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Chapter 859 - Arrival

Thunder Celestial Temple was going to grant 108 celestial titles! The four domains were going to become an arena for a fierce competition!

This is the first time celestial titles were given since the Celestial Realm collapsed. There was also Celestial Lord Qing Shui, who would teach celestial spells. In addition, there was the promise from the two ancient families and the mysterious family from primal times giving the right to use the celestial pool.

All of this had pushed the celestial title competition to a peak!

They were using the celestial title competition to bring the battle intent of the entire Allheaven Star System to its peak before the battle against the Alliance Star System!

Countless cultivation families from all four domains would send out people to the designated arenas. Then, with a Messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple as judge, 108 people will be chosen from each domain to be sent to the Thunder Celestial Temple for the final competition!

Southern Domain, one of the three main planets, Planet Earth Flame. The space thousands of kilometers away from the planet was enveloped in a bright light.

Thousands of kilometers away was an area filled with countless cultivators. The battlefield for the Southern Domain was here!

Thousands of kilometers away, there were countless blue stones floating. There was a person or several sitting on each stone. The blue stones were spread across the area.

The blue stones were prepared by the Southern Domain for all the people who wanted to watch the competition. Right now there were no less than tens of thousands of cultivators spread among the blue stones!

Their cultivation levels varied a lot, though most of them were cultivators at the first step. Aside from accompanying their family members who came for the competition, they also came to broaden their views by seeing some celestial spells.

There were a lot of red stones among the countless blue stones, and each cultivator who sat on one had shining eyes filled with battle intent. These were the people who obtained the right to fight for the celestial title in the Southern Domain!

There were about 300 to 400 red stones. The 108 people who would have the right to go to the Thunder Celestial Temple would be chosen from them.

At this moment, within the battlefield that was thousands of kilometers wide, two cultivators were fighting. Various spells filled the area, and the two sides were evenly matched. All the viewers watched closely, especially those that would battle next; they watched even more intently.

Of course, there were cultivators that only took one glance and withdrew their gaze. It was obvious that this kind of battle couldn’t catch their interest.

Zhan Konglie was one of them!

The Zhan family was a large family. Zhan Konglie was the best junior of the Zhan family. His family’s requirements for him was to obtain top 10 in the Southern Domain competition!

“Top 10… If nothing goes wrong, then it’s in the bag!” Zhan Konglie’s fierce gaze swept the area and landed on a red stone. On that red stone sat Shengong Hu, who had his eyes closed. He seemed to notice Zhan Konglie’s gaze and opened his eyes.

The two of them smiled at each other and withdrew their gazes.

When Shengong Hu withdrew his gaze, he looked into the distance with a bleak expression. He originally wanted to help his lord when he found out that the Yao family was hunting him. However, the Shengong family ancestor personally came out to stop him.

Although Shengong Hu was unwilling, he eventually had to yield. However, he couldn’t help but sneer. The Yao family was really seeking their own death by provoking his lord!

Although, the matter that occurred later was outside of Shengong Hu’s expectations. His lord repeatedly countacttacked the Yao family, killed a lot of cultivators, and obtained the title of Master Demon.

In the end, an earth-shaking battle in the Northern Domain made the name “Xu Mu” echo throughout the Allheaven Star System!

Although all of this appeared illustrious on the surface, it was very different from the impression Shengong Hu had. He was very silent for a long time, recalling everything from before, and his heart felt bitter.

With Shengong Hu’s intelligence, he had his speculations.

“I’m afraid that Xu Mu is not as strong as I imagined… I fear his cultivation level is lower than mine… No matter how diligent he has been in increasing his cultivation at most he is at peak Corporeal Yang like me. Alas.” Shengong Hu’s heart felt very complex as he withdrew his gaze from the void.

Zhan Konglie’s heart was also very complex along with Shengong Hu. He was as smart as Shengong Hu, and when news of Wang Lin being hunted by the Yao family reached him, he gradually realized the truth. His heart was also filled with bitterness.

“Xu Mu… Alas, I didn’t expect even I, Zhan Konglie, to have a day where I’m deceived. It isn’t that I couldn’t see through his cultivation, it was that there was nothing to see through, that was simply his cultivation level. He must’ve had a fortunate encounter to reach the Corporeal Yang in the Thunder Celestial Realm and was not hiding his cultivation like I had thought!

“Even now this person must still be at the Corporeal Yang stage. I was wrong about him!” Zhan Konglie let out a sigh and was filled with disappointment.

