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Chapter 866 -  Xi Zifeng

Wang Lin carefully looked at the thunder lake square and withdrew his gaze.

Under the old man’s guidance, they headed straight toward the eastern side of the Thunder Celestial Temple. From far away, Wang Lin saw a palace much larger than the others. It was like a giant beast that was lying there, and a pressure came from it before he even closed in.

Several kilometers away from the hall, the old man stopped and smiled. “Fellow Cultivator Xu, the Lord of the Temple only summoned you, so I can’t accompany you. If will be fine if you enter by yourself!”

Wang Lin’s gaze fell on the large hall several kilometers away. He turned toward the old man and said, “Senior, thank you for leading the way!”

“I’m not any kind of senior. Since Fellow Cultivator Xu can be summoned by the Lord of the Temple, you will definitely not be merely a small fish in the pond. When that time comes, we should get to know each other better.” The old man shook his head before he excused himself and left.

Wang Lin carefully spread out his divine sense and flew forward. He gradually closed in on the main hall, and when he got near, he saw a person standing outside. Although the person’s back was facing Wang Lin, that person was like a towering mountain.

“Master Flamespark!” Wang Lin wasn’t surprised. When he got close, he landed and clasped his hands. “Greetings Senior Master Thunderflame!”

“Should I call you Master Demon Xu Mu or Wang Lin from the Alliance Star System?” Master Flamespark turned around and calmly looked at Wang Lin. When his gaze fell on Wang Lin, he was a bit surprised.

“Nirvana Scryer? Good, very good!”

Wang Lin’s expression was calm. He didn’t panic when his identity was pointed out and calmly said, “Either Xu Mu or Wang Lin is fine. I believe Senior didn’t call me here just to ask about my real name.”

Master Flamespark looked at Wang Lin and revealed a smile. There was a flash of admiration when he smiled. “Good, you are worthy of someone who is fated with this old man. I don’t care if you are Wang Lin or Xu Mu. I want to ask you are you willing to participate in the battle against the Alliance Star System.”

Wang Lin silently pondered for a while and slowly said, “Junior’s strength is meager; even if I participle, it won’t matter much.”

“A Nirvana Scryer cultivator like you dares to say your strength is meager?” Master Flamespark laughed, but there was a flash of coldness in his eyes.

Wang Lin silently pondered a little and nodded. “Since Senior Master Flamespark value me so much, then I’ll participate in the war!” Wang Lin had already decided this long ago in his heart. Since he came to participate in the 108 celestial title competition, he would be forced to get involved in the battle with the Alliance Star System.

“Good. Keep the token I gave you safe. It might be of great use to you in the future! It can also be considered the fortune I originally promised you!” Master Flamespark waved his sleeve and a gust of  wind suddenly appeared before Wang Lin. There was a flash of light and a transfer array appeared.

“Leave with this transfer array. In three days, this old man will personally go watch the competition along with some friends. Your senior apprentice brother, Qing Shui, will also go!” With that, Master Flamespark turned around and walked into the hall.

Wang Lin looked at Master Flamespark and calmly said, “Senior Master Flamespark, can you return Junior’s Thunder Beast?”

“Once the passage is opened, I’ll naturally return it to you!” Master Flamespark’s figure disappeared into the hall.

Wang Lin silently pondered for a bit before he raised his foot and stepped into the transfer array. When he reappeared, he was in the outer hall next to the four transfer arrays.

There was no one left. It was obvious they had all been taken to where they would stay.

Just as Wang Lin appeared, he immediately turned around. There was a woman standing behind him. She was extremely beautiful, as if she was made of jade, and she was wearing a blue, water pattern dress.

“Is senior Xu Mu?” Her voice was crisp and very pleasant to listen to.

Wang Lin nodded.

“Junior is Chen Shan and was ordered by Lord Messenger to wait for Senior. This is Senior’s token for this celestial competition. As for your residence, the information is inside.” Chen Shan’s expression was respectful as she took out a token the size of her fist and handed it to Wang Lin. Then she hesitated and her face turned red and she softy said, “If Senior needs a cultivation furnace during cultivation, Senior can call Junior with the token. The Thunder Celestial Temple is willing to offer all the help needed for the participants of this competition.”

After she finished speaking, her face became even more red as she bowed and retreated. Her figure was very alluring, and when she left, she faintly revealed the charm under her dress.

Wang Lin held up the token and scanned it with his divine sense. This object was like a piece of jade. It held a simple map of the Thunder Celestial Temple and an inactive transfer array. After finding his residence, Wang Lin headed straight there.

Three days of time passed by in the blink of an eye. During these three days, Wang Lin cultivated with his eyes closed to keep himself at peak condition.

The entire Thunder Celestial Temple became extremely lively when it was nearing noon of the third day. Transfer arrays flashed non-stop as groups of cultivators arrived. There were a lot of viewers for this celestial title competition. First were the cultivators of the cultivation families from the main planets of each domain. They only had the qualifications to watch from the outer edge.

