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Chapter 856 - Magical Arsenal

"Crane's Wind Roar, Plants Transform to Weapons. You don't even have your own celestial origin and you dare to say that you created these celestials spells?" Qing Shui's eyes were filled with contempt. He didn't even look at the large amount of feathers covering thousands of kilometers. With one step, he arrived before Wang Lin and looked at the seven bolts of thunder descending!

At this moment, the first bolt of thunder flashed red and descended extremely rapidly from above.

However, the moment the red bolt of thunder descended, Qing Shui's eyes released a red glow. A large amount of red light shot out like a net. It devoured the red bolt of thunder in an instant!

Qing Shui's right eyes shined bright red as he charged forward toward the second bolt, the orange divine retribution thunder!

Once more he devoured it without any hesitation and the orange divine retribution dissipated. The red light from Qing Shui's right eye became even stronger as he continued to devour the rest of the seven-colored divine retribution thunderbolts without pause. Wang Lin's pupils contracted as he watched all the divine retribution thunderbolts being devoured by the red light from Qing Shui's right eye!

Lightning arced across Shui Qing's body, making him look even colder. A dangerous aura came from his body, especially from his right eye. His right eye also gave off an unimaginable red glow that was near blood-colored. Anyone who saw it would tremble!

"This divine retribution thunder is not bad! It can help my Ji Realm recover a bit!" Qing Shui turned around and looked at Wang Lin. Although his gaze was still cold, there was something different about it.

"Call the Wind, Summon the Rain, and Magical Arsenal are the first three of Master's spell. Now watch carefully!" Qing Shui raised his right hand and formed a seal. He pointed ahead and his eyes revealed a trace of nostalgia.

"It only took me a few months to understand Call the Wind. As for Summon the Rain, it took me a month. However, Magical Arsenal took me over a century to fully comprehend!" Qing Shui sighed as his right hand formed a seal and waved.

A crystal light seemed to silently appear when he waved his arms. It caused the countless weapons from Blood God's spell to immediately pause!

As Wang Lin watched, he saw the crystal light divide into more lights. One of them turned into an old man. When the old man appeared, a dense death aura came from his body, but powerful origin energy came from his body as well. This cause the old man to give off a strange feeling.

"Ancient cultivator Meng Mu. I killed this cultivator before entering the Celestial Realm!"

At this moment, another crystal light flashed and disappeared. A youth appeared. The youth looked very handsome and also gave off powerful death aura. However, there was also a powerful killing intent coming from him.

"Ancient cultivator Kang Ran. I killed this cultivator before entering the Celestial Realm!"

"Ancient cultivator Lu Jie. I killed this cultivator before entering the Celestial Realm!"

As Qing Shui spoke, all of the crystal lights disappeared and turned into different figures. Each of them were filled with death aura, but all of them gave off auras that shook Wang Lin's mind!

"Rank 8 Sky Celestial Chen Feng. I killed this person in the battle of the Celestial Realm!"

"Rank 8 Sky Celestial Rou Dei. I killed this woman in the Battle of Deserters!"

"Rank 3 Celestial King Sheng Tianhou. I killed this person in the battle at the Wind Celestial Realm!"

"Rank 7 Celestial King Yun Meng. I killed this woman in a battle for supremacy!"

Qing Shui's eyes were filled with nostalgia. As he spoke, one illusory soul after another appeared. Not only did this cause Wang Lin's eyes to widen, even Blood God was shocked.

In particular, the souls of the celestials were all filled with powerful killing intent and resentment. It was as if they had all died but were filled with grievance and refused to enter the reincarnation cycle. The moment they appeared, it was as if this place had become purgatory!

"Rank 9 Celestial King Yao Haiqing. I killed this person using the celestial spell Scattered Flow!"

A celestial soul similar to Blood God appeared, and his body was filled with death aura. The moment he appeared, Blood God's expression changed greatly!

"Rank 1 Celestial Lord Liu Yun. I killed his person in the battle against the Wind Celestial Lord!"

"Rain Celestial Realm Rank 3 Celestial Lord Cao De. I killed this person in the invasion of the Celestial Realm!"

"Rank 5 Celestial Lord Chen Han. I killed this person in the rebellion!"

"Wind Celestial Realm Rank 7 Celestial Lord Master Huo Han. I kill this person in the battle of the Ancient Passage!"

"Rain Celestial Realm Rank 9 Celestial Lord Qing Shuang's first clone. I killed her clone in the Thunder and Rain Celestial Realm War!"

