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Chapter 870 - Qing Shui's Bias

Wang Lin's face was deathly pale when he only felt a unimaginable force suddenly appear during the battle. This caused his body to tremble and he was forced to retreat and cough out a mouthful of blood. After he landed, he took several steps back.

As for Russell, he also coughed out a mouthful of blood and was forced to retreat. After taking a few steps back, he stared at Wang Lin with a murderous gaze.

Master Flamespark didn't favor either side when he forced them apart. However, the mouthful of blood from Wang Lin caused the Ji Realm from Qing Shui to shoot out!

"He is not someone you can kill. You don't have the qualifications!" The Ji Realm appeared and the world changed colors. A cold aura surrounded the area!

This cold aura was filled with an extreme force. The expressions of the old monsters on the praying mats all changed. This was the first time they had seen Celestial Lord Qing Shui's most powerful spell!

Even the expressions of the surrounding cultivators instantly changed!

"Stop!" Master Flamespark suddenly stood up, but he was too late!

Russell only felt an irresistible force rush into his body. He only saw red, as if a bolt of red lightning had entered his body. After that, he only heard the sound of his origin soul collapsing inside his body!

As this sound entered his ears, an unimaginable pain moved inside his body!

Russell's origin soul wasn't able to resist this red lightning bolt at all. His origin soul immediately shattered into countless pieces that pierced his body. This caused a large amount of blood to burst out of his body. He struggled to turn around to look at the person who killed him, but he only turned around halfway before his eyes dimmed and he fell to the ground!

His breathing stopped and he was dead!

A flash of red light came from Russell's body. The red lightning bolt took the energy from Russell's origin soul and returned to Qing Shui. His face turned slightly red.

Silence, the surrounding was completely silent. This sudden development caused all the cultivators to gasp. They lost their ability to think as they recalled the unimaginable thing that had just occurred.

"Qing Shui!" Master Flamespark's gaze toward Qing Shui was fierce and filled with rage.

Qing Shui calmly said, "You made Xu Mu cough out blood, so I wanted that person's life!"

Master Flamespark stared at Qing Shui and said, "I wasn't biased at all earlier. Qing Shui, if you don't give me an explanation, then even if we have to trash the celestial title competition, I'll fight with you!"

"It was merely an accident. If you want to fight, then let's fight!" Qing Shui's right eye flashed red. He had absorbed the divine retribution, so his Ji Realm had covered a bit. His old habits began to gradually reveal themselves.

There was no need to kill Russell. If there was really a reason, then it was because Qing Shui was biased! He couldn't repay his master's kindness. Even though his master was only joking back then, right now he was very serious and cared about every word his master had said. In his heart, Xu Mu was his junior apprentice brother, and as long as he was here, no one was allowed to bully Xu Mu! Moreover, Qing Shui had clearly seen the killing intent in Russell's eyes. He had to kill someone like this!

Wang Lin silently pondered. He looked at Qing Shui and respectfully said, "Thank you… Senior Apprentice Brother!"

After he said that, it immediately set off a wave!

"Senior apprentice brother? This… This Xu Mu is Senior Qing Shui's junior apprentice brother?"

"This matter is too inconceivable. I didn't think that Qing Shui and Xu Mu would have the same teacher. Rumor has it that Celestial Lord Qing Shui's master was Celestial Emperor Bai Fan… This Xu Mu… is he Bai Fan's disciple as well?"

"No wonder Xu Mu has been so arrogant in these recent years. So it turns out this Xu Mu's senior apprentice brother is Celestial Lord Qing Shui. Hmph, if not for Celestial Lord Qing Shui, this Xu Mu would be nothing!"

Xu Ting's expression was gloomy as he licked his lips and stared at Wang Lin. His mind spun rapidly, but in the end he looked at Qing Shui with fear in his eyes and made a decision.

As for the six-fingered cultivator and the big-headed boy, they were both startled and they each had their own thoughts.

