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Chapter 877 - Thunder, Destroy

The three people beside him clenched their teeth. If they didn't act now, they would have no chance at survival. One of them formed a seal and then the surrounding vegetation began to grow like crazy and rushed at Wang Lin.

There was another person who opened their mouth and spat out a black bead that closed in on Wang Lin. The last cultivator formed a seal and hundreds of puppets rushed out to attack Wang Lin.

However, at this moment, the eyes of the cultivator that sent out the gourd lit up and he quickly retreated. However, the moment he retreated, the other three also moved. It seemed like they all had the same idea.

The four people escaped in four different directions.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and the Celestial Sealing Stamp charged out. All the attacks collapsed under the Celestial Sealing Stamp that was hundreds of feet wide. It then flashed out after one of the four.

There was a loud bang. After it smashed down, it charged after another. Hundreds of thousands of golden runes filled the area, but four of them were filled with intelligence.

Wang Lin stared at the very special four runes among them. His eyes lit up and he came up with a bold idea.

"If I fuse the one-billion-soul soul flag and the Celestial Seal Stamp…" Wang Lin's heart skipped a beat.

Rumbling sounds continued to echo, and a moment later, the Celestial Sealing Stamp returned. The amount of runes that contained intelligence increased from four to seven!

Wang Lin grabbed the Celestial Sealing Stamp and disappeared.

Shegong Hu's face was pale as he quickly moved through the forest. The moment he appeared, he was locked on to by a killing intent. If it wasn't for the fact that his reaction was fast and he quickly dodged, he would have died the moment he appeared.

Nevertheless, he was still injured when he dodged. His face was pale and he quickly escaped. Behind him, the big-headed boy quickly gave chase.

His foolish smile still remained on the big-headed boy's face. His smile toward Shengong Hu was cold. He raised his hand and threw a flash of purple light. The purple light quickly turned into a purple ant dozens of feet tall.

This ant was extremely ferocious. After it appeared, it let out a roar and charged forward with its giant ant forceps. It was far faster than Shengong Hu, and it mercilessly pinched in his direction!

The smile on the big-headed boy became even colder. He could already see the cultivator before him being torn in half by the Profound Heavenly Ant he had raised.

The big-headed boy muttered, "Unfortunately, I can't open my bag of holding here. Otherwise, I would've just collected his origin soul and there would be no need to send out the Profound Heavenly Ant..."

At this moment of crisis, Shengong Hu's eyes lit up and he turned around to spit out a fist-sized ball of thunder at the ant chasing him. The thunder let out a rumble as it headed toward the ant.

However, the difference between their cultivation levels was too great. Just as the thunder closed in on the ant, the ant clamped it with its forceps and the ball of thunder collapsed.

A thunderous roar echoed, but the ant completely ignored the impact and charged forward. Its forceps gave off a cold aura as it mercilessly clamped down on Shengong Hu.

Shengong Hu let out a miserable smile. From the moment he appeared to now, it had been less than 15 minutes, and he had spent it all on survival. He hadn't managed to kill anyone yet, and he was about to forfeit the battlefield.

However, just at this moment, Shengong Hu's eyes were filled with surprise. He felt a familiar aura suddenly close in. There was a flash of golden light and a cold voice filled the heavens and earth.


The moment that word was spoken, golden runes suddenly condensed around Shengong Hu. With a bang, the ant's forceps pinched down on the golden runes.

With a flash, the countless golden runes fused, creating a golden storm. As the storm swept by, the Profound Heavenly Ant trembled and quickly retreated.

The foolish smile on the big-headed boy immediately froze and he stared ahead. His expression became gloomy and then he retreated without hesitation.

Wang Lin stepped out from the jungle behind Shengong Hu. The Celestial Sealing Stamp floated before Wang Lin and released a soft golden glow.

"My Lord!" Shengong Hu's face was filled with respect.

Wang Lin nodded and his gaze swept the retreating big-headed boy. He coldly said, "Still want to run!?" He took a step and immediately moved hundreds of feet. The Celestial Sealing Stamp directly charged out.

The big-headed boy's cultivation level was the same as Wang Lin's, early stage Nirvana Scryer. He had witnessed Wang Lin's rise during the three trials, so now he was extremely afraid of Wang Lin and didn't want to provoke Wang Lin needlessly.

The big-headed boy's foolish smile had already disappeared and he quickly shouted, "Fellow Cultivator Xu Mu, I'll just leave this area. Why must you aim to kill? Our cultivation levels are the same, so if we battle, you will be injured. Don't give that Xu Ting a chance!"

