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Chapter 884 - Life Force

The earth trembled. Wang Lin could clearly feel a wave coming from underground. The trembling on the surface was caused by this wave.

This wave was very powerful. When it reached the surface, it caused the entire planet to tremble violently.

“What is it…” A calm voice echoed between the heavens and earth. Then an ancient aura suddenly filled the area. It was as if the voice wasn’t coming from below them but from the void and through time. The voice sounded like it came from the ancient cultivation world from countless years ago.

There was a flash of red light in Qing Shui’s right eye. He looked down at the earth before him, but his expression didn’t change.

Old man Xiang respectfully said, “The battle between the Allheaven Star System and the Alliance Star System has begun. This person obtained rank 1 in the celestial title competition and obtained one promise from our Xiang family. However, what he requested is something Junior can’t do. I was hoping that Senior would be willing to use the Qi Xi spell!” 

After Xiang Yundong finished speaking, Wang Lin immediately felt an unimaginable divine sense suddenly lock on to him. Horrified, he forced himself not to retreat and calmed himself down as much as possible.

This divine sense was simply too powerful, but it couldn’t see through him completely. At this moment, the sliver of source origin energy from his third eye spread across his body.

The divine sense scanned him once and then quickly retreated.

“Let him come down by himself!” the ancient voice echoed. Then an even more intense rumbling sound came from the earth before them. A gap suddenly opened up in the ground, creating a deep gully.

Xiang Yundong quickly nodded and turned around to look at Wang Lin. He originally was only 50% confident. After all, the ancestor had a strange attitude. The ancestor might not even care about the promise from the celestial title competition.

Now that the ancestor had agreed, Xiang Yundong smiled and said, “Xu Mu, go down. I’ll wait for you here.”

Wang Lin nodded and looked at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui’s right eye shined bright red and he calmly said, “If anyone dares to hurt you, then rivers of blood from people named Xiang will flow on planet Dong Lin.” Although his voice was light, it was filled with killing intent. Xiang Yundong frowned and could only smile wryly in silence.

Wang Lin revealed a hint of gratitude. In his life, there weren’t many people he was grateful to. Situ, Zhou Yi, Dun Tian ... and now Qing Shui!

Wang Lin took a deep breath and clasped his hands at Qing Shui and Xiang Yundong. He then turned around and walked into the gully!

This gully was very large. Wang Lin’s eyes shined brightly as he continued to descend. The walls were smooth, but there was no sign of life inside. The gully was filled with the aura of death.

As he continued to descend, the death aura became even stronger. In the end, the death aura surrounded the area and almost turn corporeal. It made Wang Lin feel extremely uncomfortable.

He was like a small flame surrounded by cold wind. He could be extinguished any time by this cold wind.

The death aura gradually grew violent as Wang Lin descended and drilled into his body. If it was anyone else, their body would have stiffened and their life would’ve been in danger.

However, Wang Lin had cultivated the life and death domain when he was in the first step. In his early cultivation period, he cultivated the Underworld Ascension Method, so he was very familiar with the death aura.

At this moment, his origin energy cycled and the yin and yang fishes started rotating around him. The death aura was pushed away so he wouldn’t be seriously injured by it.

This gully was very deep, as if it had no end. Wang Lin moved very fast, but even after seven minutes, he still couldn’t see the bottom. His expression was calm as he operated the origin energy inside his body and activated his karma domain.

After a long time, as the death aura became even dense, even the yin and yang fishes became affected and slowed down. However, at this moment, his body trembled as he landed on the ground.

What appeared before him was a tunnel. This tunnel was completely dark without any light. Even with Wang Lin’s cultivation, he couldn’t see clearly; he could only see rough outlines.

“Come here!” The ancient voice echoed inside this quiet tunnel and gave off a strange feeling. Wang Lin silently pondered for a moment. Then his eyes became filled with determination and he walked down the passage.

This tunnel wasn’t very long. After walking for seven minutes, Wang Lin arrived at the end. What he saw made his pupils suddenly shrink!

Human skulls!

Countless human skulls densely packed together!

There was a very large area at the end of the tunnel. There was no end in sight, only the endless skulls that gave off intense chills.

Everything before him was an impressive sea of human skulls!

Even with Wang Lin’s mental strength, his scalp tingled. He couldn’t help but retreat two steps, and his face was filled with horror.

