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Chapter 850 - Change in Origin Energy

On Heng Yun Peak, Wang Lin was very calm. He had thoroughly seen through Yao Bingyun’s dao heart. Her younger sister was her dao heart and her only flaw!

Wang Lin didn’t raise his head and calmly said, “I can’t help you with my current strength!” 

In the air, Yao Bingyun looked bleak. She silently pondered for a long time and softly said, “Perhaps I heard wrong…” She turned around with tears in the corners of her eyes and gradually disappear into the sky.

From beginning to end, Wang Lin didn’t raise his head, but his eyes were close as he was immersed in his karma dao. Inside his body, the black and white yin and yang fishes slowly turned. They appeared behind him and condensed as they rotated behind him.

Every rotation would create a suction force that constantly sucked in everything around him. Then everything was converted to origin energy that went into Wang Lin’s body with a part of it absorbed by the heaven defying bead.

Similarly, the surface of the heaven defying bead changed. A yin and yang picture formed and slowly rotated inside Wang Lin’s origin soul.

Wang Lin knew that his karma domain had reached small completion, allowing it to become corporeal. This meant that he had truly reached the second step with his domain and became a Nirvana Scryer cultivator.

If he wanted to, he could cause divine retribution to descend, and once it passed, he would reach the early stage of Nirvana Scryer!

“The second step of cultivation include Nirvana Scryer, Nirvana Cleanser, and Nirvana Shatterer… All of them have the word Nirvana… Based on what I have seen of the third step, only by gaining complete understanding of Nirvana and mastering its laws can I finally reach the third step...

“The heavens are endless and the dao boundless. Does the path of dao only have three steps…” Wang Lin was silent when he opened his eyes. His left eye contained yang and his right hand contained yin. They were like the sun and moon, and they looked every strange!

As his eyes opened, the yin and yang fishes began to rotate even faster.

The rotation became even faster. In the end, Heng Yun Peak became the center of the spiritual energy movement across the entire planet. It began to fluctuate as if there was a large pair of hands moving it, resulting in a drastic change.

Also, due to this, a mad storm of spiritual energy was set off on planet Qing Ling. Although it was invisible, every single cultivator on planet Qing Ling could clearly feel it.

Large amounts of spiritual energy gathered toward Heng Yun Peak like crazy. Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a mysterious light as he took a deep breath and the yin and yang fishes stopped rotating.

“My origin energy is changing, but I can’t do it on planet Qing Ling, or else this planet will collapse!” Wang Lin stood up and took a step toward the void. However, after one step, his expression changed and he looked into the distance.

It was as if his gaze could penetrate countless kilometers. He saw the old man name Xie struggling to walk this way.

He was continuing to walk with his mortal body. It was as if it was a pilgrimage and his goal was Heng Yun Peak.

Wang Lin silently pondered before withdrawing his gaze. He sat down once more and closed his eyes,

Time slowly passed. In the blink of an eye, half a month passed. During this half a month, Wang Lin remained unmoving. As for the old man named Xie, he began walking faster and faster. Originally, with his mortal body, it was impossible for him to persist. However, every time he was exhausted, he would feel a hot energy cycle through his body, causing all his fatigue to disappear and filling him with energy.

Just like this, he arrived under Heng Yun Peak after half a month. The old man named Xie looked up at the peak. After taking a deep breath, he revealed a decisive gaze and walked up the mountain.

He climbed step by step. Even though his knee broke and blood flowed out, he climbed without pause toward the top. In his heart, there was a belief that supported him to continue moving forward.

“I thought I understood everything about human relations and gained enlightenment in the world of academics. I gave myself the duty of civilizing the world. However, in my twilight years, I suddenly gained enlightenment. I am a fish in the water…”

The old man named Xie’s face was filled with bitterness, but his eyes became even brighter.

“Humans are the fishes, the heavens are the water, dao is the net, and the net is the creator!” On this day, he finally reached the peak. There he saw a person cultivating with a pair of eyes that contained the universe.

Although the old man named Xie was tired and the blood on his knees had crusted, at this moment, it was as if he was struck by thunder. The thunderous roar echoed inside his body, causing him to feel as if his soul had left his body. For an instant, he felt like he saw a black and white yin and yang image. He immediately knelt on the ground as if he was worshiping.

“Please teach me dao!”

