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Chapter 855 - Crane's Wind Roar, Plants Transform to Weapons

The raindrops were like crystals that emitted brilliant light. At this moment, they spread out and dense killing intent appeared.

However, what was strange was that these raindrops became like a rain curtain around Wang Lin. Not only did he not feel cold, he felt warmth in his body as the large amount of origin energy he had consumed slowly recovered.

Wang Lin stared at everything dumbfoundedly. When he heard Qing Shui's words, Wang Lin silently pondered. As he stared at Qing Shui, a strange, unexplainable feeling appeared in his heart.

This was a very strange feeling to him. It was as if it hadn't appeared in his heart for a very long time.

However, he vaguely remembered back on planet Suzaku when Sect Master Dun Tian from the Soul Refining Sect gave him this feeling. Then Situ Nan, who was a teacher and a friend, gave him this feeling. Also, the first time he countered the All-Seer when he was attempting to reach the Soul Formation stage.

Zhou Yi also gave him this feeling.

Wang Lin's life adhered to the principle that if others didn't offend him, he wouldn't offend others. Likewise, if anyone showed him kindness, even if it was very little, Wang Lin would cherish it.

Wang Lin still remembered Dun Tian's kindness. In his heart, he still carries the spirit of the Soul Refining Sect.

Wang Lin still remembered Situ Nan's kindness. He didn't hesitate to give away something as precious as the God Slaying War Chariot to him. If Situ Nan was in a difficult situation, Wang Lin knew that even if it would result in his death, as long as there was a possibility to save him, he wouldn't back down.

This was all because Situ Tu had showed him kindness!

Wang Lin didn't forget Zhou Yi's kindness. In order to repay that kindness, he had done too much.

He also owed the All-Seer when he was attempting to reach the Soul Formation stage. It was because of this that he was still indecisive after noticing many clues. It wasn't until the end, when everything was laid before him, that he was forced to walk down the path of revolting against the All-Seer.

However, deep down in his heart, there was a trace of sadness that wouldn't disappear.

Right now Qing Shui was standing before him to block Blood God and the divine retribution. All of this for a spell named Call the Wind and an inheritance that didn't even exist.

Blood God's expression was very gloomy. At this moment, the raindrops that surrounded him made his mind tremble. He was not as fearless as he showed on the surface. In truth, a few months ago, when he took the blow of an ancient god's shattered star, he was seriously injured.

However, he had suppressed it by force and used the secret technique passed down in his family to recover. However, if he was to face Qing Shui now, it would be very dangerous.

This was only the first reason. As the head of a cultivation family of descendents of Celestials, he had very complicated feelings toward celestials. This was especially true for Qing Shui. He clearly remember Qing Shui being described in the family records and even their celestial ancestors back then were extremely respectful to Qing Shui.

Qing Shui was too famous. Even if Blood God wasn't injured, he wouldn't be confident in winning. Also, after one's cultivation reaches a certain level, either they don't fight or the fight will be earth-shattering!

At this moment, the rain drops suddenly moved, creating a sharp, whistling sound. Each raindrop contained unimaginable origin energy and even a trace of very pure energy from the Celestial Realm!

These countless raindrops were like countless swords that charged like crazy toward Blood God. Each raindrop contained a terrifying aura; just one drop was enough to destroy an Ascendant cultivator!

Ten drops were enough to kill an Illusory Yin cultivaor. One hundred drops could destroy a Corporeal Yang cultivator! One thousand drops and even a Nirvana Scryer cultivator had to retreat!

When the countless raindrops moved, it was as if they could penetrate law. Even Blood God's mind trembled when facing these countless rain drops.

His eyes lit up as he waved his hand and a thunderous sound that could split open the heavens and earth echoed!

The rumbling sound was very shocking as it spread out from Blood God's body. As it left his body, a gust of wind appeared around him. In an instant, it turned into a thunderstorm!

He used thunder to create sound, the sound caused the space to vibrate, and this created wind from space! This was the famous thunderstorm created by the celestial spell Sound of Wind! There was a detailed formula for this spell on the eighth floor of the pavilion Wang Lin obtained.

