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Chapter 881 - “I Agree!”

Wang Lin didn’t display this violent shift in emotion. His eyes gradually calmed, but behind this calmness there a flame that was burning brightly.

He wasn’t the first to step forward; he waited for others to state their requests before he slowly walked forward. He clasped his hands at Master Flamespark and respectfully said, “Junior has a request!”

Master Flamespark looked at Wang Lin and calmly said, “Xu Mu, speak your request.”

“Junior’s request is for a broken nascent soul to reform flesh and awaken!” As Wang Lin spoke, there was no change in his voice. However, his heart pounded as if it was going to burst out of his chest.

“Oh?” Master Flamespark’s eyes narrowed. He pondered a bit before looking at old man Xiang and saying, “This request isn’t difficult. Since ancient times, the Xiang family has had a spell that is said to be very magical. It should be able to meet your requirements. How about it, Fellow Cultivator Xiang?”

Old man Xiang faintly smiled. He admired Wang Lin a lot. He smiled and said, “Xu Mu, I presume the nascent soul you speak of had their body destroyed and suffered serious injuries. This caused them to go into sleep. This shouldn’t be difficult! Take out the nascent soul and let this old man exam it first!”

Wang Lin silently pondered. Li Muwan was very important to him and was irreplaceable. She was also someone he had to protect, and at this moment, he hesitated. He raised his right hand and touched his bag of holding. A small ball of light immediately flew out.

In the first three days at the Thunder Celestial Temple, Wang Lin had already taken out Li Muwan’s nascent soul from the heaven defying bead when no one was around. He had sealed her with the Annihilation Restriction so her nascent soul wouldn’t dissipate.

All of it was for this moment.

Holding the ball of light with his right hand, Wang Lin’s left hand touched it. The ball of light opened up like a flower, revealing the nascent soul cultivating inside.

This nascent soul was Li Muwan. Her face was pale and she was sitting in the lotus position. Her whole body gave off a sense of weakness, as if she would dissipate completely if the wind blew on her.

There was a layer of light on her body. This made Li Muwan look very holy. She looked like a celestial that had descended from the heavens and landed in Wang Lin’s hand.

Although she was asleep and never awake, people were still able to feel Li Muwan’s gentleness and kindness.

Her appearance was very beautiful. Even though she wasn’t as stunning as Liu Mei or as bright as Red Butterfly, in Wang Lin’s heart, what did those things count for!?

Back then, Lin Muwan aged rapidly in his arms. 

Everything turned to ash and disappeared. Only one thing echoed inside Wang Lin’s heart.

“Even if the heavens want you to die, I’ll take you back!!”

For this sentence, Wang Lin came to the Allheaven Star System! For this sentence, he stood before the Thunder Celestial Temple!

When Wang Lin took out Li Muwan’s nascent soul, Xi Zifeng, who had her eye locked onto Wang Lin, almost collapsed. Her face was pale, her body trembled, and she felt her heart shatter.

“So it turns out… He went through all these tests for this woman…” Tears came out from Xi Zifeng’s eyes. As she looked at the nascent soul in his hand, her heart ached and she felt bitterness in her heart.

“To have her lover do all of this, although her nascent soul is damaged and asleep, this is happiness.”

Qing Shui looked at Wang Lin and the nascent soul in Wang Lin’s palm before a hint of melancholy appeared in his eyes. Many years ago, he also had a woman he would guard with his life. It was just… Qing Shui’s eyes revealed agony.

When old man Xiang looked at Li Muwan’s nascent soul, his smile froze. As he looked at Li Muwan’s nascent soul, he slowly frowned and asked, “How long has this nascent soul slept for?”

Wang Lin took a deep breath. At this moment, his determination from his 1,000 years of cultivation was extremely fragile. Suppressing his trembling mind, he softly said, “Nearly 700 years.”

Old man Xiang nodded slightly and said, “It looks like you spent a lot of effort to preserve this nascent soul for 700 years. However… 700 years is too long. How can a Nascent Soul cultivator survive for 700 years? Not to mention the fact that she has lost her flesh and only her nascent soul remains!

“And above all else, this nascent soul is slowly dying! Xu Mu, change your request!” Old man Xiang sighed. He wanted to help this Xu Mu, so he gave him a chance to change his request.

Old man Xiang’s voice was like a sharp needle that mercilessly stabbed Wang Lin’s heart. This kind of pain felt as if the world before him had collapsed. There was only desolation and nothing remained.

