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Chapter 853 - Blood Swallow

A large amount of divine retribution spread, forming a powerful pressure. This pressure was so powerful that everything within the range of the pressure was subjected to divine retribution.

The power of divine retribution had just started. The heavens' might and destructive force contained in this divine retribution was several times stronger than before.

The appearance of the divine retribution clouds not only cut off this area from the rest of the world, but all the powerful cultivators in the Southern Domain could feel that the heavens was in a violent state.

This fluctuations were very strong; it was as if they could control the origin energy inside their bodies. Many cultivators' expressions changed as they sat down and sealed the origin energy inside their bodies.

The demonic seal was flickering between Yao Yun's eyebrows and his eyes were filled with confusion. The ferocious expression on his face gradually dissipated and even the bulged veins slowly recovered.

Only in the depth of his eyes could a hidden and frantic struggle be seen. If one had a spell to check the inside of his heart, one would hear his roar filled with madness.

Red light gathered before Yao Yun. Soon, a person walked out from this blinding, red light.

The person was wearing a loose, blood red robe and his red hair moved without any wind. He gave off an ancient aura that contained an almost indistinguishable hint of demonic aura. He was the Yao family ancestor, Blood God!

When he appeared, he casually waved his right hand and the demonic seal on Yao Yun became more powerful. The struggle in Yao Yun's eyes finally disappeared.

Wang Lin's pupils shrank. The moment Blood God's figure appeared, Wang Lin quickly retreated and placed his hand on his bag. If it wasn't for the fact that the divine retribution prevented him from merging with the world, he would have left without hesitation.

At this moment, he wasn't slow at all and was like a ray of light. He used all the power he had to retreat.

Blood God was calm as he looked at the retreating Wang Lin as if he was looking at an ant. He lifted his right hand to point at Wang Lin and said, "Give me the item you obtained inside the Moongazer Serpent!"

His voice was calm, but when it came out from his mouth, it turned into unimaginable thunderous roars. These thunderous roars were so strong that they caused the world around him to shake violently.

It was as if the Blood God's voice was the heavens' might! His voice was the voice of heaven, and no one could resist it!

As the rumble spread, space changed and even the divine retribution cloud was forced back. All of this was due to the Blood God's voice. It was as if his voice contained a force to bend the laws. It was as if he could change the laws within this area in an instant so that everything followed his rules or else they would collapse!

It was as if within this area, Blood God was a real celestial!

"Words that contain law!" Wang Lin gasped. To cultivate something like words that contain law to this degree was too shocking. Although he couldn't understand how Blood God was able to change the law with his words, he could feel a force as terrifying as him using tens of thousands of Heavenly Chops at once.

It was if everything in the area had collapsed due to these words. Wang Lin's body was affected as well!

Without any warning, the moment those words were said, the large furnace immediately appeared before Wang Lin. Even so, he coughed out a large amount of blood and his face turned deathly pale.

"This Blood God must be injured. There is no way he recovered from the shattered star of an ancient god in such a short period of time!"

After coughing out blood, Wang Lin retreated even faster and at the same time shouted:

"Isn't it a bit too much to attack a junior as a senior? If this gets out, the Yao family's name will be ruined!"

Blood God's expression was cold as he raised his right hand and pointed with his finger. He gently said, "If you avoid my celestial spell, consider it your fortune!" As he spoke, red light gathered at his finger. A blood swallow instantly appeared and rushed at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's face was deathly pale. While he retreated, he took out the celestial mountain. He had no time to ache over the lose as he threw it and shouted, "Soul, explode!"

He obtained the celestial mountain from Greed, and after extracting its soul, it was extremely powerful. Although the soul wasn't extracted, the explosion of the soul was even more powerful!

The moment the blood swallow closed in, the celestial mountain exploded, creating a violent storm. This storm was very powerful, and with the soul inside, it formed a large vortex. Bursts of destructive aura came from within the vortex.

Wang Lin rapidly retreated and spat out the Celestial Sealing Stamp. His hand formed a seal and the Celestial Sealing Stamp flew forward.

