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Chapter 878 - The Third Eye

The cultivators inside the battlefield all looked up at the slowly disappearing thunder. Their hearts were filled with fear!

“This is that Master Demon’s spell!! Terrifying!”

“If you meet that person, you will die!”

“It is impossible for me to confront him with my power. This kind of spell is unheard of and heaven-shaking!”

Xu Ting stared dumbfoundedly at this and clenched his fist. He didn’t notice that his fist was slightly trembling!

In the Thunder Celestial Temple on the square, the big-headed boy suddenly opened his eyes and coughed out a large mouthful of blood. He immediately became dispirited. His expression was fierce as he suddenly stood up and looked around. He was startled and revealed terror!


Master Flamespark shouted, “Sit!”

The big-headed boy’s body was trembling, his heart was pounding, his mind was a mess. Earlier, he wanted to go all out and find Wang Lin’s body for revenge. However, when he looked around, he saw that there were only 108 people. Four were missing!

“Could it be that in the one line to heaven, four of them didn’t enter as avatars but went in with their real bodies…” The big-headed boy’s scalp went numb. He was secretly grateful he wasn’t one of the ones that went inside with his body. His body was covered in cold sweat and he felt a wave of fear.

“No wonder I couldn’t open my bag of holding. Only treasures with origin soul infused could be used!” The big-headed boy took a deep breath and he still felt fear.

In the battlefield, there was a flash of gold and a golden rune appeared. This rune had absorbed the dissipated avatar of the big-headed boy and was now filled with intelligence. 

Wang Lin retrieved the Celestial Sealing Stamp. He looked at the stunned Shengong Hu and slapped his bag of holding. After taking out some pills, he handed them to Shengong Hu.

“Find a hidden place and focus on cultivating!”

Shengong Hu took the pills. He was about to swallow them when he his eyes suddenly narrowed. He looked at Wang Lin’s bag of holding and after some hesitation he said, “My lord… you… can open your bag?”

Wang Lin was startled and his eyes became gloomy. Hundreds of thoughts flash through his head. With his intelligence, just one sentence from Shengong Hu was able to make him understand!

“You can’t open yours?” Wang Lin gloomily looked at Shengong Hu.

Shengong Hu shook his head. His divine sense went into his bag. Then he slapped his bag and there was no response!

Wang Lin remained silent as he turned around and stepped into the air.

Shengong Hu had some ideas in his head. After hesitating for a bit, he listened to Wang Lin and found a place to hide.

Wang Lin traveled within the battlefield and revealed a sneer.

“What a good slaughter battlefield. There are real people among the fakes and fakes among the real! Master Flamespark’s scheme really runs deep! I admire him! Excluding the 108 people outside, four out of 112 people came in with their real bodies! The two I killed earlier had their bags, so there is another one left beside me! I just don’t know who it is.”

As Wang Lin moved, his divine sense spread without any restraint. If he noticed a cultivator, he would immediately rush over. Along the way, Wang Lin showed no mercy. Since this was a slaughter battlefield, if one entered, they were prepared to kill and be killed. If they died, it wasn’t real death. As a result, all of the cultivators Wang Lin encountered found it difficult to escape! However, before Wang Lin attacked, he would check if the other person could open their bag of holding or not. If they couldn’t, then he would attack.

The same slaughter continued on the other side as well. Xu Ting released the black mist once more and swept across the area as he devoured everyone in his path.

In the end, a lot of cultivators that had managed to get a kill simply killed themselves. This way, they wouldn’t give the kill they gained to someone else.

As time slowly passed, fewer and fewer cultivators remained in the battlefield.

Wang Lin was fortunate. If the other party was obedient, then Wang Lin wouldn’t attack. He would just wait for when they died and seal their avatar.

However, Xu Ting’s side was filled with violence. Even the ones that wanted to commit suicide, if they were slow, they couldn’t avoid the fate of being devoured.

There was night in the battlefield. When night descended, not many people remained. Wang Lin spread out his divine sense and walked toward Xu Ting.

