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Chapter 883 - Planet Dong Lin

The moment the passage to the Alliance Star System was opened, the crack was suddenly ripped open. It quickly expanded across the starry sky.

At this moment, all the cultivators in the Allheaven Star System looked closely. Greedy gazes came from every single cultivation planet in the Allheaven Star System. It was as if those gazes could pierce the sound transmission stones and directly enter the Alliance Star System.

“The battle between the Allheaven Star System and the Alliance Star System begins!” Master Flamespark smiled as his cry echoed across the Allheaven Star System.

Master Flamespark’s voice suddenly echoed, “The great cultivation army of the east, south, west, and north, slaughter your way into the Alliance Star System. In three days, take three cultivation planets for our Allheaven Star System to use as bases!”

As his voice echoed, the army of 10,000 cultivators on the eastern side of the Thunder Celestial Temple quietly looked up. Under the command of the man in armor, all of them charged toward the crack like meteors.

They were filled with killing intent as they charged into the Alliance Star System!

There were also 10,000 cultivators on the northern side that made their move!

The armies in the west and the south sides follow suit. The sky was covered in sword energy as the cultivators slaughter their way into the Alliance Star System!

“Thunder Celestial, Vice Thunder Celestial, and 108 celestials. All of you, take your own command flags and enter the Alliance Star System!”

Inside the Thunder Celestial Temple, the 108 celestials immediately charged toward the crack in the sky like thunder. A powerful killing intent quickly filled the area!

“Kill!” No one knew who shouted, but it caused the battle intent of the surrounding cultivators to reach a peak.

“Allheaven Star System, open the large transfer array!” As Master Flamespark shouted, the sound transmission stones on all the cultivation planets collapsed, forming a large transfer array.

One by one, cultivators walked into the transfer array under the leaders of their ancestors. When they reappeared, they were next to the crack to the Alliance Star System.

The moment they appeared, they immediately charged into the crack. Their eyes were filled with greed.

As more and more cultivators entered the Alliance Star System, a catastrophe slowly began.

As Master Flamespark smiled, he stepped into the crack and arrived in the Alliance Star System. The moment he arrived, his face revealed a monstrous hatred!

“Zhong Xuanzi, this old man is back!”

A 10,000 foot crack appeared in the western side of the Alliance Star System and emitted endless chill. Countless cultivators charged out of it and filled the sky.

This was a battle between two star systems; there was no difference between good or evil!

In the distance, a cultivation army was passing through. They had just received the approval to become a rank 6 cultivation country. They were about to head to their designated cultivation planet to establish their cultivation country!

The scene before them caused the expressions of the Alliance Star System cultivators to change greatly!

The leader was a middle-aged man. His expression was gloomy and as he shouted without any hesitation, “Scatter! Everyone, retreat back to planet Xuan Ting on your own!” Then he quickly retreated!

The expressions of Alliance cultivators all changed, but while their eyes were gloomy, there weren’t any traces of panic in them. This was the fundamental difference between the Alliance and Allheaven cultivators.

In the Alliance Star System, slaughter was too ordinary. Those that could survive until now had all been through a lot. None of them weren’t as sly as a fox and extremely cunning.

At this moment, while their eyes were gloomy, they were also calm. Without the need for the middle-aged man’s command, they had all long stopped and quickly spread out. Each cultivator escaped on their own without a care of the others’ survival!

There were even some cultivators whose eyes lit up as they escaped. They hoped to lure some pursuers and kill them for their treasures. All kinds of insidious plans flashed through their heads.

The Allheaven cultivators hadn’t been organized yet. Some of them noticed this and quickly chased after the Alliance cultivators.

One of the Allheaven cultivators quicky used a spell while chasing, causing an escaping Alliance cultivator to cough out a large mouthful of blood. The Alliance cultivator became dispirited; even his speed slowed and his eyes were filled with despair.

As the Allheaven cultivator laughed, he took a step forward and closed in on the Alliance cultivator. However, the moment he closed in, the despair disappeared from the Alliance cultivator’s eyes. Instead, the Alliance cultivator sneered and retaliated!

After popping sounds were heard, a miserable groan echoed. In the end, it was the Alliance cultivator quickly flying off into the distance with a bag in his hand.

Behind him, the Allheaven cultivator’s body collapsed and dissipated. 

This scene repeated with the other pursuers as well.

Wang Lin looked at the cultivators entering the crack, but he didn’t move. Old man Xiang looked up at the crack and revealed a cold gaze. His body flickered and landed on the square and he said to Wang Lin, “Xu Mu, follow me. With the way you are, I presume you won’t want to participate in the first wave!”

