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Chapter 854 - You're Not Qualified

The moment the demon appeared, Blood God's body paused.

Wang Lin borrowed this opportunity and quickly retreated. His hand quickly formed seals, making the ancient god furnace move him 1,000 feet to the side and dodging the divine retribution lightning!

These divine retribution lightning bolts lost their target but didn't dissipate. It was as if they had intelligence and suddenly changed directions. The 1,000 feet distance only took the divine retribution lightning an instant to cross.

Although it was very fast for Wang Lin, he still had enough time to use a spell!

"Call the Wind!" During the moment of crisis, Wang Lin's eyes were still calm. This time he could only rely on the divine retribution even though his chance of escaping alive was very low!

"Let the divine retribution become even more violent!" Wang Lin clenched his teeth and black wind appeared from his right hand. This black wind was dense as it coiled around Wang Lin. As the divine retribution lightning closed in, the black wind turned into a black dragon and spat out a blast of cold wind.

This wind could extinguish the flame of all life. After being hit, several bolts of divine retribution lightning collapsed. However, there were still some that made it past and charged toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's eyes revealed an intelligent gaze and his origin soul charged out and devoured the lightning. After devouring three bolts of divine retribution lightning, he had to retreat.

The moment his origin soul returned to his body, the remaining divine retribution lightning bolts arrived. At this moment, the butterfly and blood swallow charged out to block the remaining divine retribution.

As explosions echoed across space, three bolts of lightning made it past the blockade and closed in on Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's eyes revealed a mysterious light as his hand formed a seal and the Celestial Sealing Stamp appeared before him. He went directly into the Celestial Sealing Stamp.

Just as he entered it, the three bolts arrived!

Boom, boom, boom!

"Lightning Seal!" A muffled roar came from within the Celestial Sealing Stamp. At the same time, the stamp shook violently and the lightning moved through the stamp as if it had turned into a sea of lightning. Wang Lin's body was forced out and he coughed out blood. His right hand reached out and he grabbed the Celestial Sealing Stamp and quickly retreated.

The lightning inside the Celestial Sealing Stamp was at its peak. However, Wang Lin retreated directly toward the divine retribution cloud. He waved his hand and the golden seals shined brightly.

Wang Lin knew that he couldn't escape from Blood God. Even though he was injured by the ancient god's shattered star, Blood God was not someone he could fight. However, if he borrowed the power of the divine retribution, he might have a chance of escaping!

The demon that came out from Blood God coldly stared at Wang Lin. It shrank back into Blood God and he gave off a demonic glow. With one step, he moved forward and reached toward Wang Lin's head!

It was obvious that he had the thought of extracting Wang Lin's soul to search Wang Lin's memories!

Wang Lin's eyes shined brightly as he raised his right hand and shouted, "Call the Wind!

This most powerful spell, Call the Wind, was used once more. The black wind was even stronger this time and formed two black dragons before Wang Lin!

Before reaching the Nirvana Scryer stage, Wang Lin could only create one black dragon. After this cultivation level increased, he could summon two with all his power. The two dragons coiled around Wang Lin as they opened their mouths and sprayed out blasts of cold wind!

Waves of cracking sounds came from the surroundings. This blast was so powerful that the surrounding space began to crack. At the same time, Wang Lin's hand formed a seal and the Celestial Sealing Stamp shined brightly. A bolt of divine retribution lightning quickly formed and shot toward Blood God.

Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and the celestial sword appeared in his hand. He didn't care about using origin energy at this point, so he used one Heavenly Chop after another. He couldn't keep track of how many times he used it, because of how rapidly he sent them out.

Blood God's expression was calm and he casually closed in. He pointed at the sky and the bolt of thunder formed by the Celestial Sealing Stamp collapsed.

Then Blood God pointed. The powerful attack of the combined 100 plus Heavenly Chops was impacted with a powerful force and then collapsed! 

Finally, Blood God pointed forward and the cold wind that was spat out by the black dragons shattered. Even the two black dragons let out miserable groans and were cut in half by an unimaginable power.

"Celestial Emperor Bai Fan's Call the Wind is only this strong?" The demonic glow in Blood God's eyes became even stronger. His right hand reached toward Wang Lin.

Just at this moment!

"I, Celestial Lord Qing Shui, dare you to say my master's name again!" A killing intent that could split the world suddenly appeared with these gloomy words the moment Blood God spoke.

The moment this voice appeared, a thunderous roar came with it and a large amount of space collapsed. It was as if space itself couldn't withstand the power of this voice.