Xu Ting was someone he had to kill, even more so now due to the trace of source origin energy inside Xu Ting. Wang Lin had already detected it, so there was no way he was going to let Xu Ting go!

Xu Ting also spread out his divine sense and locked onto Wang Lin. Then he entered the black mist and charged toward Wang Lin. All of the cultivators in his area had died; he was the only one left!

He moved faster and faster until he was like a ray of light. His killing intent continued to grow until it reached a monstrous level!

“Xu Mu!” An earth-shattering roar came from Xu Ting’s mouth.

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm as his body floated in the air and he looked at the rapidly approaching Xu Ting. The black mist was covering the area behind Xu Ting. Then it condensed and formed a demonic shadow. It let out a roar as it charged at Wang Lin.

“I hope the last person that can open their bag is him!” Killing intent flashed across Wang Lin’s eyes.

Xu Ting became even faster until he created a series of sonic booms as he charged at Wang Lin.

There was a heaven-shaking bang. As Xu Ting closed in, the demonic shadow opened its mouth and attempted to devour Wang Lin.

The Celestial Sealing Stamp grew to over 1,000 feet in front of Wang Lin. Then the golden runes flew out, causing a series of rumbling sounds. The two of them began a great battle in the air!

On the ground, Shengong Hu came out from his hiding place and stood on top of a tree. He intently watched the battle in the sky. At this moment, a hand suddenly tapped his shoulder.

Shengong Hu was terrified as he rushed out. Just as he was about to use a spell, he heard a chuckle.

“Don’t be nervous. In fact, when he suddenly rushed forward, you were also scared me for a moment.” Nangong Hu smiled mischievously. He sat down next to Shengong Hu, looked up, and exclaimed, “To be able to watch such a spectacular battle during the night is one of life’s great joys! Ah!” As he spoke, he slapped his bag of holding, took out a pot of wine, and took a drink.

Shengong Hu stared at Nangong Han’s bag of holding. He withdrew his gaze and sat down on a big tree not far away.

Nangong Han took a big gulp and said with a depressed expression, “Hehe, you found out. I can’t help it; I was unlucky to have my actual body brought here. Fortunately, I found out early. Otherwise, if I had gone to carelessly kill like a fool and died, it wouldn’t have been worth it at all! As a result, I found a place to hide and waited for it to end, then I come out when it was safe!”

In the distance, the six-fingered cultivator was sitting on a big tree. As he silently watched the battle in the sky, there was a flash of coldness in his eyes.

“The two of your are the strongest, so battle! That way, I’ll have a chance!” He licked his lips and sneered.

Xu Ting’s demonic shadow and Wang Lin’s Celestial Sealing Stamp collided, creating an earth-shattering rumble. This caused the entire battlefield to tremble.

With a bang, Xu Ting’s body was knocked back few dozen feet. The shadow followed Xu Ting.

Wang Lin retreated 30 feet. His eyes were calm but filled with killing intent!

As Xu Ting retreated, his hands formed a seal and a large amount of  origin energy gathered in his body. Then the black vortex between his brows began to rotate faster and he shouted, “Snake Devour!”

After he spoke, the demonic shadow before him began to move and in an instant turned into a 1,000-foot-long snake. The snake let out a roar and rushed at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin had seen this spell before, so he knew of its power. At this moment, he raised his right hand, formed a seal, and said, “Call the Wind!”

Black wind suddenly appeared from Wang Lin’s right hand and filled the heavens and earth. Two black dragons formed and they let out a fierce roar before charing at the snake. Along with wave of cold air the two intersected and devoured each other.

However Call the Wind was a celestial spell made by a Celestial Emperor. The snake only devoured one dragon before it let out a painful roar. Its body began to expand infinitely until it finally collapsed!

The moment the snake’s body shattered the dragon that was devoured reformed. The two dragons charged at Xu Ting.

Xu Ting’s right hand formed a seal and pointed between his eyebrows as he shouted, “Mountain spirit!” The black mist erupted from behind his head and formed a thick mist before him. The mist quickly filled the heavens and earth before turning into a giant mountain!

