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Chapter 851 - Nirvana Scryer

Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes after cultivating. His eyes were shining brightly and there was a layer of black gas invisible to the naked eye around him. Inside his body, his origin energy turned into white gas and cycled through his body at speeds several times faster than normal.

Wang Lin muttered, “Dao enter the dao!” After he gained enlightenment, he was no longer confused about his current state but completely aware.

He had experienced dao entering his body a long time ago, but that was the life and death domain. Now he had condensed the karma domain into a corporeal form and it had entered his body.

After silently pondering for a while, Wang Lin stood up, and with a flicker he appeared outside the mountain. Ta Shan turned into a shadow and disappeared behind Wang Lin the moment Wang Lin appeared.

With one step, Wang Lin disappeared and merged with the world. When he re-appeared, he was among the stars. He didn’t linger and quickly disappeared.

“First, I must find Li Yuan and obtain the heart restriction! If anyone dares to get in my way, then I’ll activate the divine retribution and borrow their power to help me get through the divine retribution!” Wang Lin’s eyes were cold. He had already experienced divine retribution several times now and no longer felt the awe for it like in the past.

At this moment, he merged with the world and charged toward the Southern Domain. The Li family was in the Southern Domain on Planet Annihilation. 

Wang Lin merged with the world and moved at an incredible speed, following the map Li Yuan gave him. However, with his cultivation level, he couldn’t be merged with the world for too long. Each time he reappeared, he had to rest for a while. 

Even so, his speed was far faster than that of cultivators that couldn’t merge with the world. On this day when he reappeared, he was in the Southern Domain, and he flew forward. A moment later, just as he was about to merge with the world, his expression suddenly changed.

A powerful sense of crisis filled the area. Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and his body flickered. The space he was in suddenly collapsed with a bang and a shockwave spread. Wang Lin’s eyes were cold as he calmly looked at the distance.

He saw a red cloud fill the distance. In an instant, the red cloud gathered before Wang Lin and formed a middle-aged man.

“Are you Xu Mu?” The middle-aged man’s right held had a mirror and he coldly looked at Wang Lin.

When Wang Lin saw the middle-aged man, he recognized him, but he didn’t speak. Instead, he took a step back and ripples appeared under his feet as he attempted to merge with the world.

However, he immediately stopped. The surrounding space was locked by a mysterious force, making it impossible for him to merge. Wang Lin had already guessed this when the middle-aged man had appeared. Now that he had verified this, he didn’t panic and calmly looked at the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man’s expression was cold and his voice was even colder. “Although I don’t know Spatial Bend, I can still calculate your location. This place was prepared for you!”

He didn’t even give Wang Lin a chance to speak. The moment he spoke, the bronze mirror in his hand flashed and the surrounding space suddenly vanished.

The surroundings turned into a mirror-like surface!

“Gather!” As the middle-aged man spoke coldy, everything around Wang Lin collapsed into countless fragments. Then, with a wave of his sleeve, everything went into the bronze mirror in his hand. He held the mirror and went off into the distance.

All of this happened in an instant. Throughout all of this, the middle-aged man’s expression didn’t change. It was a if capturing Wang Lin was a very ordinary thing for him.

A hazy aura filled the place as Wang Lin appeared. The entire area was filled with mist and a hot energy was coming from all directions. It was as if he was in a heavenly furnace.

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm and became cold. He made the white gas inside his body touch the black gas outside. They intersected, forming the yin and yang fish, and began rotating. At this moment, Wang Lin’s cultivation took that step!

Nirvana Scryer!

A loud bang echoed within this misty space as Wang Lin stepped into the Nirvana Scryer stage. Wang Lin’s body began to float and his hair moved without any wind.  A powerful aura came from his body as the yin and yang fishes rotated. A vortex was formed and it rampaged around Wang Lin.

Large amounts of mist retreated under this storm as if it were being pushed back. Even the hot energy dissipated as if it didn’t dare to approach.