Zhan Yun was sitting on a blue stone behind Zhan Konglie. When she saw him frown, she let out a sigh. She understood very well that her cousin thought about Senior...

During this period of time, Senior’s name had become famous in the Allheaven Star System. Every time she remembered what happened in the Thunder Celestial Realm, she would feel shock. If it wasn’t for Senior taking the lead, she would have already died.

There was another red stone with Tang Yanfeng sitting on top. He saw this and let out a cold snort but didn’t speak.

Zhang Konglie, Shengong Hu, and Tang Yanfeng were famous in the Southern Domain. They were named the three calamities of the Southern Domain!

Aside from the viewers from the various cultivation families, there were also several people here responsible for managing the battles. Three of them came from the Thunder Celestial Temple.

Two of the three wore green robes and their eyes were cold as they watched everything. One of them was very old and wore a purple robe. He had his eyes closed as if he didn’t care about anything that occurred before him.

The two green-robed messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple were extremely respectful to the purple-robed elder. Even the surrounding ancestors of the Southern Domain were very respectful to him.

Aside from the three of them, there were also various ancestors of the the cultivations families in the Southern Domain. These people were sitting on white stones! There were very few white stones, less than 10, but each person sitting on them was very famous!

However, the Shengong family ancestor and Lie Yunzi were not here.

The battle inside the arena was gradually coming to an end. The two cultivation families involved all carefully looked at the battlefield.

A moment later, one of the fighters’ body shivered as the spell hit his body. His face turned pale and blood came out from the corner of his mouth. When he saw his opponent chasing after him, he let out a sigh and said, “I admit defeat!”

A laugh came from the person pursuing him. He turned around and gave up his pursuit.

A shadow appeared inside the arena, it was one of the green-robed Thunder Celestial Temple messengers. He appeared with a flash of thunder as he swept the arena and calmly said, “Li Ye wins!”

Just as the battle occurred outside of Planet Earth Flame, Wang Lin’s figure appeared in the void hundreds of thousands of kilometers away.

His eyes were cold as he looked into the distance.

“Li Yuan said that the Southern Domain’s competition was set to be held at Planet Earth Flame! Every participant needs a qualification token from the Southern Domain to participate! If one has no token, he is not allowed to enter, and once it starts, the area within 100,000 kilometers will be sealed! If you’re late, you aren’t allow to enter!” Wang Lin let out a cold snort and took a step forward. Ripples appeared under his feet, and after a second step, he disappeared.

Within 100,000 kilometers of Planet Earth Flame, there were cultivators sitting at 10,000 kilometer intervals. They formed rings that surrounding Planet Earth Flame and prevented  outsiders from entering.

Strands of spiritual energy came out from them, and they were tightly connected, forming a network. The moment one person’s position changed, it would be immediately perceived by the others.

Meng Lin was currently sitting among the stars with anger dwelling in his heart. He was someone from the Meng family from Planet Earth Flame. He wanted to take this chance to observe celestial spells used during the competition. However, he was sent all the way out here, so he was very angry.

Thinking about how his peers were rejoicing in his misfortune when they found out he was sent to guard here, he became more gloomy and couldn’t calm himself down to cultivate no matter what.

“If I could see the various celestial spells used in this celestial title competition, especially those of the the there calamities of the Southern Domain, it would greatly benefit my cultivation. Alas!” Meng Lin let out a dark sigh. His was only at the late stage of Soul Transformation and wasn’t able to take the final step into the Ascendant stage. Then his pupils suddenly shrank as he stared straight ahead.

A ripple suddenly appeared 1,000 feet away from Meng Lin. As the ripples spread, a person walked out.

This person wore white and his black hair moved without any wind. In particular, this person’s eyes were exceptionally brilliant. The moment Meng Lin met those eyes, he felt as if countless bolts of thunder had exploded in his mind. His origin soul nearly collapsed and his spiritual energy leaked directly out of his body.

At this moment, he lost consciousness.

Wang Lin’s figure flickered and walked past Meng Lin. It wasn’t until Wang Lin was far away that Meng Lin regained his senses. He was filled with confusion as he looked back but saw nothing.

“Strange, why did I just enter a trance…” Meng Lin scratched his head and couldn’t think of a reason. After letting out a sigh, he began to cultivate. Strangely, this time he was successful and sank into cultivation after a short period of time.

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