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Chapter 882 - Spatial Barrier, Open!

Master Flamespark floated in the air as both his hand formed a seal and bursts of black light came out from his forehead. After these black lights appeared, they quickly grew into fragments of a continent.

Dozens of celestial fragments instantly covered the sky and created an unimaginable pressure. This made every cultivator at the Thunder Celestial Temple activate their cultivation to resist the pressure.

At first glance, it looked like the sky was divided. Rays of light came through from the gap in the intersection of the fragments. When all the cultivators in the Alheaven Star System saw this, their minds trembled and their blood began to boil.

Master Flamespark’s eyes revealed hatred he had been hiding for tens of thousands of years. He took a deep breath and opened his arm. As the fragments rotated, rumbling sounds came from the sky. This sound was extremely intense and caused the world to change colors.

Countless fragments covered the sky. At this moment, as Master Flamespark’s arms moved, they began to rotate slowly. They were slow at first and gradually became faster. The whistling sound suddenly began to spread farther and father. It penetrated the Thunder Celestial Temple until the surrounding regions could all hear it.

As these fragments rotated around a center, a vortex appeared in the sky. This vortex was very powerful and formed a storm. As the rumbling and whistling sounds continued, it created an earth-shaking scene!

The clouds in the sky disappeared like crazy. The starry sky appeared as if it was being ripped open by a pair of giant hands. The vortex formed by the giant hands was extremely bright in the starry sky. The vortex expanded until it covered the entire sky above the Thunder Celestial Temple.

This vortex contained an unimaginable power. This power would instantly kill a Nirvana Scryer cultivator. Even Nirvana Cleanser cultivators wouldn’t be able to last long in there!

As time passed, this power became even stronger and continued to gather within the depths of the vortex. Earth-shattering popping sounds continued to echo from inside the vortex.

This sound was like the heartbeats of the cultivators. Every time this sound appeared, it would shake the minds of the cultivators here as if a giant hammer was pounding on their chests.

They weren’t the only ones. Almost all the cultivators in the Allheaven Star System could vaguely hear his sound!

Every time this sound echoed, countless ripples would appear in the sky and spread endlessly. As the vortex grew bigger and bigger, the sounds coming from the vortex became unimaginably loud.

This could be compared to thunder. This powerful sound was this extreme power hitting the spatial barrier!

Master Flamespark’s white hair flowed and he shouted, “Fellow cultivators, help me!”

The eyes of the old monsters on the praying mats all shined brightly, including Blood God’s. They all flew into the air and sat down before displaying their various spells. These spells entered the vortex, causing its power to increase several fold.

The popping sounds became even more intense and the rotational force had reached its limit. The force was like a sharp drill that constantly stabbed at the void, trying to breakthrough!

Master Flamespark’s hands formed a seal and he shouted, “Power of the Thunder Realm!” Thunder beasts appeared from the dozens of fragments. They let out roars before turning into bolts of thunder and charging at the center of the vortex.


The sky trembled and the vortex expanded as it continued to rotate. A cold aura came from the vortex.

The surrounding old monsters all formed seals. Li Yunzi’s eyes lit up and he rushed out. His right hand gave off a white light as he charged directly into the vortex. There was a loud bang that sounded like a mirror shattering.

Li Yunzi’s body trembled, his face turned pale, and he retreated. The Shengong family ancestor stepped out. He slapped his forehead and a small flag flew out. There was a flash of light as it flew into the vortex.

The sound of mirror shattering echoed once more. Blood God was covered in a blood light and rushed out into vortex with his fist before him. This punch gave off a harsh red glow and pierced into the vortex.

The Xian family ancestor and the man named Gongsun stepped forth. After that, various old monsters all attacked. For a while, the vortex began to expand even more and the sounds of explosions were endless!

In the end, Master Flamespark bit the tip of his tongue and spat out essence blood. The blood turned into a blood mist and fused with the world.

Master Flamespark’s eyes were red as he shouted, “Land of the Celestial Realm, open the heavens and split the earth!” 