As he spoke, a cloud appeared under his feet and he flew off into the distance. Wang Lin’s eyes were calm. This was true even without the matter with Li Muwan. He wouldn’t be the first to enter. In this battle between two star systems, he had to remain cautious!

When he looked back at Qing Shui, Qing Shui stood up and arrived next to Wang Lin. He took Wang Lin and followed after old man Xiang.

When Li Yunzi saw this, he hesitated for a bit. Then his gaze returned to the crack above.

Old man Xiang’s cultivation was powerful, so obviously he was fast. In a few steps, he left the Thunder Celestial Temple and headed toward the Eastern Domain. Qing Shui casually followed behind. There were black winds around Wang Lin, so he wasn’t slow at all.

On the way, old man Xiang didn’t speak at all. It was only after several days when they closed in on planet Dong Lin that he opened his mouth. “Xu Mu, it isn’t easy for you to reach your current cultivation level. You have to make sure this is all worth it! Moreover, I’m not fully confident that my ancestor will help you, so you should be prepared.”

Wang Lin camly said, “Junior understands!”

When Old man Xiang heard this, he no longer spoke.

Planet Dong Lin was a very mysterious existence in the Allheaven Star System. This planet was not at a fixed location and constantly moved. As old man Xiang flew, he would take out a red jade sometimes as if he was looking for something.

On this day under the guidance of old man Xiang, Wang Lin saw an extremely eye-catching cultivation planet in the distance.

This planet was very large, even a bit larger than planet Tian Yun. There were many large holes on the planet and it was a dark yellow color. Looking from afar, a powerful aura suddenly pressed toward him.

This was plant Dong Lin. There were dozens of smaller cultivation planets slowly rotating around it.

Occasionally, flashes of restriction light came from planet Dong Lin. It was clear that there were extremely powerful restrictions there. If one entered without a method to break through, they would without a doubt die!

Old man Xiang’s right hand formed a seal and pointed. One of the smaller planets around planet Dong Lin left its axis and flew toward old man Xiang.

When it closed in, there was a flash of light and a transfer array formed.

“Celestial Lord Qing Shui, Xu Mu, follow me!” As he spoke, he stepped into the transfer array. Qing Shui entered along with Wang Lin. The moment the three entered the transfer array, there was a flash of light and the three of them disappeared.

When they re-appeared, they were on planet Dong Lin. A gentle breeze revealed the smell of blood. The entire planet gave off a sense of violence.

Standing on planet Dong Lin, Wang Lin took a deep breath. The aura here was completely different from that of the other cultivation planets in the Allheaven Star System.

Old man Xiang didn’t take them to the family house. Instead, he charged west. In the extreme western area thousands of kilometers away lied a very messy graveyard!

The earth on the ground was dark red and gave off a dense smell of  blood. Severed limbs were scattered across the area and bald vultures circled above. They would sometimes come down and tear some flesh off. Their gazes held no fear of people and were extremely cold.

The deeper one went, the fewer severed limbs there were. There were disheveled graves everywhere densely packed together. Although Wang Lin’s expression was calm, his heart was shocked.

He had cultivated the Soul Refining Sect’s cultivation method, so he was very sensitive to souls. There were countless broken souls here. Even during its prime, the one-billion-soul soul flag had far less souls than this place.

“If I absorbed the souls here, I would be able to prepare the soul flag in an instant!” Wang Lin looked around and silently pondered.

“The extremely western area of planet Dong Lin is forbidden and outsiders weren’t allowed to enter. This is where one of the last Xiang family ancestors is in closed door cultivation!” Old man Xiang’s voice was calm, but there was great sense of respect in his voice.

Qing Shui frowned slightly as he looked around, but he didn’t speak.

As they moved forward, the three of them gradually entered the depths of this graveyard. The ground had turned from dark red to completely black.

The ground was black and there was no trace of vitality. This was like the land of the dead where vitality had to be completely oppressed!

While standing here, Wang Lin immediately felt very weak, as if the earth was absorbing his vitality. If he stayed here for too long, it was likely that all his vitality would disappear!

There were no buildings on this black earth, it was just flat land. However, there was something that made Wang Lin’s heart tremble. It was as if there was a death aura powerful enough to kill the heavens hidden underground!

Old man Xiang took a deep breath. He revealed a very respectful expression and said, “Xiang family member Xiang Yundong requests to meet the ancestor!” 

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