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Chapter 869 - Divine Sense Technique

Russell’s pupils shrank and his divine sense spread out. The divine sense of a mid stage Nirvana Scryer cultivator was far stronger than early stage Nirvana Scryer cultivator’s. As his divine sense spread out, it caused the remaining seven golden giants to shine brightly. It also created a powerful pressure within the area!

The seven golden giants rushed out toward Wang Lin. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he didn’t stop; he charged out with the Karma Whip before him. The whip wrapped around Wang Lin and extended into a 1,000-foot-long whip. Then Wang Lin immediately grabbed the whip.

With one shake, the Karma Whip let out a sharp whistle that was like the howling of a ghost. Then it immediately lashed forward. One of the golden giants was immediately hit and collapsed with a bang!

The Karma Whip was originally black, but after destroying four golden giants, it was as if it was shedding and scale-like pieces began to peel back.

Bursts of golden light leaked out from the Karma Whip. It was as if the whip had absorbed the power of the sun and moon! The Karma Whip lashed out while giving off a golden glow like a dragon. As it moved, there was a series of popping sounds and the remaining golden giants all collapsed!

This scene caused all the viewers’ eyes to bulge out. Even the old monsters on the praying mats became interested.

“An early stage Nirvana Scryer battling a mid stage Nirvana Scryer, this is uncommon!”

“I know this person, he is Xu Mu!”

“That magical treasures is too vicious; it is specialized in injuring divine sense. Russell’s divine sense is unpredictable, but he has met his match!”

“Master Demon Xu Mu? No wonder this person dared to battle Russell!”

“Lord!” Shengong Hu was watching the battle between Wang Lin and Russell. His mind trembled and his blood began to boil. While he stared at Wang Lin, the respect in his eyes gradually became reverence. Although it wasn’t to the point of fanaticism, his opinion of Wang Lin was currently very high.

Zhan Konglie was also watching this scene, and he took a deep breath. He could vaguely see that powerful battle intent from Senior. It was just as Senior had said, that battle intent was the determination to win!

Wang Lin’s black hair floated in the air as he charged at Russell. This entire area was pressured by Russell’s divine sense, so he felt as if he was trudging through water. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and his left hand formed a seal. The two black dragons started rotating around Wang Lin’s body, forming a giant vortex.

This vortex immediately became crazy. It was like a storm with two roaring, black dragons inside. Wang Lin was standing inside the storm with his white robe flapping in the wind, and he shouted, “Break!”

With that, the vortex formed by the black dragons suddenly expanded, creating a series of crackling sounds. The impact created by the two black dragons forced open a gap within the divine sense suppression.

Although Wang Lin’s cultivation and divine sense were no match for Russell, his spells were amazing and he had a treasure that specialized against divine sense!

The moment an opening was created, the Karma Whip immediately lashed out. As rumbling sounds echoed, Russell’s divine sense suppression collapsed and was pushed back.

Wang Lin’s figure moved like lightning and charged out the moment the divine sense collapsed. The two black dragons let out roars and blasts of cold wind toward Russell.

This cold wind filled the area and caused the surrounding cultivators to feel cold. It was as if they were trapped in ice, and their expressions changed greatly.

Russell’s expression was gloomy. Killing intent flashed across his eyes and then he simply sat down and formed a seal with his hands. He completely ignored the blast from the black dragons and closed his eyes.

“I, Russell, am at the mid stage of Nirvana Scryer. If I can’t kill you, then my thousands of years of cultivation have been a waste!” The moment Russell closed his eyes, a powerful surge of divine sense came out of his body and turned into countless needles!

There were endless needles formed by his divine sense all around him. Thousands of them gathered and formed a dense group around him before they all shot toward Wang Lin.

Every single sharp needle contained Russell’s changed divine sense. This was the spell that made him famous and the spell that all the seniors praised him for!

Among cultivators, a majority of spells focus on power transformed from their own bodies; very few directly attack the origin soul. However, if you bring up a divine sense attack, it would shock any cultivator!

