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Chapter 876 - A Line to the Heavens

Wang Lin's expression was neutral, but his heart was moved. From what he saw from the illusion, it was clear that there were six scrolls. Wang Lin remained calm as he respectfully clasped his hands. "Thank you, Senior Li Yunzi."

Li Yunzi laughed and carefully looked at Wang Lin. He waved his sleeve and pulled someone to continue the heaven trial.

Wang Lin turned around and walked out of the square. He found an open area and sat down. Ignoring the gazes of all the cultivators, he quietly cultivated.

While he cultivated, he could clearly feel waves of pain from between his eyebrows. A feeling like he was going to lose control appeared in his heart. Wang Lin vaguely understood that the third eye had absorbed the source origin energy, and a great change had occurred. As for whether this change was good or bad, even he couldn't guess.

However, one thing was certain: if he allowed the pain to continue, once it went beyond his control and rushed out, he would definitely suffer the backlash.

He took a deep breath, and with a thought, he condensed endless annihilation heart restrictions. As he continued to cultivate them, three seals gradually formed to seal the third eye.

However, the power from his third eye was too strong; this seal could only temporarily alleviate the problem. If time dragged on, he would have to strengthen it every once in a while.

Although this was the case, Wang Lin didn't think it was troublesome.

"No matter what, the spell within the third eye will be my life-saving ace!"

After Wang Lin, the rest of the cultivators continued the test. After 30 minutes, the remaining cultivators had all finished the third trial.

Li Yunzi's right hand reached out and the Battle Scroll returned to his hand. As he turned, a gust of wind swept from his body. All those there didn't qualify were sent back into the transfer array in the sky.

Out of the 147 people, there were only 112 people remaining.

As Li Yunzi returned to his praying mat, Master Flamespark's gaze swept past the remaining 112 people. His eyes lit up like torches and he slowly said, "The three trials are over, and everyone that remains are the elites of this generation. Originally, the mysterious void six paths would be next to test your dao, but since your number is already close to 108, we will skip right to one line to heaven!

"One line to heaven is the last event for the celestial title competition. Of the 108 people that will gain a celestial title, the top 36 will be named 'heaven celestials!'

"In the one line to heaven trial, you all exist as phantoms. Even if you die, your body will only suffer a little damage, so it won't affect you too much!"

After Master Flamespark finished speaking, he slapped his bag of holding and an octagonal piece of wood appeared in his hand. He threw it into the air and the octagonal piece of wood grew. In an instant, it was more than 100 feet wide and bursts of colorful light came from it as it rotated in the sky.

"Enter the square!" After Master Flamespark shouted, the 112 cultivators walked onto the square and sat down in the lotus position.

Shortly after, Master Flamespark sent out a seal and then rays of light came from the wood. A ray of light shined on each of the 112 cultivators in the square.

The moment the five-colored light shined down, all the cultivators, including Wang Lin, lost consciousness.

This was a very dense jungle. The countless towering trees with endless branches intersecting each other and their leaves seemed to form a net that covered the sky. Only small gaps within the net would allow light to enter. Beams of light descend from the sky; it looked very mysterious.

The ground was covered in rotten leaves and there were poisonous insects moving while avoiding the beams of light.

Just at this moment, one of the towering trees released a flash of five-colored light and Wang Lin walked out of it. The moment he appeared, he immediately jumped and landed on a branch. He immediately used the heart restriction and hid his aura.

Wang Lin had been honed by life and death situations, and this so-called one line to heaven was not even as danger as the Demon Spirit Land[1]! He naturally wouldn't make the mistake of spreading out his divine sense the moment he arrived.

At this moment, a divine sense swept by, and it didn't stop at Wang Lin; it continued to spread. However, a moment later, the divine sense panicked and quickly spread. But after just a few moments, the divine sense collapsed and a miserable scream came from the distance.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up.

"Unless I'm certain I'm stronger, I can't spread out my divine sense here. Otherwise, I'll be immediately located and targeted!"

Wang Lin silently pondered for a bit. After he cycled his origin energy and observed his body, he was able to see some clues. It was indeed as Master Flamespark had said. The body here was exactly the same as his body, but after it died, it wouldn't impact his real body much.