Not only space, even the divine retribution cloud quickly retreated!

The words that contained law used by Blood God were obviously weaker than this voice. The area of law it created immediately collapsed!

Even Yao Yun in the distance coughed out blood and his body became dispirited. His eyes were filled with terror and he quickly retreated.

The entire area was filled with this unimaginable killing intent. Aside from that, at this moment, all of the cultivators in the Southern Domain could feel a powerful killing intent coming from within the world's origin energy. This caused many cultivators to cough out blood. Although this didn't kill them, they were injured.

And right now Blood God, who was at the center of the storm, felt this very clearly. His pupils violently shrank.

The black dragon before Wang Lin that was cut in half let out a roar and restored itself. Among the stars, a young man wearing white with elegant, black hair slowly walked over!

For the first time, Blood God's expression changed greatly!

"Celestial Lord Qing Shui!!" Blood God withdrew his hand and took a few steps back. As he looked at the young man walking over, his expression became gloomy.

Qing Shui walked with a cold expression. There was a sense of pride as he calmly said, "Do you dare repeat those words before me?" 

As he spoke, the red light inside Qing Shui's red eyes was thick to the point that it even came out of his eyes. It contained a destructive aura that caused anyone who saw it to feel a chill in their heart.

Blood God's eyes gave off a demonic glow and he said, "Celestial Lord Qing Shui, there is no feud between us. If it's because of what I said, I take it back! Later on, we will still head to the Alliance Star System together. I'll find a way to make it up to you for those words then!

"However, this child have a feud with my family, so I hope Celestial Lord won't meddle. Otherwise, it will hurt our harmony!"

Qing Shui's expression was still indifferent as he walked toward the Blood God and calmly said, "This junior apprentice brother of mine's skills are lacking and he provoked your Yao family, but even then, so what?"

"Junior apprentice brother!?" Blood God's was startled and his expression changed once more.

Qing Shui's right eye flashed as he raised his right hand and pointed upward. A black wind several times more powerful than Wang Lin's immediately appeared. This black wind was dense beyond imagination and its roars echoed among the stars. In the blink of an eye, six black dragons formed from the black wind. 

These six black dragons all had bodies longer than 100,000 feet and seemed to take up the entire world. They created a powerful pressure, and under this pressure, the divine retribution clouds were pushed back. However, even more clouds gathered as if they were condensing for the most powerful attack!

Just one glance was enough to startle anyone!

"Since he learned Call the Wind, he is a cross-generational successor to my master. With his current status, forget your Yao family, even your Yao family ancestor wouldn't dare to damage even a strand of his hair!" As Qing Shui coldly spoke, he pointed at Blood God. The six black dragons let out roars and opened their mouths to spray out terrifying blasts of cold wind.

Blood God's expression became even more gloomy. At this moment, the cold wind blast toward him and, even with his cultivation, he felt cold. Although it looked the same as Wang Lin's spell, the difference in power was like heaven and earth!

Blood God didn't hesitate to open his arms. A large amount of blood mist appeared. Blood swallows formed one by one until there was a total of 99. They formed a blood storm and collided with the cold blast.

There was a heaven-shaking explosion as the space between Blood God and Qing Shui collapsed. The crack in space suddenly expanded into a gully.

Blood God's body trembled as he quickly retreated. He stared at Qing Shui and hastily shouted,

"Qing Shui, I respect you because you are a Celestial Lord, but don't push me too far! You have been asleep for too long; could you have gotten confused? Even if this Xu Mu learned Call the Wind, how could he be your junior apprentice brother!?! Besides, he has killed several third generation Yao family members, so it is natural I come to kill him. Qing Shui, this old man is not afraid of you, don't force me!"

Blood God didn't know that Qing Shui felt extremely guilty toward his master. This feeling was very strong, but there would be no chance to make amends.

After he awakened, when he saw Wang Lin use Call the Wind and recovered his memories during his first battle with Master Flamespark, a trace of complex emotions regarding Wang Lin developed inside him.

"Even if he was wrong, it would be up to me to discipline him for Master. You're not qualified!" As  Celestial Lord Qing Shui coldly spoke, the six black dragons suddenly roared.

This time, the six dragons fused together into one. This large black dragon let out a roar, but it didn't blast any cold air. Instead, it scattered a lot of rain. In an instant, everything within 5,000 kilometers was enveloped in rain.

"Summon the Rain!" 

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