultivator’s face turned pale. He had reached the Soul Formation stage and had obtained his own domain, so his feeling was even stronger. He felt like his own domain was going to be devoured.

It was as if there was a force that made it so he had to answer. If he didn’t answer, he would immediately collapse. He subconsciously took a few steps back and said, “This… This was built by the mortal royal family. It is the home to the Wang family ancestors and also the childhood home of my planet Suzaku’s ancestor!”

When he said this, he looked at Wang Lin and was startled. He had a vague feeling that this person looked very familiar, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t remember.

“Wang family…” Wang Lin silently pondered and looked at his parents’ grave. He turned around and was about to leave with Ta Shan and the big-headed boy.

However, just at this moment, a thunderous rumble came from the distance and a large amount of dark clouds rushed over. At the same time, an angry roar came from within the clouds

“You have guts. You dare to trespass on the Wang Ancestral Home!? My Xuan Dao Sect has guarded his place for generations. For you to trespass here means you think my Xuan Dao Sect doesn’t exist.”

A person walked out along with the roar. This person had a head of white hair and his eyes were shining. As he walked out, the powerful aura of an early stage Soul Transformation cultivator cultivator appeared.

After the surrounding cultivators saw the old man, they became respectful. It was obvious that this old man’s prestige here was high.

“Xuan Dao Sect…” Wang Lin’s gaze toward the old man became a bit more gentle. He nodded and slowly said, “Since you have reached the Soul Transformation stage, has the country of Zhao reached rank 5?”

The old man came in angrily, but he was startled. He frowned and said, “My country of Zhao became a rank 5 cultivation country 300 years ago. All the cultivators on planet Suzaku know this. Who are you!?” However, when he looked at Wang Lin, Wang Lin felt familiar. It was as if he had seen Wang Lin somewhere before.

“Rank 5 cultivation country…” Wang Lin looked at the earth and felt gratified. When he left, the country of Zhao was only rank 3, but now, even though it had only been several hundred years, it had already reached rank 5.

After withdrawing his gaze, Wang Lin carefully looked at the old man. Taking a closer look, he was able to see some clues and smiled. He was vaguely able to detect a very faint aura. This aura belonged to himself!

He remembered that when he reached the Soul Formation stage in the country of Zhao, he left behind 10 spirit seeds. This old man was one of those 10 people.

Wang Lin asked with a smile, “During these years, was it your Xuan Dao Sect that guarded this place? Are all these cultivators disciples of the Xuan Dao Sect?”

The old man frowned and carefully looked at Wang Lin’s group. For some unknown reason, his anger was forcibly suppressed, as if the person before him was very close to him. He hesitated for a bit and said, “It wasn’t only my Xuan Dao Sect. Every once in a while, a different sect from planet Suzaku comes to guard this place. Those that come are all respected figures or ones with excellent talent that will be cultivated by the sect.

“Guarding the Wang Ancestral Home is a great honor for the cultivators of planet Suzaku!” The old man didn’t know why he was explaining it in such detail to Wang Lin. Even he didn’t know why he was doing it.

After hearing the old man’s words, Wang Lin’s gaze swept past the other cultivators. Each of them had very good talent. With Wang Lin’s experience, he was immediately able to tell that the old man was telling the truth.

After silently pondering for a bit, Wang Lin let out a sigh. He was touched and said, “Thank you all!” With that, he waved his sleeves and origin energy appeared. They became small crystals that fell on every cultivator. Even the guards lying on the ground had crystals fall on them.

Every cultivator was startled and immediately felt heat flowing through their bodies. Their expressions became strange.

“You…” The Soul Transformation old man was even more surprised. He looked at Wang Lin and felt like he was even more familiar.

“You’re very good. It wasn’t in vain that I gifted the spirit seed back then!” As Wang Lin spoke, he turned around and left with Ta Shan and the big-headed boy following him. The three of them disappeared over the horizon.

“Spirit seed… Spirit…” The old man’s body trembled and he immediately thought of the other person’s identity. His face revealed excitement that hadn’t appeared in hundreds of years and he exclaimed, “Wang family ancestor!”

After he spoke, the surrounding cultivators were all shaken and revealed excitement. They couldn’t believe their eyes as they stared at the direction Wang Lin disappeared.

“He… He is the Wang family ancestor?”

“The guardian of planet Suzaku. The number one person on the planet over these countless years. Wang family ancestor, Wang Lin!”

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