Blood God's expression was gloomy as he pointed at the heavens. The surrounding wind quickly spread out. The wind immediately collided with the raindrops and the surrounding area was filled with rumbling sounds of thunder!

Waves of impact scattered, stirring up the surrounding origin energy and causing large amounts of space to collapse!

Countless raindrops were pushed back by the thunderstorm and quickly gathered. They formed into a large water curtain that surrounded Blood God.

The thunder from the wind moved between the raindrops and quickly spread. In an instant, the surrounding area became a thunder hell!

"Celestial spell Sound of Wind!" Qing Shui's expression was cold and he calmly said, "Rain seal!"

The moment he said those two words, the raindrops gave off a penetrating coldness. In an instant, ice crystals began to form, and with them came cracking sounds. The rain immediately turned to ice!

The roaring thunderstorm also began to freeze when it touched the raindrops. At this moment, the wind was frozen by the ice as if it was corporeal, forming an whirlpool-shaped ice dragon!

Blood God no longer hesitated and his hand quickly formed a seal. Heavenly origin energy quickly gathered from all directions and formed a fist-sized ball before his body. His right hand formed another seal and he quickly pressed it down on the small ball.

A violent ripple quickly spread and the small ball suddenly turned into a crane. It had a red crown, golden feet, and snow white feathers. The crane immediately flew into the air and circled Blood God.

Blood God didn't pause and the endless heavenly origin energy kept gathering. In the blink of an eye, a total of nine cranes were formed!

The nine cranes flew as Blood God shouted, "Qing Shu, my Yao family ancestor's thunderstorm can't match your Call the Wind. However, over the countless years, the generations of my Yao family ancestors created a spell!"

The nine cranes' eyes instantly turned red and they gave off a powerful demonic aura. The demonic aura spread out like a storm and the surrounding ice began to show signs of collapse.

This demonic energy was too powerful. At the center, Blood God's hair began to float and a red vortex appeared between his eyebrows. As it rotated, even more powerful demonic energy came from his body!

At this moment, Blood God was no longer a cultivator, but an ancient demon who had occupied a body!

"Celestial spell, Crane's Might!" Blood God's eyes gave off a demonic glow like a lamp. As he shouted, the nine cranes began to dance around Blood God and let out mighty cries.

These cries were too harsh and sharp. The cries from the nine cranes immediately formed a storm and echoed like crazy with unimaginable force.

Bang, bang, bang, bang! All the surrounding ice began to collapsed and was pushed back. All the ice within 500 kilometers collapsed!

For a moment, it was as if entire world was shrouded in the cries. This sound was so powerful that it seemed to pierce into everything like fine needles. Everything within it quickly disintegrated!

Just at this moment, one of the cranes suddenly exploded into countless white feathers. Then an even more powerful cry came from the exploded crane.

Shortly after, another crane exploded. In an instant, all nine cranes exploded and countless feathers spread. This turned into a powerful spell that affected everything within thousands of kilometers.

Qing Shui's gaze was still indifferent as he slowly said, "This spell is not bad!"

"Just not bad? This old man's Yao family's spell isn't over! Crane's Wind Roar, Plants Arsenal!" Blood God's eyes gave off a demonic glow. As he let out the roar, the red robe around him was blown back and his hands formed a seal. At this moment, it was as if the entire world had darkened.

"Plants Arsenal!"

The countless feathers that flew out suddenly gave off a demonic glow and turned into completely different magical treasures!

The arsenal in Plants Arsenal meant weapons! When the spell appeared, the world changed colors and a large amount of space collapsed. It continued to spread, 500 kilometers, 5,000 kilometers, 50,000 kilometers...

This expansion was extremely crazy, and Blood God was the center. If he was allowed to continue, then the entire Southern Domain would face a catastrophe!

As his spell reached its peak and almost reached Qing Shui, the divine retribution cloud finished its compression. A large amount of clouds disappeared and condensed at the center to form a bolt of seven-colored heavenly thunder!

Before this bolt of thunder appeared, it let out a feeling that would make your heart tremble. The seven-colored thunder crashed down instantly. There wasn't just one bolt, there were seven!

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple thunder descended as the divine retribution cloud disappeared! These bolts of thunder contained powerful forces of destruction!

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