Wang Lin's eyes were cold. As he stepped out, he raised his hand. A Heavenly Chop fused into his hand and he mercilessly chopped down. The big-headed boy's expression changed greatly. As he retreated, the Profound Heavenly Ant let out a roar and blocked in front of the big-headed boy. The moment the heavenly chop touched the ant, the ant collapsed!

The Celestial Sealing Stamp flashed and one of the golden runes landed on the collapsing ant. That golden rune was immediately filled with intelligence.

The big-headed boy's expression became pale. As he swiftly retreated, his hand formed a seal and he shouted, "Celestial Spell, Embrace!" After he said that, a ripple spread out around him. As the ripple spread out, the surroundings began to change. Different fierce beasts began to appear, and they all let out an angry roars as they rushed at Wang Lin.

"Let's use you to test my power over thunder!" Wang Lin's voice was like the winter wind. When it fell in the ears of the big-headed boy, the boy trembled. He remember how Wang Lin had devoured the thunder spirit during the earth trial. He felt bitter and quickly retreated after he cast the spell.

Wang Lin's eyes suddenly changed. A thunder that would cause people to tremble gathered like crazy.

"The thunder of the heavens and earth is all under my control!" Wang Lin didn't look at the big-headed boy but up at the sky. The ancient thunder dragon origin soul flew out from between his eyebrows and let out a roar.


The ancient thunder dragon's roar that allowed it to control thunder once again echoed across the world! This roar was like heaven-splitting thunder. It sent out like a shockwave that shocked all the cultivators in the battlefield!

The entire battlefield began to shake as if there was an earthquake. The entire world turned upside down and the sun and moon reversed!

Xu Ting had just entered the black mist and was chasing a cultivator with a smile. He was about devour the cultivator, but at this moment, he heard the roar that came from ancient times and felt the fierce vibrations of the battlefield. The black mist around him suddenly collapsed under the power of this roar. He was forced out of the mist with an aghast look as he gazed into the distance.

As for the escaping cultivator, he coughed out a large mouthful of blood and his face turned pale. The cultivator felt like the sky had collapsed under the roar of thunder and like he was being pressed down into the ground!

In the jungle, the six-fingered cultivator was hiding inside a towering tree, waiting for prey. However, at this instant, the roar of thunder echoed across the sky. He suddenly turned pale; it was as if a force had charged into his soul and forced him out of his hiding place. He looked into the distance with fear in his eyes.

"This… This is the roar Xu Mu released in the earth trial!!"

Zhan Konglie was moving within the jungle when he heard that roar. His body trembled and he immediately sat down to cultivate. A moment later, his eyes lit up. His face was filled with joy and he rushed toward the roar.

At this moment, all the cultivators in the battlefield heard the terrifying roar of thunder. It was as if the sky was going to collapse. The sky suddenly changed colors as thunder appeared high in the air and gathered in the distance.

The earth shook violently, as if it was doomsday!

It wasn't just the battlefield. Outside, in the Thunder Celestial Temple, the octagonal piece of wood in the air shook violently. Rays of thunder appeared and continued to moved through it. Large amounts of lightning bolts appeared in the sky as if they were summoned. They all approached the piece of wood as if they were going to worship something!

Master Flamespark suddenly stood up and stared at the octagonal piece of wood. His expression was gloomy and both of his hands formed a seal. Countless seals landed on the octagonal piece of wood and then the octagonal piece of wood gradually stopped shaking.

At this moment, the surrounding cultivators all had various ideas about what was happening.

After the roar, Wang Lin's ancient thunder dragon origin soul returned to his body. Endless lightning bolts surrounded his body. The area within 500 kilometers of him had turned into a thunder hell!

As popping sounds echoed, large amounts of towering trees collapsed and burst into flames. At this moment, Wang Lin's eyes were filled with thunder and countless lightning bolts surrounded him. Wang Lin felt like he was the lord of all thunder!

He raised his right hand and pointed at the big-headed boy, who was escaping and had almost lost his wit!

"Thunder, destroy!"

Thunderous roars echoed with the point of Wang Lin's finger. Then all the surrounding thunder rushed out violently at the big-headed body. If one looked at this from the air, one would see all the thunder within the area contract toward one point. That point of concentration was the big-headed boy!

The thunder moved so fast that it instantly closed in. The big-headed boy's eyes revealed despair. At this moment, he had the illusion that he was facing all the thunder in the heavens. At the next moment, the thunder rushed into his body!

A loud bang echoed across the entire battlefield once more. The big-headed boy's body was lit aflame and floated into the air. There were no remains of his body left!

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