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Chapter 858 - Target: The 108 Celestial Titles

“If you can succeed, then I’ll teach you Summon the Rain and Magical Arsenal. If not, then you have no fate with these two celestial spells. I’ve saved you once, and that could be considered me fulfilling the karma you had with Master! Do your best!” Qing Shui looked at Wang Lin. After hesitating a bit, he raised his right hand and reached toward the void. A crystal clear drop of ice crystal formed and floated before Wang Lin.

“This object contains three uses of Summon the Rain, use it to protect yourself!”

Qing Shui turned around, walked toward the void, and slowly disappeared… The moment before he disappeared, the melancholy in his eyes became even stronger and he murmured,

“That person is stronger than Master… However, he gives off a familiar feeling… I must have seen him before!”

Wang Lin looked at Qing Shui’s leaving figure and silently pondered for a long time before he clasped his hands at that direction. He grabbed the ice crystal and then disappeared without a trace.

“That person must be a third step cultivator. There is such an incredible cultivator in the Allheaven Star System…” Wang Lin quickly headed to where Li Yuan’s family was.

“I just don’t know if there is a third step cultivator in the Alliance Star System… This person is too strong, even Nirvana Shatterer cultivator wouldn’t be able to resist…” Wang Lin’s figure moved through the stars and his eyes shined.

“However, I had seen the direction to the third step from the heaven defying bead…” Wang Lin’s eyes shined even more as he moved through space using Spatial Bending.

There was a cultivation planet in a remote system in the Southern Domain. This planet was named Annihilation. A long time ago, not only was it famous in the Southern Domain, it was also famous across the Allheaven Star System!

The family with restrictions inherited from ancient times, the Li family! With mastery of the Annihilation restriction, the Li family was extremely powerful and their name once shook the Allheaven Star System. However, with the decline of the family and the annihilation restriction leaking out, the Li family fell from power.

Not any of the Li family’s glory was left. The memories were buried and no longer shined.

As the Li family withered, even people’s memories of it became blurry; it was as if it no longer existed.

Planet Annihilation had become uninhabited; no cultivators came here. If not for the countless restrictions left by the Li family, they wouldn’t have even been able to keep planet Annihilation.

Inside the Li family home on planet Annihilation, Li Yuan stood staring into the distance. 

“Brother Xu… It’s not that I don’t want to help you with the Yao family hunting you, it’s that I can’t do anything!” Li Yuan’s face was bitter. He was willing to help, but with his cultivation level, not only would he be of no help, he would actually become a burden. He was very grateful toward Xu Mu for what happened in the Thunder Celestial Realm, especially the fact that Xu Mu had sent him out and stayed behind.

After letting out a sigh, Li Yuan stood up and walked out of the room. He stared at the sky and everything that happened in the Thunder Celestial Realm flashed through his head.

“Brother Xu, if you could come, I would teach the Annihilation Restriction Heart to you without reservation!” As Li Yuan mumbled, his eyes suddenly widened. He looked up at the sky and his eyes became filled with shock.

A ripple appeared in the sky and began to spread. It was as if the sky had become a pool of water.

Wang Lin’s figure walked out from the ripple. He floated in the air and immediately saw Li Yuan. He smiled and took a step forward.

Inside the Li family ancestral hall, there was a black pool. Wang Lin and Li Yuan were sitting in the pool of water, and cold aura was coming out from a whirlpool inside the pool.

However, this whirlpool was very weak. As it circled the two of them, it created ripples. While Li Yun had his eyes closed, a black light came out from between his eyebrows. The light turned into black lines the entered the pool.

The moment these black lines touched the pool, it was like dragons entering the sea, causing even bigger ripples to appear.

Wang Lin was sitting opposite of Li Yuan. The two of them had cultivated here for three days. Wang Lin had arrived three days ago and caught up with Li Yun. Then Li Yun invited Wang Lin here to inherit the Annihilation Restriction Heart.

Only with the restriction heart could the Annihilation Restriction display its true power. However, the inheritance of the restriction heart could only be done at the Li family ancestral hall.

The black lines that came from Li Yuan entered the pool and dissipated as if they had become part of the pool. At the same time, the black water gathered near Wang Lin and eventually condensed between eye his brows.

As time slowly passed, Li Yuan began to reveal an exhausted expression. The inheritance of the restriction heart was usually done by the ancestor when they were close to death.

Right now, in order to repay Wang Lin, he didn’t hesitate to split half of the restriction heart and give it to Wang Lin! On the fifth day, Li Yuan looked a lot older. It was as if these five days had been 50 years. The black light between his eyebrows had dimmed a lot and was very weak as more than half of it had entered the pool.

