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Chapter 849 - Retreat One Step

Wang Lin calmly looked at everything. His heart didn’t sway, and there was no joy or sorrow as he watched.

Inside the ancestral hall, the two girls’ faces were filled with panic and helplessness. The younger sister’s body was trembling and she was tightly holding onto her older sister. It was as if this was the only way for her to feel a hint of security.

“Big Sister, I’m scared, I’m scared…” The girl’s voice trembled. She clung onto her big sister’s clothes so hard that even her fingers turned pale.

While holding her younger sister, Yao Bingyun’s face had no trace of blood left and the fear in her eyes had reached a limit. She had a vague feeling that what awaited them was going to be more terrifying than life and death!

An old man was sitting before the two girls. He was wearing a blood red robe and his eyes eyebrows and hair were both red. He looked very old, and when he opened his eyes, an intangible light shot out.

“As my Yao family’s members, in order for my Yao family to have generations of glory, you two will become a treasure’s soul!”

As the old man spoke, he raised his right hand and reached out. A three-foot-long crack appeared before him and cold wind blew out. Then an ancient lamp slowly flew out.

The oil lamp gave off a blue flame that slowly burned. It gave off no heat and instead was unimaginably cold.

This oil lamp slowly floated over and came between the two girl and the old man. The flame immediately began flickering intensely and sparks were shot toward the two girls.

“This is the treasure of the Yao family. Since the creation of the Celestial Realm, it has never extinguished. This is the symbol of life! However, 500 years ago, it showed signs of extinguishing. This old man calculated for a long time and finally found the reason.

“The treasure soul is about to dissipate, and once it dissipates, the fire will extinguish completely… So this old man spent 300 years extracting part of the treasure soul and then inserted it into the most talented member of my Yao clan. After nourishing it for 200 years, she gave birth to you two sisters!

“This is your destiny, you can’t escape from it! You were born to become the treasure’s soul!” The old man’s voice was very calm.

After he spoke, the flame from the oil lamp immediately intensified. The flame quickly turned into a fire cloud.

As this fire cloud moved, it turned into a demon. It had two horns and its body was incomparably huge. Its whole body was made of fire and immediately rushed out!

“Ancient Demon!” When he saw this, his mind trembled.

The demon formed by the fire was an ancient demon! The moment it appeared, the entire ancestral hall was was enveloped in flames. The fierce ancient demon opened its mouth and pounced toward the two girls.

The girl holding onto her big sister’s clothes exclaimed, “Big Sister!!” The fear inside that voice was even able to cause Wang Lin’s heart to tremble.

The big sister’s face was pale and the horror on her face had reached a limit. She was afraid, very afraid. She had never been this afraid.

When she saw the demon close in, the big sister was filled with fear and involuntarily took a step back!

Her little sister was now in front of her. The demon swallowed her and quickly withdrew.

The big sister’s clothes were ripped by the younger sister’s tight grip...

“Big Sister… Big Sister… Save me… Save…” Her miserable cries echoed within the ancestral hall. As the demon devoured her, it suddenly stopped.

The big sister sat down on the ground and tears came from her eyes. She bit her lower lip until blood came out and her eyes were filled with remorse. She stood up and rushed toward the demon.

“Little Sister, Little Sister. Give my little sister back. Devour me instead!!!”

The demon’s body twisted and returned back into the oil lamp without a trace. The flame inside the oil lamp shined brightly. However, there was a clear image of a girl struggling inside the flame.

“Big Sister… Big Sister…”

The old man that saw all of this revealed a mysterious gaze. He waved his big sleeves and the big sister was pushed aside. He stared at the flame and gradually revealed a smile.

“I didn’t think, I didn’t think… That it would only need one person to become the treasure soul. Forget it, since this is the case, you may live!”

The big sister was like a person without a soul. Her eyes were empty as she stared at the oil lamp. The remorse on her face was like a flood that had drowned her.

“Little Sister… Big Sister didn’t mean it, I really didn’t mean it… I should have been devoured… It should have been me… Little Sister…” Yao Bingyun’s face was filled with tears and her body trembled. At this moment, she felt no fear, only endless regret.

