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Chapter 880 - Wan Er

Celestials didn’t cultivate domains. True celestials had no sentiments!

Wang Lin knew this!

Ripples appeared from the center of the celestial pool and celestial spiritual energy began to spread. The surrounding cultivators all silently pondered the pros and cons. To enter or not to enter became a difficult choice for them.

Master Flamespark didn’t force them but calmly looked at the juniors before him.

Not only him, all the surrounding observers and the messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple carefully watched. All the cultivators in the Allheaven Star System also watched intently.

It was as if the entire Allheaven Star System had become silent. All the cultivators became quiet.

This was a difficult choice. No one could say which was right and which was wrong!

It could only be said that these were two different roads. One was the road of the celestials and the other was the road of cultivators!

No one could clearly say which was stronger until the end!

In ancient times, ancient cultivators wished to become immortal. For them, entering the celestial pool was a great honor. Their origin energy would change into celestial origin! This was the final goal of cultivators from ancient times!

Without the cultivation of domain, there was nothing to comprehend. All increases in cultivation level would rely on heavenly treasures, celestial cultivation, and celestial pills.

After the collapse of the Celestial Realm, cultivators no longer tried to become celestials, because the Celestial Realm no longer existed. Instead, their paths were dao! Because cultivating dao allowed them to gain enlightenment.

The key to cultivating dao was comprehension!

Comprehend the heavens, either to obey it or defy it. If there was no comprehension, then it would be very difficult to increase one’s cultivation level.

At this moment, what was placed before Wang Lin and these cultivators were two roads. One was to choose the ancient path and the other was to choose the present path.

Qing Shui calmly looked at Wang Lin. He hoped Wang Lin would enter the celestial pool and give up dao. He wanted Wang Lin to become a real celestial and become a true disciple of his master, Bai Fan.

Xu Ting pondered for a bit and looked at Wang Lin. He clenched his teeth and walked toward the celestial pool. He had been arrogant throughout his entire life, and among his peers, no was worthy in his eyes. After he left planet Dong Lin, no one had been his match!

However, during the Thunder Celestial Temple’s celestial competition, he was repeatedly beaten by Wang Lin. Then, in the one line to heaven, he was killed. He was unable to accept this!

Xu Ting had a trace of admiration toward Wang Lin. However, the admiration was insignificant compared to his unwillingness. If this continued, he knew that it would be difficult for him to surpass Wang Lin. He had to take another road and take a qualitative leap!

Therefore, he resolutely abandoned his domain and chose the path of a celestial!

After entering the celestial pool, Xu Ting felt an unbearable pain coming from his body. The water seemed to boil and drill into his body.

Large drops of sweat appeared on his forehead. His pain was almost enough to make him faint. It was as if there was a knife carving his flesh. This domain that he had cultivated for thousands of years was being absorbed by it.

Large amounts of celestial spiritual energy entered his body and fused with his origin energy, forming a never-before-seen energy that filled his body.

Only seven minutes later, Xu Ting let out a roar and his hair moved without any wind. Popping sounds came from his body and a very powerful celestial aura exploded from him.

His current strength was one step stronger than before!

Xu Ting’s eyes were like lightning and a very comfortable feeling filled his body. He held up his fist as if he controlled the power of the heavens and earth. The celestial spells he knew flashed through his head. In his heart, he felt like he could use them at any time and have full control!

“Xu Mu, one day we will battle again!” Xu Ting walked out of the celestial pool. His eyes shined as he looked at Wang Lin and then withdrew his gaze.

Xu Ting’s performance immediately set the minds of the indecisive cultivators. After him, cultivators walked into the pool one by one. They let out miserable screams before their cultivation levels increased explosively. Dense celestial spiritual energy came from their bodies as they slowly walked out from the celestial pool.

Everyone that walked out was filled with joy. The feeling of power and complete control over their celestial spells made them feel no regret choosing this path.

Wang Lin calmly looked at the celestial pool. His heart felt very complex. He had seen the third step, and in the Celestial Realm, he saw Celestial Emperor Bai Fan going crazy while pointing at the sky.

All of this was filled with mystery. Cultivating as a celestial wasn’t simple. He couldn’t determine whether this path was right or wrong, but he wasn’t willing to choose.

In addition, the most important fact was that when the celestial pool appeared, none of the old monsters even looked at it. This made Wang Lin even more determined about his choice.

Out of the Thunder Celestial, Vice Thunder Celestial, and 36 Heaven Celestials, a total of 17 people chose to enter the celestial pool. In addition to Wang Lin, Nangong Han, Shengong Hu, and Zhan Konglie, along with a dozen or so other people, chose not to enter.