Wang Lin’s eyes contained the sun and moon. The black and white gas rapidly rotated, forming a vortex that looked like two dragons were intersecting. Thunderous roars echoed in this mist-filled space.

A cold glint flashed across his eyes as he raised his head and looked up.

Yao Yun was quickly moving through space with a cold expression. At this instant, his expression changed as he saw a large amount of red clouds gather. These red clouds were very different from the one under his feet. This red clouds contained a power that shocked even him.

“This… This is divine retribution cloud!” His pupils suddenly shrank. He had reached the early stage Nirvana Cleanser thousands of years ago, but for some unknown reason, it suddenly regressed back to the mid stage of Nirvana Scryer. Not only that, he seemed to have forgotten many things. In particular, the memories of when he left the Blood Planet thousands of years ago were a complete blur.

No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t remember anything.

He only vaguely remembered that he seemed to have something that made the ancestor extremely unhappy. However, in the end the ancestor forgive him and didn’t punish him.

From then on, his consciousness often blurred and his cultivation regressed a lot over the thousands of years. If that was only the case, it wouldn’t be so strange, but every once in a while, he would feel intense pain from his head. It was almost unbearable and he would be filled with an urge to kill like crazy. If he didn’t restraint himself, he would begin an endless slaughter.

It was as if that was the only way to vent the pain coming from his head!

Initially, he could suppress this feeling with his cultivation. However, as time passed and his cultivation continued to regress, the pain intensified. It became even more difficult to suppress the urge to slaughter all the living things in the world!

He vaguely knew that this must’ve had to do with something he encountered on the Blood Planet. However, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t remember what happened back then.

He had once asked Blood God, but in the end he got no answer.

Feeling helpless, he sealed himself within the family and entered close door cultivation to prevent his cultivation from regressing. He also wanted to delay his madness and pursue his lost memories. This continued until not long ago, when he received the order from the ancestor to go out and kill someone named Xu Mu.

He obtained all the information about this person from the ancestor so that he would have everything under control.

At this moment, when he saw the divine retribution cloud, he felt shock in his head. This shock wasn’t all from him but from a large part of his soul. It was as if the divine retribution lightning was his natural enemy.

This feeling was very strong. In the end, it was so intense that it became painful. It was as if a stake had been stabbed into his brain. The intense pain caused his eyes to turn bloodshot.

An angry roar came out from his mouth. This sound spread like a thunder roar. A powerful surge of origin energy spread out from Yao Yun.

His hair fluttered and his face turned blue. A green light covered his body and another face appeared within the green light.

This was a demonic face with two horns. After it appeared, it stared at the divine retribution clouds that were quickly gathering. It then opened its mouth and let out a silent roar.

This roar had no sound, but it caused the divine retribution clouds that were gathering to tremble and a large amount of them collapsed. However, the parts that collapsed instantly reformed at an even faster rate.

In the blink of an eye, the area was filled with a divine retribution cloud more than 100,000 feet wide. A ray of red lightning descended from the sky at an unimaginable speed.

The painful expression on Yao Yun’s face became even stronger. The demonic shadow around Yao Yun immediately charged out from Yao Yun’s body. It rushed toward the red lightning and opened its mouth to devour it.

There was a loud bang as the demonic shadow trembled and nearly collapsed. At the same time, a large amount of lightning went through the shadow and entered Yao Yun’s body. The painful expression on Yao Yun’s face became even stronger.

There was a part of the divine retribution that entered the bronze mirror.

Just at this instant, a faint cracking sound came from the bronze mirror. Just as it appeared, more cracking sounds continued to appear.

Inside the space filled with mist, Wang Lin was like an unsheathed sword. He charged upward as the black and white gas rotated before him. The storm created by the black and white gas roared violently around his body.

“Heavenly Chop!” A roar came from Wang Lin. The black and white gas outside his body quickly fused into a ray of grey sword energy and shot out!

Boom! A loud bang echoed as the mirror in Yao Yun’s hand shattered. Countless fragments spread out from the impact of the force.

Wang Lin’s figure walked out the moment the mirror collapsed!

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