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Chapter 865 - Planet Dong Lin's Xu Family

This voice was filled with a piercing chill, and after it fused with the scent of blood, it made everyone feel a rush of killing intent!

Gazes moved like lightning toward the eastern transfer aray. The figure inside the transfer array gradually became clearer, revealing the person.

It was the slender figure of a person who looked about 30 years old. He was wearing a white robe, but he gave off no feeling of elegance and instead gave off a chilling aura. His eyes revealed a cold arrogance and were filled with killing intent.

The transfer array flashed as the person walked out. As he did so, the scent of blood became even stronger and diffused through the air.

"A bunch of trash!"

The man's voice was calm, but when he spoke ,it was as if thunder had exploded. All the cultivators here were the elites of the Allheaven Star System. After they heard what he said, all their gazes toward him turned hostile.

Wang Lin's expression was calm and he withdrew his gaze. This man had the same cultivation level as him, both were at the early stage of Nirvana Scryer. However, Wang Lin had a strange feeling about this man.

He could be sure that he had never seen this person before. Just as he was thinking, the white-robed man's eyes lit up as he looked through the crowd and locked onto Wang Lin.

The moment he saw Wang Lin, he licked his lips and revealed a grim smile at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin calmly looked back.

Their gazes seemed to pierce through the crowd and collided with each other. Although their gazes were illusory, in truth, they contained their divine senses. The collision of their gazes was a battle between their divine senses.

It was as if two sharp swords had crossed paths with each other, and it happened in an instant. The two of them immediately withdrew their gazes.

The white-robed man's eyes lit up and he carefully looked at Wang Lin. When their divine senses crossed, not only was he not able to suppress Wang Lin, he had a feeling that his divine sense was going to be pierced.

Wang Lin's expression remained the same and he withdrew his gaze. Although the other person's cultivation level was the same as his, early stage Nirvana Scryer, there was a strange force inside that person's divine sense.

Not many people could detect the contact they made, only four people in total!

One of them was from the Northern Domain. He was middle-aged and his face was pale. The most strange thing about him was his right hand. He had six fingers instead of five; another finger branched off from his thumb!

The second person also came from the Northern Domain. He was a boy with a very large head that looked very uneven. However, there were 30 feet of empty space around him as clearly no one was willing to come close to him.

This boy revealed a foolish smile. After looking at Wang Lin, he focused on the white-robed man, and his foolish smile intensified.

The third person to notice was from the Western Domain. He was wearing a blue shirt and was very handsome. When he opened his eyes, golden light came from within his eyes. He stared at Wang Lin and silently pondered.

The last person was naturally the person next to Wang Lin, Nangong Han!

Just at this moment, red covered the sky and a large amount of clouds gathered. The clouds condensed above everyone to form an old man. He had white hair and gave off the air of a celestial. When he appeared, thunder appeared under him. It was as if he was standing on thunder.

"I'm the Thunder Celestial Temple welcoming messenger. Was it you who killed the other participants from the Eastern Domain?" After the old man appeared, a powerful aura began to spread. From the origin energy he released, it revealed that he was at the mid stage of Nirvana Scryer!

He stared at the white-robed man and his voice was filled with majesty.

"That's correct." The white-robed man's expression was calm.

It was impossible to see joy or anger on the old man's face as he shouted, "What is your name and what family did you come from!?"

"Planet Dong Lin's Xu family! The person from this generation that was sent out to be trained, Xu Ting!" As the white-robed man spoke, he looked at Wang Lin with a grim smile.

After he said that, especially when he mentioned Planet Dong Lin's Xu family, it was as if a bolt of thunder had exploded among the cultivators. Some of the cultivators' expressions changed and they gasped. Some even subconsciously took a few steps back and their eyes became filled with terror.

Perhaps the Xiang family was the most powerful family on Planet Dong Lin, but in terms of fame, the Xu family was the most known! The Xu family represented endless slaughter. In each generation, the person sent out by the Xu family to train would set off a massacre. Anyone who dared to provoke them would have their planet slaughtered!

The fame of the Xu family rose up again and again within these bloody storms.

"No wonder this person has dared to offend more than 100 cultivation families…"

"The person from this generation from Planet Dong Lin's Xu family that was sent out to train… It seems if anyone meets this person during the competition, they will without a doubt die!"

"Forget it, Planet Dong Lin's Xu family has alway been ruthless. If things looks bad, I'll just give up!"

Bursts of chatter came from everywhere. The Xu family was too famous, and their methods of killing caused everyone's hearts to turn cold.

The old man from the Thunder Celestial Temple frowned and said, "The battle for the 108 celestial titles will begin at noon three days from now. Later on, there will be people from the Thunder Celestial Temple who will give you all tokens and arrange places for you to stay."