Spells formed from the body can be resisted, but divine sense spells specialize in injuring the origin soul. Once one’s origin soul is damaged, on the less serious side it will be a serious injury, but the victim is more likely to have a drop in cultivation level or die!

The spell Yao Bingyun used back then could be considered one. However, that was a fusion of divine sense and origin energy. Although it was effective, it also had its flaws.

However, the spell Russell displayed was pure divine sense without any origin energy, and this made it even stronger. It was precisely because he put all his effort into his divine sense that he could have such a high status in the Thunder Celestial Temple with his mere mid stage Nirvana Scryer cultivation!

“You acted first, I’m merely defending myself, so accept your death!” As Russell shouted, his eyes suddenly opened and countless divine sense needles shot toward Wang Lin.

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes, then both of his hands formed a seal and he pushed forward. The two black dragons formed by Call the Wind blasted out cold wind and intersected with the divine sense needles. They seemed transparent to each other as they directly went through each other and the blast from the black dragons went directly at Russell!

The divine sense needles quickly closed in on Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm. If he was facing a real mid stage Nirvana Scryer cultivator, the battle would’ve been difficult. After all, each gap in cultivation at the second step was huge. However, this Russell was using divine sense!

If it was someone else, Russell’s divine sense would be difficult to deal with. After all, the different in cultivation levels represented the difference in divine sense as well. The stronger cultivator will crush the weaker one!

However, Wang Lin didn’t even consider the divine sense attack a threat. The moment those divine sense needles closed in, the Karma Whip lashed out. After a series of popping sounds, a large amount of divine sense needles collapsed. However, there were too many, so some of them bypassed the Karma Whip and entered Wang Lin’s body.

They turned into a powerful force and charged toward Wang Lin’s origin soul. However, the moment they got close to Wang Lin’s origin soul, they collided with the Ancient God Leather Armor and collapsed!

With the Ancient God Leather Armor, this kind of divine sense attack wasn’t enough!

At this moment, the black dragons closed in on Russell, and his expression became grim. His hand formed a seal and he pointed between his eyebrows. He didn’t even look at the black dragons, he only stared at Wang Lin, and a ray of green light came out from between his eyebrows. The green light was bright and soon formed a green snake!

This green snake opened its vicious mouth and exposed its sharp fangs. It let out a hiss and charged out. The moment the Karma Whip landed on the snake, the snake split into two. After avoiding the whip, it went from the right and left sides and landed on Wang Lin’s body.

The two green snakes entered his body and turned into two strands of unimaginable force that charged toward Wang Lin’s origin soul. One of the strands was a bit faster than the other. When it got close to Wang Lin’s origin soul, it opened its mouth and attempted to devour it. However, its fangs collided with the Ancient God Leather Armor and broke, but the snake’s fierceness wasn’t reduced; it slammed into the armor.

The moment the snake collided with the Ancient God Leather Armor, it turned into green gas and attempted to get through the armor. At this moment, the other green snake arrived. It opened its mouth and mercilessly attempted to devour Wang Lin’s origin soul.

The Ancient God Leather Armor trembled, causing the green snake to collapse with a miserable groan. The green gas moved around the leather armor.

No one outside could see the dangerous scene inside his origin soul. Just a moment of carelessness would have resulted in death. Wang Lin’s face was pale and his eyes were filled with killing intent. His fingers formed a sword and he charged at Russell!

Russell’s pupils shrank. His eyes became filled with terror and he exclaimed, “Impossible!” He couldn’t believe that his mid stage Nirvana Scryer divine sense attack had caused the other party no damage. This went against his thousands of years of cultivation!

“Even if he has a treasure specialized in protecting his origin soul, my cultivation level is one small realm above his and I have specialized my divine sense attacks for thousands of years. Even if there is a celestial treasure that protects the origin soul, there is no way he takes no damage!” While Russell was shocked, the two black dragons mercilessly tried to devour him.

Russell’s face was pale. His mastery of origin energy was a lot weaker than his understanding of divine sense. However, he was still a mid stage Nirvana Scryer cultivator, and naturally he had a lot of treasures. At this moment, he slapped his bag and a small drum appeared. He threw the drum into the air and it immediately grew. As the two black dragons closed in, the drum began to beat, creating a powerful gust of wind.

