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Chapter 879 - Celestial Bestowment

The six-fingered cultivator was terrified as the thunder continued to chase him. The rumbling echoed while he retreated. However, as he was retreating, Wang Lin stood up and took a step.

The moment Wang Lin moved, thunder flashed out and caused two explosions. These two explosions were very loud and shocking. In the blink of an eye, Wang Lin caught up to the six-fingered cultivator.

Two of this fingers formed a sword and he pointed forward. A bolt of thunder suddenly gathered from all directions toward the six-fingered cultivator. As the thunder descended, the six-fingered cultivator’s face turned pale and he wanted to resist. However, Wang Lin’s fingers absorbed all the thunder. A bolt of thunder that seemed like a bolt of thunder from ancient times shot out.

It broke through all the spells and directly entered the body of the six-fingered cultivator. The raging thunder tore up his body and caused his origin soul to collapse. He let out a miserable groan and his origin energy leaked out. Then his entire body collapsed.

The golden rune flashed and one of the golden runes fused with the six-fingered cultivator’s soul. Then it became full of spirit and returned to the Celestial Sealing Stamp.

All of this happened in an instant. The six fingered cultivator was killed by Wang Lin at almost the same moment that he tried to sneak attack him.

Wang Lin’s face was a bit pale. The third eye between his eyebrows gradually closed and the red line slowly disappeared. He then turned around and stared at Nangong Han, who appeared 100 feet away. 

“You want to battle with me too?”

Nangong Han’s expression was serious and carefully looked at Wang Lin. A moment later, he laughed and shook his head. “I can’t beat you. I came because I wanted to help you take care of the person who launched the sneak attack.”

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and sat down to cultivate. At this moment, clouds began to gather in the sky. Five-colored light came from the clouds and the light split into three. One light landed on Wang Lin, another on Nangong Han, and the last on Shengong Hu. Shengong Hu’s body trembled and he disappeared.

Only Wang Lin and Nangong Han were grabbed by the five-colored lights and dragged toward the sky.

Wang Lin didn’t lose consciousness this time. He saw a crack appear in the sky and was pulled into it.

His vision blurred. When his vision recovered, he saw the cultivators on the square.

Wang Lin’s body flickered and he landed on the ground. Nangong Han landed almost at the same time he did.

The 108 cultivators on the square had all awakened. Xu Ting’s expression was extremely gloomy as he silently stared at Wang Lin.

The six-fingered cultivator also looked at Wang Lin with a malicious gaze.

Master Flamespark had a smile on his face as he stood up and slowly said, “My Thunder Celestial Temple bestows 108 celestials!” With that, his right hand reached toward the void. The song of the Thunder Celestial Realm suddenly began to echo.

This song was very beautiful, as if it was the song of the heavens.

Large amounts of clouds began to gather during the song and the celestial spiritual energy in the air became rich. It made this place look like the Celestial Realm.

A few cranes flew and let out cries that lightened people’s hearts when they heard them.

If one looked from a distance, combined with the Thunder Celestial Temple, this place was no different from the real Celestial Realm.

The surrounding cultivators all stood up along with their families’ ancestors. They all had respectful expressions and formed a dense crowd.

Not only them, even the old monsters on the praying mats stood up and had serious expressions. On the other edge, the messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple all stood there with respectful expressions.

At this moment, it wasn’t only the Thunder Celestial Temple that was like this. The Thunder Celestial Temple had used a special method to transmit this scene to the entire Allheaven Star System.

The cultivators from each cultivation family on each cultivation planet all had a sound transmission stone from the Thunder Celestial Temple.

Not only could the Thunder Celestial Temple sound transmission stones transmit sound, it could also transmit images of what was happening. This was given out by the Thunder Celestial Temple for free. Aside from using it for the celestial bestowment, it would also be used to mobilize for the war against the Alliance Star System.

At this moment, almost all of the cultivators saw the scene of the celestial bestowment on the images displayed by the sound transmission stones.

The Thunder Celestial Temple was located at the center of the Allheaven Star System. At this moment, a killing aura began to appear from the four domains around the Thunder Celestial Temple.

On the east side, cultivators began to gather. They formed a dense crowd of at least 10,000! These cultivators were all wearing different clothes; they were obviously from different cultivation families. At this moment, they all silently looked ahead. 

There was a person covered by red armor standing before them. His white hair flowed behind him and his face was expressionless as he held the sound transmission stone. The scene at the Thunder Celestial Temple was being transmitted from the sound transmission stone.

The south was the same. 10,000 cultivators sat in space with an old man leading them while they all stared at the stars.

The west and north sides also had armies of cultivators like this.

At this moment, the celestial bestowment at the Thunder Celestial Temple was being watched by all!