Wang Lin calmly looked at the old man named Xie and silently pondered for a moment. This old man was an honored mortal on planet Qing Ling. They were different from other mortals because they had a dao heart. Although it was very illusory, it did exist.

Though it didn’t mean that these people were suitable to cultivate dao. In fact, children with pure minds were much more suited. It’s just that once these people completed their dao, although their cultivation level wouldn’t be high, their comprehension of dao would be extremely profound, so they would be able to travel much farther down the road in the future.

However, his body was already old and couldn’t withstand the force of spiritual energy. It would be difficult for him to cultivate dao!

Wang Lin calmly said, “You don’t have much life left. Cultivating dao is not something obtained easily. Have you considered his carefully?”

The old man named Xie looked at Wang Lin. His eyes were filled with determination as he said, “When I was three, I learned words. I learned poems by age six. My name shocked the capital when I was 14. However, my heart has always been in a daze. I told myself that I understood humans, but there was always the feeling of being suppressed by the world. I’m old and have resigned to teaching the next generation. I was ready to spend the remainder of my life in a daze and suppression.

“However, that wind that entered my room allowed me to find the source of that daze. What is dao… The enlightenment at the river forced me to make a decision. Even if I died, I had to make it here just to… find dao! Please teach me dao! Accept me as your disciple!”

Wang Lin’s gaze fell on the old man named Xie. He looked at the old man’s eyes as if he could see through the old man’s mind. He could vaguely see the scene of reincarnation behind the old man!

After a long time, Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and calmly asked, “What is your name?”

The old man took a deep breath and said, “Xie Qing!”

“In my entire life, I’ve never had any disciples. Since your enlightenment was a karmic cause I created, I can accept you as an honorary disciple! I’ll gift you this mountain for a while to cultivate. I won’t teach you any spells and will instead only gift you a chance at comprehension!” Wang Lin raised his right hand and pointed forward. The yin and yang fishes suddenly rotated. They seemed to enter Wang Lin’s finger and then went in between Xie Qing’s eyebrows.

Xie Qing’s body trembled. His eyes were filled with confusion as he fell onto the ground.

Wang Lin took a look at Xie Qing before waving his sleeves. A large amount of white mist appeared under his feet and he disappeared into the distance.

One day later, Xie Qing opened his eyes. They were still filled with confusion. After silently pondering for a long time, he sat down on the mountain peak, closed his eyes, and quietly began his comprehension.

Wang Lin didn’t immediately leave planet Qing Ling but went to find the Chosen Immortal Clan. He took out the yellow talisman, but none of them recognized it. They felt a powerful sense of familiarity with it but had no memories of it.

Wang Lin departed while silently pondering.

While flying through space, Wang Lin didn’t merge with the world. He had his divine sense spread out, looking for an ideal place to cultivate.

Several days later, Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed and he charged toward a yellow planet. This was a desolate planet with almost no spiritual energy. Wang Lin charged through the atmosphere and landed on the surface.

The surroundings were filled with miasma. If a mortal took a breath here, they would immediately die. However, this had no effect on Wang Lin. After he landed. he pointed at the ground and the ground slowly rose. A moment later, a mountain appeared.

There was a newly formed cave on the mountain’s side. Wang Lin went into the cave and sat down. Ta Shan walked out from his shadow and guarded him.

Ta Shan’s injuries had improved. His eyes glowed like torches as he carefully observed the surroundings.

After Wang Lin sat down, the origin energy inside his body began moving. Then the black and white yin and yang fishes appeared behind him and rotated rapidly, causing all the remaining spiritual energy on this desolate planet to gather toward him.

Wang Lin’s origin energy gradually began to change from its colorless state as the yin and yang fishes rotated even faster. In the end, Wang Lin’s origin energy had become two colors! It had become black and white gas!

The white gas stayed within his body and the black gas stayed outside. They formed a perfect cycle around his body.

At this moment, while Wang Lin was cultivating, there was a middle-aged man riding a red cloud, charging toward Wang Lin. He had a bronze mirror in his hand with a red line pointing the way.

The middle-aged man looked rather handsome. He had a calm expression as he rode the red cloud and moved extremely fast.

If Wang Lin was here, he would recognize at a glance that it was the Yao Yun, who wanted to save Yao Bingyun and her sister! However, although his appearance didn’t change, he looked like he aged.

The biggest difference was in his eyes. Although they were calm, there was a deep, hidden sense of a demonic nature. It was like a flickering flame.

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