Then it was the cultivation families that were above the families on the main planets but below the likes of the Yao family. They were families like the Shengong family and the Zhan family. After them were the four great families with inheritances from the Celestial Realm.

Last were the family members of the two cultivation families from ancient times that were hosting this competition along with the Thunder Celestial Temple. Although the number of cultivators viewing this competition was relatively low, there were still tens of thousands of them. The Thunder Celestial Temple had arranged numerous floating platforms, so the cultivators had places to sit.

The battlefield for the celestial title was determined to be at the 10,000-feet-wide thunder lake square!

Outside the square, there were more than 10 white pillars that gave off waves of celestial spiritual energy. Master Flamespark was sitting on a praying mat on top of one of the white pillars. Beside him sat Celestial Lord Qing Shui. His eyes were closed as if he had no interest in any of this.

As more and more cultivators that came to observe appeared, the Xiang family ancestor appeared. He clasped his hands at Master Flamespark and sat down on the praying mat next to Master Flamespark.

As the two talked, the man named Gongsun appeared wearing black and sat down.

Shortly after, the Yao family and the other three families with inheritances from the Celestial Realm arrived. The person from the Yao family was Blood God. He arrived with the old monsters from the other three families and sat down on the praying mat. They didn’t even look at Qing Shui.

When the Shengong family and the Zhan family arrived, the Shengong family ancestor and Li Yunzi each sat down on the praying mats one after the other. Shortly after, various ancestors of different cultivation families all arrived and sat down.

When noon arrived,  Master Flamespark’s eyes lit up. He calmly said, “Allheaven Star System 108 celestial title battle, begin!” His voice turned into countless thunderclaps that echoed across the Thunder Celestial Temple. Countless transfer arrays appeared in the sky. They were all the same size, and one by one, cultivators appeared from within them.

Wang Lin was included!

Blood God raised his head and looked at Wang Lin with an eerie gaze. He let out a cold snort as he withdrew his gaze. His expression was gloomy.

Aside from Blood God, there was another gaze from the crowd on the outside that landed on Wang Lin. Xi Zifeng bit her lower lip as she silently looked at Wang Lin in the sky. She let out a sigh and her eyes revealed a hint of confusion.

Ever since she returned from the Thunder Celestial Realm, Wang Lin’s figure remained in her heart. She couldn’t get rid of his figure, and when she heard of Wang Lin being hunted by the Yao family, her heart trembled, but she had no way to help. Every day, she was in no mood to cultivate, but when she heard that Wang Lin had escaped, she was extremely happy. However, there was a thick sense of bitterness behind that joy.

“I’m afraid he has already forgotten my name…”

Xi Zifeng was very beautiful, and she understood this very well. Many elites of various cultivation families had expressed their love for her. Even within her own family, her exceptional cousin, Xi Zimu, also expression his admiration. However, she was extremely indifferent toward all of this and never even considered pair cultivation. Her dream was to be like her ancestor, to become a female cultivator with cultivation that could pierce the heavens!

However, all of this changed when she met Wang Lin. Even she herself was confused. However, the shock her heart received when Wang Lin led hundreds of cultivators in a charge into the Thunder Celestial Temple’s transfer array was something she couldn’t forget.

At first, Xi Zifeng thought that time would cause her to forget everything. However, when she saw him again, she bit her lower lip until it bled and she didn’t notice. She stared at the figure that she wanted to get familiar with yet was so unfamiliar.

Not far away from Xi Zifeng sat an old woman. She obviously wasn’t eligible to sit on the praying mats, but she was the Xi family’s ancestor!

She frowned as she looked at Xi Zifeng and sighed. “Ill-fated relationship!”

Wang Lin was in the air and was very calm while looking down at the cultivators from the Allheaven Star System. In particular, he was looking at the people on the praying pats. Each of them had cultivation levels no lower than Blood Ancestor’s, and many of them far exceeded Blood Ancestor.

When all 325 transfer arrays appeared, all the participants revealed themselves. Master Flamespark was calm as he slowly said, “This competition is divided into three trials, six paths, and one line to heaven! The three trials of heaven, earth, and human will test one’s cultivation! The mysterious void six paths are the cycle of dao! 

“The three trials and six paths will select the 108 celestial titles. Then they will enter the life and death battle in one line to the heavens. The 36 with the most kills will be given the heaven celestial titles! They will also have their names left on the Celestial Bestowing Stone!”

After he finished speaking, it set off a huge wave in the area. Even the people on the praying mats were shocked. Their gazes all locked onto Master Flamespark.

Even the Xiang family ancestor and the man in black named Gongun were startled, and they looked at Master Flamespark!

Even Celestial Lord Qing Shui’s eyes widened. His eyes were extremely cold as he said, “Is it the Celestial Bestowing Stone left behind by the ancient celestials?”

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