“I shouldn’t have retreated… Before Mother left, she told me to take care of my little sister, but I didn’t do it… I shouldn’t have retreated…” Yao Bingyun looked miserably at the oil lamp as she bit her lip and knelt down. She cried, “Ancestral Grandfather, I, Yao Bingyun, am willing to become the treasure soul. Even if it is for a lifetime, I’m willing without the slightest complaint. Please, Ancestral Grandfather, let Mengyun out in exchange for me to become the treasure soul. Please, Ancestral Grandfaster! I beg you! I beg you! I beg you…”

Yao Bingyun’s face was filled with tears and she continued to kowtow until blood came from her forehead, but she didn’t stop. She continued to beg, and her voice was enough to move almost anyone. Her behavior even caused Wang Lin to become silent!

The cries echoed within the ancestral hall and even came out of the ancestral hall into Yao Yun’s ears. His eyes turned red as he let out a roar and struggled to stand. Just as he was about to rush inside, a force came out from inside the temple and Yao Yun coughed out blood as he was thrown out.

“The Yao family is going to die!”

The old man looked at the kneeling and begging Yao Bingyun. Her mournful voice had drilled into his mind and the old man couldn’t help but become silent. A trace of confusion that rarely appeared in his eyes had appeared.

However, just as the confusion appeared, it was immediately suppressed by him. His right hand reached out at the void, causing the lamp to fall into his hand, and he calmly said, “This is Yao Mengyun’s destiny. I have no intention of changing it!”

As he spoke, he put the oil lamp back into the crack. He then waved his sleeves and the crack slowly closed.

“Little Sister!!” Yao Bingyun looked at the disappearing crack and let out an extremely mournful cry. What was shocking was that Wang Lin’s dao was affected and nearly collapsed.

“Little Sister, you must be strong, be strong and wait for Big Sister. I still haven’t taken you to the candy man, I haven’t taken you to find Mother… Little Sister, be strong and wait for Big Sister to save you!

Little Sister, Big Sister will definitely come and save you. This is my promise to you, this is your big sister’s commitment!”

Along with the mournful cry, everything Wang Lin saw collapsed. The ancestral hall was no longer there. The oil lamp was no longer there. The old man was no longer there. The crack was no longer there. Everything shattered and returned to the void it was before!

The only thing that existed was Yao Bingyun, who was sitting on the ground. Her eyes were filled remorse and coldness…!

“Whoever can save my little sister, I, Yao Bingyun, will become your servant for generations. Even if it means I must become devoid of conscience, as long as I can save my little sister, I… am willing!! No regrets!!” The mournful voice echoed between the heavens and earth, revealing Yao Bingyun’s cold determination, but even more so her helplessness!

Wang Lin’s divine sense was shocked. He had personally experienced Yao Bingyun’s dao to confirm his own. At the same time, Yao Bingyun’s dao was exposed before him.

The two little girls depending on each other stayed in his mind for a long time.

“I… can…”

Yao Bingyun, who was kneeling on the ground, raised her head as if she had heard something. However, her body gradually disappeared.

As everything collapsed before him, Wang Lin let out a sigh.

Another scene gradually appeared before him.

This was under an iceberg. Yao Bingyun had grown up. She sat under the iceberg, looking straight ahead. Her eyes were filled with sadness.

“Little Sister, even if I have no emotion in the future and become a cold-hearted person, I will not forget about you. Be strong and wait for me!” Tears flowed down from Yao Bingyun’s eyes, but she didn’t wipe them. Instead, she closed her eyes and began cultivating the Yao family’s forbidden celestial spell, the Soul Seal Tactic!

This cultivation method cuts off all emotion and cuts off everything. Once one reaches completion, they become extremely cold. This cultivation was the ruthless dao!

“Using a heart filled with love to cultivate a ruthless dao…” Wang Lin let out a sigh. He had completely seen through Yao Bingyun’s dao heart.

“Her dao heart is her sister and her domain is ruthlessness instead of her Yao family ancestor’s glory dao…” Wang Lin’s figure appeared next to Yao Bingyun. He looked at Yao Bingyun and shook his head.

“Forget it, I can break her dao heart, but…” Wang Lin glanced at Yao Bingyun and then disappeared.

On Heng Yun Peak, Wang Lin opened his eyes. He raised his right hand and sighed. “You chased after me but also helped me break through. The karma between us is complete.” Wang Lin waved his hand and all the seals on Yao Bingyun dissipated. Then her body flew into the sky.

In the air, Yao Bingyun slowly opened her eyes. Her eyes were filled with confusion for a moment before she paused and looked at Wang Lin sitting there. Her eyes were filled with complex emotions. After a long time, she softly said, “Do you believe in reincarnation… Back then, when I was inside the Yao family ancestral hall, I heard something telling me… He could...

“Was that you?”

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