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Chapter 871 - Child

Wang Lin looked at the thunder lake and at the wandering thunder spirit. The human trial at least had some difficulty, but looking at the earth trial… The strangeness in Wang Lin’s eyes became even stronger.

Xi Zifeng bit her lower lip as she looked at Wang Lin and then at the thunder lake before worry arose in her heart. She touched her bag for a long time and clenched her teeth. Ignoring the red on her cheeks, she flew into the air like a butterfly. The surrounding cultivators were all shocked as she flew toward the participants.

She was already beautiful, and right now her face was red and she was charging at Wang Lin. She lowered head and took out a green jade. Then she softly said, “This… I give you…” With that, she handed the jade to Wang Lin and quickly flew back with a red face.

When she returned, she could hear her own heart racing. After she returned, she immediately lowered her head and her mind went blank.

The Xi family ancestor let out a sigh in her heart when she saw this. Her eyes revealed a complex expression.

“Enter the thunder lake!” At this moment, Master Flamespark’s voice echoed between the heavens and earth. His voice turned into rumbling thunder, causing a huge change in the thunder lake. The open space in the center was suddenly filled with thunder and the entire square became a real thunder lake!

As waves of thunder moved within the thunder lake, the pressure it gave off caused the scalps of a majority of the cultivators to go numb just from looking at it.

The thunder spirit moving through the thunder lake was like a snake. It would occasionally form its body inside and let out a roar.

Xu Ting let out a cold snort and walked toward the thunder lake. The moment he set foot in it, countless thunderbolts arched between his feet and instantly spread across his body. He was surrounded by thunder.

Xu Ting’s body trembled before he took a deep breath. He then took five steps forward and sat down in the lotus position.

After him, Shengong Hu stepped out. His cultivation was related to thunder and he would often go to places like this. This was not even his first time stepping into this thunder lake. He was extremely calm as he entered and sat down in the lotus position.

Shortly after, others followed and entered the thunder lake. However, there were a few people whose cultivation was laking. Immediately after they entered the thunder lake, their bodies trembled and they quickly retreated. Their faces became pale, as if they were injured.

Wang Lin held the jade Xi Zifeng gave him and looked at it. Then he looked at Xi Zifeng, whose face was completely red, but she didn’t dare to look at him. He let out a sigh. With a sweep of his divine sense, he knew that this jade could defend against powerful thunder. It was obviously an important self-defense treasure she possessed.

As he pondered, he put the jade away inside the folds of his robe and walked into the thunder lake.

Although Xi Zifeng had her head lowered, she saw what Wang Lin had done. When she saw Wang Lin put the jade inside the folds of his robe, her heart began to beat even faster.

However, at this moment, she didn’t see that her cousin, the extremely handsome man in blue, looked at Wang Lin after he entered the thunder lake. There was a very well-hidden trace of hostility in his gaze.

Wang Lin’s expression was neutral as he entered the thunder lake. The moment his right foot touched the thunder lake, he felt a powerful surge of thunder rush into his body from his right foot.

A very comfortable feeling immediately swept over him, as if this was his home. However, he didn’t show it on his face. As he walked, thunder continued to move around his body and rumbled endlessly.

After finding an open place, Wang Lin sat down in the lotus position.

“The second trial starts now. The drum will measure the time!” After Master Flamespark shouted, two messengers immediately arrived. Then a black light flashed between the two and a large drum appeared.

Dong! A long beat of the drum suddenly echoed across the heavens and earth. It seemed to replace the roar of the thunder. One drumbeat was one breath!

Within the thunder lake almost 200 cultivators sat there cultivation. As the first drumbeat echoed, the thunder within the thunder lake seemed to be shaken and rose three inches off the ground. The thunder roared and endless bolts of thunder flashed about, forming a thunderstorm.

Within the thunderstorm, the thunder spirit moved and released the might of the thunder. This caused a shocking change to occur inside the thunder lake.

Large amounts of thunder entered the bodies of the various cultivators like crazy. Some of them focused themselves to confront it or took out treasures to defend themselves. At this moment, the thunder lake shined brightly!

Xu Ting was surrounded by black mist, which was preventing the thunder from entering his body. The other cultivators all had their own methods of resisting.

Wang Lin just sat there as the thunder whistled past him and large amounts of thunder entered his body to nourish his origin soul. This caused the injuries he had suffered from battling Russell to quickly recover.