One by one, the crystal lights disappeared, and one by one, figures appeared. All of them were extremely realistic and contained unimaginable killing intent and grievance that filled the world. In and instant, countless celestial souls surrounded Qing Shui!

Wang Lin didn't doubt these people's identities. A large wave was set off in his heart when he saw Qing Shuang's figure!

"I have killed too much in my life. This Magic Arsenal spell required me to refine all the killing I have done by extracting their souls from the reincarnation cycle. Then I refined their souls into part of mine. Only then did Magic Arsenal reach small completion!" Qing Shui's voice was very calm, but there was monstrous killing intent within this calmness!

Even Wang Lin was shocked by Qing Shui's battle record!

As Qing Shui spoke, the countless celestial souls released powerful aura that could turn the world upside down. At this moment, all of them charged toward Blood God!

Blood God's face was without a trace of blood. He had never imagined that Celestial Emperor Bai Fan's Magic Arsenal in the family records was so terrifying!

"What kind of celestial emperor is this? He is clearly a demon god!" Blood God quickly retreated. Everything that had occured made his scalp tingle. The family records did have a section about celestial ancestor Yao Haiqing. Although vague, nothing about it mentioned that he died to Celestial Lord Qing Shui!

As he retreated, Blood God's eyes turned blood red and a demonic glow appeared between his brows, and he shouted, "Plants, attack!"

The weapons formed by the countless feathers immediately charged out toward the celestial souls. At this moment, rumbles came from everywhere within thousands of kilometers, forming an unimaginable storm that swept the horizon.

This level of battle affected the entire Southern Domain. The collapse of stars had entered an uncontrollable state. The constant roar echoed across the entire Southern Domain.

If this went on for too long, a catastrophe would occur, and it would be unavoidable!

Yao Yun had been retreating constantly. His entire body was giving off a demonic glow, resisting the pressure behind Blood God. However, his cultivation was lacking, so was continuously being injured. He became dispirited, and even the demon inside his body was about to collapse!

Rumbling sounds echoed as Blood God's spell continued to disintegrate. None of the feathers that had turned into weapons could resist at all, so they all shattered!

As Blood God was retreating, a celestial soul appeared before him and exploded. The powerful force from the explosion smashed into Blood God's body.

It wasn't just one, countless celestial souls gathered around Blood God. The heaven-shaking killing intent that gathered caused fear to appear in Blood God's eyes for the first time!

It had been a long time since he felt the threat of death!

Blood God dreaded those several souls that used to be celestial lords the most because each of them had a terrifying aura!

If it was just one of them, Blood God could easily destroy it, and even two wouldn't be an issue. However, he was currently injured, so he couldn't help but end up in a sorry state.

"Qing Shui, are you going to kill me?!" Blood God's expression was ferocious as he waved his big sleeves. A large amount of origin energy that could collapse the sky and change the laws began to gather like crazy.

"So what if I kill you!?" With one step, Qing Shui stepped forth and his right hand reached out. Cold energy immediately gathered and formed a mass of black air.

Blood God revealed a decisive look as he retreated and arrived next to Yao Yun. His right hand pointed between Yao Yun's eyes. Yao Yun's eyes suddenly bulged and his body rapidly shrank. It was as if his origin soul and flesh were being rapidly absorbed by the thing inside his body.

A miserable cry came from his mouth and his eyes became bloodshot. However, at this moment, the confusion in his eyes had disappeared and revealed a never-before-seen clarity!

The shadow of an ancient demon appeared above his head. It was much more solid than before as it had just devoured some tonic. It quickly flew out of Yao Yun's body.

During this process Yao Yun's body broke down even faster as he was only skin and bones. His flesh, origin energy, and even origin soul had been devoured by the ancient demon.

Yao Yun's eyes became even more sober and he revealed a pitiful smile. He remembered the memories he was unable to find for thousands of years!

"The Yao family no longer exists…" His body fell from the stars. As he fell, the soul from the ancient demon rushed out. It carried a powerful demonic aura as it entered Blood God's body.

All of this happened in an instant. When Blood God absorbed the ancient demon soul, his body gave off a powerful demonic aura. His eyes glowed as he waved his sleeves and tore the void!

There was a tearing sound as a long crack appeared and an ancient lamp slowly drifted out!

"Qing Shui, since you're looking for death, then don't blame this old man for killing a celestial!" Blood God's expression was hideous, and a giant illusory body of an ancient demon dozens of feet tall appeared before him. Its eyes were blood red as he looked at Qing Shui and let out a silent roar!

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