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Chapter 863 - I, Your Father, Give Up

It was at if he was that boy who saw Celestial Emperor Bai Fan, who raised his hand and summoned nine black dragons. The heavens and earth changed colors and all creatures had to die before these nine roaring black dragons.

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a mysterious light and his hands formed a seal. The eyes of the two roaring black dragons gave off a demonic glow!

This light was profound; it was as if at this moment, these two black dragons had gained souls or had awakened from some kind of sleep. They carried with them an ancient aura as the powerful black wind blasted toward the four heavenly blades!

The heavenly blades were sharp enough to cut anything in the world, but they couldn’t cut the souls of the black dragons!

The first blade fell with a heaven-shattering explosion. When this blade fell, it took the attention of all the spectators. It was as it could devour everything, and when it descended, space itself twisted as if it was about to be torn open!

One of the black dragons raised its head and let out a roar as it charged toward the heavenly blades!

There was an earth-shattering explosion when the first blade fell, but a crack appeared its tip and continued to spread. The crack spread like crazy and, following a continuous rumble, the entire blade collapsed!

At this instant, the second blade descended from the sky. The moment the second blade descended, it created a storm. This storm was too powerful, and as it fell, large amounts of spatial cracks appeared around it. All the fragments of the first blade were absorbed by the second blade.

The second blade fell with a mysterious whistle.

An endless rumble that replaced all sound within 10,000 kilometers echoed through the ears of all the cultivators. The eyes of some of the weaker cultivators immediately turned blurry.

The second blade absorbed the force of the first blade and collided with the black dragon! The black dragon let out a mad roar and its entire body trembled. It jerked its head and then the second blade also collapsed!

The third and fourth blades immediately followed and absorbed the fragments from the previous two blades. The third blade dissipated by itself and fused with the fourth blade, creating an unimaginable force!

The black dragon collapsed into black wind and roared like crazy. The fourth blade also collapsed at the same time!

The light screen also collapsed as it could no longer withstand the impact. It shattered into countless pieces and the light screen surrounding the arena no longer existed!

There was nothing blocking the fierce impact, so it was now spreading out. This caused the expressions of the surrounding cultivators to change greatly. All the elders of the families quickly used spells to protect their family members.

However, all the blue stones were pushed back and even more directly exploded into dust. At this moment, everything within 100,000 kilometers seemed to enter a catastrophe.

The black-robed man sitting on the red stone had a pale expression and his eyes were shining brightly. The red stone under him shattered and he jumped into the air. The five remain blades flew into the air and followed the black-robed man.

The black-robed man quickly retreated with a pale expression.

Four blades were able to destroy a black dragon, and such a battle was already shocking. Wang Lin’s eyes were cold as the second black dragon charged out.

“Don’t you want to fight? Why are you retreating!” Wang Lin took a step back and merged with the black dragon. Then he rushed out toward the black-robed man.

The black-robed man’s eyes shined brightly, revealing a powerful battle intent. His foot stopped as his hands moved before his body and he shouted, “Devil-Slaughtering Heavenly Blade!”

The five blades around him began to shake and emitted a sharp blade hymn. They began to rotate, formed five rays of silver light, and shot toward Wang Lin. The five rays of lights turned into five heavenly blade and suddenly smashed down on Wang Lin.

The black dragon roared and its eyes lit up as it shot out. As Wang Lin stared at the heavenly blades, the painting from the ninth floor of the Collection Pavilion became even more clear in his mind.

“Call the Wind, Summon the Rain, Magical Arsenal…” At this moment, the words on the painting appeared inside Wang Lin’s mind.

The ghostly light inside the black dragon’s eyes became even stronger and it opened its mouth. However, this time he didn’t only blast out cold air! There was also rain!

Although there wasn’t much rain, there were indeed raindrops!

In an instant, the black wind swept the area with about 100 drops of rain mixed in. The area was immediately surrounded by a damp and cold aura. As soon as the raindrops appeared, cracking sounds came from the five heavenly blades.

The black dragon let out an angry roar as it charged out and faced the five heavenly blades!

Boom, boom, boom… Continuous explosions occurred, causing space itself to shake and causing powerful impacts to spread. Thousands of cultivators retreated; only those powerful enough to withstand the impacts could stay and witness the collision of these two powerful spells!

The roars of the black dragon still echoed, but its body had disappeared and the black wind was gone. Wang Lin’s face was slightly pale as he retreated a few steps, but his eyes shined brightly.

“This person has a similar cultivation level to mine, but he is a powerful enemy!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as his body flickered and he merged with the world.