There were simply too many human skulls here, too many to count. Enough for anyone’s heart to tremble when they saw it. The dense death aura formed a storm that whistled through the sea of human skulls.

Under the impact of the death aura, Wang Lin felt like his was going to suffocate. The horror in his eyes reached a peak.

Within the storm at the center of the sea of human skulls, there was a man-made platform with an earth yellow coffin on it. The wood of the coffin had some festered bits, but an almost crazy aura was coming from the it.

“What is your name?” An ancient voice came from the coffin and echoed in the area.

Wang Lin took a deep breath as he suppressed the shock in his mind and the suffocating aura. He respectfully said, “Junior Xu Mu greets Senior!”

“It is you who wants this old man to use the Qi Xi spell?” It was impossible to tell if the voice was angry or happy, but a pressure was surrounding the area.

Wang Lin calmed his heart and calmly said, “It is!”

“I can help you, but just the promise from the Xiang family isn’t enough. I want half of your life force!”

The ancient voice turned into divine sense. The moment it spread out, it caused the death aura in the surrounding area to become even more dense.

Even the endless human skulls in the sea of skulls began to move. A ghostly light lit up within the eyes of countless human skulls.

This scene was too strange. In Wang Lin’s eyes, it was as if every single human skull had opened their eyes as if they had spirits. All of their gazes gathered on his body.

The moment these unmeasurable gazes fell on him, the life force in Wang Lin’s body collapsed and dissipated. Half of his hair went from black to white as snow.

Wang Lin’s appearance immediately aged at a visible rate from young man to middle-aged.

A sense of weakness he had never felt before had appeared in Wang Lin’s heart. Although his cultivation wasn’t damaged, this feeling of weakness didn’t disappear.

The Xiang family ancestor’s voice slowly drifted over. “Take out the person you want to save!”

Wang Lin silently pondered for a moment before he slapped his bag of holding and the restriction ball holding Li Muwan’s nascent soul appeared. However, before it could fall into Wang Lin’s hand, a tyrantical death aura rushed over and took the ball back into the center of the death storm. 

At this moment, Wang Lin forgot everything. He even forgot the fact the cultivation gap between the two was uncrossable. His eyes immediately became red and the red light came out from his third eye.

“What are you going to do!?!” Wang Lin let out a roar as he charged out after the death aura that was wrapped around Li Muwan.

A cold snort came from the coffin and another strand of death aura shot toward Wang Lin. At this moment, it was as if Wang Lin had gone crazy, and without any hesitation, he opened his third eye. The red light fanned out and landed on the death aura targeting Wang Lin.

The death aura immediately collapsed. Wang Lin moved like lightning toward the restriction ball that Li Muwan was in!

“Noisy. I took half your life force and I will now use the Qi Xi spell!” As the ancient voice echoed, Wang Lin’s body stopped. He stared at the coffin before him and his eyes revealed coldness.

Under the death aura, the restriction ball around Li Muwan collapsed. While Wang Lin felt a pain in his heart, Li Muwan’s nascent soul wasn’t injured as it floated in the air.

“So it turns out to be a broken nascent soul that lost all its life and was forced to remain! No wonder you came to this old man to use the Qi Xi spell!”

Wang Lin silently pondered and silently looked at the coffin before him.

“However, if I was at my peak and I used the Qi Xi spell, I could make it recover. Even if it was to awaken her, I would just barely be able to do it. However, right now this old man is only 30% confident!” As he spoke, among the sea of skulls, many of their eyes lit up. Then death aura suddenly surrounded Wang Lin.

Wang Lin didn’t resist. As the death aura surrounded him, it pulled out strands of vitality from him. These strands of vitality were his lifespan!

As his vitality disappeared, his hair turned white and fell off. His body gradually withered and his skin became filled with wrinkles.

His face rapidly aged from middle-aged man until he became an old man. There was a faint trace of his original appearance hidden in his face.

Wang Lin’s eyes turned dim, and his weakness increased several fold. He vaguely felt something calling him from the void.

It was as if there was a power waving at him and wanted to take him away.

After cultivating for over 1,000 years, how could Wang Lin not know what power this was… This was the heavens’ reincarnation cycle. He didn’t have much lifespan left, and the heavens’ reincarnation cycle began to call him. Just like how it was with Li Muwan. When his lifespan ends, he will die!

1. Soul Refining Sect leader that took Wang Lin in.

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