“This is your own choice. Don’t regret it in the future!” Master Flamespark’s eyes swept the crowd. He raised his right hand and pointed forward. There was a rumbling sound as the celestial pool floated into the sky and disappeared.

“Please, the Celestial Bestowment Stone!” Master Flamespark’s shout was extremely respectful. After he spoke, the clouds began to move. The clouds turned into cloud dragons and began circling the area.

Waves of shocking pressure descended from the sky and enveloped the area.

All of the cultivators in the Allheaven Star System stared intently at all of this.

A moment later, one of the cloud dragons flew down from the sky and spat out a stone. This stone was only five feet long, but when it fell, it made the entire Thunder Celestial Temple tremble unceasingly.

Powerful celestial spiritual energy swept the area and began to spread like crazy.

“Thunder Celestial, Vice Thunder Celestial, and 36 Heaven Celestials, I give you the chance to carve you name on the stone!”

Xu Ting’s eyes lit up and he stepped out. He arrived next to the stone, and when he looked at it, he was shocked.

Countless names were engraved on the Celestial Bestowment stone. Each of the names gave off a powerful aura, and there were even many names of illustrious people in the Allheaven Star System. This made his urge to engrave his name on it even stronger. He raised his right hand, searched for a spot, and engraved his name.

At this moment, there was a flash green light. A powerful force entered Xu Ting’s body and pushed him back. Xu Ting sneered and the celestial origin energy inside his body surged. The black mist appeared between his eyebrows and entered his finger. He mercilessly carved on the Celestial Bestowment Stone.

He was barely able to engrave his own name. After he finished, his body felt like it was going to collapse. He retreated few steps and his face was pale.

Wang Lin looked at Xu Ting. The reason why Xu Ting was tired was because a small portion of Xu Ting’s origin soul had split off and was absorbed by the stone. Wang Lin immediately became vigilant.

Master Flamespark nodded. Anyone who could carve their name on the stone had to have shocking cultivation. He was very satisfied with Xu Ting. This person would definitely shine in the battle against the Alliance Star System.

After Xu Ting, the 36 Heaven Celestials all came forward. However, aside from Nangong Han, the six-fingered cultivator, and the big-headed boy, no one else could carve their name on the stone.

Wang Lin was the last person. His eyes were calm as he slowly walked toward the Celestial Bestwoment Stone. He looked at the names on the stone and silently pondered. Wang Lin was naturally cautious. There were many reasons why he didn’t enter the Celestial Pool. Now this Celestial Bestowment Stone made him ponder even more.

His pondering made the surrounding cultivators’ gazes gather. Wang Lin had been very eye-catching in the celestial title competition. When he chose to not enter the Celestial Pool, it set off a wave of discussion. Now that he was pondering before the stone, it caused the surrounding cultivators to make their own guesses.

Not only them, but everyone in the Allheaven Star System who saw the stone became focused and watched carefully.

They wanted to know if this Xu Mu would give up. If he didn’t give up, would he be able to engrave his name on it? Though almost none of them knew the legend or origin of the Celestial Bestowment Stone.

As he pondered, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. His right hand lifted and his index finger pressed down. A powerful force came from within the stone and bounced his right hand away.

After frowning a bit, origin energy cycled through his body and his finger pressed down once more. This time the rebound force was even stronger. However, origin energy surged into his finger to resist this force.

As a result, as Wang Lin moved his finger, the rebound force became even stronger. In the end, there were popping sounds, as if the stone was about to collapse.

Bursts of harsh light came from the stone. When Wang Lin finished the last stroke, he felt a portion of his origin soul split off and move toward his fight finger.

However, just as his origin soul was about to fuse with the stone, Wang Lin suddenly raised his head. Borrowing the force from the stone, he retreated a few steps and was able to stop the process.

Master Flamespark’s eyes narrowed and he meaningfully looked at Wang Lin. He naturally saw that Wang Lin’s origin soul hadn’t fused with the stone. Even the name engraved wasn’t Wang Lin or Xu Mu, but Master Demon!

“This Xu Mu is indeed worthy of being someone from the Alliance Star System. He isn’t greedy and remains cautious instead!” Master Flamespark withdrew his gaze.

“Now this is the last reward to the Thunder Celestial, Vice Thunder Celestial, and 36 Heaven Celestials. The 38 of you can each make a request. The Thunder Celestial Temple, the Xiang family, and the Gongsun family will do our best to help you! However, if anyone deliberately makes a difficult request, their reward will be cancelled!”

Wang Lin’s mind trembled greatly. He took a deep breath and forcibly calmed down his rapidly-beating heart. His eyes shined like never before. The reason he came here to participate in the celestial bestowment was for this last reward!

“Wan Er…”

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