In the Thunder Celestial Temple, a crane flew over with a piece of yellow scroll in its mouth. It circled around Master Flamespark before the yellow scroll fell from its mouth and was caught by Master Flamespark.

He shook the scroll and it opened up before him. This scroll gave off rich celestial spiritual energy. It was obvious that it was a celestial treasure!

“There is a total of 110 remaining. Originally, two of you would be disqualified, but after the arduous test, the heavens will give you all a chance. The strongest two will be the Thunder Celestial and Vice Thunder Celestial. The remaining 108 people will be divided into 36 Heaven Celestials and 72 Earth Celestials!”

Master Flamespark paused here. His gaze swept past the cultivators before him and he shouted, “Xu Mu, come forward!”

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed. He then flew up and clasped his hands. “Present!”

Master Flamespark’s expression was serious as he said, “You were ranked first in the human, earth, and heaven trials and one line to heaven. Xu Mu, I bestow upon you title of Thunder Celestial! You will lead an army of 3,000 as the vanguard in the attack on the Alliance Star System!”

As Master Flamespark spoke, his right hand reached into the void and a golden celestial brush appeared. He waved the pen and wrote the first line on the yellow scroll.

“Authentic Thunder Celestial: Xu Mu”

Just as he finished writing those words, there was a flash of gold light and a roar came from inside the scroll. The words flew out from the yellow scroll and fused together to form a tiger made of thunder!

This tiger was 100 feet tall. When it appeared, it let out a roar and rushed at Wang Lin. It stopped 10 feet from Wang Lin and shrank until it became a three-inch-tall flag. The image of the tiger flickered on the flag!

“I give you the celestial treasure Heaven Tiger Flag. With this, you can command 3,000 Allheaven Star System cultivators and form your own force!” Master Flamespark’s words rumbled as it spread in all directions.

Wang Lin took the Heaven Tinger Flag. He took a deep breath and clasped his hands. “Order received!”

At this moment, Wang Lin’s appearance was clearly seen by all the cultivators of the Allheaven Star System. A storm went off in the Allheaven Star System!

“He is Xu Mu!”

“Master Demon Xu Mu, Thunder Celestial!”

“This person went beyond the 108 celestial. His cultivation must be amazing, and he is not one to be trifled with!”

On planet Ran Yun, a beautiful woman looked up at the celestial bestowment showing in the sky. Originally, she didn’t care and was about to withdrew her gaze. However, at this moment, she was startled! When she laid eyes on Wang Lin, she fell into a trance. That person was very familiar, as if she had seen him somewhere before.

Not only her, but all the cultivators on planet Ran Yun were staring at the sky. Monstrous waves were set off in all their hearts when they looked at Wang Lin. They couldn’t settle down for a long time.

On planet Qing Ling, many cultivators looked up at the sky. However, at this moment, all the elders of the families exclaimed.


On top of Heng Yun Peak, Xie Qing awakened from his trance. He looked at the sky and his eyes became filled with excitement. He muttered, “Master!”

On a remote cultivation planet, Yao Bingyun was sitting on the highest iceberg. She lifted her head and looked up at the sky. Her eyes revealed a very complex look.

“I didn’t expect him to became the Thunder Celestial…”

In the Northern Domain, on a semi-wasted cultivation planet, a foul smell had appeared from it in recent years. Although the cultivators searched for it, they couldn’t find the source. At this moment, within a valley on this planet, Greed looked up at the sky and revealed a vicious gaze.

“He actually achieved such high prestige in the Allheaven Star System!”

At this moment, all the cultivators in the Allheaven Star System that knew Wang Lin looked up at the sky. There was shock in all their eyes.

In the Thunder Celestial Temple, Master Flamespark shouted, “Xu Ting, come forward!”

Xu Ting took a deep breath, then he quickly went up and stood there respectfully.

“I bestow upon you the title of Vice Thunder Celestial and a 2,000 cultivator army. You will be the second vanguard!”

Although Xu Ting was unwilling in his heart, he had to yield. After pondering for a moment, he respectfully said, “Order received!”

After that, Master Flamespark continued calling out. The 108 celestial titles were all successfully given! Each cultivator obtained a flag and became a celestial!

“Thunder Celestial, Vice Thunder Celestial, 36 Heaven Celestials, and 72 Earth Celestials, enter the celestial pool!” Master Flamespark waved his sleeves and the yellow scroll disappeared. Then the clouds turned and condensed to form a pool that slowly descended from the sky.

There was blue water inside the pool that gave off an aura that shook one’s mind!

“Enter the celestial pool to allow your domain to melt and allow you to form your celestial origin. Then you will become a true celestial!” Master Flamespark’s voice echoed across the heavens and earth.

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