After he finished speaking, the old man paused for a moment. His eyes lit up and his gaze swept across all the cultivators. "Is Xu Mu among you all?" he asked.

After he said that, aside from the Southern Domain cultivators, the cultivators from the west and north all became serious. The name "Xu Mu" was no less famous than Planet Dong Lin's Xu family! In fact, many of them suspected that Xu Mu was from Planet Dong Lin's Xu family!

Wang Lin pondered a bit before he raised his head and calmly said, "I'm Xu Mu!"

In an instant, aside from the cultivators from the Southern Domain, who had complex expressions, the gazes of the cultivators from the Western and Northern Domains all turned toward Wang Lin.

"Master Demon Xu Mu! I didn't think he would actually participate in this!"

"Xu Mu, Xu Ting, I wonder if the two have any relations."

"Not only did this Xu Mu not die while being hunted by the Yao family, he was able to even come here. He is not simple!"

"So it turns that out he is Xu Mu!" The six-fingered cultivator's eyes became cold and he carefully looked at Wang Lin.

Even the big-headed boy's foolish smile froze and disappeared. Then his gaze fell on Wang Lin and the smile appeared once more.

There was also that extremely handsome youth in blue. When he heard the name "Xu Mu," he was like an unsheathed sword as his gaze locked onto Wang Lin.

"Xu Mu! The person who cousin Zifeng can't forget about!" Killing intent appeared in eyes of the youth in blue.

"Come with me, the Lord of the Temple summons you!" The welcoming messenger looked at Wang Lin and revealed a rare kind smile. His body flickered and he flew off into the distance.

Wang Lin pondred a bit. He didn't look at the gazes of the surrounding cultivator as he appeared in the sky and walked ahead.

The old man from the Thunder Celestial Temple didn't fly every fast. As he moved ahead, the clouds before them split apart. Wang Lin calmly followed, and he didn't even ask a single thing along the way.

The old man's eyes revealed a hint of admiration and he smiled. "The Thunder Celestial Temple is very big. That place was merely the outer hall. I'm going to take you to the inner hall of the Thunder Celestial Temple!"

Wang Lin nodded and looked into the distance. As clouds passed by him, very majestic-looking palaces appeared before Wang Lin.

There were too many palaces, though they weren't close to each other but scattered. However, if one only looked with their eyes, it was impossible to see where the palaces ended. The imperial palaces of mortals couldn't compare to this.

Dense celestial spiritual energy filled the area as if it was the Celestial Realm. Wang Lin found that those palaces weren't ordinary. In fact, the dense celestial spiritual energy was coming from those palaces.

"The Thunder Celestial Temple has a total of 1,372 main halls. Each one of these halls was personally taken from the Thunder Celestial Realm by the Lord of the Temple!" The old man's words were filled with pride.

Wang Lin nodded and praised, "The Thunder Celestial Temple is indeed the most powerful temple in the Allheaven Star System!" This kind of praise was harmless, and Wang Lin had long  understood formalities after his thousand years of cultivation.

The old man smiled and said, "Fellow Xu's future achievements certainly won't be few. There will definitely be a place here for Fellow Cultivator!"

Wang Lin smiled and chatted with the old man. He looked ahead and saw that most of the Thunder Celestial Temple was shrouded in thin layer of mist.

Almost every single place in the Thunder Celestial Temple was filled with restrictions. Wang Lin even found a lot of restrictions on the path they flew. If it wasn't for the fact that he was following the old man, just these restrictions were enough to stop him.

As they continued to move forward, they eventually arrived at the center of the Thunder Celestial Temple. There was a large square here that was paved with a blue stones, and thunder moved throughout the square. The square was very big, at least 10,000 feet wide, and it looked as if it was formed by a thunder leak. When the two got near, the thunder became a huge mouth and attempted to swallow them.

The old man laughed as he slapped his bag of holding and a large number of red fruits appeared in his hand. He threw the fruit into the mouth that was attempting to devour them.

A low roar came from the thunder in the square. The fruits disappeared one by one and turned into liquid that was then absorbed by the thunder. This calmed the thunder down and it no longer obstructed them.

"Celestial Ascension Fruits!" Wang Lin looked at the fruits.

"Does fellow Cultivator Xu find this familiar? Hehe, what is sealed here is the clone of the thunder spirit that guards the Thunder Celestial Realm. Anyone who wants to enter the Thunder Celestial Realm must feed it a large amount of Celestial Ascension Fruits. Otherwise, that beast won't let anyone enter the Thunder Celestial Realm!

"The last generation Temple Lord used a powerful spell and spent countless years to separate a part of that thunder beast so it could become the Thunder Celestial Temple's guardian beast!"

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