This kind of pain cause Wang Lin’s will to live to fade. Those words echoed in his mind again and again like thunder.

“Is there really no way…” Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with extreme sadness as he looked at Li Muwan.

Old man Xiang let out a long sigh. He took another careful look at Li Muwan’s nascent soul and shook his head. “If this old man’s guess isn’t wrong, she died due to her lifespan being up and you used a special method to extract her nascent soul and then nourished it. However, just as the nourishment was about to succeed, an accident happened at the key moment. This made it so her nascent soul couldn’t withstand it. Although you saved her, the truth is that she is already on the verge of death.

“I can’t help you with my strength. She is someone who should have died already. Forcibly making her stay is a painful matter for you and her! The only thing I can do is help you send her to the reincarnation cycle.”

Wang Lin’s body flickered and he retreated a few step. His face was pale and he coughed out blood and revealed a miserable smile. He looked at Li Muwan’s nascent soul in his hand.

His memories of Li Muwan flashed before his eyes. The feeling of his heart aching filled his body. This pain pierced his bones and shredded his heart. Two streams of tears came from Wang Lin’s eyes. In his lifetime, the amount of time he shed tears could be counted with one hand.

Looking at Li Muwan, an unyielding flame ignited inside Wang Lin’s heart.

“Even if the heavens want you to die, I’ll take you back. Wan Er, this is my commitment to you!” Wang Lin raised his right hand and grabbed Li Muwan’s nascent soul. The seal immediately shrank and formed a small ball once more.

Old man Xiang silently pondered. After a long time, he suddenly said, “It isn’t that there is absolutely no method!”

Wang Lin’s body trembled as if tens of thousands bolts of thunder had exploded in his body. At this moment, all of his energy focused in his eyes as he looked at old man Xiang.

“However, the price for this method is too great. The key to why this woman can’t survive is that her lifespan is up. If you can expend her lifespan, there might be a chance. This spell is called the Qixi spell. However, I am unable to use it, only the ancient ancestor that is in closed door cultivation can use it.

“Xu Mu, I have to warn you that to use the Qixi spell requires the life force of someone very close to this woman. This is the only way for there to be no rejection. However, the person who’s giving life will have their longevity reduced. This kind of reduction isn’t equal. You must give up 90% of your life for only a sliver of a chance of this woman recovering.

“However, this is only a sliver of a chance. If it doesn’t succeed, your lifespan won’t recover. Please think about it carefully. If you agree, I can take your request to the ancestor once!”

The surroundings were completely silent. The Xiang family ancestor’s voice echoed across the heavens and earth and fell on everyone’s ears. At this moment, all the cultivators in the Allheaven Star System heard his words.

For a sliver of a chance for this woman to revive, he would have to give up most of his lifespan. Was this worth it or not...

This question troubled the heart of every cultivator that heard it.

Old man Xiang really admired Wang Lin. He had no selfish goal or malicious intent when he said this before every cultivator in the Allheaven Star System.

Wang Lin looked at the restriction ball in his hand. His gaze seemed to be able to penetrate it as he looked at Li Muwan and slowly said, “I agree!” 

His voice was a bit hoarse. His gaze seemed to pierce the restriction ball and fell on Li Muwan. A sense of sadness filled the area. Li Muwan seemed to have heard his voice, and her body trembled gently and she tried to open her eyes. However, she had no strength; she only felt endless fatigue and sadness.

Wang Lin knew that lifespan came from vitality. The stronger the vitality, the longer the lifespan. When a cultivator’s cultivation level increases, their vitality increases. This was why powerful cultivators had long lives.

Old man Xiang nodded and said, “Since you agree, once the celestial bestowment is complete, follow me to planet Dong Lin!”

The reminiscence remained in Qing Shui’s eyes. There was a hint of melancholy as he gently said, “Xu Mu, I’ll go with you!”

Wang Lin looked at Qing Shui and his eyes revealed gratitude. He nodded. He knew that Qing Shui was worried about something happening to him at planet Dong Lin. Qing Shui decided to accompany him to ensure this matter proceeded smoothly.

After this, the remaining people all made their requests. What was worth mentioning was that both Xu Ting and Nangong Han made the same request. They requested to enter the Treasure Pavilion to learn celestial spells. After everyone obtained their rewards, the celestial bestowment ended!

The moment it ended, Master Flamespark’s laughter echoed. He floated above his praying mat and waved his sleeve. His eyes shined and he shouted, “Fellow cultivators, help me open up the passage to the Alliance Star System. The war is about to begin!”

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