However, just at this moment, a scene that caused Wang Lin's pupils to shrink appeared before him.

The moment the blood swallow and the collapsed mountain's storm were about to collide, the swallow opened its mouth and casually inhaled. Suddenly, the terrifying storm was instantly pulled by an unimaginable suction and all of it was inhaled by the blood swallow.

All of this happened too fast. The moment the celestial mountain collapsed, it suddenly disappeared.

The blood swallow shined brightly and charged toward Wang Lin. The Celestial Sealing Stamp charged forward to obstruct. As Wang Lin's hands formed a seal, hundreds of thousands of golden seals gathered toward the blood swallow.

However, the blood swallow opened its mouth and the vortex was spit back out. However, it was now under the control of the blood swallow. The destructive force inside it rumbled as it constantly collided with the incoming golden seals.

"What celestial spell is this!? Devouring my divine sense is normal, but after it devours it, it can even use it!!"

Wang Lin's expression was gloomy as he stared at the blood swallow. He clenched his teeth as he slapped his bag and the third God Slaying War Chariot appeared. It flew out and turned into the butterfly.

The moment the butterfly appeared, Blood God's eyes narrowed and he frowned slightly.

The blood swallow rushed out from the golden seals and headed toward Wang Lin. At this instant, the butterfly gently flapped its wings.

The blood swallow's eyes glowed red and its body stopped. It opened its mouth and inhaled.

The butterfly's wings flapped again and this time colorful powder followed it. The blood swallow let out a cry and charged at the butterfly.

The butterfly formed by the God Slaying War Chariot continued to flap its wings. Every time the blood swallow moved a distance, it had to stop and devour. As a result, it slowed down a lot.

Blood God's expression was cold as he raised his right hand and pointed. The blood swallow shined several times brighter than before. It seemed to have broken some kind of limit and quickly closed in.

The butterfly flew forward. As the blood swallow closed in, the butterfly circled around the blood swallow, flapping its wings and releasing colorful powder. The blood light around the swallow dimmed until it was surrounded by a five-colored light. It no longer charged forth but moved with the butterfly.

This scene was too strange, but Wang Lin could clearly see that the butterfly had dimmed a lot.  It was obvious that it was difficult even for it to go against this kind of spell.

The blood swallow accompanied the butterfly and returned to Wang Lin. It didn't attack Wang Lin and instead flew next to Wang Lin like the butterfly.

Wang Lin retreated without hesitation and the Celestial Sealing Stamp followed closely after him.

Blood God let out a cold snort and took a step forward. With one step, the space behind Wang Lin was torn apart, creating a gap that was difficult to cross!

A cold wind came from inside, causing Wang Lin to stop. He stared at Blood God and said, "Is Senior going back on his promise?"

"So what if I break my promise?" Blood God's expression was gloomy as he took a step forward. In addition to blocking Wang Lin, he had injected origin energy inside the divine retribution cloud!

In an instant, the divine retribution clouds condensed even more rapidly. Thunderous roars echoed as lightning gathered inside the clouds. Countless bolts of lightning instantly descended.

This large amount of lightning was split in half. One half went toward Blood God and the other went toward Wang Lin.

At this moment, the surrounding space was enveloped in lightning. The powerful pressure of lightning caused the area to tremble violently.

Blood God didn't even look at the divine retribution lightning and took a step. When he reappeared, he was already before Wang Lin. He raised his right and and casually reached toward Wang Lin!

This grab was very simple and there was no power behind it at all. However, when Wang Lin saw this, his mind trembled as if there was no way to dodge it!

The divine retribution was closing in and so was Blood God's hand. During this moment of crisis, Wang Lin's eyes became cold and he shouted, "Do you know Ancient Demon Bei Lou!?"

Blood God's body suddenly paused and his eyes gave off a demonic glow. A demonic glow appeared between his eyebrows and black gas rapidly gathered. A demonic figure with two horns appeared!

The moment it appeared, its roar echoed inside Wang Lin's origin soul.

"Bei Lou! Where!?"

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