"One line to heaven without real death would certainly allow a lot of cultivators with no real experience to go through a life and death trial. I fear this is the real purpose of the Thunder Celestial Temple; their purpose is to raise real cultivators!" Wang Lin frowned and attempted to merge with the world. However, since this wasn't the real world, it had no affect. After pondering for a bit, there was a flash of smoke and he disappeared.

"The human, earth, and heaven trials were only tests. This one line to heaven is the real battle for the celestial titles. There is no good or evil. If I want number one, then I need to kill the most!" As Wang Lin moved, there was a flash of coldness in his eyes.

Just at this moment, another divine sense spread out and scanned the area. Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he quickly moved. He was very fast, and an instant, he saw the cultivator that was spreading out the divine sense.

This person was Zhao Yidao, who had gotten interrupted twice by Wang Lin during the three trials. When he appeared, he was extremely confused by his surroundings. Following his family's teachings, he subconsciously spread out his divine sense to observe his surroundings. However, the moment his divine sense spread out, a powerful sense of crisis shrouded him. He panicked and realized he had made a big mistake!

He immediately wanted to leave, but at this moment, a black mist flew by behind him. A powerful killing intent appeared and immediately devoured the escaping Zhao Yidao.

A miserable scream echoed through the trees. Wang Lin stood 1,000 feet away and coldly stared at the black mist.

The mist moved as if had absorbed that Zhao cultivator along with his skin and bones. A moment later, a person walked out. It was Xu Ting!

He licked his lips and stared at Wang Lin. As the two exchange gazes across the 1,000 feet distance, popping sounds could be heard.

Xu Ting dreaded Wang Lin a lot. Unless it was the last resort, he didn't want to take the initiative to provoke Wang Lin, so he grimly said, "How about we leave our battle until the end?" 

Wang Lin coldly looked at Xu Ting before turning around and disappearing in a flash. Getting the most kills was more important than killing Xu Ting.

Xu Ting let out a sigh of relief. He then retreated into the mist and quickly went the other direction. It was as if the two had set this place as the boundary and split the area in half. Neither would enter the other's territory!

Wang Lin didn't waste time to find people one by one. Instead, he simply found a large tree and sat down. Then his divine sense spread out and swept the area.

The moment his divine sense spread out, more than 10 people's divine senses exploded and charged toward Wang Lin.

In this place, even if you don't try to kill others, they will come to kill you!

Wang Lin spat out an object, it was the Celestial Sealing Stamp! This small object floated before Wang Lin and gave off bursts of golden light.

Two out of the hundreds of thousands of the golden seals had the origin souls of cultivators sealed within them, and the power of these to seals was obviously different from the others. Wang Lin wasn't sure if these illusionary origin souls could be sealed. Wang Lin was calm as he waited for the first person looking to die to arrive.

After several breaths of time, a figure shot out like lightning from the jungle to the right. However, the moment the figure came within 1,000 feet of Wang Lin, the person was startled. After seeing that the target was Wang Lin, the person's eyes were filled with terror and he choose to escape without any hesitation.

From beginning to end, Wang Lin was calm. The moment the cultivator appeared, the Celestial Sealing Stamp charged out. It was extremely fast as it chased the escaping cultivator.

As the cultivator panicked, his hands formed a seal and a spell begin to appear. However, these spells had no effect on the Celestial Sealing Stamp.  The Celestial Sealing Stamp instantly closed in and suddenly grew. It mercilessly pressed down and a large amount of golden runes appeared to seal off his escape.

The cultivator's eyes were filled with despair as he slapped his bag of holding and hundreds of flying swords appeared. He wanted to resist, but as a thunderous rumble echoed, all the flying swords collapsed. The Celestial Sealing Stamp smashed down and he let out a miserable groan. As the cultivator dissipated, a golden rune flew out and flashed. A moment later, the golden rune was filled with intelligence.

Wang Lin's eyes narrowed and he withdrew the Celestial Sealing Stamp. After carefully observing it, he slowly raised his head as he looked into the distant jungle and calmly said, "How long do you all want to wait before you attack!?"

The jungle before him was completely silent. A moment later, four people walked out from the jungle. All four of them were at the Corporeal Yang stage. Their auras fused together into one that could vaguely match Wang Lin's aura.

The four of them looked at each other. One of their eyes became vicious, and without a word he slapped his bag. A gourd immediately flew out. His right hand formed a seal and then a red flame came out from the gourd toward Wang Lin.

1. Demon Spirit Land is the place Wang Lin got sent by the All-Seer

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