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Chapter 857 - Third Step

Qing Shui's expression was still indifferent. He didn't look at Blood God, he was staring at the demonic figure that came out from Blood God's body, and his eyes became cold.

His right eye flashed red; it was a scarlet red and gave off killing intent. With one step, Qing Shui charged out. The black mist in his hand suddenly expanded to 30 feet and flew toward Blood God.

God Blood's face was ferocious as he pointed at the ancient lamp. He wasn't the only one that moved, the ancient demon also pointed at the ancient lamp.

There was still a flame burning inside the ancient lamp. Not far away, Wang Lin's eyes were locked onto the ancient lamp from the moment it appeared. He could clearly see the shadow of a struggling woman at the heart of the ancient lamp. A sense of sadness seem to spread from the flame.

With a point of Blood God's finger, the fire inside the ancient lamp grew violently. Then the shadow of a large ancient demon suddenly burst forth from the ancient lamp!

The ancient demon looked almost exactly the same as the demonic shadow around Blood God. However, the unimaginably powerful aura was far stronger than that of the demonic shadow around Blood God!

It was like comparing a firefly and the bright moon!

"This is the real body!" Wang Lin's eyes became cold and he was enlightened. The thing inside the ancient lamp was the ancient demon's real body. As for the things inside Blood God and Yao Yun, they were the ancient demon's clones!

Blood God roared ferociously, "God-Devouring Demonic Flame!" 

As he roared, the flame from the ancient lamp spread and the true body of the ancient demon charged out.

At this moment, a large amount of demonic energy spread. Even the entire southern domain was shrouded in dense demonic energy.

It was as if an ancient aura from primordial times had awakened among the stars!

The demonic energy caused the origin energy of all the cultivators in the Southern Domain to become unstable. Some beasts on the cultivation planets became very excited and absorbed the demonic energy like crazy.

As the ancient demon charged out it, its body became covered in flames. Its large claw reached toward Qing Shui. This claw contained an aura more powerful than law; all law disappeared before this claw!

The flame around its body was an inextinguishable demonic flame that had burned for countless years and could burn anything in the world!

Qing Shui's eyes revealed a serious expression as he rushed out and threw the black mist in his hand. At the same time, his right eye glowed red. He used the Ji Realm without any hesitation!

A ray of red lightning shot out from his eyes and charged out. The moment the Ji Realm appeared, all the dust retreated and all creatures felt fear!

At this moment, the demonic energy immediately collapsed and dissipated before this power. It was as if the demonic energy was nothing before the Ji Realm!

The red lightning carried a terrifying aura and contained all the slaughter in Qing Shui's life. It created a storm that moved extremely fast toward the demon that came out from the ancient lamp.

The ancient demon's eyes revealed an expression of shock. It didn't flinch as it reached out and grabbed the Ji Realm! At this moment, a thunderous roar began to echo!

The ancient demon's right claw immediately collapsed when the Ji Realm entered its body. This collapse didn't stop at the claw and spread across the ancient demon's body. In an instant, the entire ancient demon's body collapsed!

However, the moment the ancient demon collapsed, the flame inside the ancient lamp burned intensely and the shadow of the ancient demon condensed once more. Although it was fainter than before, there was a red light flashing between its eyebrows. If one looked closely, one would see that the red light was the Ji Realm!

"All the spells in this world originated from my ancient demon clan. Only this one, which contains a trace of the heavens' power, doesn't belong to my ancient demon clan. However, this power now belongs to me!" An ancient voice echoed among the stars. The ancient demon's eyes gave off a demonic glow. The red light between its eyebrows flashed and shot out a ray of lightning toward Qing Shui.

However, the moment the red lightning appeared, it collapsed from a stare by Qing Shui. The shockwave created by the collapse quickly spread.

Qing Shui's expression was cold as he raised his hand and calmly said, "Xu Mu, look closely, this is Master's fourth spell, Mountains Crumble!"

The ancient demon's eyes were filled with demonic energy as it quickly retreated and grabbed Blood God. It immediately entered Blood God's body, causing cries of pain to come from Blood God's mouth.

The veins on Blood God's face bulged, making him reveal a painful expression. It was as if he was experiencing heart-wrenching pain!