This was an extremely comfortable feeling. He closed his eyes and didn’t even bother to look at other people.

Dong! The second drum beat echoed, then the thunder inside the thunder lake became even stronger. The thunder spirit let out a roar and began swing a thunder whip. Every time it landed on the body of a cultivator, it would cause them to tremble!

The drum echoed. The third beat, the fourth beat… Until the tenth beat, when the thunder within the thunder lake reached a shocking degree. The countless bolts of thunder had become 30 feet tall, engulfing everything inside.

There was immediately a cultivator from the Southern Domain whose face turned pale and he coughed out blood. It was as if he had been hit by a powerful force and his body flew out with a large amount of thunder. Blood came out from his body. He was injured.

The mist around Xu Ting became even stronger, as if it could isolate the thunder. His expression was neutral as he stared at Wang Lin. He had been observing Wang Lin ever since Wang Lin entered, and Wang Lin’s actions were simply too strange.

“This Xu Mu actually didn’t put up any resistance or use any magical treasures. He’s just calmly sitting there as if this is a place for him to cultivate. What’s stranger is that the powerful thunder that entered his body is actually… disappearing?” The more Xu Ting thought, the more shocked he was. He couldn’t help but come up with various guesses, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t come up with the real answer.

In the sky, one of the messengers swung his hand and hit the black drum. The eleventh drum beat suddenly began to echo within the rumbling thunder.

All the thunder within the thunder lake seemed to shake and gather in one spot. A moment later, a 1,000-foot-long snake formed. It was a snake, but it was also like a dragon and was formed from thunder. Its entire body from top to bottom gave off the pressure of thunder!

It was the thunder spirit!

Roar! The thunder spirit took form and quickly let out a roar. This roar echoed and turned into roaring thunder that seemed to come from ancient times. It shook the heavens and the minds of all the cultivators!

Even the black mist around Xu Ting almost collapsed. His eyes revealed a hint of shock while even more mist came out from between his eyebrows.

If Xu Ting was like this, then there was no need to talk about the other cultivators. Under this heaven-shaking roar, more than 10 cultivators coughed out blood and were thrown out.

As the 12th, 13th, and 14th drumbeats echoed, the roar from the thunder spirit became even more intense. In the end, when the 15th drum beat echoed, the thunder spirit charged out. It opened its mouth and spat out large amount of thunder.

The rumbling caused the sky to change colors. The expressions of the surrounding cultivators changed. Although they were outside, they could still feel the irresistible power of the heavens’ might within the thunder!

This pressure had gathered and reached its peak when the thunder spirit spat it out, This time, dozens or cultivators coughed out blood and were throw away. The terror in their eyes had reached a shocking degree.

Shengong Hu bitterly struggled. His limit back then was 15 breaths. Right now there was a belief in his heart that made him hold on.

Zhan Konglie took a deep breath and clenched his teeth as he withstood the thunder.

Even the six-fingered cultivator and the big-headed boy were the same. However, they were obviously not using their full power and were more relaxed. However, their level of relaxation couldn’t remotely compare to Wang Lin’s.

As Wang Lin sat there, large amounts of thunder entered his body and nourished his origin soul. The injuries he had suffered earlier had completely recovered. Not only that, but even the hidden injuries he suffered from Yao Bingyun were completely gone!

As for the thunder spirit’s roar filled with the might of thunder, when it landed in Wang Lin’s ears, it was like a child roaring at him. Although it felt a bit strange, this was exactly what he felt.

Although this child was extremely powerful in others’ eyes, in Wang Lin’s eyes, it was still a child. More accurately, it was a child that was continuously evolving toward a thunder dragon!

Wang Lin’s expression was neutral and he ignored everything around him. He closed his eyes and focused on absorbing the thunder. This caused his ancient thunder dragon origin soul to gradually become stronger.

After 15 beats from the drum, the restriction on the thunder spirit was released. It let out a roar and its body swept the area, setting off waves of thunder. More than 10 cultivators were hit. Their faces turned pale and they were knocked out.

The thunder spirit seemed extremely happy as it let out a roar and began sweeping once more. This time, Wang Lin was included in the group of people swept up by it!

The moment the thunder spirit swept over, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes and stared at the thunder spirit. His gaze was like that of an adult watching an ignorant child who was playing around!

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