This mountain covered the sky as if it had replaced the sky. And then it smashed down toward Wang Lin like crazy!

Wang Lin’s expression was still calm as he stared at Xu Ting, but the killing intent in his eyes became even stronger. As the black dragons rushed out, he placed his right hand between his eyebrows. At this moment, he was no longer willing to waste time with this Xu Ting!

“Third seal, open!” Wang Lin’s voice was calm, but there was a trace of coldness in it.

The red line between his eyebrows suddenly began to extend to both sides. The third eye opened and suddenly released a ray of unimaginably bright red light. This red light opened up like a fan and quickly spread!

Due to one of the seals being released, ⅓ of the terrifying power that was sealed by Wang Lin merged with the red light!

The moment the black mountain descended, it was shrouded by the red light. It began to disintegrate layer by layer. In just half a breath of time, it turned back into black gas and disappeared.

Xu Ting’s eyes were filled with terror and a powerful sense of crisis he had never felt before enveloped his body. He was terrified and wanted to retreat, but it was too late as the red light had landed on him. After the black mountain disintegrated, Wang Lin turned toward Xu Ting.

Xu Ting felt his body tremble; it was as if tens of thousands of bolts of thunder had exploded in his body. Everything disappeared, but not even the thunder roar could cover his increasing heartbeat.

Thump, thump, thump thump… His heart rate reached a limit, as if it was going to explode.

All of his blood and origin energy began to cycle like crazy, almost out of his control. The black mist between his eyebrows struggled as if it wanted to leave his body.

“What kind of spell is this!?!” Sweat came out from Xu Ting’s body and his clothes were soaked. He was inside the red light and was unable to move, as if some force was holding him down. Endless waves of panic drowned him.

That power roared inside the red light and rushed into his body. He clearly felt his body disintegrate layer by layer under the red light. First it was his skin, flesh, and bones. They all collapsed as if they were returning back to their source. After that, his origin soul devolved into a nascent soul and then again into a golden core. Finally, the golden core exploded and turned back into spiritual energy!

This didn’t end. The spiritual energy collapsed. His entire being was being wiped from existence as he let out a desperate scream! Even the sliver of source origin energy inside his avatar was extracted and disappeared after it fused with the red light.

The red light disappeared and Wang Lin revealed an extremely tired expression. In a flash, he sat down on a big tree and quickly sealed the power between his eyebrows.

This strange scene caused Nangong Han to spit out the wine he was drinking. His eyes were filled with fear.

“I can’t beat him…”

Shengong Hu took a deep breath and looked at Wang Lin. That red light just now caused the respected figure he saw in the thunder lake to reappear.

While the six-fingered cultivator’s eyes were filled with terror, there was also a flash of fierceness in them. He rushed out at Wang Lin!

“He must be injured, so this is the best chance to kill him. Once I can kill the Master Demon, even if this is only an illusory world, I, Zhou Xingdao, will become famous in the Allheaven Star System!!” The six-fingered cultivator moved like lightning while his heart pounded. A flash of blue light appeared on his sixth finger.

He was too fast and closed in on Wang Lin in an instant.

Shengong Hu’s expression changed. He wanted to charge out, but it was too late. Nangong Hu suddenly stood up and stepped out.

Just as the six-fingered cultivator closed in on Wang Lin, Wang Lin opened his eyes and revealed cold killing intent.


That one word turned into endless thunder that rumbled in the sky. Countless bolts of thunder descended like crazy at the six-fingered cultivator.

The expression of the six-fingered cultivator changed greatly. With just one word from Wang Lin, it was as it countless bolts of thunder had exploded in his mind. Wang Lin’s prestige was too deeply engraved in his mind! He hadn’t attacked yet, but his mind had already grown timid. His eyes were filled with terror, and he quickly escaped and didn’t dare to attack.

The thunder descended like crazy as he retreated. As the thunder rumbled, the six-fingered cultivator cursed in his heart as he struggled. However, more and more thunderbolts appeared and linked together. It looked like divine retribution.

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