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Chapter 852 - Blood God

Yao Yun didn't even look at the bronze mirror. At this moment, he had long forgotten his order from the ancestor. He held his head and constantly roared in pain. The demonic shadow was more than 100 feet tall. It withdrew its gaze from the divine retribution lightning and coldly looked at Wang Lin.

"Ancient demon!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up.

The ancient demon's eyes revealed a demonic glow. Its body flickered and it grabbed Yao Yun, wanting to bring him outside the range of the divine retribution cloud.

Just at this moment, the divine retribution cloud released a heaven-shattering roar and four bolts of thunder descended. Two went directly toward Wang Lin and the remaining two went toward the ancient demon.

Wang Lin's expression was calm as the power of divine tributation had been split. He calmly moved his hand before him. White and black gas quickly formed the picture of yin and yang before him.

The first ray of lightning arrived and collided with the yin and yang image. There was a thunderous roar and Wang Lin retreated like crazy while the yin and yang vortex before him absorbed the lightning.

Then the second ray of divine retribution descended on the yin and yang image. Wang Lin's eyes revealed a strange light as his origin soul charged out in the shape of the ancient thunder dragon and devoured it.

Devouring divine retribution!

Wang Lin's origin soul trembled violently as the power of the divine retribution echoed inside his origin soul. However, the ancient thunder dragon lived in lightning and thunder. It let out a roar as he returned to his body and he quickly retreated.

However, Wang Lin didn't reveal any signs of panic. Although divine retribution was strong, he wasn't afraid of it at all, much less when there was someone else taking half the burden.

As for the ancient demon, while it retreated like crazy, the divine retribution cloud extended like crazy. Although it had devoured both of the divine retribution lightning bolts, it became even more blurry and let out silent roars while it continued to retreat. It was so fast that even the divine retribution cloud couldn't keep up. It looked as if it was about to take Yao Yun and leave the area of the divine retribution cloud.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he shouted, "Yao Yun, do you remember the two sisters, Yao Bingyun and Yao Mengyun!? Do you remember back on the Blood Planet, the scene of the ancient lamp devouring that soul!"

Wang Lin's voice contained his divine sense. It spread out with might and landed on the retreating Yao Yun's ears.

Yao Yun's painful roar became even more intense and he actually stopped moving.

All of the veins on his face were bulged. His expression was ferocious as he held his head in pain and roared, "Get out of my body!!"

"I don't care who you are, get out of my body!!" Yao Yun jerked his head up and his eyes were red with madness. It was as if he could see the ancient demon above him that was extended from his body.

The ancient demon's expression became even more gloomy. It looked at Wang Lin with a cold expression. Rather than retreating, it rapidly extended from Yao Yun and charged toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he opened his mouth to spit out white gas. There was an item inside the white gas: the Celestial Sealing Stamp. It suddenly expanded before Wang Lin, and as his hand formed a seal, hundreds of thousands of seals shot out toward the ancient demon.

Just at this moment, the divine retribution cloud condensed once more, forming more than a dozen bolts of red lightning more than 10 feet long. It was as if space itself was going to collapse when they descended.

While facing hundreds of thousands of seals and divine retribution lightning, the ancient demon's eyes lit up. It spat out a few silent words and in an instant its already blurry body became even more blurred.

Those hundreds of thousands of golden seals seemed to have lost their target. The divine retribution lighting bolts all stopped as if they had lost their target and changed their direction toward Wang Lin.

As the loud rumbles echoed, the ancient demon revealed a grin. At this critical moment, Wang Lin didn't reveal the slightest trace of panic. His right hand reached toward the void and all the golden seals quickly gathered toward him.

It looked like Wang Lin was going to seal himself. The divine retribution lightning quickly descended.

Just at this instant, there was a flash of light before Wang Lin and an illusory furnace appeared. The moment the furnace appeared, a powerful ancient god aura spread out. The ancient demon gasped and its eyes opened wide and were filled with disbelief.

"A mere little demon, you're not worthy of my attention! Change positions!" Wang Lin revealed a strange smile as a strange force came from the ancient god furnace. In an instant, Wang Lin's body disappeared and the ancient demon with a shocked expression also disappeared.

The two of them completely changed positions at this instant!

The moment the ancient demon reappeared, hundreds of thousands of golden runes had surrounded it and more than 10 divine retribution lightning bolts were rushing toward it.

A heaven-shattering roar echoed across the stars. Under the siege of the hundreds of thousands of seals, the ancient demon was hit by more than 10 divine retribution lightning bolts. The ancient demon let out a fierce roar and its body almost collapsed.

In the end, it turned into a demonic seal that penetrated the void toward between Yao Yun's eyebrows. This demonic seal gave off the feeling that it was extremely weak.

At this moment, Yao Yun's expression became even more fierce and he shouted, "Get out!" His body seemed to have gone crazy and his origin energy surged as if he was going to explode. The origin energy pushed out as it tried to prevent the demonic seal from returning.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up. He didn't act to help but instead retreated. The divine retribution hadn't ended and would only become stronger. Right now, with the ancient demon helping him, he would much rather leave.

However, just at this instant, Wang Lin's expression changed greatly. At this moment, a bloody aura suddenly appeared. This aura seemed to be unafraid of the divine retribution and rushed over. Soon, a large amount of blood mist appeared!

"It's time to end this!" An ancient voice came from the mist. At the same time, a withered arm came from behind Yao Yun and grabbed the demonic seal. The hand ignored Yao Yun's origin energy and pressed it directly between his eyebrows.

"Blood God!" Wang Lin's pupils suddenly shrank! 

At this moment, inside the Thunder Celestial Temple Celestial, Lord Qing Shui suddenly opened his eyes. After silently pondering for a moment, he let out a cold snort and disappeared.

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