However, under the blasts of the two black dragons the drum immediately trembled and the sound of the drum stopped.

As Russell retreated, he pointed at the drum and shouted, “Drum, collapse!”

As the drum trembled, a powerful force immediately came out. The force formed a storm that collided with one of the black dragons.

An earth-shaking sound that caused the surrounding cultivators’ ears to ring echoed. The drum collapsed and one of the black dragons also shattered into pieces.

Wang Lin moved like lightning. At the moment the drum collapsed, he rushed out and landed on the remaining black dragon. He rushed toward Russell filled with killing intent.

Wang Lin knew that because Russell’s divine sense spell was broken, Russell’s mind was shaken and an opening had appeared. If he didn’t take this opportunity to attack and allowed Russell to recover, then this battle would drag on! This was especially true if Russell started using origin spells. If it came to that and Wang Lin was a bit careless, he would lose. Although, with Qing Shui here, he wasn’t likely to die, but his qualification to continue would disappear!

As he charged out, Wang Lin raised his hand and the Celestial Sealing Stamp charged out. It smashed toward Russell at an even faster speed. Russell’s expression was pale, but his eyes shined brightly. He stopped worrying about his divine sense spell being broken and his right hand formed a seal. Origin energy gathered in his hand and formed a bolt of flaming thunder.

Just as Russell was about to throw it, killing intent flashed across Wang Lin’s eyes and he shouted, “Stop!”

With one word, Russell immediately felt countless threads reach out from the void and wrap around him. Although he broke free after a slight struggle, the Celestial Sealing Stamp came smashing down on him.

At the same time, the hundreds of thousands of golden runes flew out and surrounded Russell.

Russell’s heart was depressed. Origin spells were not his strong suit, his strongest power was his divine sense. However, it had no effect on Wang Lin, which made him very bitter.

After breaking free of the Stop spell, Russell threw the flaming thunderbolt in his hand. The flaming thunderbolt immediately grew to more than 100 feet wide. A big mouth appeared within the flaming thunderbolt and it attempted to devour the Celestial Sealing Stamp.

The flaming thunder caused the entire Celestial Sealing Stamp to be covered in flames. However, the stamp wasn’t damaged at all and mercilessly smashed down.

There was a loud bang when the Celestial Sealing Stamp smashed down. Russell had a gloomy expression as he escaped. His clothes were somewhat damaged and his eyes were slightly red.

“I refuse to believe you can continue to resist all my divine sense spells!” Russell’s eyes were bloodshot as he charged out at Wang Lin. As he charged out, his divine sense spread out and formed a pair of hands. The hands clapped together then and divine sense ripples charged out at Wang Lin.

The Stop spell was broken, causing Wang Lin’s mind to be shaken, and he suffered the backlash. As he moved, he slapped his bag of holding and took out an origin soul to help him recover his origin energy. At this moment, not only did Russell not retreat, but he charged forward and the ripples closed in on Wang Lin.

The Karma Whip moved and continued to lash out before Wang Lin. The ripples immediately collapsed, but some of them still got through and landed on Wang Lin’s body.

Wang Lin’s expression turned pale. Although the Ancient God Leather Armor was strong, some vibrations were still transmitted to his divine sense. His eyes were filled with killing intent and he also stepped out. Both of his hands formed a seal and Heavenly Chops appeared from both hands. Heavenly Chops flew out one by one from his hands.

Russell and Wang Lin began to move faster and faster. One side attacked with divine sense and defended with origin energy. The other side attacked with origin energy and defended with divine sense. The two of them began an earth-shaking battle!

Explosions continued to echo and the battle between the two became even more fierce!

“Enough!” Just when their battle had reached its peak, Master Flamespark let out a roar with a frown. Along with his roar was a powerful origin energy that squeezed the space between the two. This caused their battle to stop and the two to retreated!

A flash of killing intent appeared in Qing Shui’s eyes. He let out a cold snort and a ray of Ji Realm shot out!

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