The whirlpool inside the pool became even more intense. As it continued to rotate, it gradually grew into a storm.

Li Yuan dragged his tired body out from the pool and sat down. He looked at Wang Lin inside the water and muttered, “Brother Xu, I have repaid your kindness!”

He closed his bloodshot eyes. His entire body was filled weariness and he began to cultivate. In order to repay Wang Lin, he had given too much. Giving out a large portion of his restriction heart had caused his restriction skill to drop by a lot.

While Wang Lin was sitting inside the pool of water, the whirlpool became even more intense. On the sixth day, a storm formed, causing the water to rise and surround Wang Lin. A cold energy spread, causing frost to appear and some of the pool to freeze.

While he was under the constantly rotating black water black, lines entered between Wang Lin’s eyebrows, forming complex flower pattern and was branded layer by layer.

At this moment, Wang Lin seemed to enter a very mysterious state. Everything about the Annihilation Restriction appeared in his mind and began to compare and fuse with his previous knowledge of restrictions.

As the black lines branded him, the various mysteries of restrictions became more profound in his heart.

On the ninth day, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes and the black whirlpool around him suddenly collapsed. Water scattered in all directions, followed by a burst of cold energy.

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a mysterious light and countless restrictions flashed across his eyes. It was as if he could see through all the restrictions in the world.

He raised his right hand and pointed. All the black water that had scattered trembled and condensed inside his palm into a black ball.

The ball gave off a black glow and a cold aura. It seemed to shroud the entire hall in a cold aura.

While staring at the black ball, Wang Lin closed his eyes. A moment later, he opened his eyes and slapped his bag of holding. A large amount of soil flew out.

This soil was collected by him in the Thunder Celestial Realm under Li Yuan’s guidance. Wang Lin waved his hand and all the soil went inside the black ball.

The black ball gradually solidified. At the same time, Wang Lin spat out a mouthful of essence origin energy. When it touched the black ball, it glowed brightly. The black ball gradually shrank and changed shape before Wang Lin’s eyes until it was a octagonal compass!

“Every generation of Annihilation Restriction descendant must have their own heart restriction compass. Congratulations, Brother Xu!” Li Yun opened his weary eyes and smiled. It was a very sincere smile with no falsehood.

The compass inside Wang Lin’s hand entered his palm. It moved through his body and flashed between his eyebrows before disappearing. Wang Lin stepped next to Li Yuan and clasped his hands. “Many thanks, Brother Li!”

Li Yuan faintly smiled and shook his head. “No need to be like this, Brother Xu. You are my Li family’s benefactor, so it is natural for me to do this! What  does Brother Xu plan to do next?”

Wang Lin pondered. Many days ago, when he arrived on planet Annihilation and met Li Yuan, he had heard many things from Li Yuan. He even found out about his title of Master Demon.

Thinking about what Li Yuan said, that the Thunder Celestial Temple’s 108 celestials battle would use the four domains as the arena, Wang Lin’s heart was filled with determination.

Not only for the two great celestial spells mentioned by Qing Shui but also the promise from the Xiang family from planet Dong Lin!

The 36 Heaven Celestials would receive a promise from the Thunder Celestial Temple and the two cultivation families with inheritances from ancient times!

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he asked, “Is Brother Li interested in fighting for one of the 108 celestial titles?”

Li Yuan pondered. After a long time, he wryly smiled. “It would be useless to go with my current cultivation level. I’m preparing to go into closed door cultivation to break through to the Illusory Yin stage!” Li Yuan’s eyes were filled with determination as he spoke. He must strive for a breakthrough no matter what to bring glory back to his family.

Wang Lin nodded and calmly said, “With Brother Li’s talent, a breakthrough is only a matter of time!” He pondered for a bit before he hit his bag and took out a piece of jade. Then he engraved the Thunder Origin spell inside.

“Brother Li, there is a cultivation method inside this jade. If you carefully cultivate it, then the chance of you having a breakthrough will increase by a lot!”

Li Yun took the jade. After taking a closer look, he was shocked. Although his Li family had inheritances from ancient times, a lot of them were lost. They only thing they had left was the Annihilation Restriction. In fact, they were now inferior to a common cultivation family.

Although the Thunder Origin spell from the Thunder Celestial Temple wasn’t precious, it was still rare. He nodded and said, “Brother Xu, I won’t bother saying thanks, since it’s just the two of us. If one day I have a breakthrough, I’ll find you. The two of us can wander the stars like two celestials. It will be a joyous occasion!”

Wang Lin smiled and said, “Brother Li, goodbye!” With that, he took a step forward. Ripples appeared under his feet and he disappeared.

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