The black-robed man quickly retreated. His face was pale. All five heavenly blades being destroyed had damaged his mind, but there was no fear in his eyes. Instead, they were filled with even more battle intent.

After letting out a mad laugh, his right foot took a step and his body stopped. When his right foot landed, a loud crash came from the space behind him and large amount of cracks appeared.

“Delightful! Ever since I, Nangong Han, completed my blades, aside from senior, no one at my cultivation level has been my adversary. When I was at the Ascendant stage, I was number one under the Illusory Yin stage. When I was at the Corporeal Yang stage, I was number one under the Nirvana Scryer stage. You are qualified to become my opponent!”

The black-robed man, Nangong Han, laughed like crazy while both of his hands formed a seal. In a flash, the space before him twisted and nine illusory blades suddenly appeared.

However, just as the nine illusory blades appeared, a ripple appeared beside him. Wang Lin walked out with two fingers forming a sword and pointed at him without any hesitation!

This point contained his dao and his Nirvana Scryer origin energy. With a point of his fingers, the black and white fishes appeared. They rotated to form a sealing force that flew toward Nangong Han!

Nangong Han suddenly turned around and quickly retreated. His hands quickly formed a seal and it flew toward Wang Lin. However, Wang Lin had appeared to suddenly and too close, so only two of the nine blades were able to block Wang Lin’s  attack. Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with indifference and the two illusory blades immediately collapsed!

Borrowing the collapse of the blades, Wang Lin’s fingers pointed toward between Nangong Han’s eyebrows.

Nangong Han’s pupils shrank and a sense of a life and death crisis he had never felt before appeared. At this moment, he didn’t hesitate. His palm released a silver flash and collided with Wang Lin’s finger!

With a bang, a powerful origin energy rushed into Nangong Han’s body. His body shivered and was thrown back. Blood came out from his chest, but he force the injury down. What terrified him was that the other party’s origin energy was actually a two strands, one white and one black. The two strands constantly caused destruction inside his body and were very tough. There were also fluctuations of domain coming from them!

Wang Lin already lost feeling in his fingers. Although his sneak attack was successful, his opponent had managed to block it and some of the enemy’s origin energy had entered his own his body. It was something he could resist, but Nangong Han’s origin energy was like an extremely sharp blade that wanted to tear his body apart.

There was a flash of cold light in Wang Lin’s eyes. He didn’t retreat but instead took a step forward and merged with the void.

When Nangong Han saw Wang Lin disappear once more, his pupils suddenly shrank. Both of his hands quickly formed a seal and he shouted, “Nine Tune Blade Formation!” In an instant, the two collapsed illusory blades took form once more and formed a blade formation with the other seven blades. The blades rotated rapidly, forming countless silver threads that revolved around Nangong Han, and then quickly scattered.

Wang Lin’s figure appeared 30 feet away from Nangong Han while the blade formation drew near. The beast bone on the back of his right hand lit up and immediately appeared. The silver threads gave off a grey light. Using this moment, Wang Lin suppressed the injuries in his body and disappeared without a trace.

Nangong Han sucked in a breath of cold air and quickly retreated as he quickly shouted, “Stop, stop! I admit defeat! I’m not fighting anymore. You know Spatial Bending, how am I supposed to fight that!? Stop!” He turned around and quickly retreated.

“I already gave up and you still haunt me. I give up, I’m not fighting you any more!” Nangong Han bitterly smiled. He didn’t want it to end like this, but fighting a Nirvana Scryer cultivator that knew Spatial Bending put him at too much of a disadvantage.

After he said that, the image he created of a powerhouse of this generation immediately collapsed. Wang Lin appeared 200 feet away from him. Wang Lin frowned as he looked at Nangong Han.

He had spent his entire life fighting with people, but he had never met this kind of person...

“I’m not going to fight, I’m not going to fight. It won’t be too late to fight once I comprehend Spatial Bending. Right now it is not worth it for me. I can’t beat you.” Nangong Han’s face was gloomy and in a flash he retreated and rushed toward a red stone. There was originally someone sitting on the red stone, but with one stare from Nangong Han, that person immediately left.

Wang Lin silently pondered for a while before he looked around and calmly said, “Are there any more challengers?”

The surroundings were completely quiet. As Shengong Hu silently looked at all of this, his dimmed gaze gradually became brighter. Although his gaze toward Wang Lin longer had that sense of fanaticism, the respect had returned.

The surrounding cultivators all looked at Wang Lin, but in the end no one walked out.

The purple-robed old man slowly said, “Xu Mu, first among the 108 chosen from the Southern Domain. In seven days, follow me to the Thunder Celestial Temple along with the remaining 107 that will be selected!”

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