His hair moved without wind and quickly extended. Then two illusionary horns appeared on his head. At the same time, a green light covered his body. Now he no longer looked human and looked like an ancient demon!

Dense demonic energy came from his body. Blood God's eyes no longer had focus, only a demonic glow. He let out a roar and charged at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui's expression was serious and his right eye gave off an intense, red glow. Just as he was about to attack, his expression changed and he suddenly looked up!

Even Wang Lin immediately raised his head. He vaguely felt origin source energy from above. This energy wasn't strong, but Wang Lin had a feeling that just one thought from this aura was enough for him to disintegrate into origin energy!

"This… This is the third step!!" Wang Lin's expression changed greatly.

Even Blood God, who had gone mad, instantly raised his head at this moment, and his expression changed.

"Enough…" A calm voice slowly appeared from the stars. Then a figure formed by countless rays of starlight appeared between Qing Shui and Blood God.

The moment the illusory figure appeared, he raised his hand and randomly waved at Blood God. Blood God immediately coughed out a large mouthful of blood and the ancient demon was knocked out of Blood God's body. The ancient demon's face was filled with shock as he stared at the illusory figure.

"Ancient demon, I don't mind you borrowing the Yao family to restore your body; I don't care. However, if you cause a slaughter in the Allheaven Star System and affect the battle against the Alliance Star System, then I don't mind extinguishing your inextinguishable demonic flame!"

This person's voice was calm, but it contained an aura that could shock one's heart. At this moment, Wang Lin felt like he had gone back 1,000 years; he was experiencing the feeling of looking at a cultivator when he was still a mortal!


Incredibly powerful!

Unable to resist, cannot resist, even unyielding thoughts must be completely extinguished! When you hear this sentence, you must obey!

"Celestial Lord Qing Shui, the Celestial Realm has shattered, and this is the Allheaven Star System!" The illusory figure turned around and looked at Qing Shui. This gaze was like the gaze of dao; it had no power, but it caused a series of rumbles around Qing Shui. It was as if even the heavens had to succumb to this voice!

It wouldn't allow any resistance!

Qing Shui's eyes were still cold as he stared at the illusory figure. After a long time, he let out a cold snort and didn't speak.

The illusory shadow was blurry and it was impossible to clearly see the figure's appearance. After he spoke, he stretched his arm and a crystal light filled the area.

As Wang Lin's pupils shrank, the surrounding collapsed space quickly gathered and was restored back to normal. Not only that, as the crystal light gradually left, all the destruction that had occurred in the Southern Domain was reversed.

Even the demonic energy absorbed by some of the beasts on some cultivation planets silently dissipated!

"If the two of you continue to fight, I'll kill you both." After leaving those calm words, the crystal light dissipated as if nothing had happened at all.

However, those last words could cause any creature to feel frightened. Only a portion of that person's killing intent was released, yet it was enough for the world to change colors. If all of it was released, then the stars would no longer exist!

Blood God silently pondered for a moment before grabbing the ancient lamp. He didn't even look at Qing Shui as he merged with the world and disappeared.

Qing Shui and Wang Lin were the only two people remaining. Wang Lin still hadn't recovered from the shock. This shock was something he could never forget.

Wang Lin was very certain that the illusory shadow was a third step cultivator! That person had appeared without the slightest fluctuation, and the feeling of terror from his soul was so powerful that it wasn't dissipating at all.

It was as if he would only need one thought to cause the entire Southern Domain to collapse!

Wang Lin closed his eyes. After a long time, he suppressed the shock in his heart, clasped his hands toward Qing Shui, and said, "Thank you… I'll forever remember that Senior saved me!"

Qing Shui's eyes looked at the distant stars and his eyes were filled with melancholy. After a long time, the melancholy dissipated before he looked at Wang Lin and calmly said, "Don't thank me! I don't care how you learned Call the Wind, but since you learned it, you are a cross generation disciple of my master. I, Qing Shui, don't have any ties in this system. Meeting you was my master's arrangement…

"You haven't formed your celestial origin yet, and without the celestial pool, you can't form your celestial origin. Now with the Thunder Celestial Temple 108 celestial title competition, the 36 Heaven Celestials have the right to access the celestial pool. You should go fight for it!"

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