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Chapter 864- The Last Person

There were Nirvana Scryer cultivators that participated in the celestial title competition, but not many. Most of them were considered ancestors of their families, so they were tied down by their families and had to be cautious about all their actions and decisions.

If these people fought in a competition filled with juniors, they would leave behind a bad name of snatching glory from juniors. As a result, it would overall negatively affect them.

After all, many people had noticed that the 108 celestial title competition held by the Thunder Celestial Temple was meant for juniors filled with battle intent! Although it wasn't stated, others were able to discern it from various clues.

As a result, it was uncommon for Nirvana Scryer cultivators to participate. There were a few of them in the Southern Domain and they were all ancestors of various clans, so there was no need for them to form a grudge with Wang Lin.

After all, the name "Xu Mu" was too famous and the name "Master Demon" still contained a scent of blood. This Xu Mu had always been low key, but now he was acting very high profile. It was clear that he wanted first place, so might as well gift it to him. There was no need to compete with him for it and start a feud.

Seven days of time quickly passed by. During these seven days, Wang Lin cultivated in a residence prepared by a cultivation family on Planet Earth Flame. He kept himself in peak condition to prepare for the finals in the Allheaven Star System!

During these seven days, Shengong Hu was the first to come to him. He didn't ask Wang Lin about Wang Lin's cultivation, he just asked about dao and left with some gains. He bowed toward Wang Lin with respect in his eyes. Although it wasn't as strong as before, the current Wang Lin had gained his approval.

After Shengong Hu left, there were other people who came to visit. It wasn't until the fourth day that it quieted down. Wang Lin wanted to quietly cultivate, but there was someone disturbing him, and that person was Nangong Han.

Nangong Han's goal of annoying Wang Lin was for Spatial Bending. Every time he visited, he would always give Wang Lin a headache. Eventually, Wang Lin was so annoyed by Nangong Han that he released Xu Liguo.

Wang Lin told Nangong Han that Xu Liguo knew Spatial Bending as well. He didn't care if Nangong Han believed him and left to find a quiet place to cultivate.

Poor Xu Liguo. Although Nangong Han didn't believe Wang Lin, he found Xu Liguo very agreeable, so he dragged Xu Liguo to talk with him endlessly.

At the start, Xu Liguo didn't care, but as time dragged on, he wasn't able to bear it anymore. In the end, it became extremely painful. He couldn't beat Nangong Han and he didn't dare to resist, so was unable to leave. He could only agree with Nangong Han and endure the torture, hoping that seven days would quickly pass and his master would return.

On the seventh day, Wang Lin opened his eyes and disappeared. His divine sense spread out and found where Xu Liguo was. However, when he saw Xu Liguo, Wang Lin frowned.

Xu Liguo's devil's body became blurry and collapsed. Opposite of him, Nangong Han continued to talk.

In a trance, Xu Liguo saw Wang Lin. He became excited and desperately rushed toward Wang Lin. If he ha tears, he would likely be crying right now.

"Master, you finally came back. Little Xu will never dare to have ideas anymore. Please, Master, let me go back. This person is too terrifying. Master, don't abandon me, Little Xu can't leave you…" Xu Liguo's voice was extremely miserable. 

This was the first time Wang Lin had seen Xu Liguo in such a miserable state. He waved his right hand and put Xu Liguo into his bag of holding. Then his gaze fell on Nangong Han.

Nangong Han's mood was very good, but he had an awkward expression. He rubbed his hand and nodded. "Brother Xu, your treasure spirit is very good. The moment I saw him, I could tell we would get along. In the future, we need to spend some quality time together."

Wang Lin frowned, then he turned around, took a step, and disappeared.

Nangong Han's face was filled with regret. He quickly followed and thought, "What a good treasure soul. Unfortunately, I can't beat this Xu Mu; otherwise, I would steal it!

The remaining 107 people from the Southern Domain had been chosen. The purple-robed old man took out a black stone and crushed it. Countless specks of crystal light appeared and an illusory formation appeared.

This formation was very large; it was more than 1,000 feet wide. The purple-robed old man walked in first, followed by the two green-robed messengers. They disappeared inside the formation.

The remaining 108 people gradually entered the formation. Wang Lin was one of them, and Shengong Hu, Zhan Konglie, and such were also among the 108 people.

The formation flashed and disappeared along with the 108 people.

The Thunder Celestial Temple was an extremely powerful entity in the Allheaven Star System. As generations of people in the Thunder Celestial Temple expanded their influence, they had become the strongest force publicly in the Allheaven Star System!

The location of the Thunder Celestial Temple was a mystery; no one knew there it was. Even the messengers only went there by using a special formation. There was no other way to return.

At this moment, the area within 100,000 kilometers of the Thunder Celestial Temple was restricted. Messengers and servants of the Thunder Celestial Temple filled the area. The celestial title competition was an extremely important matter for the Thunder Celestial Temple. Fighting within this area was forbidden, and if anyone violated that rule, the Thunder Celestial Temple would immediately intervene.

There were four large transfer arrays around the Thunder Celestial Temple. One of the transfer arrays lit up and figures appeared out from the northern transfer array. Under the guidance of the messengers that went to the Northern Domain, the participants walked out one by one.

These cultivators were all calm; very few people were excited after arriving here. When they appeared, they were filled with battle intent.

Just at this moment, the southern and western transfer arrays also lit up and a large amount of people walked out at the same time. Wang Lin was among them. After he walked out, he looked around, but his expression didn't change at all.

The Thunder Celestial Temple was like the imperial palace of a mortal kingdom. It was very majestic and was covered in restrictions. When Wang Lin felt the restriction fluctuations, his eyes narrowed.

With his understanding of restrictions, he could clearly feel that the restrictions here had reached a terrifying degree. Even with his cultivation, if he were to rush into these restrictions, he would without a doubt die!

It wasn't only the Thunder Celestial Temple. As Wang Lin looked around, he frowned even harder. Every single blade of grass, every plant, and even the clouds contained powerful restrictions!

Wang Lin wasn't the only one observing the surroundings. Almost everyone else was doing the same thing. The formation to the east suddenly lit up and drew everyone's attention.

The formation on the eastern side glow intensely and three figures walked out. They were the messengers sent by the Thunder Celestial Temple. They all had extremely gloomy expressions and quickly walked out from the transfer array. One of them even looked back at the formation with fear in his eyes.

Wang Lin's eyes narrowed. At the same time, a powerful smell of blood came from the eastern transfer array. The transfer array lit up and only one person walked out!

"There is no need to wait, I have killed the remaining 107 people!"

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