Xi Zifeng's mouth was wide open. She felt disbelieve regarding the relation between Wang Lin and Qing Shui. While she felt joy, but at the same time she couldn't help but sigh.

"I'm afraid nothing will ever happen between him and someone like me in my lifetime…"

"My lord is actually the disciple of Celestial Emperor Bai Fan! The junior disciple of Celestial Lord Qing Shui!"

Zhan Konglie stared dumbfoundedly at the scene before him. He made up his mind!

As for Nangong Han, he wryly smiled and thought, "This Xu Mu has the same master as Celestial Lord Qing Shui. I should get on friendlier terms with him; it will definitely benefit me in the future."

Not only him, but even the eyes of some of the old monsters on the praying mats lit up. Only Blood God sneered in his heart.

Bursts of discussion entered Master Flamespark's ears. He looked at Qing Shui and, after silently pondering for a moment, he smiled, "Since Celestial Lord killed him by accident, then we will discuss this matter later. However, Celestial Lord, please consider the fact that it isn't easy for us cultivators to cultivate, so please be more careful next time."

Qing Shui closed his eyes and didn't respond.

Master Flamespark let out a sigh in his heart. It was he who unlocked Qing Shui's seal. Although Qing Shui's cultivation hadn't recovered, after careful observation, he found that there was a power hidden inside Qing Shui's body. This power wasn't the Ji Realm, but it still made him feel fear, so he really didn't want such a trivial matter to effect their relationship.

More importantly, even the respected senior who captured the Moon Beast told him to not provoke Qing Shui. Back then, even Bai Fen used good will and took him as an apprentice to get Qing Shui on his side instead of using force to make Qing Shui yield.

"Russell was too arrogant! Since he is dead, he is dead, but it is really unfortunate to lose his understanding of divine sense spells…" Master Flamesparks eyes fell on Wang Lin and thought, "This Xu Mu must have a powerful treasure protecting his origin soul. Perhaps it was a gift from Qing Shui."

Master Flamespark's voice was calm as he said, "Xu Mu qualifies!"

Since Russell had died, Master Flamespark commanded someone else to be the judge. The person who came to replace Russell was shocked by Russell's death. Eventually, out of the 325 people, 196 remained. The rest were all sent outside by the transfer arrays.

"The second trial, the earth trial!" Master Flamespark's right hand formed a seal and pressed down toward the thunder lake below.

An illusory rune condensed in his hand and quickly landed on the square. The moment the print landed, the entire square began to rumble. Endless rumbles of thunder echoed and lightning arched within the square. It was as if it had turned into a real lake made of thunder.

These lightning bolts were like silver snakes that constantly flashed. They were densely packed together before they suddenly scattered in all directions and 30 feet of open space appeared at the center of the square.

"Withstand for 15 breaths of time and you pass. The rest will be disqualified!"

Roars came from the thunder lake. A giant thunder spirit formed from the thunder outside the open area. As it moved, it gave off an oppressing aura.

The gazes of the surrounding cultivators all fell on Wang Lin. Wang Lin was absolutely the highlight of the last trial. Everyone wanted to see how long Xu Mu would withstand the second trial!

Even some famous old monsters started to pay attention.

"The pressure of other thunder spirit in the thunder lake is not something ordinary people can withstand. Even this Xu Mu can only withstand 20 breaths at most. After all, even out of all the messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple who cultivate thunder cultivation methods, there aren't many that could withstand more than 20 breaths!"

"As far as I know, this thunder lake is one of the trials to become a messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple. The messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple are divided into four ranks. If you can withstand 20 breaths, you are rank 4, and 80 breaths makes you rank 1. If you can last more than 100 breaths of time, you can become a messenger of the inner temple! I don't know how long this Xu Mu can last, but I'm somewhat looking forward to it!"

"This thunder lake tests real cultivation, so there will probably be no miracles for this Xu Mu! I'm more optimistic about Xu Ting from planet Dong Lin!"

The surrounding cultivators quietly chattered.

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