Various illusory figures appeared above the dozens of fragments that were creating the giant vortex. These illusory figures were the souls sealed inside the fragments by Master Flamespark!

After they appeared, they immediately entered the vortex and fused. At this moment, an unimaginable power appeared. What’s most frightening about it was that there was a trace of Ji Realm within that power!

This trace of Ji Realm came from Celestial Lord Qing Shui!

The red lightning containing the power of the Ji Realm stabbed into the depths of the vortex with the support of this unimaginable power!


The entire Thunder Celestial Temple trembled, the sky changed colors, and the clouds were blown away. All the cultivators in the Allheaven Star System saw a scene the sound transmission stones that they would never forget in their lives!

The vortex in the sky suddenly trembled and a small crack was torn open by force. Just as the crack appeared, it quickly spread, and in an instant it was over 100 feet wide. It was like a scar that would make your heart tremble.

Black whirlwinds moved around the edges of the crack.

It took so much effort to open a crack in the spatial barrier to the Alliance Star System, so how could Master Flamespark allow it to close? He had waited too long for this day. His eyes were bloodshot and his face revealed a ferocious expression. His right hand formed a seal as he pointed at the sky and shouted, “Hold the Heavens!”

Inside the vortex, one of the fragments suddenly shrank and instantly closed in on the crack. Then the fragment immediately grew. There was a loud rumble as the crack was forced to remain open by the fragment.

However, the spatial barrier crack had a power no cultivator could resist. The fragment was immediately crushed and it collapsed!

However, its collapse managed to stall the closing of the crack enough. Even more fragments went into the crack to prevent it from closing, and in the end the crack was slowly losing its ability to repair itself.

As more fragments rushed in, the crack was mercilessly torn open and widened a lot. It widened by 1,000 feet!

At this moment, the cultivators at the Thunder Celestial Temple were all in high spirits. Not only them, but all the cultivators in the Allheaven Star System saw this, and killing intent filled the Allheaven Star System.

Outside the Thunder Celestial Temple, the armies on all four sides looked up and stared at the crack above them.

An aura that didn’t belong to the Allheaven Star System and one Wang Lin was very familiar with came from the crack. This aura was the aura of the Alliance Star System!

Bright stars that Wang Lin was very familiar with appeared in the crack.

However, just at this moment, a roar suddenly came from the crack. This roar was very strong and formed a shockwave. It was like a roar from ancient times.

A huge hand came out from the crack and grabbed one of the fragments. It ruthlessly squeezed and the fragment shattered!

“It’s not an ancient god!” Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed. He didn’t feel the aura of an ancient god from that giant hand.

That giant hand didn’t stop. It reached out and quickly moved and was about to close this 1,000 foot crack. However, just at this moment, a vague figure silently appeared outside the crack!

This figure was extremely strange when it appeared; it was as if it had forced itself into existence before everyone’s eyes. When Wang Lin saw this figure, his mind trembled!

His pupils suddenly shrank. There was a flash of coldness in Qing Shui’s eyes.

The blurred figure that appeared was the person that stopped the battle between Qing Shui and Blood God!

He appeared in a strange manner and mercilessly pointed at the giant hand. A powerful surge of source origin energy shot out. When Wang Lin saw this, he felt terror in his mind!

It was as if everything in the world was frozen and that finger was the only thing that remained moving!

The finger landed on the giant arm coming out from the crack. The giant arm immediately collapsed and turned back into source origin energy.

“Thou has opened the spatial barrier and violated the law of the Ancient Celestial Realm…” A mighty voice came from the crack. It became more and more distant until it eventually disappeared.

“This old man wants to see if the Ancient Celestial Realm really exists or not!” a phantom voice said. It was calm, but it contained the might of a supreme ruler.

“The Alliance Star System…” Wang Lin looked at the familiar starry sky on the other side of the crack and silently pondered. He had left planet Suzaku a very long time ago...

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